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AutorLMFAO So sneaky... xD
Autor: Diana Moreno
Autorfunniest story ever heard :D
Autor: Umut aslan
Autor: hippy chick
AutorHehehe, thanks. But I was actually thinking someone would buy it :( hehehe lol :D
Autor: Milagros Rodriguez Nobile
Autor: Whisper Little Nothings
AutorI hate when a restaurant finds out I don't like the food. I would've gone through the same gauntlet to avoid them knowing what I had done. I once ordered some bibim naeng myeon at a restaurant and it was way too sweet for me. I tried to eat as much as I could, but it just grossed me out. I ended up ordering mandu afterwards, getting full and telling the waitress "Ohh, I ate too much. And the food is so good too! That's too bad." But she just side-eyed me and was like " Who gets full off 6 mandu and half a bowl of bibim naeng myeon?" D-:
Autor: maiwennbzh
AutorI need to watch all of these vids again because turns out I'm actually going to seoul :D
Autor: Lisa
Autor: Bts Angela
AutorI think I had a similar experience when in Korea too! I was terribly illand it was Autumn Festival so there most of the shops were closed and we couldn't cook ourselves, so we roamed the streets to stop at a bustling shop, it looks busy and popular so we thought we will try it out. And then I found out they only serve INCREDIBLY SPICY boneless chicken feet. Each bite I took burned my stomach and it made me even worse. I try to polite but I couldn't read Korean so we couldn't order anything else....
Autor: Summer Liang
Autorhaha do guys love that now??? i mean i never ate pork.. does it tastes good?
Autor: luvsachkash
Autor족발 아니고 껍데기인듯요. 껍데기에는 소주를 곁드려야 제맛인데 소주가 없어서 그런듯 ㅋㅋ,, Hey, Simon and Martina, next time, try Makchang and Soju. They are sooo yummy together! Don't worry about pig skin, I am proud of you two being so korean anyway~ㅋ
Autor: rimshin
AutorThat's amazing
Autor: L J
AutorHi Simon and Martina, one question: did you really bbq it fully and used the sauce?? because i know that many North American don't eat meat fully cooked. pig skin is quite a common food in Asia (to my understanding). most importantly--pig skin is rich in collagen which is quite healthy, especially for women
Autor: Half-Blind
Autorf*** up h8ers
Autor: giu oh
Autor돼지껍데기는 술안주 인데ㅋㅋㅋ
Autor: 흑집사
Autoryou guys siblings or something?
Autor: baiz
AutorI've seen those pig fat places in dramas c:
Autor: Kiana Lee
AutorThat was beyond funny.
Autor: NovaDoll
AutorMe and my friends use these silly tactics! We pretend, we act to get out of crazy situations! I showed this video to them and they were like "Wow,.. there ARE people out there, like us. We're not the only ones" PHEW!
Autor: Oprah winfrIED
AutorThat was such a funny story. Belly laughs of many.
Simon, you probably read this a lot, all of the times; Here goes again: are you part of the hilarious John Lovitz's borg? I mentioned the similarity to a friend whom I showed the videos to. And he screeched "THAT'S who he reminds me ooof!!!"  
So boom, there's two more thinking so. You=John Lovitz(/David Beckam+Brad Pit)
Autor: Nora Hernandez
Autorthese people r awesome and come to nz!!!!!!!!!!!
Autor: giu oh
AutorHAHAHA same like me!
i was asking the waiter to wrap the food that i mistakenly ordered and after ordered another food, pay the bills and stuff i "accidentally" left the food on the corner of the table :D
Autor: abigailambert
AutorI laughed so hard I cried. Amazing :D
Autor: Aga396
Autor족발먹으러 갔구나 ㅋㅋㅋ
Autor: cantwaitforthis meh
Autor돼지껍데기 ㅋㅋㅋ
Autor: Azalea Kim
AutorGod, almost the exact same thing happened to me and some other people in a Chinese restaurant in London. But we just said we were too full, and asked if we could get some doggy bags.

...but we disposed of them as soon as we got out though.
Autor: Ecolopa
Autorwhen you said chicken I thought DOGMEAT...
Autor: lechuzazul59
AutorOh my gosh, awesome story! Did you ever go back to that restaurant?
Autor: David H
Autorhahaha the story is so funny :D  crazy it happened to me to but I do not remember what happened exactly I forget (I was small ) :P
Autor: smile happily
Autor: RainbowStickersX
AutorYou guys are such people pleasers...
Autor: Alice DB
Autor: Matcha_Jayce
AutorWhen you guys said chicken I thought, "ONEW!!!!"
Autor: min yoonji
AutorLOL annnnnd now you guys love eating it :)
Autor: Lucia Cheng
AutorThis sounds as ridiculous and brilliant as something I would do omg
Autor: Nadjia Omori
Autori know you're japanese you probably used google translate and got "hormones" so i guess its understandable. sorry for the misunderstanding, but yeah, we weren't on the same page to begin with.
Autor: edap
Autorlol.. note to self.. next time in korea, bring pictures of animals and animal parts that you find acceptable to eat. <3 lol :D
Autor: langlearner27
AutorDid they move to Korea?
Autor: TheLeilalila
Autor: Daniel Blinder
AutorYou guys are awesome !!!!! XD XD XD
Autor: s. ara
Autorlol very emergent?? haha simon speak english 
Autor: Clara Lee
Autorhere in Brazil we have "torresmo" which is deep fried pig skin... it's not healthy at all but tastes really good
Autor: Augusto Hideki
AutorI've in a lot of Korean Restaurants and a lot of Korean homes. I don't ever remember ever having been served "Pig Fat"! In fact I do remember the most popular is Beef or various kinds of Sea Food. And it was always tantalizingly delicious.
Autor: Hans Bjorn Kroneberg
AutorNo they r married
Autor: Mia
AutorOMG..i was laughing the whole time....
Autor: kawaii shoujo
AutorCan you talk about religion in Korea on your next video please? :)
Autor: 4everalmightykey
AutorIn Mexico it's called chicharron
Autor: mari13ssaTheStrange
Autor삼겹살말고 돼지껍데기말하는데..
Autor: ttuwtwo
Autorhahaha i love ur evasive actions. >_<
Autor: Ikirya Lane
Autorim a japanese. and by the way i dont appreciate random people in the internet calling me an idiot. they eat this thing in japan called ホルモン in korean bbq and i thought thats what they were referring too. and yes i happen to also be half filipino and we eat pig skin.
Autor: Jay Sato
Autorhahahahahahha you guys. make the greatest videos.
Autor: Kevan Chao
Autor: NotLimitedTo1
AutorThis is actually a very funny story. Clever thinking! lol
Autor: Bang Tan
Autor: sweetflavah
AutorxD That was an awesome plan :DD
Autor: MaradeLara
AutorIn Christianity Pig is Forbidden than Why are You Eating: 
And the pig, because it parts the hoof and is cloven-footed but does not chew the cud, is unclean to you. You shall not eat any of their flesh, and you shall not touch their carcasses; they are unclean to you. - Bible Leviticus 11:7-8
Autor: Jimmy a Geek
Autorno idiot, it's pig skin. all pigs have that...whether they've been fed hormones or not... people like you are the reason why the japanese have such a bad rap. embarassing.
Autor: edap
AutorHahaha xD so funny! Actually the 'pig fat' it's really good, I think it depends on how you cook it but I have to admit that it's really chewy and some people may not like that. But the way you got rid of it was just genial and hilarious at the same time xD
Autor: Sam XXI
Autor...dont you grill the pig skin until its crackly?
Autor: Raijinshi
AutorOMG they are so funny, thanks god i found this channel XD
Autor: maca rodriguez
AutorWhat you guys did was hilariously awesome haha, I'm wondering what's the reaction of the person who found it XD Pigskin is really common here in where I live though, I eat it almost once every month. XDDD
Autor: YukariLim
AutorI'm just glad I'm not the only one so afraid of embarrassment with other cultures. I have a good one. I went to a sushi place and tried to ask for the check in Japanese, but the lady was Korean (which I know none of). It was messy.
Autor: John Doe
Autorhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that's hilarious xD
Autor: Hind Ashraf EzzEl-Din
AutorWhen I visited there weren't really any white people working outside the education system. If you want to work there as something else not related to English, you would need to be able to do the job as efficiently as the people there (including fluent korean speaking).. Or you can become that random American actor in a drama lol
Autor: Kate Kim
Autorwell i don't think what u ordered was fat... it probably was pig skin...! Pig skin contains a lot of collagen and it's chewy as u said. some of my foreign friends love it... and I love it too haha Plus, i doesnt contain fat I guess
Autor: Jiyoung Lee
Autoris it pig hormones? they eat that in japan. probably from korea.
Autor: Jay Sato
Autorone man's trash is another man's treasure hehe
Autor: grezentation
Autori actually also do the phone trick for some "emergency" LOL
Autor: patricia felita
AutorThat moment when you realize Martina's hair isnt pink!!
Autor: Erin Lu
AutorY'all are so funny
Autor: OhHeyBoy
Autor우리나라 예기하는거 같은데 뭔소리인지 모르겟네
Autor: 전준홍
Autorsame thing happened to me in Korea haha
but luckily because it is raw the waiter guy exchanged it for something else :)
he understood that i was just a confused foreigner,,,,, 
Autor: MrBipBamBop
AutorOHHH Its pig skin, not fat, with lots of extra nutrition and such....but I bet it wouldn't taste that different at first try lol
Autor: Julie kim
AutorSiwon wouldn't need proof XD he'd just be like "PARDY TYME JEEJUSSS"
Autor: ForTaxReasons
AutorWhats amazing is that they still have public phones. I can't remember the last time I saw a public phone in Manhattan
Autor: freewindlovedolphin
AutorYour pig fat experience reminds me of the Mr Bean episode where he accidentally orders steak tartare (raw beef mince) and goes to great lengths to hide it rather than complain :)
Autor: Rift Ecstasy
Autorpork rind served with alcoholic beverages. taste good.
Autor: Foggy
AutorBest couple ever!
Autor: pSmall360
Autoryou should have invited someone over in the restaurant (even the waiter) and said, "hey, we're stupid foreigners and we ordered the wrong thing. do you like pig fat?" and shared the dinner.
Autor: agodinruins
AutorYou have to buy specific garbage bags in Korea or else the workers won't pick it up.
Autor: pixiri
AutorBetter than my experience. My Korean and other foreign friends played a joke on me and took me to a restaurant specializing in 보신탕.....Koreans you know what I'm talking about....
Autor: saxyviolist
Autor데기. Sorry I didn't finish my sentence.
Autor: 오승아
AutorYours as well. It's "your" grammar and not "you're"... And don't be so mean, there's a lot of people who can't speak or write English well because it's not their first language.
Autor: angical88
AutorI'm Korean. I live in South Korea right know. But I hate pig fat (돼지껍
Autor: 오승아
AutorOhmygawd, that is awesome! I want to do that :DDD
Autor: K POP-tarts
AutorI reacted to so it's okay.
Autor: Laurakate64
Autorhahahhaa omgosh that was so funnay!
Autor: sunsetclrs
Autor: Jay Sato
AutorOmg I was laughing so hard when you were talking about someone who must have found the pig fat x'D
Autor: Tovah Dunn
AutorI think you guys are so cute, martina if I was gay I would totally try to court you and your husband is so cute,,, omg I can't get enough of you guys, my favorite couple, so funny, your personality is the best of the best.. from florida ,, best wishes and a showers of love.. xoxo
Autor: yarilandia
AutorOh dear! This story is so funny:) Are you guys a couple? 
Autor: veryjelly belly
Autorㅎㅎ 맛있는데가면 진짜맛있는데..... ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
Autor: 전오거
AutorSamgapsul is pork belly
Autor: Vincent Vu
AutorPlease do enlighten me on what nationality you are because I would love to know what nation has grouped us Americans as this, though you an hardly speak for the general population. People can be rude and insensitive regardless of where they are from, as you just proved with your comment. Or, they can be polite, respectful, and unassuming. Not all Americans are bad. That's like calling all Germans Nazis. It's inaccurate and, quite frankly, very closed minded.
Autor: Laurakate64
Autorthe pig fat is actually pretty popular in Romania xD
Autor: kaguyahioguu12
AutorOMG I loooove pig fat!! lol. Now I'm really craving for it :'( haha
Autor: Yurim Park
Autori feel like that intro would be the most tedious thing to make
Autor: Priminista
AutorBut pigs skin is delicious!
Autor: emily exo
Autorwhahahahahah so funny!!!
Autor: Angel Wolf
AutorLMAO!! XD
Autor: Carla B
AutorOh that's embarrassing I feel sorry for the both of you.
Autor: Amal Farah
AutorYou guys are so dorky :DDDDDD
Autor: Nuna Business
AutorMartina was so clean and without all the shitty tattoos back then. What happened to her? Where did she even get all those tattoos and crazy hair? She and even Simon looked okay back then. Now they look like two crazy hippies from a punk town.
Autor: canzo0378
AutorLol. Funny 'cause now they kinda like this meal. ^_^
Autor: achanwahn
AutorYaaas the fat on bacon is the best! I'd love that.
Autor: lexiconartist
AutorWho's watching this in 2017? :)
Autor: Glamdring Vex
AutorNot a lot of garbage cans?? It feels like there's a million after living in Japan! haha :) 
Autor: Grace Galie
Autor: Sam Kim
AutorThis is literally one of the best storys I have ever heard in my entire life. xDDD
Autor: jeniization
AutorMEAT! MEAT! MEAT! Stop, you're making me hungry! TT^TT
Autor: SubsEnglish
Autorthat sounds pretty good actually haha i actually like these kind of foods. do you grill it on the table?
Autor: YuukitheMighty1
AutorThe worst mistake I made in Korea was not understanding a subtle difference in their language that doesn't exist in English. On occasion you will encounter two words that are the same. In English when two words are the same how we use it in a sentence will tell us what word we mean. This can can also be true in Korean (i.e. bridge and leg are the same) but there are some instances where placing extra emphasis on the syllables in two words that sound the same will change its meaning. In my example I was showing my wife's friend's boyfriend a picture of my niece. In Korea niece or nephew is called joe-ka. Now if you say the KA hard and loud like I did it changes the meaning to fuck you. Yeah don't do this.
Autor: Colin Heacock
Autorahahahahaaa shit
Autor: Piglette
Autorthis is so funny...made my day..
Autor: lin novs
AutorWhile working for the Chinese one night for dinner the meat was mostly pig fat. I was amazed. I thought that for what it was it was very tasty, but after about three pieces my stomach was unable to handle it and i got a pretty bad stomach ache. I would still try it again some time though.
Autor: Bootsie Bunny
AutorAre you guys still in Korea? If so are you in Seoul? If so next time I visit with my wife would you like to go out for a bite to eat? Yes this is a strange thing to ask since we absolutely don't know each other and are complete strangers but it would really be a blessing to hang out with other Canadians who have an understanding of Korea, even if it is for a short while. All my Korean relatives (except one cousin) don't speak English. I have a terrific Korean family and love them to pieces, but since I'm still learning Korean I miss out on sharing a lot of my experiences. When I visit Korea I am always in an ALL Korean neighbourhood, where it is strange to see any Western people. Next time I visit it would be great to hang out with some Canadians who can relate to my Korean experiences and teach me some new ones. Great videos by the way, learned a bunch of stuff I didn't know.
Autor: Colin Heacock
AutorI provably shouldn't have reacted at all, it really just gives people like that what they want
Autor: Double0Phoenix
AutorPig Fat Noms!
Autor: Paige Smith
AutorActually, part of the reason Korea seems to have a vendetta against public trash cans was that hobos used to set them on fire for warmth. The government wasn't impressed, hence the lack of trash cans. Also, some parts of Korea are super-picky about recycling, and they hate it when it gets all jumbled up in one pile (Note: do not litter in most areas of Korea. Everyone in the street will give you extremely judgemental looks)
Autor: Mike Young
Autorno they don't.
Autor: Prime1337i
AutorThis is fucking hilarious
Autor: Blacklist Entertainment
AutorI like  how they always have cartoon spudgy humping on things lol
Autor: lex6blue
AutorIm new... what does TL;DR stand for?.... thank you
Autor: halfbreed02
AutorWe don't pay for ours too here in Malaysia :OO
Autor: YukariLim
Autorprotect the boss kind of suggests it in someplaces
Autor: piepiepie2ooo
AutorI know my Korean boyfriend loves that stuff. I however do not and I'm pretty sure his sister and mom aren't into it either. I think its a Korean male type of food
Autor: Tracy Wu
AutorOmg so much cringe haha
Autor: Jem Greene
Autor삽겹살 말하는거겠지? 나두 싫어하는데 ^^
Autor: funnyvidiotakers
AutorMmmm...I could really go for some pig fat right now...
Autorthey have been living in korea for 5-6 years now.
Autor: Monica Novoa
AutorSimon has Onew condition xD
Autor: Siarymar Cordero
Autorwell, it's kind of a dish people eat while drink alcohol. so, yeah, maybe...
Autor: edap
AutorOmfg lol.
Autor: PretentiousTwat
Autorhaha you guys are so sneaky
Autor: Layla
AutorHAHAAA OMG SOOO FUNNYY. I laughed so hard hahaaa. You guys are hilarious
Autor: Aeree Kim
Autorholy crap! the subtitles are in portuguese to me... wtf, how is this possible??
Autor: OneboybandHyu
Autorwe eat pig fat in the uk too! We call it crackling and its delicious but we eat it when its really crispy so maybe it's different in korea.
Autor: K G
Autorhay now you can say youv had pigs fat
Autor: donghoforevermine
AutorAll I want to say is ... THE GREAT ESCAPE \ o /
Autor: Thomas Bullier
AutorImage centric country. If you have bear??? Shave it. U cant have bear or mustache in korea. Also if you are fat you can't fit for korea. If you are ugly you can't go out and walk on street. If you are too small you will never date with woman.
Autor: Aaron k
AutorYes, Siwon from SJ :) I made this joke because Siwon is really religious and... I don't know... when Simon and Martina told us about their mistake, I thought about this situation and it made me laugh ^^
Autor: MlleConstanceB
AutorThat was hilarious
Autor: Camren Slaughter
Autor: kimchichoco
Autorlol man u guys are funny watched two videos from you and glad i did :)

see ya bye
Autor: v moda
Autorwas that first one 껍데기살!? it's my favourite!!! and apparently good for health/skin. (like everything else in korea..)
Autor: Katie Lee
AutorLOLLLLLLLLLL best story ever
Autor: Xai Xiong
Autor: Milagros Rodriguez Nobile
AutorLOL we also made that kind of mistake! But it was pigs's chin D: But we had to tell them that we couldn't eat it. The most embarrassing moment ever XD
Autor: Alexandra
Autorhahaha so funny
Autor: Theopisti Lu
Autorvery emergent...
Autor: purplesky29
Autorin japan they call it hormone yaki but its mainly leftover meat from pigs, chicken and stuff. and i tried eating it at a korean barbeque and it was chewy. they do look like chicken for a second. im curious to try this pig skin that they were talking about. in the philippines when i eat lechon (roasted pig), the skin is hard and crispy.
Autor: Jay Sato
AutorBahahaha....that wasn't pig fat, it was pig skin. No protein? It is actually very high in protein.
Autor: John Kang
AutorI need a kor subtitle.😂😂
Autor: 박님
Autorlol feel bad for the pig whos fat you abandoned.
Autor: 3303jeri
AutorLMAO: best comment!
AutorOmg I so remember that....being in this grill in korea with a bunch of Korean friends and we ordered those pig fat things... I could understand if like half was fat and half meat, but there was no meat whatsoever. Also the skin had hair on it and everything. I felt like some cannibal eating skin. That was horrible... I wish there could have been an easy way out like here.
Autor: Yuge Yun
AutorJean Reno voice This pig died for nothing.
Autor: Yasumi Ⓥ
AutorLOLZ that's the funniest getaway ever . Love ur creative imagination
Autor: Omnia Kadorah
Autor+KattGirl13 My Korean wife adds ie to the end of a lot of English words. Normally this is fine till she says the word push. :)
Autor: Colin Heacock
Autorthat would have sucked to have like someone behind yu and be all like Waiit~! yu left yu yummy (truly discussing) pig fat here~!!! is like; THE CURSE OF THE PIG FAT~! AHHHhhhhh! haha! yu should have been like secret agent and sat on bench for second set it by/around yu or by bench like "oh yesh i'm leaving this here for other person to secretly trade bags with this one so it will magically turn into DELICIOUS CHICKEN~! *magic stars fly out of bag, while angel chores singing in background~!*
Autor: NisaPaiji
AutorYou should've make it into pork's oil. The oil can be used to make pastas like how chinese people make their fried noodles. Yummy! More fragrant oil. 
Autor: Skypha
AutorLol this is my parents when I took them to a Korean restaurant in Houston for my birthday. So cute to see them pretend to really enjoy it for my bday! Luckily the korean restaurant doesn't use MSG! My moms super allergic.
Autor: Mekanacbf
AutorWait who DOESNT pay for a garbage bag? I think I'm not comprehending this correctly...
Autor: DreoLeo
Autor: dbajkthefirst
Autorif that happened to me with the pig fat I would have been so embarrassed and I would probably start crying because in truth I hate fat a lot😂😂
Autor: Stephaniebetancourt13
AutorI love this video, iv watched it like 3 times
Autor: Christopher Chanudom
AutorLol you're are really terrible guys :P
Autor: Melly Ru
Autorlol similar thing happened to me once
Autor: myra
AutorIt's really funny how people overthink too much about something so trivial as the story lol
Autor: x x
AutorEwwwww pig fat I hate pork in general that's. (Barfs) okay I need a Korean friend when I go to Korea so they can help who wants to come with?
Autor: TheSoftMikuni
AutorI think you guys mentioned in newer videos that you like pig skin now right?
Autor: sicaesea29
AutorBoring and stupid white people in Korea.
Autor: primalamerica
AutorI'm actually quite the "quiet American" stereotype. I try my very hardest not to offend or hurt anyone and, even, when I do end up doing so, I feel guilty, to the point where sometimes I cry. I was always raised to be polite and gracious towards others. I don't appreciate how you're so boldly grouping Americans together; it would be like myself grouping you with the negative aspects of your Homeland- you certainly wouldn't like it much, would you?
Autor: starglue
AutorUgly nasty bitch can't watch.
Autor: Goldenrod Willy
AutorOk now I want to eat some fat... it sounds delicious.. thanks guys... -.-
Autor: hereANDnow
Autorso pretty much you guys littered.....
Autor: T Tao
AutorHas anyone attempted to read the writing on the walls behind the TL;DR intro? xD ^.^
Autor: Vaderist
AutorHehe, thank you very much :3
Autor: MlleConstanceB
AutorThats awful but funny.
Autor: Team Epic Fail
Autorit wasn't 족발 was it? just wondering cause i freaked out the first time i ate that. xD
Autor: xMooM00x
AutorHahaha oh my god! This was so hilarious! You are not horrible people, I would have done the same thing. When I was in Norway my aunt made cheesecake, but since I couldnt speak any Norwegian I couldnt be like... polite... so I ate the slice she gave me... but I absolutely hate cheesecake and had to gag that shit down. I wish I could  have come up with a plan haha./goes to bathroom with cheesecake whoops it fell into the toilet/
Autor: xsasukex
AutorI lol'd waay too hard at that... u_u
Autor: lawlTMB
AutorI love your channel hahaha
Autor: Pedro Almeida
AutorSiwon from super junior???? I'm confused......
Autor: Amy Chen
AutorIsn't that samgapsal or something
Autor: ا. نصرت
AutorCool story. xD
AutorI'm a recent subscriber who has been binge-watching your videos and this is the funniest one yet!!!
Autor: madisoned
Autorwait isn't that like bacon?
Autor: donghoforevermine
AutorLOOL you get the meat in the telephone booth
Autor: May Jeganmogan
AutorWe have a lot of garbage cans and people pay for their garbage can as well.... it works differently depending on if you live in a house or an apartment
Autor: Terinka14
AutorShame on u u bad, bad people!
Autor: Firstname Lastname
Autorno, jok bal is 'pig feet.' the thing simonandmartina are referring to is actually pig skin.
Autor: edap
Autorwhat are some korean phrases that are helpful, some phrases you thought would be helpful and weren't, and some that you didn't expect to ever hear but end up hearing a lot?
Autor: Unicorn-Town-Going-Down
AutorMy grandmas friend is always bring us burritos and one day he was like Vanessa do you want me to bring you a chicharrone burrito? and I was like hell yes because those are basically pork rinds in my mind and I love pork rinds. But when he brought was not the same it was just globs of mushy pork fat saturated in sauce. Not pleasant at all. So, I feel you on the pork fat front.
Autor: vanessa henley
Autoruhm in the us pig skin is fried and can be found in stores in bags like chips , in europe its cut reaaaaly thin and eaten with garlic and fresh bread and good cheese (homemade) .
Autor: NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes
AutorThat's funny, I would have properly done the same
Autor: Rei Kay
AutorPig fat or pig skin? 껍데기 is god for your skin. Collagen
Autor: Will Hughes
AutorI mean no disrespect,but I find it offensive the way you're stereotyping Americans.I'm American and I always do my best to not offend people and treat their views with respect.It really upsets me when I see comments like that,because I feel like people think I should feel ashamed to be American and that it's something to hide so people won't automatically write me off as an insensitive idiot.I'm not trying to patronize you,I just hope you'll be a bit more open minded towards Americans.
Autor: Double0Phoenix
AutorBrilliant --- now I'm grateful that you're Canadian. Too many Americans wouldn't get the sensitivities here, and very few would innovate the creative deception to finesse the social anxiety. Full marks. (Think about the distinctions between the Ugly American stereotype; and the Quiet American stereotype, if you have ever met any of the latter breed.)
Autor: Wilson Dizard
AutorI dont know if you guys can answer this as a tl:dr or anything... But my question is, do you guys realize how famous you are? Haha I dont mean it in a bad mean way or anything, but I mean, I wonder this! Do you guys realize that you are living many peoples dream? I dont know about other people, but you are absolutely living mine. I almost start to cry when I watch some of you most recent videos. You guys are probably having the time of your life... ^_^
Autor: TASCobsession

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