Blackhawk Serpa Holster Review (For 1911)

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Autorwhat size is your kimber? will this fit the new Emp 4 by springfield armory it's a 4" 1911
Autor: Rich ashkar
AutorI wonder will this works for rock island 2011 4.3" sub compact.
Autor: tbbsrr
AutorI have one of these for my 1911 that I use for winter CCW. It is a really good holster and conceals well under a coat. If you shoot yourself using this holster, you might be a moron. Like the man said, always index your trigger finger when holstering or unholstering. Also, make sure your holster isn't one of those soft ones. This is because that material can work it's way into the trigger guard, depress the trigger and you take one in the ass. That's if you carry cocked and locked like I do.
Autor: 04Interc3ptorP71
Autorwill this scratch the finish on a 1911 badly?? I know I could go with a leather like you showed or this..
Autor: LiveFreeOrRIP
Autorfucking nerd with a gun
Autor: Eric Marquez
AutorThanks for the Vid, it helped!
Autor: hannamand
Autorjust bought mine yesterday. I love it but agree with most that it is not a concealment holster. It is a greeeaaat holster thiouggh
Autor: PonyGirl 265
Autorya boy I really like that serpa and 1911 combo. hell yeah borther.
Autor: Dr. Weird
Autorif you dont like a gun being pointed at a camera your a bitch
Autor: LD
AutorI use a serpa with my ruger commander. I'm still trying to figure out how you shoot yourself holstering a 1911 with this holster. Thumb safety on and finger out of trigger guard.
Autor: Richard Burwell
AutorThis video would have been a lot better if it was ten minutes instead of 25 with all the redundency. You keep saying the same things over and over again.
Autor: Ardie Lee
AutorAwesome pistol and holster review!
Autor: Survival Mindset
AutorThank you, brother!
Autor: sherman614
AutorDoes this serpa holster fit all 1911's? I have sig ultra nitron 3inch barrel. Just curious. I have a serpa for my glock 17 and love it.
Autor: Christopher Rodriguez
AutorLmfao... Dude, u never look down on your holster when u re-holster... Its a baaaaad habit fooey. Eyes always remain scanning field. SMH.
Autor: Chitown Jr
AutorSearch Tex Grebner. This holster and a very complete lack of talent allowed him to put a .45 hole in his leg.
Autor: ardvarkkkkk1
Autorfound one on the academy website (left handed, which i need) for 37.00 shipped. i let you know how it works out
Autor: Skidz1818
AutorCool holster. But I kept messing up on the draw during a class. So I ditched it. Other than that I like them. Went with a inside the waistband rig instead.
Autor: Behemoth of Knives
AutorGreat review. I personally don't feel like this is an unsafe holster. The accidents were caused by unsafe shooters.
Autor: Cole Hart
AutorCQC ( Close Quarters Combat) has to mean something totally differently from Concealed Carry for a normal CCP/CWP everyday citizen/civilians holder, because this rig does not offer a good concealed carry option/system. I have one of these units, it's solid and reliable, but I don't see how it can be used as an every day "Concealed Carry" system. It does not fit that 'concealed carry' mode/mold. 
One would have to work with it a bit or a lot to fit their carry means and modes to make it work for them. I personally don't find the Serpa model a viable unit to use as an every day "concealment carry" option. 
Autor: Newt Dewrock
AutorHello Sherman, Good review,  I'm strongly considering a Serpa for a 1911 commander size. My main concern is finding a belt sturdy enough to help stabilize the weight of the pistol. Do you have any recommendations as far as a belt is concerned?
Autor: Gene Williams
AutorSo is that a no?
Autor: Jose Luis
AutorI must admit I was kinda spectacle with this Serpa holster ,picked one up for the Glock 19  when i'm at the range ,or on range duty  it works ! picked one up for the 1911 also, good open carry holster
Autor: Frank Guido
AutorI have one, love it
Autor: LD N
AutorHave you done a review of your Kimber? I've seen two reviews of the holster.
Autor: Dan Martin
AutorGreat vid bud! I have the same holster
Autor: HIGHz RollAz
Autorwhat if you re holster with a cocked it any risk for the gun to fire with the holster safety? mine is a sig 226
Autor: Diego Rivera
AutorThe Shermanator.
Autor: Kyle Rainer
Autornice to see another Ga guy. lol
Autor: The NONtactiCOOL
Autorwatch the video titled: OPSGEAR® TACTICAL TIP: 5 Count Presentation From Holster. I am not affiliated with them but it is a good video to show what you're doing wrong.
AutorHey quick question, will this work with the 5" Gov't Model 1911 fit in this holster.
Autor: Claude Crump
AutorNice holsters interesting vid :) eh?, 9mm and the 45 ACP for the battle field and a 9mm with expanding ammo tips for conceal carry would be my choice, there's a lot of hard Up gangs out there !
Autor: ely1camb
Autorsubbed ya brother so sub back
AutorNice review, I think it will fit my Rock Island Compact 1911 fine. With regard to accidents, it's my belief that this word needs to be removed from the English language. There is no such thing as an accident. There are "incidents" that can always be traced back to a person making a mistake, design mistake (made by a person), lack of maintenance/care or outright disregard for good habits/training/behavior/decisions to prevent incidents from happening. Thank you.
Autor: Tingtong Mahk
AutorSo.... what you're trying to say is that I'm not well trained?
Autor: gunfighterdrummer
AutorOn amazon the description says Gov’t & Most Clones but then says (not full length) so will this fit a springfield 1911 a1?
Autor: Z
AutorThat's rough on the slide especially a stainless 1911
Autor: johnny sand toe
Autori hate when people so the safety check on camera. if you safety checked before turning the camera on then simply state that. some youtubers do. 
Autor: shepseth25
AutorNice just bought mine from palmetto for 30 bucks.
Autor: Kinkylatexlover
AutorGreat review man... thank you very much!
Autor: KindredGh0st
AutorThat happened here in Benton harbor Michigan guy grabbed an officers pistol out of his holster in the court room and killed like 5 people
Autor: shallnot beinfringed
AutorWould this fit a Government .45 1911??
Autor: Jose Luis
AutorI just want to take the time and say thanks for the extensive review. I plan on buying a used one and wanted to see what retentions it has and overall how it does, I saw this 20min vid and was like, wow that is way to long. But I am glad I made the right choice of watching this cause now i know not only that I want to buy this holster, but also how not to accidental discharge and blow my hand off LOL. Nice bit of safety advice in the vid which I always appreciate as I am still learning a lot and safety is my top priority.
Autor: Seize&Deceased
AutorYou're bowling on your draw. Your count 1,2,3,4 of the 5-count draw is screwed up. 
Hand to the chest in count 1 and full firing grip on count 1. Count 2 is straight up out of the holster. Count 3 is to the close quarter shooting position. Count 4 non-firing hand meets firing hand and count 5 press out to position. All screwed up and evident how much you need to take a shooting class rather than just watch YouTube videos.
AutorI'm not exactly sure how, but I purchased one online for a glock 17 for $24
Autor: Airsoft1Army
Autorthanks, this was really informative!
Autor: Justin
AutorNice review 
Autor: Paul Melgoza
AutorThank you for making this video. It was very helpful. I am looking for a video that shows the pros and cons with this hip holster and a thigh holster that works the same way with that button. I didn't know of any videos that show the pros and cons and how they feel when someone is using it for shooting targets? Thanks again.
Autor: Benjamin Rhodes
AutorDoes this holster scratch your gun
Autor: Alfredo Jaime
AutorNice pistol Sherman.  How is this on the finish of your Kimber?  I just got a similar looking STI Guardian and not wanting to scratch it up  too much while it is new anyway! lol Nice review.
Autor: Dean J
AutorSerpa's are nothing but tacticool junk
Autor: Wesley Ener

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