How to get the HOTTEST GIRL in the room | Pomona Chronicles Pt.2

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Autorwhats the song name in
Autor: Matthew Atanacio
Autorbro u filipino?
Autor: waYFues
AutorWatching all of your videos!! I’m new to the Hesi Fam!! ❤️ Boi you’re awesome 🔥
Autor: Hkm Saharan
AutorDree has left the chat
Autor: Michoacán Kid 420
AutorIs that a warriors flag??
Autor: Rey
AutorPimp shit right there
Autor: Master Mind
AutorIt’s the Pimp Chronicles MOTHHHAAAAFUUUCKKKKAAA
Autor: Eddie Hernandez
Autor: Lorena Fernandez
AutorMGTOW-Breaking the power of the pussy!!!
Autor: James Marquis
AutorThat's cool
Autor: AviHit
AutorIs that a moped? Lol just kidding, killer vid. Looks like lots of fun...i sub your channel
AutorLove yo shit SnewJ... Put it on that vloggity...
Autor: Jose Medina
AutorAnd you do something else in a hotel 😏🤪🤣🤣🤣
Autor: Predator thereal
AutorSnewj are u half filipino?
Autor: joshua james de leon
AutorThis shit is hilarious.
Autor: Kc King E. Lorilla
AutorSnewj?? Roots?? Great tattoo on your deltoid!
Autor: julius rasos
Autor witty
Autor: K Wanap
Autor: Unayz Adia
Autorshe squrting now hehehe
Autor: jonathan ero
AutorOMG the girl he kissed at the end so damn gorgeous, anyone know her IG yet
Autor: Han cholo
AutorHow beautiful Girl.
Autor: adinggwapo adinggwapo
Autor: Ulises Reyes
Autorthat last bit got me to subscribe ahahah
Autor: Hugo Ribeiro
AutorWow I just seen some girl I fucked on your vid 😂😂😂😂
Autor: Dirk Dickler
AutorBro kabayan you are so lit 😎😊
Autor: kurukan Barakuduspuldus vlogs
AutorChronicles mother fuckaaaaaa!!!!! Love you sewj
Autor: Michael Watson
AutorThat girl at the end was very niiice 👍🏽
Autor: Welcomedcompany Lol
AutorFuk it my man got game to pick up pretty woman
Autor: John Conor
Autor: Yung King
AutorCrónicas mother ffffffffff
Autor: YungRinoRul3_ YT
AutorR u half pinoy I noticed u have a 3 star n d sun tattoo in your arm
Autor: 21805jehan
Autor: Junior Ascencio
AutorWhat's the song called for your intro
Autor: Extreme_ Gamer
Autorgess its the for me to go to the gym
Autoryo snewj u are the best madafaqa
Autor: Ayoub Bouka
Autor: Joniel Lacao
Autor: Abdelaziz Alhammadi
Autor: Nanobeeluffy _
AutorIs funny how you think you’re the shit 😂😂like bruhh you fucking ugly ! Leave that for the actual cute guys 😂
Autor: Karla Alvarado
Autorthats ridiculous man
Autor: izhangt
AutorDude I'm also a filipinoShout Out To All Your Filipino's Subscriber
Autor: Cyrill Bigonia
AutorDree watches
Autor: Disposable Gadget
AutorSo whats her new twtr tho??
Autor: Davincent Code
AutorAre you a filipino? I saw 3 star and a sun
Autor: Lester Quinagon
AutorYou have to be rich
Autor: Chester Fong
Autor: RoyalHQTV
AutorHere's the link for Part 1 of The Chronicles of Pomona

Check it out if you haven't already! Whats your favorite part of this video? Thanks for watching & don't forget to Subscribe if you haven't already:)
Autor: SnewJ
AutorSupport para sa kababayan!
Autor: Sports Update
AutorThe last girl though💯💍
Autor: ItzBudda Suh
AutorYou are vry cheerful... Lv it
Autor: Trinoyon Pegu
AutorWhat you take to have a physique like that?do you eat clenn and trenn hard?
Autor: Norvert Avalos
AutorI miss motovlogs
Autor: Subscribe to me for no reason
AutorWats the name of that song at the very end
Autor: Red_ Cafe-x
Autor: wassup
AutorYou look exactly like a guy I went to high school did you go to venture academy just curious
Autor: Patient in time
Autor 😂😂😂
Autor: HNK 808
AutorBoy what is your workout regimen.
Autor: Christian Prusinski
AutorChronicles bro
Autor: Nieman Shell
AutorBrooooooooo put that girl in a full video she’s hot af lol
Autor: Jacob Martin
AutorSout out sean paul
Autor: Emanooel Cohen
AutorIts so funny
Autor: Prince Kenshinii
AutorSnewjj at Chappy In San Bernardino !
Autor: Lil Mexico
AutorDude, you are like the fouseytube of motovlogs.
Autor: Coleman Bryce
AutorIs he filipino i saw that 3 stars and a sun tattooed on his shoulders
Autor: I Main Yasuo
Autor: EastStockton Flower
AutorDon't ride in the p*ssy !
Autor: Absolute Zero
AutorI love your motorbike
Autor: Timothy Parson
AutorWell them girls were quite nice with their response ..
Autor: Lalcha Haokip
AutorSnewj bruh you was coming on too strong that last chick 😂
Autor: Derrick H
AutorDamn that girl is good😘😘😍
Autor: Apple Pie
Autor: SCORPIUS on set
AutorChronicle of SnewJ
Autor: Todd Lagreco
Autorinscribed from a man cussing 24/7 feels free. 😌
Autor: Aitotlg Acmo
AutorLavar the moto man?
Autor: zombies bride m
AutorI will fuck her
Autor: Troy Menifee
AutorFilipino snew, shout-out to the real Pinoy blood 💯
Autor: young savage
AutorWhere is this? what is the name of the location?
Autor: Shinra Revience
AutorBro. You look like a ugly pakistani boy.
Autor: Zoom Zoom
AutorHow can I be YouTuber
Autor: Gato Michael
AutorOoffff I’m sooo salty littlerly (don’t feel like usin grammer and shit.)
Autor: Nuckelspirit Savage
Autorso sexy
Autor: trav olala Bike
AutorIt’s been a year and I’m still in love with the girl around 😂
Autor: Dna Drewzy
AutorAwesome man!
Autor: Rohit Singh
Autorhahaha when i was like 14 years old i was like you i talk to cute girls and had a lot of friends now i dont have friends and i get scare when girls talk to me lol :c
Autor: RooTroxX
Autor: Lars Kenoyer
AutorHey SnewJ are you half filipino?
Autor: Classic Drummer
AutorBro are u half pilipino?
Autor: Ian marc Cebrero
Autor: dela cuesta edward
AutorMah niggapinoy smoth af!👌
Autor: Mike Martinez
AutorWhat’s the song called
Autor: abdihakim ismael
AutorU are pilipino dod?
Autor: Kimluise Flores
AutorShe sat and you ate 🍑
Autor: ruesa
Autordamn pinoy boy haha
Autor: keichi tsuchiya
AutorCrazy huh awsome
Autor: kinn kinn
AutorHey SnewJ Team Hesi 💙👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Autor: Andrew Mclaughlin
Autor@11.40. Zeek looked funny. He wanted to also be shirtless to impress those girls but no-one paid any attention to him. It was awkward asf. Lol
Autor: Tommy Aventador
Autoryou're provoking girls😂😂
Autor: Hate me Baby
AutorCan someone tell me what is the music in the intro thx
Autor: PLGG Ramster
Autor: ameen bro
AutorHey borat!
Autor: Mungbawi Guite
AutorAyos yan😁😁
Autor: Gelo Gelo
AutorI think/guess he is a half Filipino, Fil-Am... He have a Filipino symbol, 3star and 1Sun at the Left shoulder...
Autor: KingOfHeart A
Autorfuck these haters. thats the homie from high school same personality same laugh . been flossy since freshman year ya boi never changed .stay up up brotha . 💯
Autor: Mignificent
Autor you have choose your ride
Autor: King Noor4321
AutorDon't ride in the p*ssy !
Autor: Absolute Zero
AutorIs that the flag of the Philippines tattoo on your left arm?
Autor: GarpyGarp
AutorGive me your bike bro....😂😂😂
Autor: Mr pogz Pensahan
AutorThese hoes ain't loyal but they can smell a fuck boy from a mile away.
Autor: Joshua Allison
Autor. U r welcome
Autor: anas jenfi
AutorNigga music..🎶
Autor: Rocky G
AutorThat girl smashed in the end, she was excited
Autor: Dj Shadez
AutorWassup Snewj... keep it up bruh
AutorNice bike i got cbr1000
Autor: Trevor Thomas
AutorThis is like the nicest dude ever and for him to say" hey man watch out and shove that other guy you know he's drunk asf, and to some it up we are and fucked
Autor: Jay Orosco
Autor: Tekniq52
AutorLmao bruh this shit is dope
Autor: Akram Khan
AutorAri coro nama ne nami what watch this in
Autor: Alex Anims
Autorpeek at that assss.. daym girl
Autor: Jet Lu
Autor: icon icon
Autorthat girl was bad homie at the end of the video. I hope you still got her for hanging out 😂
Autor: John Boyer
AutorTHE BONA OF POMONA, Chronicles ?
Autor: Roberto De La Vega Pechenino
Autorsubscribed come to my bar next time
Autor: Djay Bookie
AutorAye man, like your vids. Can I be your side kick? camera man? I wanna be part of your team man.
Autor: Brandon Aquino
AutorMaghia ta kire
Autor: Susant kumar Pradhan
AutorDree is watching hehe
Autor: Lester Quinagon
Autor: Sebastian Brickhill smit
Autor: GH0ST 420
AutorDreamgirl or Dree ??

🏆 Dreamgirl > Dree
Autor: Cruz Jr
Autor: Julia Conce
Autorfucking pimp
Autor: Abdulrahim Khostwal
AutorLimitlessEXP black version.
Autor: Leslie D.
AutorDude did you get the girl???
Autor: Johnny Blaze
AutorWhat’s the song calf at
Autor: Fabian Garcia
AutorShe sat, i ate
Autor: M A K S A R M I E N T O
AutorI watched a few of your videos and I love them your funny and you have a motorcycle so you just earned a sub
Autor: Patient in time
Autorlike that girl on ..shes so cute.
you have a real filipino blood on that man..too nice..
and too you men...
Autor: doS lang
Autor@SnewJ Stop Swearing you know kids watch this?.
This is not funny dude stop swearing for gods sake.
Autor: fortnut default
Autor: asang su
AutorThis man snewj 😂 so this how you met aciree lmao
Autor: Greg _
Autorsong at 6.40 pls
Autor: DocteuR_xZeyKo
AutorDree looks like the girl from wonder woman
Autor: Anthony Rodriguez
AutorThat last girl tho
Autor: iiaamm jay
AutorNo Hesi❤️😘💪
Autor: Myren Tan
Autor: Ben Plays
Autor: hi hi
AutorBruh this almost got Million Views
Autor: Ben Moran
Autoryou just inspired me to want to lift
Autor: Mark Hunter
Autor "fuck her right in the pussy" lmao
Autor: Romeo Gallardo
Autormy favorite youtuber ever
Autor: john Ivann
AutorShe looks like angel
Autor: adinggwapo adinggwapo
AutorShe sat and she atee 😂💦
Autor: Vinczt Lucero
AutorThe bitch with the striped dress hell nawl got a big face with a big ass nose
Autor: nicolas mccarter
AutorNinja h2
Autor: Travis #538400
AutorGet ripped noted lol chronicles
Autor: Oriole Alventa
Autor: Otep Sep
AutorChronicles! Nice!
Autor: Dave Henderson
AutorCool video 💯
Autor: Heraldó Royal
AutorBlonde girl is so jealous of that hotass gorgeous ass girl in the end of the video
Autor: Joseph A
AutorI want to see you date with Acireee
Autor: Bora Vath
Autorhey isiahaup?
Autor: Heather Cabezuela
AutorThe BIKE is just lit🔥🔥🔥
Autor: Navdish Kumar
AutorI had to make him happy by hitting it from the back!! Lmfao 😂😂
Autor: Rolando Gonzalez
AutorLmao that’s in Pomona carnival 😂
Autor: Angel Rodriguez
AutorWhats the last girl's name?
Autor: Renz Mallari
AutorHello snewj from philippines
Autor: Johalynne Rancapan
AutorYou didn't bang her
Autor: P3TER K
AutorShe really beautiful I love her hehe
Autor: 수러저 rai Soobba
AutorLike the bike footage but dude is dumb af. Is the dumbness really necessary?
Autor: Brian Romano
AutorThe last girl is so beautiful...Anyone know her name.?.
Autor: Aph Danie Lumban
AutorSUUUP!?? Snew J!!!
Make another videos 🎥 like this! Pt. 3!!!
Do you remember when you was on Campus & college? Let's do It! ✨
Autor: Poppy H.S.L
AutorAfter sex...

Autor: Pro Player !!!
AutorGet a fucking life lmaoo all your videos are about getting girls etc so annoying
Autor: HotCheetos
AutorShe's hot bro
Autor: Gato Michael
AutorThis fool got a flower tatt lol
Autor: romangod18
AutorBasically he meant she sat on his face and he ate her 🐱
Autor: eduardo padilla
AutorDo u talk with her now??
Autor: Shah_G
Autornιce тaттo мy g ѕnewj, 3 ѕтarѕ and a ѕυn
Autor: ʝи Roиdo
AutorI love what you do. ❤
Autor: Grimsy sangma
Autor: Chemical Boss
Autorhi bro i am india 🇮🇳🇮🇳 fan you
Autor: Aniket more
AutorYou should make real videos picking UP real Hot girls
Autor: Felipe Trujillo
AutorThy look so confident and prudy. Wait till they see how many subs and followers he got 😂😂😂😂
Autor: The Meezy
AutorSnewJ are you a fil?
Autor: Jan Dale Yobia
AutorSnewj picking up on Acireee and now Acireee is in Snewj latest workout video. lol
Autor: Mu Fasa
AutorWhat Her IG Idol :)
Autor: John Naval
AutorWait until they get 1 pound of makeup off there face.
Autor: suthi loeur
Autorwhat's going oooonnnnnnn
Autor: Bradley Mairu
AutorWhen ur to high on e.....
Autor: Mahin with daths
AutorSnewj my brother you gotta get another bike
Autor: Cameron Ivory
AutorSnewj doesn't give a fuuuck lmao
Autorand the rest of video is on pornhub ..
Autor: GaUrav Silwal
AutorWhats her name ? Or instagram ?
Autor: TrulyBlessed
AutorThis is my first video of you and it’s a must to sub in haha
Autor: sbnxwizum
Autor@SnewJ Stop Swearing you know kids watch this?.
This is not funny dude stop swearing for gods sake.
Autor: fortnut default
AutorDoes dree know about it🤣🤣
Autor: Vedant Ghagre
AutorYa both sexy 😍😍😍
Autor: the cancel family
AutorLa baby
Autor: Subham Mandal
AutorAnybody know the song in the intro???
Autor: Real One
Autor....phuk moving to Cali
Autor: Chevy Cole

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