Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - Red Carpet Interview

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Autoromg same i totally agree with u in every way
Autor: sophm123
AutorBen is sexy, but not funny or charming... I'd go for Skandar, cuz if Ben didn't have his hair.. he wouldn't look as good as he does.
Autor: Morgan W
Autor: pulo1995
Autor6'1" for Skandar 6'0" for Will
Autor: Shekinah-Glory D. B.
Autori love skandar but i know he wont discover me so there is no use arguing about him! they are awesome and cute!
Autor: Vee Ess
Autorgo skander he is cute! and heroic!
Autor: Vee Ess
Autor: queen of narnia
Autorya know he probably knows that, too. he is trying to go for a look. skandor is cool
Autor: stndrds79
AutorWauw, You're so lucky. Sorry 'bout the bad hand trakde mark °-°
Autor: Annelies
AutorWhere's Georgie?:o And I still have to wait until July 2nd untill I can watch the film :( Boohoo :'(
Autor: Danielle K
AutorThis proves why Skandar is much more handsome than Ben and Will.
Autor: ohmygoditsronaldo
AutorNO everybody Skandar is not cute, cute is for little kids. Skandar is a almost an adult he is HOT. Got it everybody Skandar if HOTTT. lol =]
Autor: Janell Gehring
Autorskandar grew 6 1/2 inches while filming this, he had to get his armor fixed weekly. he's very cute!
Autor: thelegendofJenny
AutorI read somewhere he and his girlfriend split up
Autor: Danielle K
Autori think that's wrong 'cause william is taller than skandar i think he's 1'80 so skandar must be like 1.75 more or less
Autor: auroraa22
AutorLol, Will says "you know" all the time XD I love Ben and Skandar<3
Autor: Phanaoshot
AutorI saw it yesterday, prmiere was on 20th June in Lithuania, where I live. ;)
Autor: nadukas
Autor: lemonfreak92
AutorHarry potters shit this is the best !!!!!! :D
Autor: ali the don
Autorsorry i want to say how instead of who
Autor: auroraa22
AutorYAY!!! I thought I was all alone in my love for Skandar!! Now I'm jealous cause I want him for ME haha
Autor: Kryptonsuperfan
Autori love those guys
Autor: Nela Kręglicka
AutorI love Ben, Will and of course SKANDAR!!!
Autor: v42
Autorwell i love Ben, William and Skandar...!!! ;) they are soooooo (u know what jejeje lol)!!!!
Autor: Anne Tongo
AutorI love Skandar! He got the spotlight as the hero (:
Autor: Ang M.
AutorYour so right everyone at my school though he was 13.
Autor: Jamie Slater
AutorSKANDAR! I LOVE YOUU!!!!!!!!!!
Autor: Paola Stew.
Autorwho tall is skandar? and what about william?
Autor: auroraa22
Autor: Melissa Carmichael
AutorSkandar Gawjj xxx <3
Autor: Laura
AutorSkandaaar. [; I'm so in love. Oh god, mama help! So talented. He's got the whole package. Hot damn! Skandar forever!!
Autor: Kinss Baby
Autoraww skandar looks so cute i love him so much
Autor: Caro M
Autorskandar looked SO amazing in narnia. i want him so badd<33
Autor: saraxisxillogical
Autorit's so sad seeing liam and his wife there :( poor liam
Autor: Kristy Cho
Autor: Jamie Slater
AutorI for one think William is hot. If he doesn't have long hair (Voyage of the Dawn Treader premiere) I swoon every time I see him. Lol
Autor: Hannahskates96
AutorThomas Sangster Is HOOOTTT :) Not Skandar, eww,
Autor: donna dave
AutorTHAT IS SO MEAN! He most likely has a girl friend but he's still cute. (:
Autor: Jamie Slater
Autorwill has a fat face
Autor: lemonfreak92
Autor0MG is skandar! he is s0o hands0m but it als0 l0ck taht he is amazin6 i l0ve him he is my plat0nic l0ve the first time i l0ok him i was like wauuuu l0ve u skandar biie
Autor: jacquietf
AutorActually i like them all skander is ok. i like peter more
Autor: Vee Ess
AutorI love skandar since i saw him in ferrari!!! god my friends are like wow people change with time, they doo hehe! XP first adorable(faster faster faster faster) then cute now handsome yeah i wanna know how he is going to be in the next movie!!!
Autor: marilepoulet
Autorhow can you googel talk to him?
Autor: Laura Morris
Autor: Pau
Autori call skandar!!!!!! hes mine
Autor: Annie Lenny
Autor@Mega123justinbieber Lol Skandar Is Funny When He Is Hyper.....Love It
Autor: casper crossan
Autoractually ,i've read that skandar has 1.80 or more and william has about 1.90
Autor: lemonfreak92
Autorhe knows how to dress
Autor: stndrds79
Autorwell I live in the Netherlands, so the premiere is July 2nd.. MelStephanie is from Sweden (I saw that on her userpage) and it's the same there
Autor: Danielle K
Autoryeah here too :(
Autor: Melanie Camacho

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