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AutorShe might is!!!
Autor: Logen&Taryn's sisters World
Autor: fried chicken
AutorShe peeing in Camilla bottle
Autor: Quwelaaa
AutorI like it longer hair but that nice 2
Autor: Yep my lil bro a model Jaidyn&jamon
AutorI like it 😇😇😇
Autor: Makayla Mccrary
AutorShe is
Autor: Tamiya Moffett
Autor: Nani Rivera
AutorJoel could've put on different shoes
Autor: Katelynn Rivers
AutorI literally almost cried when that happened
Autor: Josiah Israel
AutorNot to mention you got a test from the dollar store why didn't you even show the test..??
Autor: S&S Family
AutorThat's not pee that's apple juice.
Autor: Lei Milan
AutorW w
Autor: Jihad Muhammed
AutorThe only thing is about the outfit Joel has on red an navy blue an white shirt with baby blue an white Js just plain white shirt would have been fine
Autor: Delyse Ashley
AutorAll these negative ass comments got me dying so what if she have another baby tf how many kids y’all mamas have ? Lol stop hating 😂💯 and if she is pregnant those tampons could’ve been there for mad long it is the bathroom lol
Autor: Dhariana Al
Autor: Khatelyn Gavin
Autor: missdestiny gang
Autor: Khatelyn Gavin
AutorI think she is pregnant
Autor: Samantha McLaughlin
Autor: Susan Milani
AutorNo disrespect.but please do not have 5 kids because.yall think that it's hard. raising. camilla imagine. how hard. it is raising 4 more take it from me I have a friend who has 5 and. its not. easy👍👍👍👍💛💛💙💙💚💜💚💚❤
Autor: Ruby Shoulders
AutorYes I do
Autor: Ariah Diva
AutorI mean Congress
Autor: nae and indy
AutorOmg 😮.....
Autor: Joel and Lauren Tv
AutorThe outfits were amazing
Autor: linda chaney
AutorOmg I'm so happy soon it going to be another member to the spuad
Autor: cookieworldc big fan ever101 Reece
AutorYes I think Lauren is Pregnant
Autor: MacKenzie Woodard
AutorNo hate but im just saying y'all just had a baby shouldnt yall be focusing on her first
AutorI love the fact he always complement her
Autor: Rita Fiagro
AutorLauren look so pretty
AutorI think it's a boy
Autor: maddy crazylady
AutorOMG another baby
Autor: JJ GANG
Autor: Jazzlyn radway
AutorWhy y’all all keep on hating lik u y’all getting mad saying that she said something about her period but it’s pads on the counter and saying it’s a clipbailt and saying they only making this for the money lik get out of here with that
Autor: Iamjust__TT Iamjust__TT
AutorAnd it’s open because she didn’t know she wasn’t getting it smarts
Autor: danae Doyle
AutorShe’s pregnant
Autor: AryAnna W.B
Autorthey make her look like a grandma
Autor: Bj Tv
AutorI think she is pregnant 👏🙏😍😍😄😄😃❤️❤️
Autor: Virgen Maria
AutorI think she is
Autor: Jayla Vick
AutorHas it even been six weeks Lauren gone mess up her body if she is pregnant y’all nasty y’all couldn’t wait
Autor: Quwelaaa
AutorOmmmmmmmggggggggggggggggggg I'm soso happy lol...I love y'alls hair
Autor: talia crawford
Autor: Alaina Carey
AutorYall dont need nomore kids
AutorShe is
Autor: Bre Nation
AutorI think she’s pregnant again
Autor: Kimmara satchell
AutorY'all are so cute and baby Camilla awwww
Autor: Destiny Bracy
Autor: Myiah .Ariel
AutorLauren's hairrrr😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Autor: Cheyenne Marcantel
AutorThat no her hair is a wig bald ass 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂
Autor: Santiago tv
AutorShe pregnant
Autor: Nyomie .carroll
AutorJoel and Lauren all day everyday❤️😍
Autor: Iammkaylaaa Kaylaaa
AutorShe is pregnant
Autor: Bernie Cano
Autorthis is early it's at I don't think Lauren is pregnant
Autor: Cheyenne Squad
AutorTeen boy all day I know She was having a boy
Autor: Sylvia Murray
Autorclickbait taking too long to confirm
Autor: shannon wiley
Autoryah outfits tuff but Lauren them glasses do not look right on you like just stop or Joel
Autor: Bj Tv
Autor: Keyana Sashington
Autor that’s nasty really nasty y would she pee in a baby bottle
Autor: Jaylah Cole
AutorJoel braid your hair and Lauren you sexy wit that hair
Autor: V Karma
AutorI hope you put that bottle in the damn trash
AutorY’all are both killing the hairstyles 🔥🔥
Autor: Kareena’s Life
AutorShe s pregnant or not?
Autor: elenasweet beauty
AutorLol y’all is funny
AutorGreat couple and content nice seeing people in love
Autor: Dre and Kia
AutorI’m New & I subscribed ❤️❤️
Autor: Octavia Watson
AutorIt said she pregnant because that is a dollar tree test
Autor: Aaliyah1 Davis
AutorI love it!!!!!
Autor: jeremiah parris
AutorEveryone go subscribe to my channel and turn on my bell Kanyia Sams
Autor: Kanyia Sams
AutorY’all hair styles look way better😍
Autor: Kay Kay
Autor: mrcastro119
AutorSomebody in my family is 5 weeks old on the 17th of March
Autor: Brianna Pitre
AutorI think that she is prangnet
Autor: Eneida Robles
AutorYou guys go to the Legoland May 14th my class is going for a field trip
Autor: Shanice P
AutorYou not even married to joel and you having his kids that stupid
Autor: Kenaria Jackson
AutorJoel hair look nice
Autor: Bethany Fisher
AutorOut of all lauren's hair styles, this one suits her best! I LOVE this hair style on her. It frames her face good and brings out her beauty! Please keep it like this! 😘👍
Autor: Sara Adkins
AutorWww dub
Autor: omar royster
Autor: Empire gang
AutorOmgaaahhh Lauren is so beautiful especially with that hair sexyy mamass 🤤🤤🤤🤤Joel is so lucky
Autor: katie & kiara
AutorI unsubscribed because they fake and trying to get views and as soon as Lauren had her baby she left her for Miami bad parent y’all are not the ACE family y’all didn’t even go to college fake view feeders
Autor: Jarde Jeanpierre
Autori luv ur guyz new haircut
Autor: Olaya Esparza
AutorOmg can’t wait love y’all team Lauren ❤️🖤😍😘
Autor: johnnaysia roundtree
Autorʟaʊʀɛռ ɖօ ռօt ɦaʋɛ ռօ ɮօօtʏ😂
Autor: Nakiah Roberts
AutorShe is pregnant
Autor: Clemente Munoz
AutorBeautiful FAM
Autor: Raquel J.Barrionuevo
Autor: maddy crazylady
AutorAnyone like lyrical or soulful  type music with substance  mixtape on my channel 9 songs I would be thankful if you take the time  to listen to my craft , you won't be disappointed🙏
Instagram @prophetic_dezzo
AutorPeople in the comments stfu its HER BODY she is a grown woman and can do what she wants leave her, her man and the baby alone damn she can have a baby if she wants too after all its HER 😒😤😤😤😠😠😠😡😡😡😾😾😾🙍🙍🙍🖕🖕🖕
Autor: Quinnlynne Valley
Autor: Kesha Baird
Autor: the Frye family mia
AutorY’all haters keep hating cuz Joel and Lauren make they haters they motivators
Autor: danae Doyle
AutorShe needs to drink some waterrrrrrrrr
Autor: Zaire Ny-Jayy
AutorYeah but I have another baby you already have one baby get another baby when the baby is Four years old
Autor: Jaylin Cole
AutorI was watching this on the tv, and literally put my food down to comment: PRAISE GODT! Joel cut that damn hair. (He didn’t look bad with it.) But it was just EVERY damn where!! He looks soooooo much better! Lauren looks awesome as usual.
Autor: Free Spirit
AutorI 💓💓💓💓💓 it and baby .....ur babies will be very close siblings
Autor: Shamari_Fly J's
AutorJoel can’t get the baby name right he say : Ca•mil•la but it’s pronounced like ca•me•la😭😭🤣🤣
Autor: Daddish Niyy
AutorI think she is pregnant
Autor: Bethany Fisher
Autori like the harstyles
Autor: Cheyenne Rucker
Autorfirst of all some of yall ass better be glad that they even posted this got damn video so all yall hoes need to stfu cause it's their business yall dont need to get deep in detail about their life and saying that they barley can take care of camilla like if you think their lying then get the fuck off their stuff like damn the tampons are probably sitting there cause she pulled them cause she thought she was gonna have her period dont waste your time to comment something your not sure of! your not the youtube spyer damnit if your think their lying your doing them a favor cause yall clicked on it STFU and watch the damn video
Autor: Trust kids Road
Autor: Camari's beauty
Autor"ha ha" - Lauren every time
Autor: cice0143
AutorIf you have sex before the six weeks up its most likely you will get pregnant because you are still very VERY fertile
Autor: Jeremia Blalock
AutorShe s pregnant or not?
Autor: elenasweet beauty
Autor: Jada's slime channel Jada's slime channel
AutorY'all know she not pregnant taking them dollar tree pregnancy test
Autor: Adventure My Sweet Life With ME
AutorY'all look lit bruh DUB
Autor: kassidi matthews
AutorDang he threw up West side while wearing blue...😂😂😂😂😂😂
Autor: talia crawford
Autor: aigner clark
AutorLauren u are bomb i havnt watched it all yet to find out if ur prego again i love ur outfit joel like what when lauren said i hope i am pregnat agin joel like what what lol love y'all i think she is i hopw team j lo hahahaa i had my baby 6 weeks ago to and low key i want one i have a girl 2 girls and i want a boy hahaha
Autor: Ava Galarza
AutorDon't rush it just go with the flow enjoy baby Camilla. When she's like 1 or 2 then go ahead, you guys are young. Ultimately it's your life just my opinion.
Autor: Jennifer Perez
AutorDid she really use the babies bottle I'm dead
Autor: Jennifer Perez
AutorWhy y'all use the baby bottle tho ??
Autor: kiya aaa
Autor: Khias Winn
Autor: fried chicken
AutorI love Joel and Lauren but I just think that you just had a baby all should just wanted no hate ❤️
Autor: Super Saiyan Uzi
AutorYou two are the last ones who should get pregnant again. Who's supporting the cost of your baby, new home, Gucci stuff, vacation, etc?? Very irresponsible of you two. Ever heard of birth control?????
Autor: Linda Jamison
AutorY’all on some Damian n Bianca shit
Autor: Shanterra Bailey
AutorI mg
Autor: Yep my lil bro a model Jaidyn&jamon
Autoryall so cute
Autor: shania sutton
AutorWhat happened to there Jeep that was a hole different car
Autor: Jennifer Perez
Autorissa dub
Autor: Olaya Esparza
AutorMy kids are 11 months apart.. My daughter was conceived the night before what I thought was my 6 wk check up, but it was really my 5 wk check up.. They got me.. lol... I still had a period, I didn’t bleed long after having my son... but after my check up a few days later I had a period. So she hasn’t had a period cuz she just a baby 6 was ago.. she isn’t late. He is just now 6wks.. but at the same time the test can say she is seeing she just had a baby.. or it can say she isn’t she just had a baby.. my kids are the same age for 3 wks.. Rodjae 12/16/11 Jessika 11/26/12.. it isn’t easy.. I also have a 15 yr old.. I’m now 36 my bday was 3/17.. so Lauren you should let your body heal before trying to get pregnant again I had some problems becuz my body wasn’t all the way healed.. if you are congrats tho. Babies are a blessing!!! But you think it’s hard now just wait til two of them are here and both in diapers or when you can’t pick up your daughter cuz your pregnant and the Doc puts you in bed rest.. just think about it before trying so soon!!
Autor: JusMe JDC
AutorI think💭 she is pregnant again
Autor: Fre Trimble
AutorThey did this video for views
Autor: I am Angela Renee
AutorI think she is going to have a baby
Autor: linda chaney
AutorCongratulations to you guys❤️
I love u guys !!! You guys have a beautiful baby and you guess are good first time parents.. With your first child it’s about learning no child comes with instructions. Be wishes to u guys and also congratulations on the new place as well
And if u guys can please subscribe to my channel as well .. I’m from Saginaw MI now living in Va will be coming to visit Saginaw and Detroit.. My husband and I would love to meet u guys and collab with u guys it would mean the most to us ❤️❤️
Autor: FacesbyTiffy
AutorI think she is
Autor: Aoife Dunne
AutorShe is not
Autor: Cass Vassar
Autor: Jada Ramos
Autorplease subscribe to my channel
Autor: Welcome to Rissa World
AutorIt think that she is not pregnant I don't know why but I just don't.
Autor: Trippie Redd
AutorHer and that stiff ass weave🤣🤣🤣🤣
Autor: Lei Milan
AutorNow both of yalls hair look gooooood😍😍😍😍😍
Autor: Miss Coco
Autoryell like fly
Autor: Andre Lewis
AutorY’all both look real nice😍😍soo cute together
Autor: Quarnesha Hillie
Autor: Lori Coleman
Autor: Shanice P
AutorChris will beat you in 2K
Autor: Annie’s World
AutorI think she’s ready for a baby brother or sister
Autor: Sylvester Delgado
Autor: The squad
AutorI scrolled just enough to not see the comments lol. But having sex before your 6 weeks could easily result in a baby... if you guys aren’t careful there could definitely be a baby in there. lol
Autor: Shae Nate
AutorDidn’t u already do a test?????
Autor: V Karma
AutorShe is
Autor: Lauren Taylor
AutorI love Laurens hair I love both of Your but mostly laurens
Autor: James Finney
Autor: Kyla Cline
AutorIf she is I think it's going to be a boy because she got a girl
Autor: Sherina Harbor
AutorBaby y'all can stop talking about jlo squad because they are a cute family so
Autor: Destiny Bracy
AutorYou at least have to wait 6 weeks to have sex because you have to heal . I waited longer with my daughter lol there is no way she is pregnant lol 😆 who y’all think y’all fooling , jk but I love y’all .
Autor: Marisol Hernandez
AutorD&B nation? Smhh
Autor: Michaela Garcia
AutorYes I do
AutorYou sick bitch who in the hell pisses in a baby bottle only people with a sick mind come up with that shit i feel bad for baby camila.
Autor: Realist Bish
AutorI think she is
Autor: C.J. Masters
AutorIt's a win for you and Lauren and i really love y'all fit can't what to see what baby Camille is wearing for the photo shoot. I love you guy's😘😘💖💖💖
Autor: Chantya Carter
AutorYou need your twists back bro
AutorUr hair and skin is flawless u guys r getting more and more famous dont forget about us lol
Autor: Ava Galarza
Autor: The squad
AutorLauren is so beautiful ❤️
Autor: Cece Music
AutorShes not even healed yet yall just nasty asf..and drink some water😂😂😂
Autor: Chloe Joseph
AutorI think she is not pregnant
Autor: Life with Nay nay
Autori think Lauren is pregnant with baby number 2
Autor: Elizabeth Purvis
Autor: Autrice Fleming
AutorThey used to be fun but now they fake and lie alots of shit just for the views
Autor: Realist Bish
AutorShe is pregnant
Autor: Vanesia Marshall
AutorThe cut is fresh 🤟🏽🤪 but u you look better with the twist 💯
Autor: It's nadiaa Tv
AutorSo corny
Autor: MelT Video'Diary
AutorLauren hair is good
Autor: Bethany Fisher
AutorI kinda felt like its a prank and ik your pee is not yellow like that ...and I think that's Apple juive in the bottle cause it looks like it and her pee would of been more opinion
Autor: DeAnna Forever
AutorJoel look younger and Lauren look sexy as usual
Autor: AyeBanks T.V.
AutorThat is a w
Autor: Latorya Lewis
AutorYeah she having a another brother
AutorI think y'all pregnant
Autor: kassidi matthews
AutorHey mothers I found out I was expecting at 5 months to a baby boy and I would appreciate if you’s would check out my go fund me page to help support me on this journey anything can help
Thank you to all who does help support and thank you for taking the time out to read

Autor: Itsss MEME
AutorJoel and Lauren are never going to get a full blown night of sleep if she is pregnant AGAIN
Autor: Amiya Wallace
AutorThat’s so soon dang👌🏼💝💘
Autor: Yaritza Rivera
AutorNah she not pregnant
Autor: Blah blah :P
AutorJoel hair-cut looks nices👌👌👌
Autor: Chantya Carter
AutorPlease stop playing
Autor: Allysonxkayy Reacts
AutorJoel not matching lol both Ls!!!
Autor: AyoBeautifulOne
AutorWhy do y’all think everything for views, if they think they are pregnant y’all should be happy if y’all are so called “REAL SUBSCRIBERS” but I wish the best for you guys Joel and Lauren much love for you guys plus baby Camila 😘😍😘😘😘😘😘😘💞💞💞💞💞💞❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️‼️‼️‼️‼️
Autor: Rylee romo
AutorYallare gonna have to move.
Autor: Chyna Hughes
AutorHey everyone! Ladies!!! 👑😍❤️ Follow my Makeup channel! Suggest looks you want me to recreate or simple tutorials!
Autor: LaLaz Makeup
AutorLauren ain't pregnant that quick (again)
Autor: Eriana Stallworth
AutorYes and I love baby coming
Autor: Katrina Bogan-Carter
Autorwhy tf did she pee in the baby’s bottle nasty asses.
Autor: tee tee
AutorJoel how u gone say Imma tell y'all my thoughts about another baby at the end of the video this tell us yo thoughts
Autor: Kendalle gang
Autorwhy she really in her bra & yall showing it like it's nothing . 😂😂
Autor: Chloe Jenkins
Autorher face would of lit up if she havin another bay
Autor: Deavon Barley
AutorLove your hair cut
Autor: Cass Vassar
Autorcan y’all put real content out 🙂🙂
Autor: Envy. Me
AutorAn concrates
AutorU should of waited until camila was like 5 or 6 but she is a infant and all that stress y’all should wait
Autor: Nae & Niyah
AutorAnd. If she didn’t get her period yet why her pads and tampons open on the counter y’all is fake fr
Autor: Quwelaaa
AutorLol I don’t know why y’all talking about “click bait” the title didn’t say that she IS pregnant so therefore maybe she is maybe she isn’t
Autor: Shordy
AutorDat damn fruit punch && berry punch 😋😋😋
Autor: Ladi Froq
AutorSubscribe to my channel and like and comment on my videos plz I’m new to YouTube
Autor: Itsss Queasha
AutorThis is fake and I guarantee you they are doing this so they can fake a miscarriage in order for them to gain the sympathy from viewers so they can get on everyone's good side . We aren't stupid 🙄
Autor: Sarah Davis
Autordont you have to wait six weeks to have sex after giving birth so even if she pregnant yah had sex early with the stitch still in her
Autor: carlena alford
AutorAdd me on snapshot bigmom2018
Autor: Sandrika Peay
AutorAll these people so quick to say clickbait not everything good is clickbait god damn!!!! Let them be great and live they life !!!!! And I personally feel like they are doing great with Camilla for their first time. Every body don’t raise children the same way. Y’all so sad for this ... always talking down on people why couldn’t anybody say “good luck” or “I hope your pregnant” or “I’m praying for you” GOD DAMN lift people up ...always wanna bring somebody down. If they don’t share y’all get upset and when they share personal stuff like this , this is how people act !? I really can’t stand this generation bruh 😢😢😢
Autor: Ma'Ciah Mitchell
AutorY'all dumb asf. This video look old. Lauren's hair is way longer than that now.
Autor: Chequon Brown


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