Mystery Intergalactic Radio Bursts Detected

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AutorAlso for your consideration, we do not know and cannot rule out if these energy outbursts have been there forever. These may occur regularly in a timespan of billions, millions, or thousands of years. Only now that we CAN measure them, we DO measure them. Most likely is that these weird energy outbursts occured for billions of years, and now we can detect and study them.
Autor: kurtilein3
Autorthe parachute and the plane and many other things. Da Vinci knew it was possible to make them work but he could never do it because the physics was just not known yet. same thing with us and Einstein. we are only limited by what we understand Einstein changed science for his time and opened up new possibilities which may one day lead to someone discovering something that would prove Einstein wrong.
Autor: morning morality
AutorYou're allowed to dream, but don't make naive assumptions like alien females being sexy. While it's certainly possible, it's not necessarily likely to be true.
Autor: Wilder
AutorPlease ET take me away from this garbage species!!!!!!
Autor: Pc game downloads
Autorgoogle seti seth shostak on how when and where we will meet aliens. this popsci article say that we might find alien life within 20 years.
Autor: Topsoil Depletion Awareness (closing the loop)
Autor1st of all who says we have to go to billions of stars to find life today the chances for alien life is even greater a few years ago. take us for example. we live in the Sol or solar system. and today it is believed there could be life in several places here. Earth Mars Europa Titan and another moon or so are all candidates for life. Mars is likely a dead planet meaning all life could have died out but with recent studies it has been proven Mars at one point in history
Autor: morning morality
AutorYeah, this doesn't sound anything like some kind of transmission. Gamma ray bursts sounds dead on, in which case I don't know how this is a "Mystery Radio Burst" but whatever.
Autor: TheGreatYukon
AutorAstronomy news from David Pakman. Cool. But these bursts were likely from Either "Hyper Novas or perhaps something as strange as Colliding Neutron Stars.
Autor: Patrick Festa
AutorYes and if there are other species more evolved and with superior intelligence. They would have it written in law not to have anything to do with a species like our own. It would end badly no matter the involvement they had with us.
Autor: blackelk7373
AutorYou realize things like youtube and wikipedia aren't evidence, right? There is 'proof' that shapeshifting aliens from zeta reticuli have infiltrated the worlds governments... right here on youtube. Evidence is accredited, youtube videos are uploaded by anyone who wants to and truth is not a requirement. When you can cite a legitimate source that proves a proton is anything other than a particle then let me know and I'll inform the dictionary so they can change the definition.
Autor: Polydynamix
AutorYou mean you think there may the chance that somewhere in the vast, vast endless universe there may be some other life form other than us?! Shocking!
Autor: garylibra
Autorlegitimate concern, but they could be so advance that they wouldn't even be afraid of any of our weaponary. they could have things that shut down our weaponry, or only make appearances in high security places. also i think it could bring humans together like never before. think about it, racist woud be like you know that guy with darker skin to me is not to bad, i mean look at that guy with 4 arms and scales. of course they could look very similar to us im just giving an example.
Autor: yoboyrob201
AutorIt could be another race of humans. It's not likely but it is definitely possible. Who knows! Or it could be morbidly depressing and we could be the only ones in this dimension.... :(
Autor: Wally Graham
AutorZordon! Is that you!?
Autor: montez1031
AutorA species who uses nuclear fission as a weapon against its own species, on the same planet. Is nuts. But hey, that's us.
Autor: Rex Splode
AutorThat would destroy everything we know about physics... if something could travel faster than light then Einstein's theory would be wrong
Autor: Jaynohuz
AutorIf an alien race found us and saw what we do and they're a civilized race they'd either make a force field so we can never leave or they'd just wipe us out after saving the sane ones.
Autor: Z'Q
AutorWhat you're describing is gamma rays... gamma rays are not radio waves. They're not even close to the same frequencies. I can't believe 12 other people gave your comment a thumbs up with such a fundamentally flawed assertion.
Autor: Polydynamix
AutorLmao. First David nuances this discovery nowhere implies extra-terrestial communication. Soon after, let's speculate about it being extra-terrestial intelligent communication anyhow. This reminds me of the life on mars gaffe. Maybe TDPS should back away from scientifical topics all together.
Autor: ano nymous
AutorI don't see MRM people on the internet much, but that could just be the videos I watch and forums I go to, I don't encounter them much. I DO often see feminists say that male desire for sex with females is sexist, and Andrea Dworkin one of the most well-recognized names in feminists said "All Sex is Rape" so I don't see how you have any ground to claim sexist man hating feminists are somehow fringe.
Autor: airthrow
AutorI have to say, to me it seems really odd that any advanced life would comb the galaxy for other intelligent life or habitable worlds just to destroy them.
Autor: megabeaver23
AutorDavid, you should wear some makeup on your face to reduce the glare from oils. Just something I noticed with the new HD format, not trying to be rude. :)
Autor: Solid Gold Aquatics
AutorI think I can be confident in saying that it would be a dream come true for every human on our planet if we were to make contact with another life form and they wished to collaborate.
Autor: Jacob Edward
AutorAnd i'm comparing it to a civilization that's already capable of traversing intergalactic space, assumably at above the speed of light, otherwise they would either be dead by the time they arrive, or their civilization could be. And without the need to ravage our planet for resources to repeat the feat. Seriously, if we were to send a manned shuttle to the closest galaxy today, by the time it even got there. Earth would not look the same and countless generations would have passed.
Autor: Wilder
AutorI hope to hell something alien like is discovered before my death, hopefully other intelligent beings. but any life form will suffice at this point.
Autor: gamegod19
Autorlol i was mostly kidding about the sexy women.
Autor: yoboyrob201
AutorScientology will be all over this by the end of the week, mark my word.
Autor: Wilder
Autorno. scientist would be able to tell what a supernova would be like. we studied them before
Autor: morning morality
AutorRelax conspiracy theorists... it was a supernova.
Autor: Dokkasan
AutorFirst contact doesn't necessarily mean physical contact, it could be as simple as an intercepted message.
Autor: Mech610
Autorwell by the time your 90 depending on your age now people may well be living into their 100's
Autor: morning morality
Autorand that is what science is. scientist want to know things and if that means destroying something we believe to be true then so be it. Einstein was a great man very smart but still he was limited in knowledge if we proved him wrong that would not make him an idiot. look at Da Vinci probably the smartest man of his time. he built a robotic lion, changed the style of art and gained humanity a better knowledge on how the body works. he was a genius and we know that he wanted to invent more things
Autor: morning morality
AutorIts probably them responding to our signals we send out. But they sure do put our weak signals to shame.
AutorWhat does that necessarily have to do with anything? If an alien species were interested in contacting us and knew enough about us to know we're comparatively primitive, they might also know enough to recognize how quickly we're progressing. I don't understand why you seem to think I think they care or whatever. All I said was I hope we get an individual message within my lifetime. I never said they've been here or are physically coming here. I said the opposite actually.
Autor: Mech610
AutorI doubt it but I really really hope so.
Autor: cashews224
AutorShields up! and scan the area full sensor array!
Autor: Ulises Mark
AutorI know, and I share this dream but people can't get stupid excited when no facts are yet present
Autor: Chris Pixel
AutorI agree with Sagan here. If they are out there they are either behind us or way ahead of us in technology. With that said, if they have been watching our species, like a scientist watching a petri dish, they would not want to have anything to do with us. A species with nuclear capabilities but still hanging on to ancient hatreds and barbaric ignorance. We tend to kill and imprison the best of us. Jfk, Mlk jr, Ghandi, Lennon, Jesus exc. If we are to survive we must unite and change drastically
Autor: blackelk7373
AutorWhat if they are plainly much more powerful than us, but they do not attack us first. Do you think we would still go ahead and threaten or attack them while believing our efforts to be suicidal? Point is that until there has been any kind of contact whatsoever, all possible interactions are equally probable.
Autor: Jim Sturges
AutorYour username with that comment really made my day so thankyou.
Autor: The_Desert_Tiger
AutorI would love it if we were visited by aliens. Religion would finally get kicked out for the freak show it is.
Autor: TheAnniepies
AutorSelf-hating humans like you always amuse me.
Autor: Mech610
AutorYup, we'll probably bomb them and steal their resources. Its the American thing to do.
Autor: Matthew D
AutorI seriously just watched 'Contact' this morning.
Autor: ruinofgaiasw
Autor: Talia al Ghul
AutorOh, I can find you some of that growing in my toilet.
Autor: GreatPirateSolomon
Autorwhat do you say to those who say that they do have contact with aliens right now?
Autor: Dsi1ver
Autor: JohnPaul Dixon
AutorWE CAN DREAM!!!!!!!!!
Autor: itstimeformichael
AutorSignal size matters =P
Autor: The_Desert_Tiger
Autordoesnt stuff like this happen all the time?
Autor: jason bourne
AutorWhile you're not as bad as Mr. Self-Hating Human up there, you're still selling humanity short and belittling the accomplishments we've made as a species in a remarkably short amount of time. Maybe not as short as other civilizations may have done them, but still very short. And our technological progress is only accelerating ((Social progress is' coming along too, but not as quickly)).
Autor: Mech610
AutorMy guess is that a nearby star died and went supernova. Possibly a black hole or a worm hole. Something that'd emit this kind of energy.
Autor: Ernesto Rivera
AutorSo? A huge percentage of feminists want super-rights instead of equal rights. The fact that she didn't call them out but called out Men's Rights Advocates shows how she feels, not pro-equality. Those psycho MRM people are the flipside of the same psycho "MY GENDER" coin.
Autor: airthrow
Autorsounds like super nova or nova's
Autor: Heat Karma
AutorFrom Wikipedia on quasars: "emitting up to a thousand times the energy output of the Milky Way, which contains 200–400 billion stars." So an energy source of a magnitude of what our sun puts out in 300000 years isn't that extreme and not at all unbelievable or inconceivable...
Autor: Andrew Millar
AutorSorry to spoil you guys but the sound is actually a fart
Autor: Yusef
AutorWould a spaceship have a planet's worth of resources? Resources that could be easily acquired with massively superior military technology, and used to sustain another travel across the stars? This isn't about what resources they have at home, this is about a crew that has been away most likely so long that their civilization could be dead by the time they reach us, and their space ship would by then lack resources such as food, metals, liquid, etc. A planet like ours with primitive tech, is ripe
Autor: Wilder
AutorAnother little thing from God.
Autor: Chad Frahm
AutorConfident? No. Hopeful? Only if it's a mission of peace and some kind of intergalactic federation kind of thing. But as wise men have said before. Considering the cost of travel, unless the foreign species has gotten past the need for material demand (for example by transforming energy to mass and vica versa) they will be far more likely to be interested in conquest or resources. That being said, i say let's hope for the best but prepare for both.
Autor: Wilder
Autorthats a good thing about religion. and in that radio show they said they were attacking so it was an appropriate response. also it's a good thing that it would make us ask more questions dont you think?
Autor: yoboyrob201
AutorIndeed, but he's only half wrong. It's incredibly likely that an alien society far more advanced than us would not even consider gracing us with their presence. After all, just look at how africans were treated by our ancestors until only recently. It's not too unreasonable to think we could be seen in the same way considering out primitive ways and slow development. To an alien society capable of making this trip without needing to rape our planet for resources to return home, we're mud.
Autor: Wilder
Autorif they're peaceful and don't eradicate us first, we're tear them to pieces that's just what we humans do
Autor: malighn
AutorAnd now where are we? 70 years later, and we've only just gotten gay marriage passed and an unmanned vehicle on the second closest celestial body. And we're denied access to clean transportation alternatives to the heavy-pollution vehicles of the last millenium. We've slowed down to a crawl. Seriously, it only took 50 years between wanting to go to the moon and stepping on the moon. and since then, we've done diddly squat. We had a short burst of acceleration, little more. I wish we could again.
Autor: Wilder
Autor: foilface lives
AutorNow Americans if this is aliens and we meet them one day you can not go to war with them otherwise you will kill us all.
Autor: The_Desert_Tiger
Autor: bewilderedkettle
Autorlol! i know, right? haha! :oD
Autor: Sun Conscious
AutorI'm past giving a damn what sheeple think of me. One of the things my wife and several neighbors -who are right wing whack jobs- saw was some kind of airplane that hovered completely silently maybe less than 1000 feet above our neighborhood with some kind of absolutely insane looking glow on the engines. It wasn't a Harrier. The engines were still horizontal to the ground and the fuselage. Our neighbors were just like, "that's 'our great' military at work." I was like, "y'all are GONE!"
Autor: theguitarczar
AutorI thought it was funny. Seriously, I did.
Autor: Talia al Ghul
AutorI'm 63 so I doubt I'll see it . But it could be possible .
Autor: 430gma
AutorIt's just Jesus farting.
Autor: fivebythree
AutorIf we make contact with Aliens. We die. If we wait until we have colonies and massive fleets. We live. And i prefer the first option. cause the second one is fucking scary.
Autor: Hivemind
AutorI dont want to be contacted by "Aliens" that way because if a gamma ray burst hit the Earth close enough, it would end life as we know it! Those on the side that were hit by the beam, even people underground, would die instantly. The ozone layer would be depleted. Plant life would die and oxygen would plummet to a level were it would not be possible to support human life.
Autor: Lobos222
AutorIf that is what they were the astronomers would not be puzzled.
Autor: klondike444
Autorlol great now the aliens can come and blast everything like in Independence day, maybe we will get economic equality out of it and they will stop spying on us.
Autor: Malik Rath
AutorOh man i sure hope there is intelligent life out there. That would be so exciting, if we could make contact. It would be nice knowing we're not alone.
Autor: Bob Loblaw
AutorThey probably caught EM radiation from some distant pulsar, or even supernova.
Autor: DoubleM55
Autorwell as a firm believer that aliens exist, i would like to believe that somebody has contact with them. i like to listen to them even if it may not be true. also sometimes sittings are scene by a lot of people so it's hard to disprove something that they all thought was otherworldly. plus with how old the universe is there could be really advanced civilizations out there that could come here. plus i watch a lot of ancient aliens.
Autor: yoboyrob201
Autorwhen you look at the fatasses on one side of the planet and those dying of starvation on the other you see what i mean.
Autor: ckotherletters
Autorwhy would they want to invade us what do we have that they don't
Autor: morning morality
AutorWell, Were Fucked, Its the Reapers !
Autor: ZCorp Alpha
AutorA lot of people freaked when they thought all electricity would disappear when the new millenium rolled over. A lot of people freaked when they thought the world would end (repeat event, but most recently 2012). A lot of people freaked when they thought Obama was satan. A lot of people are hysterical idiots with too little sense between their ears to see the difference between a water sprinkler making a rainbow and a grand conspiracy to poison the water supply.
Autor: Wilder
AutorGlad to see you're a tolerant person.
Autor: niteflash06
AutorI was just saying it's human nature to destroy, I hope we have time to grow as a species anyway, isn't David's hair awesome...
Autor: malighn
AutorA tip for when you next lose a debate and have no rebuttal, the last thing you should do is claim the person who bested you must be 12. Just a heads up.
Autor: airthrow
AutorSurest sign that there is intelligent life in the universe is that they have not contacted us. I'm sure our dependence on organized religion and money will render us as unfit for contact:)
Autor: gabe finnegan
AutorPeople kill each other over the color of their skin,can you imagine if aliens came here.
Autor: philosophicalreason
AutorAnd If your Wrong, can you do my " Laundry " for a Year ?
Autor: ZCorp Alpha
AutorIt says in the original article that no gamma ray signatures were identified in association with the bursts.
Autor: rdizzy1
AutorI thought the same thing. maybe a little powder.
Autor: BeatlesFanSonia
AutorId love to really Know that Intelligent life exists outside our realm.....cause Im tired of the Primitive BS we have to put up with here on a daily basis
Autor: rextrek
AutorYou are an idealist. The kind of radical change you are talking about takes millennia. You can't just wave a magic wand and 'unite' everyone. You're expecting grown-up behaviour from cultures which are, on a geological time scale, in their infancy. So any talk of it is completely moot and an oversimplification of reality. If aliens were so far ahead of us as to have 'united', then they would be compassionate enough to realise our position from our point of view, and therefore they would help us.
Autor: mcpencil
Autorif we make contact with aliens... God help them...-_-
Autor: malighn
AutorNo, what a silly question. I'm not even sure it's relevance let alone it's implications. I can only assume it's the only school you know or you were attempting to be funny but it really just makes you a hypocrite. I can only assume you actually found out you were wrong and are acting now out of desperation. For Christs sake have a bit of dignity.
Autor: Polydynamix
AutorWW1 was not started because Arch Duke Ferdinand was assassinated. It was started because of an escalation of a secret war in Iraq. Like many wars, WW1 it was sold to populations with nazionalist hype & lies instead. A good History which presents pertinent facts is "The History of Oil" as presented by Robert Newman. It is interspersed with comedy, but has lots of relevant information. watch?v=2DCwafIntj0 Section on WW1 begins at 09:00
Autor: mars Cubed
Autor"Getting a message" would not be the same as being "in contact".
Autor: klondike444
Autorbut what if they made contact with us as a whole like in man of steel when the aliens took over all the tv and broadcast themselves to everyone at once. also that may just depend on the USA someone outside that country could have all the rights to do it.
Autor: morning morality
AutorHave the Aliens been saved by Jesus yet?
Autor: Stringer Bell
AutorWhy have you stopped talking to Natan? Are you and your brother having a little tiff?
Autor: BeatlesFanSonia
Autorwhat do you think it was alien made? it could have been just an explosion.
Autor: David Ortega
AutorI am 20 and I don't that I will live to see any new life coming from space
Autor: Jellydonut0
AutorIf it is the only way to return home, they would. And not all intelligent life might be peaceful. Honestly, expecting any alien visitors to be peaceful is nothing short of naive. And such a scan could just as easily have been to determine other factors such as mineral deposits, level of sentient life, level of technology, or possibility for expansion. It does not have to be to determine possibility for peaceful contact.
Autor: Wilder
AutorMore proof we don't know jack sh*t. One more nail in the coffin for the current cosmological paradigms.
Autor: J. Collins
AutorIf you're interested in aliens there is a researcher by the name of Dr. Steven Greer MD that you might want to check out.
Autor: Mike Pijanowski
AutorThe current scientific thought from Texas is that God banged his toe.
Autor: nezhaulcoyotl85
Autordid have compounds for life such as oxygen carbon dioxide other gases and rivers. Europa is believed to have a giant lake under a large layer of ice. and with recent studies on our own planet we found life can survive in the darkest and coldest places. but even so there is a few candidates that could support life in the one star system. scientists have also targeted tons of other systems that seem possible too. and even our ways of searching for life is a bit primitive.
Autor: morning morality
Autornot to be pedantic, but the thumbnail features the andromeda and milky way galaxy colliding.... that will happen in billions of years or such. not relevant. :P
Autor: eveplayer1337
AutorEarth-based DNA. Free labour. Water.
Autor: Mat Broomfield
Autorso far we are looking at planets in the goldilocks zones around stars but we are not looking for moons or wrong planets just because we simply can not get a better look at them. we can only search through certain kinds of radio signals when we could be getting signals in a way we can not pick up. and just because we can not see it does not mean it does not exist. look at the mantis shrimp. humans can only see 3 rays of colour
Autor: morning morality
AutorIt's a distress signal from another galaxy. Alert the Justice League!
Autor: iSpeakTruth7
AutorThe saiyang are coming.
Autor: gundamzerostrike
AutorGeneral relativity saves us. Our first contact will have a huge time delay, optimistically speaking a few decades, more realistically tens of thousands of years. That will be the time delay for signals, electromagnetic radiation in vacuum, like a laser or radio signal.
Autor: kurtilein3
AutorAnyone reading this conversation who is rational realizes you are erratic and making no sense. You have no debate skills so you resort to name calling and making shit up about me you could have no way of knowing, it's pitiful but par for the course with online feminists.
Autor: airthrow
Autorgreat movie.
Autor: throwindembows
AutorAs long as the message isnt from David Morse.
Autor: LawoftheLandPA
Autorsounds like your grasping for straws. How far can that kind of signal travel? How much energy dose a gamma ray burst give off? This signal came from outside our galaxy cluster. that's significant.
Autor: Skinnymarks
AutorNot unlikely, but hardly most likely.
Autor: Wilder
AutorI do not think an announcement that aliens exist would ever happen unless it simply could not be hidden. Many people would completely lose it, religious people would go berzerk, and there would be insanity. So, unless they show up ala 1950s movie style, I don't think the public will ever get that announcement.
Autor: Smee again
Autor: BillyWitchDoctor
AutorIs this sarcasm?
Autor: Eric White
AutorObvious troll is obvious.
Autor: ES Productions
Autorno they wont, they will not even notice, because scientologists are barred from being online.
Autor: kurtilein3
Autor: Topsoil Depletion Awareness (closing the loop)
AutorMost likely we will try to capitalize on alien transmissions... Start a show called, "Keeping up with the Cardassians".
Autor: Aesithair Runekafi
AutorWhile you're pretending I don't understand what a photon is you probably should know that I actually have a bachelors of science- but let's put that aside and just look at the actual definition of the word 'photon', shall we? Photon - noun - a quantum of electromagnetic radiation, regarded as a particle with zero rest mass and charge, unit spin, and energy equal to the product of the frequency of the radiation and the Planck constant. Photon = particle, any questions?
Autor: Polydynamix
Autorlook up the wow signal
Autor: Karl Marx
AutorFishing looking for Neutron Stars, as you do.
Autor: Henbot
Autorimagine what the news would be saying if man of steel was real. ''we just made contact with a alien race and this just in they all look exactly like us and have american accents.
Autor: morning morality
Autoryou've heard the parable of the fox and scorpion right?
Autor: malighn
AutorIn order to apply that analogy you have assumed to know something about the nature of the aliens. The thing about not knowing anything about a subject, is that there really is not any more that can be said about it. Once again, until there is any kind of contact with extraterrestrial life, even the merest assumption about their behavior is baseless speculation,
Autor: Jim Sturges
AutorDam :( Really amazing but perhaps some day in our life time we may find some one out there.
Autor: nezhaulcoyotl85
AutorThese things don't only spread across the internet, also, do you honestly believe the leaders of scientology aren't online? Do they not have websites etc to lead people to scientology? Someone had to make them. Seriously. A leader of scientology is just as likely to use the internet as Kim Jong ill was to watch hollywood movies. (which he did a lot)
Autor: Wilder
AutorDoesn't matter, aliens will most likely not look at individuals, only the overall trend as indicated by the governments. Doesn't matter that we're more tolerant now than ever; The fact that it is still such a huge disparity shows a superior alien civilization that we have not gotten our act together yet. No it won't. it'll only change religions from the archaic trend (and don't fool yourself, we still have a flat earth society) to something more similar to scientology. We are not ready yet.
Autor: Wilder
AutorThese are called gamma ray bursts. They are ejected from the poles of a supermassive star when its core collapses into a black hole. These are not the signal of "advanced alien technology and life" but rather they are natural phenomenon that are commonplace throughout the universe.
Autor: Eric White
AutorYes, I think it's sooner than most of us realize - just around the corner.
Autor: Tracy Lester
AutorFundies will claim this is a god of some sort...
Autor: demonorse
AutorGovernments are a small percentage of the population, and will almost always have there own interest in mind, so waiting on them would be a mistake. also you'll be surprised of the hate to tolerate ratio it is in the world. i rarely, i mean rarely meet people who are racist in any way shape or form, and i live in florida. now there is war sure, but there will be some type of conflict for a long time. also it would change religion, which is the cause of many wars.
Autor: yoboyrob201
AutorWhat makes you think the odds would in our favor?
Autor: Jim Sturges
AutorIt would be awesome. I live in the assumption that there are aliens, but also that they're too far to ever reach us. If that changed, the whole debate would be, have they evolved beyond the desire for conquest, and do they consider humans worthy of treating better than we treat ants.
Autor: Mat Broomfield
Autorthis is a new phenomenon, very distant, very huge, and this is the 4th time i have it in my youtube subscription inbox i think. The earlier times i heared about it was all from astronomy and theoretical physics channels. Anyway, it appears to be very distant, and there our knowledge is most limited. But the energy output is truly massive.
Autor: kurtilein3
Autoryer but still there are people who hate other people for where there from and for what they look like just imagine if a more advance alien species was to show up they probably be getting their guns and starting the biggest and worst war in human history. ww1 was started over 1 man's death what do you think would happen if some redneck racist shot an alien ambassador they would think we were starting a war.
Autor: morning morality
Autorwell you don't know i mean a lot of people freaked out when a radio host tricked did a alien landing hoax years ago. it would also change everything like what it means to be human and completely change all these religions.
Autor: morning morality
AutorIt's the title of the video.
Autor: Polydynamix
AutorGood thing American laws mean shit all to someone outside the US.
Autor: The_Desert_Tiger
AutorI would hope in my lifetime there is life discovered somewhere else, bacteria, what have you, smarter than someone living south of the mason dixon line
Autor: Roonskii
Autorif an alien species can harness the type of power stated in this video then they possibly have enough to open wormholes for faster travel
Autor: ssidiouss
Autorpeople said the same thing for flying. just because we have not discovered anything yet does not mean we will never find something that could change technology for ever. an alien species millions of years ahead of us could have found such a way to do this
Autor: morning morality
Autor"could" but there is absolutely no guarantee one way or another, therefore it is naive to assume they would be peaceful until the time they show their hand... or tentacle... paw... or something we don't even have words for. It is also equally naive to believe an alien first contact or sustained communication would bring us closer. It could just as easily create a rift between the jingoists (those that hate outsiders) and those of us that are more open-minded to peaceful coexistence.
Autor: Wilder
AutorI'll bet it's the enterprise jumping to warp in some distant galaxy! Going faster than light takes a lot of energy, so..
Autor: ummmwhatnow
AutorIsn't it?
Autor: Unknowntyper
AutorNo. Though I'm not surprised you would think so considering all of the egotistical pricks on youtube.
Autor: Roodoe
AutorI'm glad there are people like you on Youtube. We all have a bias that causes us to assume what we are hoping to believe.
Autor: Roodoe
AutorThe deathstar was fucking shit up
Autor: Raphael2885
Autorwhile you are right to assume this i just think it has to happen sometime. while there will of course will be xenophobes this is a good time for first contact.
Autor: yoboyrob201
AutorIf they ever are discovered they will be covered up, can't have millions of christian heads exploding can we.
Autor: balzar
Autordo you have sources to back up your claim? I would love to investigate and study these sources. Really. But i think it is recent and only now possible to detect and they will come in, now that we can detect them, hundreds or probarbly even thousands per year. Lets investigate this for 1 year, and we will know more.
Autor: kurtilein3
AutorIt's called sarcasm, idiot!
Autor: MilitantAntiTheist
AutorNah, he's correct. We'd shoot and ask questions later. We're only human.
Autor: drummerboy54100
AutorWhat's the point of getting an intelligent signal when sending a reply could take billions of years to get back to the original sender (and the message we received would be just as old)? LOL We need to live as if we are alone and take care of shit here on earth.
Autor: InvisiMan
AutorThat might have been funny a century ago when Texas was known for agriculture and energy- now looking at the tech industry Texas is second in the country for telecommunications, engineering, semiconductor, high tech payroll and number of establishments. Yea they must be idiots right?
Autor: EgadsNo
AutorWell it must be jesus of course ;p
Autor: BC Neil
Autor1st life off earth will likely be found close, in our own system but will be microscopic
Autor: Steve Plummer
AutorMaybe there is a reason aliens won't contact us. EARTH IS A SHITHOLE.
Autor: integrate49
AutorThe transmission rate of information is constrained to the vacuum speed of light when the relativistic effects of mass on photons is minimal. We can estimate the distance in time (age) of a transmission of information from the physical distance determined by spectral broadening. Hence a star one light-year from Earth would have transmitted its radiative information approximately one year in our past.
Autor: umbraemilitos
AutorHostile and friendly aren't the only options. How about indifferent?
Autor: dudev
Autorand through them we see a mixture of them which makes more colours. a mantis shrimp can see up to 15 or so of different rays of colour which means they can see colours that we can't it is a weird thought but it is true. it could work the same way here. if we don't know what we are looking for we will not likely find it. currently we can only see light as the fastest speed but one day someone could find something that can move faster than light.
Autor: morning morality
AutorI think you mean god help us
Autor: Tracy Maximiuk
AutorIt's clearly a sign from God attempting to communicate with us to let us know that he doesn't approve of gay marriage.
Autor: MilitantAntiTheist
AutorYou said about 9 wrong things. 1)Light acts as a particle and wave but a photon is a particle, it is not a wave and it never acts like a wave. 2) Radio waves and gamma rays can be at the same place at the same time but they can never be the same thing. It's the same as saying something can be frozen and boiling at the same time. They are 2 distinct frequencies. I sincerely hope you are just trolling.
Autor: Polydynamix
AutorYour right, but we can still hope...
Autor: Dayonetheone
AutorGreat to see David in HD, but poor Luis has to wait; He is still in 480 land. LOL
Autor: Robert J. duPreez
AutorOn that level we are probably looking at either a super advanced civilization that would use that power to make it seem more definitive that it came from intelligent life, the more likely case of a collapsed black hole or other powerful energy outburst from a distant massive star.
Autor: megabeaver23
AutorDavid doesn't look good... is he sick or something? nervous?
Autor: Pookie
AutorI'm not assuming, i'm just expressing that there are equally valid alternative scenarios. Honestly, if i was in charge of scheduling the alien first contact. Now would absolutely not be the best time, when we're not even a stable society. A lot of our governments do not reflect their people, many are still totalitarian regimes ruling despite the wishes of the people. There is widespread hate and violence across the world. There is a huge disparity in the world. Trust me, we're not ready yet.
Autor: Wilder
AutorI can't sum it up better than "I doubt it, but I hope so"
Autor: VivoVitamBonam
AutorI have to disagree with you on the 'slow development' front. Consider the following: The airplane was less than 150 years ago. We landed on the moon 66 years after the Wright Brothers. That's a blink of the eye in terms of the history of human civilization. Within 30 years of figuring out we could do it, the entire planet was now linked on a single computer network. Add to that sending Voyager into interstellar space. I'd say humanity is progressing at breakneck speed.
Autor: Mech610
Autorwow, you fucking idiot you just proved her point and embarrassed me as a man. With your idiocy. Feminism: the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men. Official definition. Not superior or more, but EQUAL.
Autor: Henbot
AutorYeah fucking men's rights activists, wanting the courts to give men equal access to their kids instead of women getting full custody by default! (Note I am not a Men's right's activist, just someone with a brain re: child custody)
Autor: airthrow
Autori think it should be a crime for them to keep knowledge of extra-terrestrial life from us. generally it really wouldn't have any baring on national security, i would even say it worse is we didn't know.
Autor: yoboyrob201
AutorI think that is debatable. Anyway yes, he does have a good head of hair.
Autor: Jim Sturges
AutorGamma rays don't emit radio waves.
Autor: Akar Suleyman
Autorbut i don't wanna look old, there might be some hot alien chick like from mass effect(Asari) and if im old i wont have a chance. lol
Autor: yoboyrob201
AutorI wonder where all the biblical end-times theorists are...late to the party perhaps?
Autor: Mini Biskit
AutorPerhaps but I find it very unlikely. The people who doubted flight could at least see birds and knew that it was possible. Even light itself, the speed limit of the universe, travels at a speed that would take over 4 years to reach the nearest star. You would have to travel to billions of different stars to have a hope of finding life. The universe is 13.7 billion years old and light is still yet to have illuminated the entire universe from our viewpoint. Unlikely technology will ever compens8
Autor: Jaynohuz
AutorHow did a video on something that happened in space turn into something about feminism in the comments...
Autor: The_Desert_Tiger
AutorCover Ops is not uncommon in our government.
Autor: aznscyth
AutorEspecially since MRM is TINY and has very little pull with men as opposed to feminist psychosis which is far less marginal.
Autor: airthrow
AutorI dream that I will live to see other life
Autor: YoungMasta1254
Autorthis explains why i can't pick up KOOL anymore.
Autor: wp4866
AutorI like more the older format.
Autor: jose guerero
Autorthen how about this, the aliens let me come with them and explore the universe while these backwater people stay stuck on this planet. i'll have sex with all the sexy aliens out there,if the parts fit that is.
Autor: yoboyrob201
AutorLook for it on Wikipedia.
Autor: gundamzerostrike
Autorit is fascinating, I hope they find out what it is.
Autor: Henbot
AutorWhat do you mean visit? They never left.
AutorIt's naive to assume they'd even come here in the first place, considering how vast space is and how many stars there are in the universe. Thinking too much about it is mental masturbation..not that there's anything wrong with that.
Autor: dudev
Autor: antony kulik
Autormaybe they saw a galaxy being born or something? 300k years of the suns energy? that's a humoungous cosmic event... If I knew how much energy is released by an average super nova.... might help put things in perspective.
Autor: Skinnymarks
AutorSo? By the time they got here, their technology would have also improved. General relativity does go both ways. Time does not stand still for the approaching vessel for thousands on thousands of years just to let us prepare.
Autor: Wilder
AutorExactly. But if they are indifferent, it doesn't matter one way or another, does it? And this is exactly why i say there is no guarantee one way or another, and that it would be naive to assume they would be this or that.
Autor: Wilder

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