Nauru island home

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AutorTell me about the background Music/Song. I feel very happy.
Autor: Save World
AutorMiss this place
Autor: John Akrigg
AutorNice vid
Autor: bob Detudamo
AutorI like this music video it cool
Autor: Eric Jones
AutorРай в океане)))
Autor: Кусок Собаки
Autormy island home how i miss you..nice video
Autor: Back Off
Autori love Nauru , From East Timor
Autor: Ganjo Exposto
Autori´m from venezuela latin american i love you nauru
Autor: Carlos Castillo Goitia
AutorThank you for sharing, wishing you a great day ahead, all the best from Norway.
Autor: per bonde
AutorI love nauru
Autor: afzaal ch
AutorNauru is a beautiful country, I would like to travel there someday, I'm from Argentina
Autor: fede fernandez
AutorLiteralmente una vuelta a todo el país :)
Autor: Pablitchus
AutorClive, I lived there from 1975 until 1980. I worked at Location School, running the library and a remedial class. I don't recall any of the people you mentioned probably because I didn't mix with the expat community much!
Autor: Linda Saul
Autorhey, nice video! just a question... was that a ride around the WHOLE island? or just some parts of it???
Autor: Katarina Gorzynski
AutorI´m from chile, nice  video, thanks for sharing!
Autor: Andres leiva pinto
AutorIsn't this that island where those nasty Australian authorities lock up refugee kids for years??
Autor: luke dawson
AutorHi...iam from indonesia
Can i ask you of the nauru island?
Autor: Bilkis Nadifatu Qolbi
Autorwhat's a nice place! I wanna go :)
Autor: rockinglifeforonce
AutorHowdy I'm from Colorado
Autor: patato h
AutorChristine Anu - My island Home
Autor: Kibuigut Barsirian Kenduywa Arap Sing'oe
Autorклассное видео
Autor: алик басс
AutorThanks for that Candace. It was my island home for ten beautiful years. I used to go to school with a Gwen Detudamo. Say hello and ar baoen!
Autor: Susan Poile
AutorQuiero ir
Autor: Dany Beltran
AutorDid you sing this?
Autor: Boris Hiddema
Autorwow where this cantry
Autor: Nana Tany
AutorLinda I don't recall ever meeting you but then I was only on the island in '73. Maybe you would remember Colin Sarll, Allan Westbury, Judie Dickie (they were NPC). Can I ask what you did on the island? Cheers
Autor: Clive Cooper
Autoralguien mas es hispanoablante
Autor: Fede Fernandez
AutorHello, I'm from South Korea. And I like islands too.
Autor: 영사실폭8하는
AutorI will always remember my time in Nauru in the early 70's, as a kid of 12. It was the best place to be. School swimming meets in the harbor, primary & high school, outdoor picture theatre,, running through the Cantilever's, getting lost in the pinnacles, friends in location. 3 years of the best days of my life. I will always remember Nauru....😊
Autor: John Davis
Autorhow many hours?
Autor: Sumeet Agale
AutorFuck dirty island and people
Autor: Younes Jafarian
Autor: александр кузнецов
AutorIndonesia great country...
Wonderful Indonesia...
Indonesia is my country..!!
Autor: Bukit Hijau
AutorI love this place!!!!  Greetings from Italy =D .
Autor: drugobianconero91
AutorBeautiful, yet all the Islamic refugees from the ME complain about it being a sithole, yet they still have babies there😂 And it was good enough for Kate Ceberano or anyone else.
Autor: Daenerys Targaryen
AutorNice country! From Russia with love!
Autor: Ryi Myu
Autori miss my home! love it goes with the lyrics
Autor: Fayette Caleb
Autorhi i m from india but
i always interest about island country
Autor: rs tv
Autorwonderful video:)
Autor: Kevin Asp
AutorFuck dirty island and people
Autor: Younes Jafarian
AutorEssa moto atrapalhou e muito seu vídeo.
Autor: Maria do Carmo
AutorSave your money!! (You'd see the whole place in a few hours)
Autor: Clive Cooper
AutorFuck dirty island and people
Autor: Younes Jafarian
Autorhello iam from indonesia..i always interest about Oceania nation...
Autor: Armand Dinta
AutorLived on Nauru 1977-1980. Went to Aiwo Primary then NSS. Loved my teenage time there. Free movies outdoor on Saturday night...china town then indoor movies at the civic. Star Twinkles restraunt just to name a few! Great time. Sad to see whats happened. 
Autor: Kiri Jones
AutorI lived and worked five years on your Island home back in the 70's. Many treasured memories.
Autor: Linda Saul
Autormy island home, born and raised, awesome vids
Autor: Jake Gadeanang
AutorWow Congrat  guys I could never thank you all much after building real nostalgic moments while sitting at home in New Delhi India  My finding 3.5 years of IT(Dec91-Apr95)  in the Govt. Computer Bureau (Under MOF then) Even after working  long term IT India Nauru, England UK, Jamaica Tokyo Japan  Dubai(UAE)  and recently 7 months stint in Oman. I still privileged to have worked in such a beautiful country in my formative part of my IT career I would still feel privileged if  I can work in work  for the lovely people  in any way.
Autor: Rajeev Sharma
AutorUpload more videos of your island please any good camping groumdz
Autor: ItShowtime1904

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