Every thing that happened to my dreads withen the first 3 months

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AutorHe sneezes , we all die
Autor: CiXco
AutorI'm at 3 months now 🤘🏽
Autor: ZayZay’s Kingdom
AutorNot ok
Autor: Caprice Music
AutorGreat video 🤗
Autor: Tisch
AutorWtf you not washing u crazy 😂
Autor: otfnuski otfnuski300
AutorYour free form locks were super dope. These locs look good too
Autor: nosirindeed
AutorI’ve been growing my locs for 8 months and mine never looked like urs
Autor: Eric Delacroix
AutorYou twisted your locs cause your mom told you too? Lol.
Autor: Darian Williams
AutorDo you still got your hair like that still ?
Autor: errick brown
AutorU ugly af
Autor: jaydin lambert
AutorMy hair dreads very similar to yours, goes fatter and buds just is this just from not maintaining the hair? Just wondering because I want mine to look a little more maintained but I still like the messy look
Autor: ApaChe
Autoryour locks look dum asf
Autor: andre golden
AutorIf you wash your hair it’ll lock up more. If you don’t wash your hair all that sweat and oil lubricate it self and will not lock
Autor: Offical Qwerk
AutorThis video long af literally
Autor: Yorri Amo
Autor: Lashawn Favors
AutorHaha 420 likes
Autor: insomniaK
AutorThe woman who maded your locks is crazy your dreads. Are fuck up
Autor: f you
AutorThen he grew up to be wit khalifa😂😂😂😂🤔🗣️
AutorYou spelled within wrong
Autor: Kvnashi
AutorTwo weeks is the most I can do with our a wash. I wash my started locs with a stocking cap to reduce unraveling
Autor: TrucketteTV MsMac
AutorHow should I wash my baby locs
Autor: matthew favors
AutorThe exact same thing happened to me.
Autor: Darko Grand
AutorGreat reason to comb out your locs🤣 I ain't mad at you. If moms ain't happy nobody is going to be happy.
Autor: Haight the Great
AutorWhen should you wash your hair at getting them done for the first time ? And how do you wash it without it unraveling?
Autor: Javon LaCour
Autor ikr 😫 I'm in love with my budding locs I'm going on to my 3rd month (Feb. 27) I'm just excited and ready for them to lock but I have to be patient
Autor: Ziggy Za
AutorNasty ass dreads
Autor: Bubba Miller
AutorPut shampoo n ur hair ( not a lot ) and do the towel method after sleep with a shower cap or sum type of Durga to tie down hair and sleep over night in the morning take off shower cap or durag and use towel method or sponge method in ur hair to let ur hair dry if still wet from shampoo after that your ready for the day and they’ll loc in that first week
Autor: Ace XB
AutorTake the L bro. Restart!!!
Autor: Jt Williams
AutorIs it my high ass or is this nigga hilarious 😭😭
Autor: Antonio Ramos
Autorhis dreads looks like splurges
Autor: ItzDeno
AutorBeen locked 4 months
Autor: DarthVaper \//\ Gaming
AutorNo no wash your hair!
AutorI’ve had locks since I was 4
Autor: llospreyll
AutorIve watched many videos on locs/twists from people who have had locs longer than you've had yours and I have to say your commentary is so much more concise and informative in your 11 min video than most of the videos I've seen combined. Good work young brotha.
Autor: Blkeclipse L
AutorIt look like it’s unraveling
Autor: GiirlHeSooNastyy!
Autorbeen having my dreads for a year now and ive been maintaining them myself
Autor: Querpx
AutorWhy are you so funny 😂😂😂😂😂
Autor: Skitah Wambui
Autorbro this is PERFECT. great job.
Autor: Jaeson-J
AutorNigga nose big asl
Autor: Babykobe 24.8
AutorGet em done by a female one time
Autor: Cody Montana
AutorBest of Luck on your loc journey, Young Brother! I've had mine for four years - which is still relatively early in the process. You're off to a magnificent start! ...And Best of Luck in school! Stay focused, study hard, and know that whatever goals you can conceive, you can achieve!

The irregular and unpredictable process of hairlocking is somewhat of a metaphor for the irregular and unpredictable progression of life. In both cases, steadfast patience is key.

Peace and Blessings! ✌🙏
Autor: Bonafide1970
AutorYo fam job jr how u duin fam
Autor: LaDarius Tezeno
AutorShould I wear a durag when I sleep? They flatten against my damn skull. I have starter locks still
Autor: LaTajOfficial
AutorMy mom didn't like them...awwwwww
Autor: Miche Y
AutorYou should get clamps for the retwist
AutorWhats the fuck up with this mans channel
Autor: Šenpaii J
AutorGood video my G
Autor: Izayah Spencer
AutorYou started 4 days before me
Autor: Vision Op
AutorThat because your not wearing a du rag
Autor: Davon Singleton
Autormines been locked for 10 months now. and palm rolling would help a lot
Autor: braden kenerly
AutorLike moreh
Autor: Baraza J Namunyu
AutorYour voice and manner of speaking are very interesting. Awesome video
Autor: MannyXj1
AutorGood video, I'm almost 4 months with starter locs. Thanks for sharing your journey
Autor: Raven
AutorDread look like turds on your head ewww
Autor: Tropic Lucas
AutorRespect on your loc journey lil bro! I'm almost 2 years in (officially on May 9, 2018) on the dread hawk journey. This video took me down memory lane for real lol. Big up yaself cuz the journey is not for the faint of heart and scalp. Biggest advice I was given, and I pass on to you, is wash with SULPHATE FREE shampoo and conditioner, and sleep in a silk or satin bonnet. That's A MAJOR KEY, especially in your first year.

Peace & prosperity to you, young King. Bless up!
Autor: Kal - El
AutorYou have good hair locs are hard when you don't have nappy hair
Autor: macmanhot100
AutorI think if a person is that eager to get their locs to lock faster, just get extensions. We see this style admire it, but don't want to put in the work or endure the process. Then you are trying crazy shit to get it to loc faster. Listening to people telling you never to wash or putting products that are not necessary. Your goal should be healthy locs and scalp, not just the superficial aspect. This is how you get head full of beautiful healthy locs.
Autor: yrs
Autora month of not washing is kinda gross
Autor: Prizies -
AutorVery nice video and I started my dread journey on the 7th too!
Autor: Shimenoy
AutorYour hair is not normal
Autor: f you
AutorYou can wash just dont use conditioner on retwist
Autor: Tropic Lucas
AutorGreat video I’m at 3 months and 1 week But I’m am still not loced I got a retwist about 2 days ago
Autor: Elijah Jackson
Autorwas i the only one dead laughing when he said 'their still noodle size'
Autor: Alexcia Rupert
AutorBro you playing the Wii shop music?
Autor: LiasVS
AutorU combed them out cause yo mom didnt liked them?
Autor: John Pappadopoulos
AutorI luv you videos!!!!😃👍
Autor: Roz Christopherson
AutorAbsolutely no beeswax on your locs young man! Please keep your location clean with a good shampoo that removes build up and condition your hair with oils like castor oil when you shampoo and the moisture will return to your hair. You don't need to put product in your hair to make it loc faster. All you need is water, oil, and patience. Best of luck to you!
Autor: Tav Yisrael
AutorUse jel
Autor: zoe813boy
AutorThat’s funny your starter locs look exactly how mine looked and we started on the same day but a year apart I just started this year
Autor: Shay Shay
Autorhell yeah man! The bumpiness of dreads feel so good to touch.
Autor: Dacksy
AutorGood video!
AutorI wouldn't have took them out for my mom . I told my mom it's stupid for a black mother to not let her black kid have locs. she eventually stopped arguing with me. now I'm 16 and I got my locs
Autor: trippie zi
AutorThat nose tho😂😂😂
Autor: Devon Malone
AutorMines are super small at the moment. Beeswax is bad for locs and washing helps loc hair faster. Good video.
Autor: Rebecca.
Autorvery helpful bro!! Thanks for that! I got a predread vid up! gonna start mines soon! I'm excited. Bless up!
Autor: cliff413413
AutorBro u speaking for ur self u started yo dreads at like fuckin 4-5 inches what you expect u don’t suppose to do that
Autor: Look at Lil dude
AutorI used rubber bands to keep them from unraveling
Autor: TonyJuicebox
Autori started mine june 14th 2017 and these last 3 months theve been past my eyes
Autor: Trevon Kobin
AutorThanks for sharing... loved your vid! Just hit my 1 month last week
Autor: LocedDoc25
AutorAt what point do you have to twist your hair? Do you even have to twist semi-free form dreads
Autor: Stoned.Sensei
AutorIt is really called the ugly faz
Autor: Empraah Davis
Autoryo nose is fuckin huge bro wtfff
AutorThick ass dreads
Autor: Pablo Escobar
AutorHow did you protect your hair at the beginning stages at night? I sleep with a beanie on is that good idea or no?
Autor: Cantmakethis ishup
AutorMama said knock you outttttttttttttttttttt!!!
Autor: Last shall B First
Autorget a retwist from a jamaican lady lmao
Autor: Dendrac
AutorBeez wax is the wrong way to gi
Autor: Arthur Halle Stadium
AutorGreat video! Thank you!
Autor: Shanese Thomas
AutorUse sea salt first leave it in till its dry, and if you shower or whatever rinse it out then shampoo. That shish will help your Locs lock up reeeeaaal quick. Try it out
Autor: YoungLG2K
AutorLmfaooo you funny as hell dude 😭😭😭😭
Autor: I Am King Draco
AutorCan you do an updated video
Autor: Keyonnia Herriott
AutorGreat video, it was very detailed with nice pictures.
Autor: Crystal Smith
AutorClean hair locs better!
Fools and the ignorant say you need to keep it dirty.
I can do a full retwist on my hair with just water and tie a scarf around to lay my edges.
You see most of mine in my pic, they have a loose wave from wear 2 braids to the back & mine are almost to my butt.
Autor: OkayyyKeisha
AutorUm really all u have to do is use sissors and cut in-between them and also do them after u wash ur hair when they wet...
Autor: MattDollars
AutorUm well yeah you hair soaks up moisture when it dry its going to dry shrunk up...but if u wash it put jell in it when its wet and it will stay long or u can use a lot of cotton scrunchies for 1 dollar when u was your locks so u can do them over
Autor: MattDollars
AutorI did my own locks a couple years ago, and it was not like this.
Autor: KJ Stiemke
AutorMy hair never unraveled ? I washed after a month and had a retwist at 2 months . My stylist doesn’t have locs but is very good u don’t have to have locs to do locs good
Autor: Tee B.
AutorFor people with dreads what type of hair products do you use and what do you all wash and shampoo your dreads with I need to redo my Dreads and need to wash them but I hate my hair has growing dandruff I don't know how I can get rid of my dandruff problem
Autor: Breanna Richardson
Autorpeople who put beeswax in clients hair should be sued.
Autor: PoloBoyPrince
Autornigga ur dreads ugly asf
Autor: deisaac botley
AutorI have hand to hair syndrome too
Autor: Joseph Hadrick
Autoryo shit fucked up
Autor: w
Autor“At first they looked like noodles now they look like sausages” lol mine still look like noodles 😪
Autor: Mythriftedcloset
AutorHow did u start your freeform locks bro
Autor: David Jackson
AutorMan I’m staring my loc journey & this video is great brah 😂
Autor: Keystaxx TV
AutorHow long was your hair combed out before you got them twisted
Autor: Junior Da Billy
AutorFree form locks are very good. I had them for 3 years and they were good. No maintenance no special stuff they just grow and twist them then I cut them off and started the special case locks. They are tedious,you have to shampoo, do this, do that. They are a piece of work
Autor: Henry Joe Venosa
AutorIt,s some bullshit when ppl that don't have locs start locs on other ppl then tell u not to wash yr hair an put bees wax in yr hair
............ ANYHOOO....... LOL
DON,T use any more bees wax
Jus some peppermint oil or rosemary oil to encourage gd healthy hair growth an DON,T retwist often Maybe every 4-6 wks to reduce breakage If yr gonna style it up ltr on when they,re more mature do a protein treatment maybe every 2mnths an everything u wash yr hair use a gd conditioner with protein in it
Happy Healthy Hair Journey
Autor: Johannah Gayle
AutorNext time wear a durag
Autor"Boy was i mistaken" lmao
Autor: Jahmel The Martian
AutorYea man my mom didn't like my freeforms either so I had to cut and start over, I sometimes hate these neat locs be cause its so much work and effort. But what did you use to melt your beeswax because I'm thinking about retwisting myself
Autor: dirty socks
AutorGreat video! I love how detailed you are and you gave some great advice! Lovely locs!
Autor: Empress D of 6footlonghair
AutorMine is the 8th of each month 😊
Autor: Brit Brat
AutorYou spoke well and very clearly. Happy i stumbled upon your video. Good job.
Autor: Auri B
AutorYou can Palm roll to keep the form
Autor: elusive prodigy
AutorAt iit look very nice in there
Autor: f you
Autoryou combed them out because your mum doesnt like them .... lol .... how old are you?
Autor: Karim Xyz
AutorIt’s been 5 months and mine are still coils
Autor: XXxkylebirchxXX
AutorBeeswax in locs is a huge no no. Glad you dropped that lady.
Autor: Trinigirl
AutorTwo STRAND for thicker locs...
Autor: Tyrone norfleet Norfleet
AutorSo dope, I love how you're doing your thang. Let the right congo happen.
I'm white and my hairs texture is different, but I'm locked up almost 2 years now.
We're almost at the same point, except the obvious differences.
Good advice, dig your progress!
Autor: Seth Nicholls
AutorDready Kruger
Autor: Last shall B First
Autorduuuuude ur nose BIG
Autor: Pynnical
Autor: 1000 subs without any videos
AutorGood video bro. Very informative and well made. Definitely subscribing
Autor: Damon Owens
AutorIf you keep doing what you doing they gonna keep expanding till you retwist it but if you rubber band the roots and leave em in it'll hold
Autor: PvCMAN forever
AutorBro go back to the shop
Autor: ss_godking
AutorCongo man no give up. - Bob Marley
Autor: Paris West
AutorAyyye September 13! My birthday🤙🏾🔥🔥
Autor: Mr. Ditkovich
AutorIf you would have somebody else do it (that knows what they was doing) and not yourself they would have never been that fat. They would expand but not that quick and not that much
Autor: Henry Scott
Autorhair was texturized or permed
Autor: master t
AutorI got mine June 15, 2018
Autor: Tv Account
Autorwhy niggas gotta talk like they retaarded?? or dumb?
Autor: massive koala
Autortay kay yo lil brudda?
Autor: TweekOutt
AutorGood video... But just because simeone doesn't have locs... Doesn't mean they don't km now how to loc hair.... That's crazy
Autor: Al Bu
AutorThank you so much for this video. I started in January 2018 and I thought my locs Weren't growing or locking. Your video was very informative!! I just need to be patient.
Autor: Jinx La'rue
Autorngl those shit were real ugly . (my opinion)
Autor: Jason Akpabio
AutorNumber one rule if a lady try to use bee wax it’s time to go because that messed up your hair
Autor: lildretheraper
AutorYour locs are coming along nicely. My Rasta friends use aloe vera leaf. They just wash, separate the locs, put the aloe and some light oil like grapeseed or jojoba. Years ago, I had beeswax dreads that were gross. I want to get locs again, but with my friends' method.
Autor: Caryn D Prescott
AutorYour free forms looked awesome and the locs you have now look cool too
Autor: Sully Sullivan
AutorYou did such a great job on your video. It was very informative. And mine look like every pic you shared except the free form. Great job!
Autor: Dominique Addison-Iboyi
AutorJuly 7 my bday
Autor: Duke Jackson
AutorI just started my locks yesterday
Autor: Detroit baby
AutorWhat is a congo
Autor: Joshua Garcia
AutorNOOOO!!!! Not the beeswax!! Lol Great job that you ran away from that.
Autor: Gajeel Session
AutorYo shut fucked up
Autor: Darius Norton
AutorNice locs!!
Autor: Lauren Maxwell
AutorWhatchu look like now though?
Autor: sike yeet
Autorjust fyi
Autor: nano John
AutorIf the person that's doing your locs tells you not to wash your hair for 3 months, hell if they even say 1 month RUN. They have no clue what their doing
Autor: Badguyred
AutorI made it 840 likes 420x2. i have baby locks 1 week in. I think i am going to train my hair to stay back.
Autor: Wednezdai Akui
Autordirty af
Autor: 7 TeK
AutorGreat vid bro, new sub, I'm 9 months in and just got a retwist today, I get em retwisted every 3 months (washes in between) and they get longer everytime I love seeing my growth.
Autor: Young Davis 90
AutorYou’re extremely uneducated about locks bro.
Autor: Kirk H
AutorYour dreads are very ugly
Autor: Gilles Marie
Autorshe put bees wax in ur locs and told u dont wash ur hair she needs to be slapped wth
Autor: SheLoves Prettyboii
AutorGood video 🤩
Autor: Danay Benjamin
Autor: Blessing Ashanti
AutorGREAT info! You covered almost everything anyone needs to know about Locs. Glad you said bees wax is bad and shampooing is good
Autor: Lolli Locs
Autor: Lil Moreh
AutorI had locs for 8 years before I combed them out..reloced my hair about a month ago...when I first started I didn't wash my hair until my hair budded...I just left my hair alone and it did it's on thing. When it budded then I washed and retwisted it...I used loc gel and that was the 8th year my locs was waist long..good luck on the loc journey 👌😊
Autor: Goddess D
Autorsorry but your mom doesn't know shit about her culture!
Autor: djef ardeur
AutorGreat video.
Autor: jay brown
Autor: CIC Beauty TV
AutorYour not supposed to use beeswax for dreads
Autor: King Smith 2020

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