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Autorso true. xD
Autor: raptorgod77
AutorThe incel league tried to recruit tarantula-man but he knew to be better than that.
Autor: knightdrako
AutorSo does he shoot pointed ass hair at people?
Autor: KSound Kaiju
AutorI thought he was gonna be a giant spider Lmaooooooooo
Autor: david monsterstein
AutorTbh He just needs some braces and his face is golden.
Autor: Gabe Garvin
AutorHonestly....I could work with that face. Nothing a pair of tweezers, skin cream can't adjust. The teeth though...braces.
Autor: Spicy Bunny
AutorMassive blackpill
Autor: Tigran Levonyan
Autori mean he was kind of being an asshole too
Autor: fafnir the dragon
Autor"All super heroes are good looking, muscular and make a good living without ever having to work." The first line on the description and it is already full of bullshit and inaccuracies
Autor: Walker
Autorplay it 2x faster
Autor: A-2iCe ; P
AutorWell, he could shave his mustache and eyebrow, also visiting the dentist would kill him...
Autor: José Anderson
AutorAll needs to do is tooth fixing, unibrow shave and a shave LOL
Autor: Drakera
AutorShe looks like Barbara Gordon from TAS.
Autor: Thai_Pyromancer
AutorWhere has this channel been all my life
Autor: shaheim thomas
AutorLove is Blind
But she isn't
Autor: Nova Knight
Autorwell... that was depressing...
Autor: kenonerboy
AutorShe was not fooling anyone my God is it always the same with women that actually see muscular man and when they remove them as they expect to see Dwayne Rock Johnson underneath it
Autor: c.qcumber funny mix
AutorHe still has one strong chin
Autor: Nerp
Autoryou know he handled that rather welll if it was me i would've been like "welp first off fuck you, second...THIS....IS....MY CITY!!!" and kicked right over the edge hehehe
Autor: scourgonaught
AutorHe's not too bad. He just needs to shave his unibrow, get some dental care. And maybe a nose job.
Autor: Seductive God Of Thunder
AutorWhy doesn’t she blink xD
Autor: Sir Kuang
AutorThe niceguy-man
Autor: Joy P
AutorI thought the superheroes cinematic universe inside the Micheal Myers wasn't real...
Autor: Christian Marino
Autor"Just fuck with the mask on" - Scary Movie 2
Autor: Zefo No
AutorTurn mask into money and there u gu
Autor: Vector Rector
AutorPoor guy really knew what was coming! Brilliant again!
Autor: Táizel Girão Martins
AutorI don’t know, I’d still kiss him!
Autor: Michael Artice
AutorThis desaner is cool
Autor: lugar desconhecido
AutorEu poderia fazer um gibi sobre o desenho
Autor: gggyt ggV
AutorI freaking love how he`s not believing ANY of this.
Autor: Quinton the Villain
AutorWhy wouldn't he just take care of his appearance
Autor: Bloopybloop
Autor: Ariel Coloma
Autorif he can fix those teeth he would be loved in canada
Autor: Sonicdash 8
AutorI made an edit of his face if he shaved and got rid of the acne
I set it as my pfp if you want to see
Autor: Anchovies Sauce
AutorPeter paker
Autor: MR. MRD
Autorb-b-b-b-b-but it's all about confidence brrrrrroooooooooooooooo
Autor: Portraitz
AutorOf course the woman is gorgeous.
Autor: Michael Plitt
Autor“Seriously though?” 😂👏👏👏
Autor: Stank Delicious
AutorWas honestly expecting Tarantula Man to either have the face of a tarantula or be made out of dozens of tarantulas.
Autor: Andrew Brundage
AutorSpiderman said he had no son.
Autor: cristopher wong
AutorJust suscribe
Autor: Michael Baiguen
Autordamn those tits
Autor: Cosmoraptor
AutorHaaa ! what a laugh ...tarantula is a boss
Autor: Hugo
AutorBitches always like that.
Autor: Mark Wahlberg
AutorGirl,he is one of the only superheroes in this universe that actually worked,ugly or not he deserves some praise
Autor: Non-endearing manchild
AutorWhy is this called the Virtue Socie- Aaaahhh, there's the social commentary.
Autor: Cugar_Hunter_64
Autorat least his looks could kill
Autor: animagi
Autor 😮😦😨😱😶 Oh My Gahd. He needs some milk!
Autor: Mr. BlkThndr
Autori thought it was going to be a tarantula under the mask what a way to ruin a perfect pun
Autor: Shiv Thakur
AutorThis is great!
althou, the flaping mouths over the comic panel styled characteres are kinda distracting.

But ignore that, is just nitpicking. I really liked this video!
Autor: Silver Charoit
AutorWhen girls only likes the outside you but when you want her to get to know you more they run away because they dont like the you inside,bunch of fake bitches
Autor: Shiny TV
AutorAmazing animation but you should add eye blinking in this masterpiece, just saying
Autor: The25kubalok
AutorPlease tell me there is porn about that female character
Autor: Juan Gonzalez
AutorWelp if Superhero does exist in real life, Just don't think that he's gonna be Handsome underneath the Mask...

They wear Mask for a reason you know...
Autor: Saaduddin Ansari
AutorHe's not that ugly... But if I were to make some changes I would say get plastic surgery on the lips and the nose, go to the dentist for braces and shave the mustache and the middle of the mono-brow
Autor: Dead Cool
AutorDefinitely a good lesson
Autor: Blazin' Blade
AutorBro... get that fixed. Dental insurance... quick quick
Autor: genlaz1
AutorHe just need to take care of his skin,shave,and also to go to the dentist
Autor: Fernando Perez
AutorThis guy ain't a jerk. His defenses are just up. If you're a woman who gets hit on by a lot of guys, you'd understand. A lot of bullshitters out there. He's fine with being ugly to people(he was born that way and he doesn't have any plans of changing it), he just wanted to set things straight. That's why he let her remove the mask. And she would probably never reveal his identity anyway for self-preservation. We do so much to preserve our personal narrative.
Autor: Don Carlo Quita
AutorWhen she wants the smooch, but the mask comes off, and her hypergamy senses start tingling.
Autor: Cugar_Hunter_64
AutorLaugh my ass off firmly.
Autor: Mogol
AutorDamnnn. B%$#@ be shallow!
Autor: Kyle Schmaing
Autorshit incels were right the entire time
Autor: William Lupinacci
Autor: Mauro Maier
Autor: Sloid
AutorI don't know what I expected, but my expectations were reached.
Autor: Coolgames64
AutorThose eyes....
Autor: Alejandro Solano
AutorGet some braces and shave yo face no excuses bruh.
Autor: Mikhail Francis
Autor: Joshua W
AutorYou are very wise my friend indeed
Autor: beau hill
AutorOn the real though it don't even matter on his looks he would get laid simply for having super powers.

With his powers he would be swimming in money, power and hell women have fk guys just for being famous looks at majority of rappers and athletes.

Plus he already aware to the game so these THOTs would be no problem for him

Hell just take a page out of Deadpool's book.
Autor: TehRezman
AutorI don't understand the problem. Mask on, d*ck out.
Autor: Max SMoke
Autormei leeps
Autor: cometastral
AutorJust take it, Tarantu!
Autor: Ultra D
AutorSounds like cr1t1kal lmao
Autor: TIMBA
AutorWent out like a champ and made her get down buy herself. I expect nothing less from a guy who looks like Steve Buscemi
Autor: Jimmy Boyd
AutorI don't think he's that bad.
Autor: The 8Ball
AutorFucking relatable
Autor: shit poster
AutorSo I'm guessing no writer? Or like someone who doesn't think writing is that hard?
Autor: Gnarleston Gnu
AutorSociety of virtue,here i come!!!
Autor: Aysel Tina
Autorliars go to HELL! Truth is Important, learn to tell TRUTH without hurting Peoples feelings!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't say I'm ugly but at close to 50 and unmarried I know I ain' the best looking Man in the World although I know I'm NOT the ugliest either! I know I ain' wicked looking, I think the main reason I'm single is that nf cruel heart white male supremacists (they also had help from wicked afro caribbean & african women) of the uk have cruelly conspired to enforce me live in miserable shameful poverty for a VERY Long Time! Man, in nazi uk I've been called all the worst names you can think of & probably MORE, I've been ruined several times, let's jus' say MANY people in this country ain' nice! Obviously I want Emancipation, True Justice & Proper Compensation NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Autor: Brian Gerald
AutorYou gotta animate the eyes
Autor: David B
AutorShallow bitch hahaha! Lol!
Autor: Nii Kojo
AutorIs it just me or does she have super sharp nipples?
Autor: Lee Max
AutorMany Tarantula species eject hairs from their abdomens, directing them toward potential attackers.

This guy's facial hair makes me itch just looking at it.
Autor: Wesly Smith
Autor: Ibrahim Hariz
AutorThey could have banged with the mask on first.
Autor: Kratos

Better than Man-Spider
That's for sure
Autor: SmasherREX
AutorProbably has a big dick
Autor: Capa
Autordental plan
lisa needs braces
dental plan
lisa needs braces
Autor: Sad Nigga
Autor”Is it though?”
Autor: Potato Productions
Autorit should of been a mask under a mask to test if she was going to stay or not
Autor: Lazykix Anims
AutorWorst Spiderman ever
Autor: FireBat Gaming
AutorReally funny!

PS: Tony's chocolonely e awesome!
Autor: HarriHaffi
AutorI don't think anyone in their right mind would put up a 47-story building without an elevator, in the 21st century no less
Autor: Ali Asif
AutorYeah this is totally fake. Since when would a woman expect to get herself down? A proper western woman would've demanded it.
Autor: caveman Versace
AutorDude, if you can afford to create three separate identities, you can afford to get some dental work done, get a nose job and a slight lip reduction (then again, Mick Jaggar didn't), and you're good to go.
Autor: Jon Davidson
AutorI would've gone with Tramantula instead of just Tarantulaman.
Autor: AaronAmerican518
AutorThot patrol
Autor: Imaru Lewis
Autor: Jack Harber
AutorHe is BEAUTIFUL !
Autor: Ken Kaneki
AutorDidn't know Helga Pataki had a brother.
Autor: TikiShootah
Autorbraces and shave and he would be fine
Autor: BlueTCS Animations
Autorwell, he still has a sexy voice and a hot bod, once you get him dental, he will become a normal latino lover, and what do you know, under all that spandex and cool gadgets, there may be a sex god.
Autor: Dewani90
Autorugly? no. utterly degenerate and should belong in a corpse pit a mile away? definitely yes.
an inbred like this is an insult to humanity
Autor: Biodeamon
AutorLOVE this art style!
Autor: Keishen Lloyd
Autoris it ok? Christ I'd have thrown him to the ground, ripped that suit off and had my way with him as soon as the mask came off! Good lord He's built like a greek god, has super powers and a deep sexy voice. Honestly I really don't see at all why that's considered unattractive, He looks rugged and robust! All thats missing is some barry white and a bottle of bourbon to complete the fantasy! Screw chris hemsworth, this is my hero fantasy!
Autor: Phoenixesper1
AutorWhen baes story don't add up
Autor: GlitchyStrean
AutorThot status: Patrolled
Autor: Kriplovski
Autor: Fada black
AutorBro just has to straighten his teeth dental work is important and to trim his facial hair maybe wash his face once in a while and he’d be ok. Basic maintenance an being presentable is important.
Autor: Mike Perez
AutorLmfao today's society in a nut shell.
Autor: Nyarlathotep
AutorThis is like the scene from Rick and Morty.
Autor: _ TheBigPig _
AutorHe’s hung tho
Autor: OG BamBam GO
AutorI can’t tell if this is a burn on Tobey Maguire or that new homecoming loser.

Funny either way.
Autor: Ghost Dog
AutorTell her that you are rich. It's what makes the difference.
Autor: May the Science be with You
Autorgonna be honest, I was expecting a tarantula face. turned out uglier than that tho
Autor: Bram
AutorShave the unibrow, go to the dentist, get a haircut, bam, done
Autor: Facade
AutorJust saying Tarantula is already a Marvel character.
Autor: Dark-Slayer
AutorSooo,did they kiss? 😂
Autor: DrkShdw 1110
AutorHe probably wore that mask because the Bullshit smelled so bad too
Autor: Alpha Vegas
Autoranyone else initially think tarantula man was voiced by critikal?
Autor: Ted Mello
AutorOh god put the mask back on!
Autor: DoubleDoubleUSmoky Mirror4Demention
AutorIncel man. Incel man. Doesn’t whatever a real man can. Look oooooout! Here comes the incel man!
Autor: Scroty McBoogerballs Esq.
AutorTrue beauty is helping others out of kindness, even if they are ungrateful.
Autor: Loser Baby
Autor: Nicholas King
Autorthe one from the 90´s had better animation.
Autor: Luis Zambrano
AutorWait... Charlie....
Autor: Get a Job.
AutorThe woman lips so nice
Autor: iron man
AutorHow hard would it be to fuck with a mask on?
Autor: GDI
AutorPlot Twist: The ‘face’ you see under the mask is also another mask. It was all a test!
Autor: Master Wave
AutorHmmmm t i t s
Autor: Pootisusasesos No
AutorLol! This is a fantastic animation. I can't wait to see more.
Autor: Noah Dixon
AutorMy god, I'm loving this guy. He's just absolutely done with her shit.
Autor: IgnatianMystic
AutorHey! He stole that guy's pizza!
Autor: Caged Doggies
AutorI know a guy that looks exactly like this.
Autor: tubepunksheep
AutorLooks like someone isn't gonna survive their 22nd crisis
Autor: Succy Succ Succ
Autor90% of his “facial problems” could be solved by shaving (my opinion)
Autor: Maksil Lorenzo
AutorThere youtube. I watched it. Holy fuck stop recommending it.
Autor: Rotcrawler
AutorHe looks like typical gamer
Autor: jj27362 4
AutorU guys should do porn
Autor: RaptorCrite
Autor: Mari Siqueira
AutorThere isnt a woman alive with a figure that perfect. Shame really.
Autor: RampagePhoenix
AutorA D U L T S P I D E R M A N
Autor: Wilt Chamberlain
AutorToby Macguire was ugly as hell.
Autor: shr00mhead
Autor WGTOW.
Autor: FleAmerica
AutorHe stairs in 2 yore sole
Autor: Seldom Studios
Autor: Salad Snake
AutorIts the old "all heroes are gorgeous" thing. Only the most attractive/socially valuable people are heroes. Anyone who's ugly or would be deemed creepy is hideous. Its unrealistic, just like her pretending that him not being attractive has no effect on her wanting to bang him. Unappealing people save lives too. We just don't like to recognize them. Usually hot people are so selfless.
Autor: Kyam Truong
AutorAn ugly Christ pat,an ugly Christ pat
Autor: donemeth osit
Autorthis unwillingly boost my "niceguy" egos
Autor: chrom491
AutorIs that criticals voice
Autor: Trevor Lancelot
AutorMask the face
Bang the base
Has she never heard of this?
Autor: Mr Temporal
AutorGreat job at animating mouths!
Autor: Makoto Mikami
AutorHe's costume looks like a luchador champion than tarantula. But he is cool
Autor: Violent Boy
Autor"So you still want to kisss, ma lips"😁😁😁
Autor: Antonio Giuseppe
AutorThis is great. Everything about it.
Autor: Nicolas Klinger
AutorHer loss
Autor: Gaspar Tiznado
AutorIs this even animation?
Autor: Caliduchey
Autor: Naheem Boss
AutorMr. Platinum more like STAR PLATINUM
Autor: Deku 4224
AutorThis is like a entitled ugly guys fantasy after they do something for a girl
Autor: JZX XJ9100
Autormgtow = virginity and sadness
Autor: Akira Kush
AutorI like the fact she tries to make up excuses about looks but fails
Autor: Kristenay Preston
Autorwell maybe if he would take care of himself ...
Autor: Ernesto Ibarrola
AutorNeed a moment? Grab a Twix 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Autor: Michael Jayification
AutorTo call this animation would be a disgrace.
Autor: donov25
AutorIs there a THOT slayer?
Autor: Exu
Autori am ded
Autor: Oni Bb
AutorI love his voice
Autor: Brocco The Ren
AutorAll the people telling the character to get his dental done and eyebrow fixed literally represents the girl and shows how the society completely judge a person based on his looks and even deny all the good deeds just because he doesn't look good. WOW............ You don't deserve a hero. You deserve those cheap selfish corporate leaders.
Autor: Kid _ Cool
AutorWe should have ugly superheroes to show How Shallow women are
Autor: Mr. Mango
AutorOh I know her, she has the power of BULLSHIT!😂
Autor: King Ban
AutorHow incels look at themselves.
Autor: Vegard Fjeldberg
AutorHe looks a bit like Chirs Pratt
Autor: wet pancake
AutorThot aint getting saved the next time.
Autor: shuman
Autor: FurryEskimo
Autori mean she really tried man
Autor: Profan1ty
Autorhonestly, he's not that bad looking, just get some dental done and take care of yourself a bit, some people would dig him even with the huge lips, not every hero has to be handsome, but still no need to be a jerk about it, or to reveal your secret identity
Autor: QuizMaster Hanzo
Autorahhhhh classic the hero is not good looking and now you are dissapointed the blonde is thot
Autor: jeremiah walcott
AutorBruh she assumed he looked that way cause of the mutation😂😂
Autor: melvin st fleur
AutorIf he saved your life 20 times - why would you care what he looked like?
Autor: RHayabusa
AutorShe was so shocked by his face that she turned into Owen Wilson for a second.
Autor: ThatBugBehindYou
Autor100% TRUE
Autor: Oyamada Kouta-Kun
AutorWhy don’t they blink?
Autor: Pizza
AutorDude just needs to clean up
Autor: Scribble Dip
AutorI thought his face was actually going to be a tarantula
Autor: Mr Temporal
AutorI think they both mutually let each other down gently.
Autor: viktoria k
AutorNetflix should pick this up and change the animation
Autor: Kaizen Mckenzie
Autorthe animation is quite peculiar. I find it interesting how the only movement is soley for the mouths. yet the drawings and poses of the characters keep changing giving the illusion of movement.
Autor: Kev's Channel
Autorlook at em pointy titties ... mmm
Autor: G Gurunadha Reddy
AutorIts sad how i can relate to this on so many levels..
Autor: Magnificent Potato
AutorGuys do it too. The real heros wear mask and gloves and use scalpel to fix faces...
Autor: Rajat Roy
Autor: Tatokun
AutorIncel simulator.
Autor: Peanut Butter
AutorRedpill!!! FACEandLMS YT channel talks about this very situation.
Autor: vidform
Autor: Yosef Yonin
AutorShe looks a lot like the Timmverse Supergirl, if she got auburn hair and had her soul sucked out.
Autor: Mr Shambleface


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