Ex-BMG President Partners With Ripple Xpring And Will Use XRP In Music Venture

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AutorHave you seen what ABRA is doing? You have been saying this was coming!
Autor: jeff hardy your insights on ripple and crypto world in general on all ur videos. But ill admit your humbleness...the way you talk about your dad...your values are really what stands you out and above the rest!!! God bless you brother!!! Time for cinnamon on my coffee😉
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AutorRental properties is first on my list
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AutorWoo first dislike
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AutorXRP is in the process of popularization
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AutorYou know, I get more from your videos than anyone..I enjoy that you are to the point and not trying to hype up your channel...but right now you need to go get those kids a damn puppy. Do it right now, I can't tell if you were joking or not but just in case I feel the need to tell you to calm down on the xrp and go get your kids a damn puppy. Xrp all the way, but the kids puppy comes first.
Autor: john cole
AutorI’ve got my big boy pants on... come October we will have pumped a little and enough for me to cash in what I need and sit back and hodl until July 2020 when the peak hits
Autor: Mikey Muscles77
AutorJust sold both my kids to buy more XRP...I’ll miss them 🏌️‍♂️
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AutorYou are the VIDEO KING !!!
Autor: Mr. G.
Autor🤔 hmmmm.What to buy? That is the question.
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AutorAwesome news. !!
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Autor: Aron Pond
AutorHey DAI, what do you personally believe the price of each XRP can get too in a few short years(I know it’s not financial advice, it’s for entertainment purposes)?
Autor: Manny Queso
AutorSo you’re getting a dachshund for Christmas ..? Nice
Autor: Gman Crypto
AutorWhat ?
Autor: Ellinon Enosis
AutorAs a Dachsund owner you soon be calling Ripple by its full name Ripple_Barks_Allot.
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AutorXRP on critical support here.
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AutorCross border payments is just a small part of what Ripple is trying to do..
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AutorDAI I will see you at Parkhotel Sonnenhof for our meet and greet after our xrp moonshot 🌜🌔🌛🚀🚀🚀
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AutorWHEwwww, Traditional Stocks and 4EX, here I come.
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AutorWould be great to see ourselves in the future as debt free and having EFO’s (Extreme Financial Options) . XRP and APL ❤️🇺🇸
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AutorIs the dog for you or your boys?
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AutorAnother great huuuggggeeeee chat, nice job buddy
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AutorWhy does it feel awkward listening to DAI read?
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Autor: Ryan Solomon
AutorFirst thing I'm buying (for symbolic purposes) is an ice creme cone with a triple scoop of Fudge Ripple ice creme from the local ice creme shop
Autor: I Bought Charlie Lee's Bags
AutorDAI check out this new app.
It uses blockchain technology and will soon be rewarding members with a cryptocurrency loyalty program.
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AutorI'll name my son RIPPLE!!! HAHAHAHA
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AutorMovie in five years time about ripple the company and XRP..🙂
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AutorMy kids are begging me a pup also ..we will be getting a dogo argentino at $50
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AutorGet that 🐕!! Now😂😂
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AutorDude! Get those kids a dog.
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AutorHopefully march 31
Autor: Jeff Ross
AutorDAI, I highly recommend that you alter your Dachsund promise, because right now is a better time in your kids' lives than even a year from now. It's something they are asking for, and you may be pissed at me for saying it, but it's better for you to respond to their wants and needs right now rather than making their requests be subject to your whim of getting the dog at the $5.00 mark. Your kids should be more important than the price of XRP. The $5.00 thing seems to me to just be an excuse for not getting the dog now. Respond to your kids. XRP is secondary. Grandpa.
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AutorYay below 30 can we get to 25 cents?
Autor: Rename Murder
AutorDoes anyone know where i can sale my XRP in Canada? Not that im looking to sale but i would like to set up an account on an exchange I can rely on when the time is right. Ive been doing research but nothing i only hear coinbase but they dont allow any tocken sales from Canada yet.
Autor: George Alvarez
AutorAnother week, more losses... When are you all going to realise that the comments below are FAKE. They are all from newly registered accounts. "DAI" doesn't care about you, he doesn't care about ripple. He only wants YouTube subscribers and his amazon add-ons to be sold. WAKE UP!
Autor: ms11uk
AutorThanks for the positive message D.A.I.
Autor: Brandon Hinkle
AutorShe is a bot 😂😂
Autor: K. S
AutorSMH, do you record your videos in your bathroom?! Get a better equality microphone setup. You sound like shit! Just sayin
Autor: Jimmy Dean
Autorif we hit 100 xrp I'll get a labberdoodle and ill call it ripples
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Autorxrp is scam
Autor: Sramnagogla sram
Autorwould also love to have a faster pc :)
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Autorbut when!!!??? 5, 10,20 years some one might not have that kind of time. i have to quit my professional dish washing position ASAP.
Autor: Vicente Willson
Autorone of my kitten is called Ripple!!
Autor: Alex Ross
AutorTweet. Robinhood , tell them we want xrp added
Autor: TheBeast

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