Olly Robbins: government plans to scupper Article 50

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AutorFrom his WIKI......"At Oxford, Robbins was president of the Oxford Reform Club, a group promoting a federal European Union." Nothing else more needs saying with the exception of TRAITOR.
Autor: Paul King
AutorGet the pitchforks ready comrades!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Autor: JOEY 1882
AutorI have nothing but disgust for both the Tories AND Labour.Will never vote for either of them EVER again !
Autor: First Edition
AutorYoutube are up to its dirty old tricks yet again. They are so bias that they make the Tories look like angels.
Autor: Robert Marsh
Autor: David King
AutorTo say these REMAINERS are snakes would be a gross insult to our serpentine animal friends. If it all makes me so bloody angry (which it does), there are many others who, like me, will feel the same.
However, I imagine that it won’t be 17.4million fuming people out there. A lot of previous remainers - I hear - are similarly so fed up of the way the EU hierarchical arseholes are acting that the backlash to any eleventh-hour underhandedness will be phenomenally greater than 17.4m...!
Autor: Daniele Iannarelli
AutorOily is a traitor. He devised Chequers with the EU with the full authority of May.
They still think we don't get it - Chequers is Remaining. We didn't vote for a deal with the EU, we want WTO.
Autor: Red Barchetta
AutorIt is either full Brexit (not just in name) or revolution. And then I am being lenient, because even with Brexit there is so much to fix I wouldn't know where to start. The alternative you ask? Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, you have your pick!
Autor: Walhalla Dome
Autor: vjab1108
AutorIt's the application of fuzzy logic in the realm of the binary choice: in or out, stay or leave, up or down which these 'expert' cronies have somehow morphed into INSIDEOUT.

Meanwhile, the rest of the country is looking into this garbage-in-garbage-out bottleneck from the outside in, with increasing levels of incredulity and impatience.
Autor: Snoort Pod
AutorThe Terrible Truth About "Ireland 2040" (YT)
Autor: alex jervis
AutorOh treason infamy all the elites have it infamy if only we had magna carts 1215 or something similar 😋
Autor: Andrew Taylor
Autorwe are being conned. the govt and civil servants are 5th column marxists and communists.
Autor: Tailend Charlie
AutorAPOLOGIES, everyone!
I inadvertently wrote "leavers" in my comment earlier on today.
Only just noticed!
I meant it's the 'remainers' I'm pissed off and angry at!
Have fixed it now.
Autor: Daniele Iannarelli
AutorCadburys have taken the Easter out of thier eggs. Time for it a boycott.
Autor: tag
AutorOllie loose lips
Autor: tin soldier
AutorWho is this Robins to tell the people what to do !
Autor: patrick rose
AutorOlly robins piss right off
Autor: Jenny Murphy
AutorThey will be extending talks Ad infinitum.....
AutorWho voted for Olly Robbins. Who gave this tosser the right to tell the British people what should or should not happen.
Autor: Robert Marsh
Autorrobbins want,s shootin, take him off the job, a remain un-civil servant talkin. brexit with a remain EU what could possibly go right, MAY needs to remove him immediately and replace him with a brexit minister doing the job, and not just a figurehead like ,DAVIS and, RABB OBVIOSLY WERE
Autor: paul riley
Autorfe fi fo fum, i smell the blood of the tory scum....:) ?
Autor: good shooting tex
Autorlook everyone...Its the Burkian principle!! Burke..a coffee house friend of Dr Johnson and Samuel Pepys was a theorist as well as an MP.
He stated that it was a duty of MPs NOT always to follow what constituents wanted (as decided by the civil war 1642) because they were pheasants and as such didnt know what was good for the country.
So...MPs have this get out clause in their heads .." we are doing this to not financially harm the people" or words to that effect on ever BBC prog.!!!!
Ive heard Burke mentioned once in 3 years.
Autor: keefie80
AutorI have said it many times over the last NOT VOTE ANY OF THESE TRAITORS back into Parliament.
It is time teach them a lesson,this country belongs to the people not these wan*** MP’s or civil servants.
VOTE UKIP. Also keep away from Farage’s so called Brexit party it’s a con to take votes away from UKIP.
Autor: Sempereadem54 Eadem
AutorDid he not sign an official secrets act ???? treason
Autor: idaslpdhr
Autor'Might is Right' is what they want !!
Autor: woden20
AutorMay must go!
Autor: Hanora Brennan
AutorRobbins should be fired for what he's done...too much influence on governments...he's only civil servant
Autor: Roy Rj
AutorIt seems that they are still making shit up on the fly. We should have had a plan that we rigidly stuck to, a long long time a go. Even if it was a bad one. All this effing around at the last minute just shows how incompetent our leaders are.
Autor: anon for good
AutorOlly's got to go!
Autor: paul dunlop
AutorMay is a bigger liar than Bullshit Blair
Autor: Wilf Jones
AutorOh hooray, a channel that isn’t MSM with comments disabled
Autor: Kiljoy
AutorOn another subject than BREXIT: Have you heard( and I believe you would have as worldly as you are) about George Soros being arresred in Switzerland held for extradition to the USA and former US Presidends George W. Bush being at Gitmo for Treason and murder in connection with the IRAQ war and 9/11 World Trade Bombings and BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA held for Treason. These are supposed to be facts.
Are they? And your comment? Please and thank you!
AutorThis is simply to drag it out as long as possible until the UK populace gets so fed up they can then do what ever they want. This is all a setup.... Lets get down to the Brass tacks of the matter...
If they really wanted to leave, they would revoke the European Communities Act 1972 and leave. Basically they would do what Gerard Batten has been suggesting for ages.

The whole establishment are in collusion to 'stay' Vote or no vote.
Autor: Blah
AutorOily Olly..
Autor: yod bod
AutorThere's the politicians, the civil servants, and the consultants. Any data on the consultants?
Autor: ICouldBeWrong ICouldBeRight
AutorThat will result in a constitutional crisis where democracy needs to be restored. It will make the yellow vest protests in France look like a jolly street party. We are leaving the EU in 43 days time, or all hell will be unleashed. We have the legal right to rebel against a tyrannical government.
Autor: Val Brooker
AutorCareer politicians and civil servants are cancer.
Autor: Bo Pick
AutorJust as well his name ain't Golly Robbins. This vid would be banned.
Autor: Strong Aingel
AutorMay's lap dog has he no shame as a man ,......
Autor: somjuen pinsagurn
AutorWe all await that moment! That day we voted for. To become that glorious day and that day won't come untill we cleans our Democracy's of those against "Our" Democracy's. Because all of the Parties are a party to Democracy's demise.

While their propaganda puppet media. Spout what's fed (Federal) into their earpiece. Puppet Prophets of the new world religion. Death and destruction if you don't believe them. With dogma biting politically correct at our heals. Barking "You Must Accept" our New World Order but I don't accept and I don't agree! and more so "I did not for that! Did you?

I voted for that "Glorious Day"!
Autor: S Cook
AutorOily olly piss off you jerk 😁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧❤️
Autor: Lyndy1
AutorWe don't want either option . Just piss off .
Autor: Wilf Jones
AutorSad losers trying to scupper Brexit.
Autor: Geordie 103
AutorHow can a loose lipped thick Bastard rise to become a top Civil Servant. A brain cell lacking traitor prepared to be subservient to a foreign power . Or was it a big wedge from Soros ? Hang them all
Autor: Wilf Jones
AutorMake sure you report anti democratic behaviour and a non elected person actually having shadow control of the country to anti corruption and democratic ratings organisations. The UK should start to fall down the ratings. I wonder if that corrupt traitor has been told he will get a position in the European group yet. The secretive body that actually runs Europe an of which only a few figures are even known.
Autor: Dominic Fastbender
AutorI'm leaving the EU on March 29th. The government can do whatever it wants.
Autor: David Lowe
AutorI don't trust May, if she were to stand by her word and agree to leave on the 29th March, it would be the very first time she'd done anything she'd said she'd do, and as such it's "VERY" unlikely
Autor: john stroud
AutorWe need to mobilize every Brexiteer in the country into joining either UKIP or For Britain and get rid of the TRAITORS in Parliament once and for all. NO ONE should be allowed to enter politics unless they have a PROVEN track record in a successful business. University to politics should be stopped. They have NO real world experience and as a result we end up with the DRONES that currently invest parliament.
Autor: Punch McDuff
Autor2.5 years of talking and they need more time ? .. just imagine if these clowns had to have real jobs, they would have all been sacked by now. Leave on WTO and sack the lot of them as they have proven themselves incompetent.
Autor: Going Postal
AutorPersonal message for “Politico”...
I just can’t believe how similar you are to my medical doctor friend George in Montreal (of Ukranian background).
You’re so alike, you could be twins!
Autor: Daniele Iannarelli
AutorHow can we combat these treacherous bastards, Robbins and May ? Where's the challenge from brexit mps ? Why is it being such an uphill battle for right and justice ? What is wrong with parliament that they won't be honest and deliver the people's choice? Remainers they mostly are, but their elected job is to implement the will of the people, not their own agenda !!! How can democracy be so flouted, and by our own politicians? HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?! Where has honesty gone? We can't be relentlessly cheated !! Vote UKIP and Gerard Batten,to drain the swamp of parliament !!!!!
Autor: Rabbit
AutorAnd by the way.....Olly, May and Hammond.....All Oxford grads, I believe?
Autor: enigma1952
AutorSteve Baker already told us it was a complete scam from the beginning
Autor: A Freeman
AutorThey have all shown Thier true colours to.the very people who trusted them.the we just want to drain the swamp.olly Robbins was a stooge guy that night he wanted it overheard to see how the public land lies.
Well olly as far as these two toxic parties are concerned expect heavy losses at the next election as the British public doesn't want you all anymore.BETRAYERS.
Autor: sue pawly
Autor: malt loaf
AutorNice hair cut Politico 😎
Autor: Eye Ball
AutorWho's running this country oiley robins or maybe WTO UKIP FREEDOM
Autor: Alan Graves
Autor: Poppa Bear
Autorsnake scum low life idiot get him back in his box the muppet
Autor: predator videos
AutorSince the chequers proposal debacle in the summer, it was clear the greatest betrayal was underway to stop our departure from the European Union.
This is why we had a ramp up of more project fear over the summer.
Cabinet ministers resigned because they were not prepared to sell lies to the Electorate.
17.4 million people the majority who voted overwhelmingly to leave the European Union are rightly frustrated and angry with anti democratic MPs seeking to thwart, delay, obstruct and finally stop brexit.
Theresa May along with whitehall and the treasury are rotten to the core.
They're wilfully ignoring the democratic decision of the majority.
This government will have to suffer the consequences of dismantling our precious democracy.
Autor: Teresa Harrison
AutorWhere in article 50 does it say extensions. I was under the impression that when art 50 is triggered you had 2 years to go. Plus Macmoron if France wants the delay of Brexit to go on indefiantly.
Autor: Chele/Shell
AutorOllie a plant he wanted it to be overheard...
Autor: Chris McCartney
AutorEnough said.....We, that have voted to leave the EU should not take this crap......When we voted to leave there were no caveats about 'negotiations' being completed, just in or out, at the ballot box.
I am fully aware that we, the British nation, we're lied to and misinformed by both sides of the argument and it has resulted as a sword of division throughout the the UK.
The treacherous and narcissistical shite, who was our prime minister of the time should be brought before an independent enquiry and made to explain his actions. As a responsible prime minister he should have made all conditions known..e.g. Article 50 and his government should have given a full and concise explanation of the complexity of withdrawal from the EU. ..but no!..He lost and then bailed. I also believe that all of the mainstream politicians that were involved in promoting their argument and providing the electorate with information should be subject to an enquiry, as it appears that they all fell short of the mark and we were asked to vote based on lies and disinformation.
As for myself , as from 29th March 2019.....I am a UK citizen only and in no way tied to the EU. If my government fail to implement the withdrawal, on this date, my social contract with them will end and I will take the appropriate course of action to question the power of parliament at that time. I suggest that others do the same
Autor: enigma1952
AutorReally liking your Brexit videos thanks
Autor: Winston Smiths Taxi
AutorIts quite obvious that we aren't leaving on the said date, unknown forces wont allow this to happen, who knows wher this predetermined panto will go next ?
Autor: dazzerstar
AutorI didn't think that I could get any more disgusted with the government, the opposition and MPs in general - but every day they're just a gift that keeps on giving !
Autor: Jayne Lamb
AutorProbably personally jelked by Soros or one of his sordid minnions. This whole process has been a disaster from day 1.
Autor: Mr Kipling
AutorThey have had 2 years and have achieved NOTHING!
My 2d worth!
Traitor, Remainer, Sharia loving May, ("Islam is a religion of peace".) took 9 months to get to the starting line (Art.50.) which cost us an EXTRA £6 Billions in sub's.
That she is surprised at the reaction to her Dog's Dinner deal, should not be unexpected.
Her stint in the Home Office allowed her to push the Mass Immigration scheme, as required by those on the top floor!
All Britain has to do is to REPEAL the Legislation that got us into this mess and the MARKET will make the DEALS!
IRELAND is a Gordian knot ..... and so requires an Alexandrian solution:
1. EIRE must leave the EU.
2. N. IRELAND must be united with the South. (Long Overdue!)
Any British subject not wishing to remain, must be bought out, with generous and prompt compensation for property and all the costs incurred in moving to wherever they wish to go.
This action must be funded from the ridiculous Overseas Aid Budget!
Bad, Old England, is not your enemy: Your enemy is within, a 5th Column of those who are determined to destroy Your Cultural Heritage, everything that makes You IRISH, with floods of Incompatible, Parasitic, Mass Immigration!
MP's who do not support the Leave Vote, are truly despicable!
Autor: alex jervis
AutorUK needs to show bulldog spirit on Brexit | Peta Credlin
Autor: Mark Sykes
AutorSomeone please resurrect Guy Fawkes.
Autor: james lynch
AutorUN/EU next phase = The Global Parliament of Mayors - The abolition of the electorate for the UN Corporation One World Fascist Govt. - RESEARCH > The Global Parliament of Mayors
Autor: Mark Sykes
AutorGovernment comes and goes the people in the back of the photos stay the same.
Autor: Matt x69x
AutorIt’s all cunt-rived
Autor: Marcus Payne
AutorUnguarded comments in a pub my arse! This was deliberate fake news by Treason May's handler.
Autor: Brian Masters
AutorIt's OK. Theresa May was speaking earlier and told us not to listen to bar room gossip.
All better now?
Autor: OurGovernmentsAreBetrayingUs
AutorThese safe thickos do not realise how much it will kick off 😡😡😡😡
Autor: Steve Mercer
AutorOllie Robbins salary is £110,000 pounds a year plus perks...paid for by YOU!
Autor: Fastnail
AutorToday's news isn't good though for you poor misguided Brexiteers. It looks like it's swinging back in favour of calling off the whole failed miserable exercise in incompetence, lies, lack of a plan, poor economic analysis, inferior negotiating abilities, a generally mediocre government, headed by a third rate PM. Never mind ... suggest you form your own Brexit party and come back in 10 years.
Autor: I am Silverfox
AutorJeremy Corbyn branded EU a "Military Frankenstein" and trashed second Irish referendum in footage unearthed from 2009 rally against the Lisbon Treaty.
Autor: Mark Sykes
AutorNot doing the job hired to do. Our instruction was get us out. This is not happening. Summary dismissal.
Autor: RamsFan
AutorBit loose lipped by Olli Robbins or did he conveniently drop the conversation out because he knew that a reporter was in close proximity. Now treason mays planned delay of our brexit day is now in the public domain. The treasonous government needs to be removed from power.
Autor: Mandy Moseley
AutorIt might actually be a good thing if the government back out of leaving the EU (stick with me); because this will end the reign of the Labour and Tory parties, in particular the Torys due to fact that have undermined the democratic process. This betrayal will lead to anti EU government such as UKIP or For Britain. They might even end the bizarre political correctness which is blighting the country at the moment.
Autor: End of Chat
AutorHow much more of this skulduggery do we have to endure. The vote to leave WON. So leave will must on 29th March 2019.
The vote wasn’t to leave with a deal to keep us in, in part but to leave. That means leave with a NO DEAL. Then we are free to negotiate with whoever wants to do business with us. The politicians are a disgrace to democracy.
Autor: Heads Up
AutorParliament, You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.........we must be cautious!
Autor: Barry Hughes
AutorTroika =The IMF, The ECB, The EU Commission - designed to destroy the public/health services of the EU for a bargain basement sale to the Corporate Privatisation Profiteers. Seems to be working well.
Autor: Mark Sykes
AutorOlly Robbins, unelected civil servant having more say than the whole population of the UK. Sounds very familiar. Is he an EU puppet (muppet) ???
Autor: Derek C
AutorNot true. I do hope you Brits, get out.
Autor: Ron Vrooman

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