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AutorWhat if Rollo had talked with Bjorn before Hvitserk? Don't you think he would have supported Bjorn over Hvitserk? It seems like whoever came to him first, would get the help. Considering his rather "sketchy" nature, Rollo is up to something. Otherwise, he would not have come all this way.
Autor: Katrine Igland
AutorLet Bjorn come out alive and i‘m happy :)
Autor: Frau Müller
AutorNov 28 too far. Better not skip during those so called holidays called xmas and nye.
Autor: S M
Autor: Rolloç lotbrohk
AutorStep aside kids, papa rollo has come home.
Autor: Aizen
AutorRollo's descendants went on to rule England and Scotland and hold vast tracts of land in France aside from Normandy. Not bad at all, right?
Autor: blissinchains
AutorWhere to watch season 5 online
Autor: Syed Shahed
AutorOne of the most touching part for me was when ragnar looked at some land when he was on the boat and had flashbacks of when he was a farmer and wished he'd never left.. god what a scene
Autor: Tibby 123
AutorDid the actor forget how he used to do the accent?
Autor: eagik
Autor: Kaian Santos
AutorI feel like this show started fairly strong and got even better peaking at season 3, now it's just dipped off.
Autor: Sassy the Sasquatch
AutorI love this show. But, its just getting silly at this point.
Autor: wannabe rocker
AutorIvar is more tactical than all the sons of Ragnar. Fact
Autor: Ondape Valery
AutorNever happened.
Autor: Eric Jones
AutorWell since this is a a good story and not a history "lesson" because it contains only some parts of history, I just say my opinion for the characters in the series.I don't like Ivar .His mind is in a strange/dark place , I can't see anything good in his actions.He doesn't even care to sacrifice everything for his purposes and doing that with the most wicked way.I would be really disapointed if Rollo makes an alliance with him over Lagertha and Bjorn.....I just hope that all this is a trojan horse and that he is going to betray Ivar.(Sorry for my english :P )
Autor: Sylvana Windrunner
AutorMega serial nie ma równych w tej kategori
Autor: Artur W
AutorIvar he will kill rollo
Autor: CaresTube
Autor: Daniel
AutorAaaaaaaaaa.... can't wait 😊
Autor: EmtronVenger
AutorSo much hype!!!
Autor: Anselmo Bello
Autor: jasmine monique
Autorivar, my man ~
Autor: Peach Milky
AutorIf there's one thing I've learned from how they script this show, as soon as someone is asked a straight question that holds a possible secret - and the person awnsering it awsers directly, it's a lie. @
Autor: Fredde Larsson
AutorHe's gonna turn on all of them or at least take the place for himself
Autor: Brian Middleton
AutorI just came
Autor: Foamy Butt86
Autorall hail king ragnar!!! i cant wait!
Autor: morbid user
Autor😍😍😍😍 rollo ❤
Autor: Brujita Infernal Zepplant
AutorProves even the best show ever made (Vikings) can be ruined by killing off most of the beloved cast, especially Ragnar. 2nd worst mistake is casting someone with no on-screen presence (like Fimmel has) and who doesn't even look anything like a Viking to play Ivar. 3rd is to make that actor the main character! Count me as one of the many lost fans.
Autor: D Adams
AutorWhen Ragnar was dead, vikings was dead for me
Autor: Menish Neupane
Autor: Arrow
Autorcan't wait for Rollo!
Autor: Richie Holland
AutorCan't wait!
Autor: Al J
AutorAll the norsemen hate rollo for leaving but literally his whole life he lived in ragnars shadow and everyone was constantly trying to turn him against his brother. Id leave and become french royalty too if that was my case
Autor: Jonathon Sivertson
AutorLooks like Brie and Bordeaux aren't healthy as salted herrings and mead.
Autor: behelit79
Autor"Because I missed the old place!"The statement of a man who knows he's got something up his sleave! I never liked Rollo early on, on a personal level.  I thought he was simple, petty, brutish, selfish, with no-purpose in his life or to others and a liability.  But from the first invasion of France, when he knew his destiny was there, close behind Ragnar, he quickly became my favourite character.  He displayed intelligence, cunning, multifaceted, duty, love (to his wife) and a man who found his purpose, and could see he would become the greatest Viking/first Duke of Normandy.  Glad his back!
Autor: Glen L
AutorCant wait
Autor: 403 Production
AutorReturn of another legend
AutorPor lo que veo ahora rolo usa más el cerebro
Autor: Jon snow
AutorMissed for Atelsthan...
Autor: Elekber Kerimli
AutorI heatd Lagertha gets killed this season.
Autor: Janine Clark
Autor: TheDarkCreed86
AutorRollo is going to kill them all
Autor: Big Bad
AutorRollo never leave us again!
Autor: Goldilocks Guy
Autoreyyamcı piç
Autor: Emir RengarOğulları
AutorObjectively speaking I symphatize more with Lagertha and Bjorn, but reading some of the comments around here I almost wish Rollo would kill Lagertha himself just to see the white supremacists their tiny heads explode. :)
Autor: Eirik Magnus Larssen
AutorCrazy how Rollo definitely just misses home and has no other motive at all. Not like an honourable man such as he would ever would go against his own word.
Autor: kanye's kids
Autorwithout ragnar.. no, still not watching it.
Autor: Lavin Playin
Autor: Furkan Özsoy
AutorT R A I D O O O O O O R...
Autor: • ᴀʟᴠᴇs
AutorThat takes care of that. I guess Queen Lagertha is dead and Bjorn as well.
Autor: Patriot360
Autor: Devin Harp
Autorcant wait
Autor: The Lonesome Wanderer
AutorWhy would he fight björn...I don´t get it. Björn was like a son to Rollo
Autor: Ulaş Aldağ
AutorWhat happened to me?
I don't know... Perhaps I've gone crazy but I only care about ubbe... Why? Don't know... Maybe because he looks like ragnar 🤔
Autor: sg 007
AutorOhhhhh rolooo enrolate ese
Autor: Jonathan Uran
AutorDidn't anyone see the shade that Rollo made to Hvitserk?   Ivar is the youngest son.
Autor: Sophia Wilson
AutorLike a boos
Autor: kissmy ass
Autorwhy did they have to kill RAGNAR :(
Autor: Jose Morales
AutorSeems like rollo has a french accent
Autor: Big Chungus
AutorAnyone from India?
Please tell me about casting time of vikings in India
Autor: Game Ranger
AutorBest TV series ever 😁👍🏾
Autor: Super Wilf
AutorHe warrants the Blood Eagle.
Autor: RaphL707
Autori am so hyped
Autor: Michi !!
Autori do not understand why rollo should support Ivar and not Lagertha and Bjorn.
Autor: Legia1001
AutorRollo even betrays while betraying
Autor: John Abruzzi
AutorThe season 5 really sucks releasing the episodes, 1 year to other 10 episodes.. you kidding me? its like another season.
Autor: Sofia Lannister
AutorHvitserk is going to betray both King Ivar and King Harald and side with Bjorn its gonna be awesome.
Autor: Lazy Productions
AutorI hate Rollo
Autor: Ruy Luiz
Autorva i hela fan är det för bögiga dialekter, kan dem inte bara snacka svenska?
Autor: David Engvall
AutorAlguna página en Internet para ver la serie completa ?
Autor: Manuel Hurtado
AutorRagnar is alive
Autor: Den Me Lene
Autor: michael porzio
AutorIf u trust Rollo u are smoking
Autor: Kobe Jamez
Autorthe traitor is baaack
Autor: Lévou
Autor: JMN Pokemon Go , Retos & Más!
AutorWhy until the 28th?? Why not today??? Godfuckingdamnit!!
Autor: Jefrod
Autori miss Rengar :(
Autor: Ankuss
Autor"I miss the old place!" I laughed out loud. He wants Kattegat so badly....this is going to be fun to watch.
Autor: Abbie Covington
AutorCant wait
Autor: Suck This
Autora nie sezon 6 ?!
Autor: Krystian Fertacz
Autorاكو عرب بتعليقات
Autor: Hussein Ail
AutorRollo has 9 lives like a cat. He is the master of the double-cross.
Autor: Fidyy Cents
AutorRollo is up to something. All those soilders he lend Ivar he can't be trusted!
Autor: old school bone
Autorنفذ الصبر😪😪
Autor: al asiri
Autor: Практичный Огород
Autorwait, why are they letting in this traitor
Autor: Diurno MX
AutorРолло пидорас
Autor: ⓊⓁⒶⓃ.Ⓖ
AutorShu serialni tomosha qilganlar shu yerdami
Autor: Meroj Haqberdiev
AutorThis is history channel? I know it's based on real ppl and some of the things they've done but mostly dramatised.
Autor: flukeman022
AutorVolta logo Vikings😍
Autor: Carlos Lima
AutorThere are best vikings instagram edits in my channel!
Autor: Yusuf Şahin
AutorRollo Where she is ?
Autor: Zox
AutorHis ship 🚢 looks too small to be a open sea 🌊 going vessel.
Autor: Dominic Rivera
Autor: Luna Volva Forest Witch
Autorman i hope theres some viking left in rollo that shines through
Autor: mikael meland
AutorHow to watch vikings in axn / history india
Plz time and schedule
Autor: Gopal Sen
AutorRagnar disliked this video...
Autor: A. A
Autorهذا الموسم كم
Autor: أيمن العماري
AutorCan't bloody well wait.
Autor: chris mahon
AutorI can't wait for this!😍
Autor: Ricardo Hernandez jr
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