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AutorThats good long fight bc usually goku gets beating then transforms and ends it with like one punch
Autor: Rhandall Salazar
Autorwait is it full power ssj broly? or is it regular ssj
Autor: MoHenno
AutorAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can't wait
Autor: Stashboxx files apocalypses
Autorwhy did goku use spirit bomb on jiren and why does it affect him if he is a good guy and spirit bomb only hurts bad guys. answer, please.
Autor: ltmq
AutorBeerus is the new Piccolo.

Bra is the next goddess of destruction
Autor: The Game Philosopher
AutorWho else is watching this because they know they won’t be able to watch the actual movie?
Autor: kev 0319
Autorwhy didnt goku and vegeta recognize Broly if they both foght him before ??? story line doesn't make sense
Autor: jose garcia
Autor@ AD Me: 🤔🍃🚬 liked *take another hit during the AD 😂
Autor: xXShadow_KnightXx
Autor: Joseph Williams
AutorWhis ??
Autor: Othniel Jones
AutorBills babysitting Bra....look like he plan to raise her as god of destruction or chef...
Autor: Jowry JRC
Autorthink Cell will be a thing again?
Autor: Sacchia Vintglans
AutorI played buus fury and found some information u may wanna make a video on
Btw buus fury fits multiple things from dbz and puts it in a reasonable timeline so yes my info is cannon
Goku was supposed to use finger fusion with gohan to defeat buu
However elder kai told goku he knew something stronger than that fusion.
Its the potara.keep in mind the supreme kai didnt know about this fusion and he is a god.
The elder kai explained the reason why it wasnt brought up much.its because once u fuse your bodies stay permanently.the true reason why vegito didnt last forever is because the potara wasnt meant for
Mortals to use them.thats why zamasu stayed fused because he was a god.
Autor: Water Edits
AutorWait .... they’re fight in the Arctic and old Broly’s American theme song was 10’s ...... omg His skin is indeed cold!!!
Autor: Maurice
AutorWhy the heck was broly not in the TOP! couldn't anybody sense this guy.
Autor: That1Weeb
AutorFrieza’s second form is like 8ft tall tho😂😂😂
Autor: NoxDeadly
AutorPlease do an in-depth video of holy accepting his heritage
Autor: Lance White
Autora taller final form frieza= more power! that's why frieza changed his mind about the wish. what's the point of living for ever when you just going to keep getting beat up by goku. lol
Autor: MasterKingK
AutorBrolly Vegito vs Jiren Merged Zamasu
Autor: Berzerk Fury
AutorThe title made me want to watch this video more... Well played my friend.
Autor: Lycan III
AutorBut do they ever mention the fact that beerus tells frieza to destroy planet vegeta
AutorWatch when SSJ4 becomes cannon it’ll be the strongest form of them all
Autor: ShyboiMike
AutorI'll complain later on to have spoiled the movie myself but meehh I love me some gigantic spoilers
Autor: UnderhillAT
AutorBroly born the strongest vegeta born into royalty and strong and goku born with the most potential out of the 3
Autor: haniff mason
AutorI'm sorry, but Frieza and Bulma's wishes are stupid, well more like stupid funny. Reason #1, Frieza shouldn't care if people notice if he got taller, he's Frieza, he can kill people if they question it! Reason #2: Everyone knows that Bulma is vain including the DB characters ( annoys me to no end), so why doesn't she go for eternal beauty then? She has nothing to hide, she's not fooling anyone, she's not even close to being modest or full of humility. Priorities people.
Autor: mamc1986
AutorBroly was boring Jiren to this date In super was the best antagonist in dragon ball super . The movie was annoying with the constant cut fight / scenes.... flash scene / fights just looked like a blur . Story pretty basic recaps broly is basically Superman too damn strong gets tiring no build up just strong for no reason . The only reason art I really like was goku god form he seemed to master it which they show how goku is able to use god ki to slow or stop movement of broly . Of course broly breaks it an it kinda reminded me of jiren an hit encounter with hit putting jiren in a time capsule whatever . The film felt like a cash grab it didn’t add anything thing dbs at all . For crying out loud they became kind of friends 🤦‍♂️
Autor: mephisto1025
Autorits strange that goku didnt try to achieve Ui and thought to use fusion immediately. Would t be using UI vs maybe the strongest opponent u could wish for a great opportunity to show what really this UI could do?? Vs Jiren in the anime didnt achieve that much and was so highlighted? Some one can explain why that ?
Autor: Zeifer Almasy
AutorThis is how Broly is supposed to be. God I wish he could have been in the universe survival arc.
Autor: Chris Dotson
AutorTarble would be interesting
Autor: taraishot100

Broly gets his ass kicked throughout the movie.
I'm not even sure if he's legendary...
Autor: Ian Genuine
AutorI'm sure this movie will LOOK amazing, But hearing that freeza wants to wish for 5 more inches annoys me. Plus the dumb overplayed story plot of the villain progressively getting stronger as they fight... just cuz. Broly doing another hulk slam.... CRINGE Also the inconsistent fusion nonsense sounds like it will stupid. SSJB gogeta should technically only last 2-5 min. But then again this is DBS, any subtle form of logic and consistency the franchise ever had died with Z.
Oh well I am sure it will be some sweet eye candy but story wise i don't expect much, especially with Beerus taking the lead over Piccolo as head babysitter.... SIGH....
Autor: YEP! Called IT!
AutorSo they are taking old characters, acting like they they are new, and putting them on roids? Also, pretty sure 2nd form Frieza is a giant, and Frieza 100% grows a few inches.

I like the Idea of a UFC or Pro Wrestling style in DBZ, dream fight promotions. it just needs to make sense with the story though.
Autor: Michael Salerno
AutorWhere can i see this pls hep
Autor: Corbin Jay
AutorYea best looking movie to date movie is amazing i dont reaoly like the ending but man its marvelous
Autor: Carlos Martinez
AutorKinda sad they're making Gogeta official... Like legit part of the story, that means GT can still happen cause Vegeta learned the dance way before, in super... Also, Gogeta is gonna make Vegito look like shit XD.
Autor: Mailus Phoenix
AutorIf soul punisher is the mystic ball he use against jenemba at the end of that movie he did use it against broly it wasn’t 100% affective but it hurt.
Autor: O.Z.
AutorFrieza channeling his inner General Red.
Autor: Fer Carlo Cartagena
AutorBeerus baby sitting Bulla how the mighty have fallen.
Autor: Gray Leo
AutorAll these dumb children lol, Jiren would stomp Broly end of story.
Autor: Pound&Dollar Films
AutorBroly is now Goku's student. who would have thought XD
Autor: ThepurposeofTime
AutorBroly is the next god of destruction. Fight me.
Autor: Donnie Dorko
AutorSo If Broly keeping up with Gogeta Blue that means he stronger than Jiren and Beerus put together lol
Autor: Cool Azz Kobe
AutorNext up is either Janemba or Hirudegon because I have no idea how they are supposed to make Cooler more powerful than Jiren because Frieza got whooped by Toppo so... yeah.
Autor: Carter Steidley
AutorBut is there blood?
Autor: Luiz Eduardo
AutorTarbel was mentioned
Autor: josiah colon
Autor: Meerkaat 98
AutorGogeta fights whis?
Autor: Troll Bot
AutorWhat does it truly mean by goku finally accepting who he truly is? Would that in itself help goku tap into another level of power??
Autor: Lance White
AutorNo ultra instinct??? Wtf!!
AutorI been sayin jiren vs broly since the t.o.p
Autor: Eddie Rice Jr
AutorBroly))jiren)))beerus...sorry guys
Autor: lol lol!
AutorIf that's broly in his base Super Saiyan, just imagine how powerful he'd be in blue!!
Autor: Joseph McCain
AutorDoes this really make Cooler canon? Or even Broly canon? Its still a movie. Don't all DB movies follow the same rules of non existence? Even Battle of Gods had to be altered and forced onto episodes...
Autor: Sides How
AutorSo, does this mean that he will make the uncannon movies cannon?
Autor: Trebor Semaj
Autorsoul punisher is in the movie
Autor: Blade3006
AutorSo does this mean broly is a good guy now
Autor: digging my boi
AutorIt was red aura and yellow hair
Autor: Carlos Martinez
AutorPlease make a dragon ball super movie about cooler!!!!
Autor: Demon Samurai Hanzo
Autori think funimation or tori already said they are equally powerful.
Autor: kong xiong
AutorSpider-verse or Broly movie
Autor: Steamed Rice
AutorStardust is in the movie
Autor: kim brooks
AutorSince we are tying in movies into canon story, can we have a Bojack Movie??? Idk you can have Goku and Vegeta being gone somewhere for a while and have Gohan take care of it??? That'll be nice....
Autor: Sammy Dray
AutorGogeta vs Vegito no defusing til the fight over
Autor: Slump Slump
AutorWhy would Frieza care about his height? 😂
Autor: Kai Chen
AutorWait, wait, wait. Does Broly actually say “puny god”? If not, they missed a huge opportunity.
Autor: Carter Steidley
AutorI already watch the movie yesterday
Autor: Acee Jess
AutorMy biggest wish was granted! Broly lived
Autor: Truly Made
AutorSo what about the fight with Whis?
Autor: Chris Gentner
AutorEverything sounds legit nice plot/story good work!
Autor: Jorge Garcia
AutorDaammm can't wait for new arc...broly bs beerus???
Autor: f ISL
AutorBroly is like the hulk of dbz universe
Autor: sarah gey
AutorThere was a flash of ultra instinct as goku powered up it flashed his eyes and hair flashed grey
Autor: LaTravion Golden
AutorHears what i don't get about fusion if goku and Vegeta are on the pretty much the same level wouldn't the fusion really only be as strong as a kiaoken ×2
Autor: Michael O'Neal
AutorYou guys dont listen bRoLy=gOd

Gogeta is better tho srry to say this but
Autor: Fried Chicken
AutorI don't want spoilers. Disliked.
Don't publish spoilers. That's how easy it is.
Autor: Anonymous247n
Autorfrom what i've seen from the trailers so far SSJ Ikari looks cool
Autor: JennyLucy BooBoo
AutorCan someone tell me this new Brolys backstory?
Autor: Aaron Rubio
AutorI hate it already without watching it
Autor: will jf
AutorGogeta seriously? This is gonna suuuuuuuuck.
Autor: ??? ???
AutorBroly and Kale need to ship😎💯
Autor: Daelen Evans
AutorAlright motherfuckers . The decade old debate right now .
Like for vegito
Comment for gogeta

I like vegito better
Autor: Kaiden V
AutorBro relax it’s cool to admit gogeta is stronger an better remember vegito git has ass beat by Zamasu and zamasu isn’t on brolys level js
Autor: armani millet
AutorToriyama needs to canonize Pikkon already
Autor: Rando Numba 9
AutorWell the 5ich taller is just stupid
Autor: will jf
AutorI can't take it anymore I'll probably forget about it .
Autor: Isaac Herrera
AutorVegeta lasted a helluva lot longer against Broly than Kakarot. Also, the Starbreaker technique is in the movie.
Autor: charles gibson
Autorwonder if now we'll get a raditz redemption
Autor: Alec McInnis
AutorSo Goku says that Broly might be stronger than beerus while he was defeated by Gogeta. While gogeta is weaker than vegetto would that mean that vegetto is equally or at least slightly stronger than beerus. (?)
Autor: Alejandro Gonzalez
AutorSo you guys really dont care about the movie being spoiled!? Wow
Autor: jelaninoel
AutorBulma already looks like a young milf already.
Autor: Bqd
AutorI was reallyhoping to see the soul punisher in this movie it looked so awesome in the old movie fusion reborn and people are really hyping up the animation in this one it probably would have been amazing!
Autor: Bean Dip
AutorUI gogeta
Autor: srushti mund
AutorThe mortal stronger than a God?..... interesting I never thought it was jiren at all
Autor: Prince Allah
AutorStardust breaker and Soul punisher are the same thing. Also, they were in the movie.
Autor: Carter Steidley
AutorBecareful how you phrase stuff cause people from shithole countries will twist it and strawmen the crap out of it
Autor: Noe Diaz
AutorHow did we forget that Broly has tail !!! Goku knows what happen if you hold the tail !!!
Autor: JAY JAY
Autor “goku says broly is stronger than Beerus...” don’t forget goku thought zamasu could have been stronger than beerus Lol we can’t believe goku
Autor: Josh OnPoint
Autordid you say Gogeta fights Whis!?!!?
Autor: Fable Rolle
AutorIm so fuckimg happy they kept broly alive !!!!!
Autor: Fresh Prince
AutorThe movie sounds just as dumb as I feared it to be 😂😂😂........ oh well I was just in for the visuals anyways lol
Autor: Sammy Dray
AutorBroly + Gogeta = Brogeta.
Autor: TheFijianGuy
AutorBro how can I find how can watch it because I miss it......I've been keeping up with super dragon ball but this movie I got lost.....please guide me to a web site that I can watch this bro please
Autor: checksquilla
AutorI mean... Frieza could just revert back to his second form...
Autor: Fact Sheet
AutorPosting this now before I watch it, I really hope Broly doesn't die in this movie as I think he'd be a great addition to the main cast.
Autor: Clayton Hilliard
AutorGohan was a bust like frfr
Autor: Myron McCurry
Autorso is the movie non cannon or is gogeta becoming cannon?
Autor: sagnip the wizard
Autorstill wanna see this!
my boy broly is back and i love that he doesn't die and will get along with goku!!!
Autor: ssj2sensui
AutorOKAY GUYS. As someone who was turned off from Super early on, I have this question:
If Goku killed Broly at SSJ1 form back in the 1993 movie, and Beerus DESTROYED fully powered SSJ3 Goku like he wasn't even trying, and now with the introduction of "God Ki", and after all of Dragon Ball Super, Goku is essentially stronger than Beerus, how the fuck does Broly just start fighting with Goku at this point? Is the entire answer "that movie version of Broly was non-canon and never happened. This new Broly is the first and only canon Broly, so he was always as strong as a God Ki SSJB Goku in this canon universe?" This type of stupid shit with power levels being all over the map is what has ruined Dragon Ball for me and made me not interested anymore.
AutorNo Gohan!? Beerus babysitting. Smh.. That's crazy.
Autor: Chris Shepherd
AutorGoku leaves his son to piccolo
Vegeta leaves his daughter to beerus
Autor: Arman Vincent Romero
Autorwhy didnt goku use ultra instinct in the movie
Autor: jose garcia
Autorgeez if they are gonna bring cooler to DBS then why don't they just bring SSJ4 and Baby to DragonBall super aswell
Autor: JennyLucy BooBoo
Autorwhere the hell do u watch the movie ive been looking all over
Autor: narutosagesix1234567
AutorWhen broly gets save does he remember everything that happened or is it like he went back in time?
Autor: XDinosteel
Autor Big Bang Kamehameha?!
Autor: Joe Pavey
AutorHey, geekdom don't take this as a 100% theory, but what if every universe or some universes have a being that is stronger or rivals the god of destruction.
Autor: Malik Williams
AutorBroly wasn't in base most of the fight he harness and condense the power of the great ape, so that's new "transformation ". Vegeta did go red
Autor: LaTravion Golden
Autordamn it bro u spoiled it lol just trolling
Autor: Mike Chaves
AutorI love dragon Ball soooo freaking much and i cant wait to watch The movie 💪😍
Autor: hellsingova1988
AutorI haven't been watching your spoiler vids...just stopping by for the thumbs up dude!!
Autor: Nvi Warren
Autorthey gave broly a second chance but Radditz didnt get any. Goku's brother sohuld be brought back into cannon
Autor: LORDE 2729
Autorssj 4 wont be cannon i dont think im pretty sure i saw somewere tori didnt even like ssj4 but i was younger than couls have been mis informed
Autor: luke robinson
Autor10X BIGBANG.....
Autor: killdriver a,k
AutorHonestly best Dragon ball movie.
Autor: InSaiyanNik
AutorI think Broly's lesser forms should have been weaker, and the legendary form should have appeared earlier. Now it seemed like nothing but a desperate measure against Gogeta.
Autor: JakeVil97
AutorIts a bang kamegamehaa
AutorAm I crazy by saying, the dream Beerus had could have been Broly?
Autor: Shaun Williams
AutorOh man.. I'm so hyped! I like what im hearing about the ending, keeping Broly alive and nonhostile.
Autor: Brayan Miranda
AutorDelete your channel pls
Autor: Exxtra Gaming
AutorHow are people watching this movie I’m looking online for literally anything and can’t find it anywhere
Autor: MrLazar492
Autor*Plot twist* ...akira toriyama never knew how to draw 👀🎨!
Autor: alejandro Sosa
AutorReally? Freiza did all this for 5 cm 😂
Autor: Chris Shepherd
Autorthe star breaker is in the movie. Broly just survives it because he inst evil
Autor: Antoine Terry
AutorYeah I seen this movie and I am not convinced that Broly is more powerful than Jiren at least not according to this movie plus Jiren should be much stronger now I am sure. I think they mention Jiren to hype up Broly which makes sense but Broly just does not seem as powerful as Jiren.
Autor: John Hodge
AutorNothing mentioned cooler
Autor: PHoPp
AutorI think wy Goku accepts his Saiyan roots, and calls himself Kakarot is because of all the Saiyans he met in the past were not that inspired him like Raditz, Napa, and Vegeta were not at all that much positive personalities to think of them as a part of himself, However after meeting Broly and seeing how strong Broly is, makes Goku proud of his species and after a long time he is happy to know that he is a Saiyan and a fellow member of his species can be so strong (Broly)!
Autor: Muhammad Muneeb
Autori watch this video after i watched the movie in my country. Soul puniser attack was in the movie lol people talked shit
Autor: Leo Bruno
AutorIf goku denied his Heritage that makes him an Uncle Tom "Goku was a Uncle Tom"
Autor: rafiki rafiki
AutorI feel like i'm in the minority with this but I thought the movie seemed pretty poorly put together. The fights and some of the jokes are what got me through it. The plot, the pacing and the writing were stale and boring. I know it's called dragon ball but holy fuck! how many times are they going to use the dragonballs as a plot device. I really liked the Broly having the power of an Oozaru without having to transform retcon though.
Autor: Bishop Byakugan Don Juan
AutorGogeta start in base.
Autor: GboSaurus
AutorWhat if their are even in power?
Autor: Dan Polkinghorne
AutorWhat about turless
Autor: Mr Forma
AutorPlease change your name to "what not" please
Autor: BennyOars
AutorFelt more like a filler
Autor: Joel Familia
AutorSo Goku accepted his heritage and calls himself Kakarot. It's beginning of something thrilling 🤟
Autor: Bhupinder Singh
AutorJiren Vs Broly ? My predictions : 1 hit , someone says " it 's over " in cross arm pose. Who may be?
Autor: Zeifer Almasy
Autor5cm taller 5cm TALLER 5CM TALLER?!?!! Are you fucking kidding me that’s actually pretty funny
Autor: Darth Star Killer
AutorDespite what you insist, you really do use the word cannon a lot.
Autor: BozalBub !
AutorI have 1 question but I don't want to spoil all of the movie but does broly turn good?
Autor: odd sock
Autor"Goku brings Broly food
Then asks him to fight again"

Oh my fucking god just let's Broly become a z fighter pls
Autor: овѵіэѕ
AutorMy dream of Broly being on the team might come true😭
Autor: Von Turman
AutorGoku telling broly that he can call him kakarot goes back to the first broly movie where goku says "let's get this straight, some friends call me kakarot but I'm goku and you're not my friend", so I think its just a cool little easter egg they added when coming up for a way to make goku and broly become friends..
Autor: Jermaine Paki
AutorIt look like goku goes UI in the trailer tho..
Autor: Vince Duane
AutorHope ultimate battle plays at some point
Autor: TheDRexor
AutorSo basically Ultra Instinct Goku is stronger then Brolly?
Autor: Nhlakanipho Mkhize
AutorI want broly to be part of the "gang" and then goku and vegeta and broly would have a trio rivalry thing instead of just goku and vegeta
Autor: Jesus Christ RIP the weevster18
AutorBroly is what Cell would be like if made return. He would only get stronger and stronger because of rapid growing cell reproduction.
Autor: Cheef_rubencito661
AutorWho thinks we get 3 broly movies?
Autor: Prince Allah
AutorFights better be good.Story is Shit.
Autor: EduSanjuan777
AutorSo is Broly stronger than Gods? Like the ones weaker than Beerus? Guessing he's stronger than Jiren
Autor: BofaMahnuts
AutorThey retconned vegeto seein as one can be beaten out of vs buu saga where it was said to be a permanent fusion. If brolly is that powerful vegeto would be a fail seein as cuz play too much
Autor: Sarutobi Koga
AutorWait all this crap for growth and or 5 years younger.
Autor: Cobra 240sx
AutorI love this. This video hyped me up even more for the movie!
Autor: RengekiX
AutorSo who would be stronger SSJ 4 gogeta or SSB gogeta ? That big bang kamehameha was insane in GT
Autor: Bizarre18
AutorSo broly actually stronger than jiren or is he the strongest in universe 7 ??
Autor: Jaidyn Gentry
AutorBeerus babysitting Bulla? 😂👌
Autor: Kai Chen
AutorWow this film sounds shit.

I mean the animation is beautiful but if this summary is true than it really doesn't sound like something worth watching.
Autor: Tom Magenta
AutorGoku + Broly fusion = Groly
Autor: Lucas
AutorDont forget vegeta's younger brother
Autor: _KenjiTX1_
AutorJiren is stronger than Beerus right? So shouldn't Broly be stronger than Jiren? Or is Ultra Instinct stronger than Broly and Jiren is still a bit stronger than Ultra Instinct while still being stronger than Broly? Idk.
Autor: Kai Chen
Autoranyone comment link where i can watch this
Autor: PhantomLink
AutorYou missed a lot of stuff. She didnt feel pity for Broly but she was more upset because Broly's dad was manipulating him throughout his life and movie. I watched the fight and it is amazing and also on youtube along with the ending unless they took it down
Autor: Joel Yuhas
Autornote: these are just fan lines, not canon

Goku after the movie: Hey Broly!
Broly: Huh?
Goku: Have some of chi chis cooking, and a couple muffins hands him the food
Broly: ...Goku was it?
Goku: You can call me Kakarot.
Broly: Kakarot... thanks.
Autor: Geeky Metalhead
AutorGogeta does use soul punisher in the movie!
Autor: J Rod
AutorLooks like Goku is bending the knee to Vegeta. Also Goku getting character development....NANI?!???!?!!
Autor: James V Kalabacas
AutorI was hyped till I heard there was no Ultra instinct
Autor: Rio Mio
AutorGogeta DOES USE SOUL PUNISHER!! 💯💯💪🏽 I seen it !!!
Autor: DreAgo Halo
AutorPlot twist Broly comes back when Bulla is 18, and Vegeta’s grandchildren are OP af lol
Autor: Salim Huerta
Autorhow u see the whole movie?/
Autor: sagor Jaman
AutorThe movie was definitely eye candy but truth be told, they should've just made this a special or a 5 episode Netflix series. Through the whole movie I was just waiting for Gogeta to appear the whole time. Also, I think the plot of Broly being batshit crazy for Kakorrot was a better movie than this Broly. I hate this whole, bad guy turns good.
Autor: Tekk Luthor makes sense why frieza wants to be taller...its because he will naturally get a power increase. Think about it...Cooler is taller than frieza and he's stronger than his little brother...and king cold was taller than both of them and he's stronger than both Cooler and Frieza. At least that's what was apparently reported from multiple sources
Autor: Zack Rosado
AutorToo much talking, give us the spoilers man
Autor: Melanco
AutorWhat I Lov Of these movie is that the movie happens after the tournament of power but only from the manga version 😊💪🏻
Autor: Karma Rebirth
AutorThis movie wont be so good for my heart
Autor: LeonXUchiha
AutorGogeta still stronger... been my favorite fusion
Autor: Junior Da Billy
AutorNevermind I got the answer lol... Patience huh
Autor: Othniel Jones
AutorStop spoiling
Autor: Mervin Zavaleta
AutorI'm pirating......idc! Can't wait!
Autor: Anthony
Autorcoolers cooler
Autor: xqc m
AutorSo is broly evil or just doesn't give a shit ?
Autor: Jamael Graham
AutorI did a very thorough study of broly!! In this movie!! His base form strength is on the super sayain level!! His osaru! Form has 4 levels like super sayain levels notice his first level is when he fought vegeta! When goku called to fight him he went to level 2 so he started on level 2 fighting goku! As he was fighting goku he went to level 3 & that's when goku whent to GOD 1 form!!!! After goku slammed broly through the ice floor broly maxed out on the 4th level & goku had to go GOD blue!!! So it's safe to say that Osaru level 4 is stronger than GOD level 1 form but less stronger than GOD blue form!!
Autor: Murbury Empire
AutorYou thought bulma in the shower but its me broly (jojo reference done)
Autor: mohd nor haris
AutorWhy 5 cm taller when you can be 5 inches taller? 🤔

Why 5 years younger when you can be 25 years younger? 🤔

Autor: Cee
AutorCooler is cooler than Frieza. He must be ice cold.
Autor: The Game Philosopher
AutorHe did use soul punisher though.
Autor: Dou Jo
AutorI feel like it’s spoilt dbs imo
Autor: will jf
AutorGuys I know it probably won’t happen but what if in the English dub when Gogeta appears he says, “I am not Goku or Vegeta, I am Gogeta! It’s over Broly, I’VE COME FOR YOU” My gosh my inner child would scream.
Autor: Jacob Towery
AutorWow, I'm really going to have to get your content off my recommendation list. Nice try though, I almost played the video.
Autor: mikey schrill
AutorY'all gonna watch anything Dragonball no matter how much bullshit and cash grabs they have
Autor: school jobs

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