Can You Guess The Food By The Emoji? | Guess Emoji Challenge | Emoji Puzzles!

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AutorHow do you have 4.5m subs but only 430 views?
Autor: Safwan Syed
AutorLove the video it is so smooth and looks very good, like it belongs to a channel with at least 500k subs
Autor: Guizoc
AutorI hope you can follow your dreams
Autor: Cindy Garcia
AutorFirst I'm a big fan
Autor: Laura Gonzalez
AutorFor the popcorn one I said grenade
Autor: aiden guill
AutorLove your intro
Autor: BRAYDEN gaming
AutorDude, why don't you just show your subscriber count? I don't seem to understand why you need to hide them. Even if it's only a few, we all start somewhere.
Autor: The Empty One
AutorNice vid
Autor: DarknessYT
Autorhow much subs do you have
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AutorI'll be here when u super famous
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AutorFor the popcorn one I said grenade
Autor: aiden guill
AutorI didn't know the banana split.

Now I feel dumb...
Autor: LightChips
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AutorYOUR VIDEO LOOKS AWESOME!! what source do you use?
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AutorWait, for the video “9 Logic Riddles Will Make You A Smart Thinker” isn’t your video? Are you working with him or something?

Edit: not trying to be rude. I subbed btw
Autor: Don't Reset
AutorIt doesn’t say how much subs u have but you should have more 😂
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Autor17 out of 20
Autor: Yuliana Moreno
Autorwhat did you use to make this video?
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AutorLove the vid I can tell you worked hard in this I subbed
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AutorEvery single person can guess this.
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and its really nice.keep up the good work.(I subbed)
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AutorSimple yet fun, I like it!

On #9 I had to take a moment to realize that cheese cake is a thing
Autor: Matthew A. Creations
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AutorI came from your comment on dantdm vid reaction to YouTube poop
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Autorsub bot
Autor: Mrmr animation Hobo
AutorI only got 2 of them wrong and no pausing was invlolved!!!
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AutorI came for Dantdm
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Subscriber Bots 🙃🙃
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AutorI recommend you show the count of your subscriber please
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