Raising Can-Do Kids with Richard Rende, PhD

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AutorThis was a good interview.
Autor: athomemom85
AutorI don't believe in overparenting and cramming up kids' schedules with activities. Children should themselves pick one or two activities that they are really good at and parents should encourage children to build up these talents. Children should understand that to stay successful at these activities, they have to constantly improve their skills and then turn this activity into either a professional career or a rewarding hobby.
Participation trophies disrupt this competitive thinking. There is nothing wrong about giving children some sort of memorabilia for their participation like a badge, certificate or some clothing item, but trophies are for winners only.
Autor: WWX News
AutorI think Kruiser got someone pregnant
Autor: Earl Grey Hot
AutorVery interesting. More interviews like this please PJTV!
Autor: lapamful
AutorI hope there will be an audio book!
Autor: Logic Bob
AutorI have noticed from experience that most people, and i really mean most that i come in contact with are unable to think for themselves. People are great at repeating what someone told them, but not being the person to come up with the thing which everyone repeats.
A lot of the problem has to do with not being smart enough to go full blast with only the material the kid wants to learn rather than teaching them useless CRAP that they will forget after test anyways. If learning is a challenge and stressful, that is not the road that person ought to be going down in general. By forcing a person down that road we waste TIME, resources, and natural talent. That persons motivation goes to poop as well.
Everything about school is overly structured which trains people to be robots, not free thinkers. The entire education system is absolute trash and I will not be having kids mainly because of it. Another problem with the public school system is they feel it their need to indoctrinate the kids into thinking as they do, which is mostly liberal. This brain washing needs to stop.
Autor: Joshua Hults
Autorsmile Richard...
Autor: warmfuzzydeath
Autormy 10 year old is carrying a 40 lb backpack full of text books to and from school - Last year he had 2 hours of homework every night. Common core is absurd.
Autor: Carolyn Nigro
AutorI had great social skills as a kid, but then I got around some mean people that started bullying me just for being me. It caused me to develop social anxieties. I was very quiet in high school and didn't start opening back up till I got into my 20s and especially my 30s. I always did well with people I knew, but I became fearful of people I didn't know socially. I feared rejection from people if I tried and talk to them because some people started doing that to me. They would either ignore me or say something rude and demeaning. I look back and find it pathetic that I let those people do that to me and realize they were the one with the problem. Now I know who to talk to and who to avoid. When I come across a "mean" person I make them feel like an idiot and don't let them bother me. So my advice is teach your kids that there are hateful people in the world that will try and bring them down. Teach them to stand up for themselves and not let other bother them and bring them down. Also teach them that not everyone was raised like they were and will not see the world the same way.
Autor: billybassman21
Autorgiving grade school children homework is ridicules. No kid should have any homework until the 7th grade. They're giving kindergarten kids homework for God's sake. Let them go out and play and enjoy their childhood.
Autor: Miatacrosser
AutorKids must feel that you love and accept them. Spend at least one quality hour a day doing something with each individual kid. Hug them everyday. Give kids small challenges, ones that they have to work to achieve but that are achievable. This grows their self esteem. Give kids privileges not "things" . Get kids into Scouting - it's fun, sociable and achieving. Debate with your kids on topics small and large - it teaches respect, conversation, and critical thinking. Limit time on TV and computer. Set up a fun physical exercise expectation that is appropriate for age and interests. Make them move. Get them out of bed early and send them to bed late - they won't need any ADDS"calm down" type medication. Set high standards in good morals that kids can watch you emulate - the parent has to walk the talk.
Autor: Tooshie G
AutorRichard is not a reward kind of person. Well, then... don't get paid for your work. Give back your PhD, because guess what, that is a reward. Don't you just want to Gibbs smack some people in the back of the head.
Autor: Jon Lanier

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