Chris Hayes on the Hollow Support for Austerity

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Autor[Facepalm]what the fuck is chris hayes talking about? we are getting fucked over economically and we are technically in the mist of a austerity crunch right now by the same people that got us into this mess in the first place!
Autor: JGvisions
AutorThat's only part of it. Before the Citizens United ruling it was already screwed up.
Autor: brandnutopian
AutorYou have no idea what you are talking about. They are not even talking about anything that would do what you are concerned about. Get informed.
Autor: sharper68
AutorVague sloganeering is hardly the solution.
Autor: brandnutopian
AutorTell that to Mittens.
Autor: Teresa Fawkes
AutorPublicly funded campaigns would go a long way to getting exactly what you are asking for and would change the focus to what we want. As it stands they are both competing for the same dollar will always move toward the dollar signs.
Autor: sharper68
AutorAnyone remember all those YouTube commercials where they would be like "It's time to have a serious discussion about Social Security." and then suggest the whole "cut it now to save it in the long term" meme?
Autor: NoCommentChick
AutorYeah, I get that he's the more effective evil. BUT -- they did put way more money into Mittie poo.
Autor: Teresa Fawkes
AutorPublicly funded campaigns is a great STEP towards slowing down corruption, but it's certainly not a silver magic bullet. We can pass laws against corruption but it'll still exist; only now its illegal (which as I said, is a good first step). We should be implementing more direct democracy, and minimizing the role of politicians all together. We should strengthen unions and dismantle the corporate hierarchy. No law will shift the balance of power; the people have to TAKE the power back.
Autor: tknick90
AutorActually the ban on corporate person hood is focused on the reversal of the supreme court ruling equating spending money with speech. It is not about the ownership aspects which no one is trying to counter. When you start talking about fleets of cars owned by 1000's of share holders you are missing what the goal is.
Autor: sharper68
AutorIf voters got a clue and started to vote for an actual third party, we might not be in the mess. But they haven't and whose fault is that? Did you know that if a 3rd party candidate for president, like a Green or Libertarian candidate, had gotten 5% of the vote that they would eligible for public campaign finance?
Autor: brandnutopian
AutorThree more words: Money always wins :(
Autor: TheRhinehart86
AutorThree words: publicly funded campaigns.
Autor: brandnutopian
AutorYou Americans need a Labour Party for the lower middle class and the working class people who makes the wheels go round.
Autor: Suiram82
AutorLast I heard, most banks DID pay back to the gov the initial "bailouts" (AKA loans to them). But they also kept all (interest and investment) profits made by hoarding said bailout money. Nice scam if you can pull it off, and they sure have.
Autor: MrEdWeirdoShow
Autor42% deficit vs the automatic cuts they are going to do with a hatchet if they dont pass an actual budget instead of talking about an "clift" of some sort.
Autor: JGvisions
AutorThey will not be in charge of it. There will be rules that level the playing field and take big money out as the driving interest of our political system. It would open the opportunity for our leaders to run on the issues affecting their constituency instead of who will be funding their campaign.
Autor: sharper68
AutorTime to pull the Democratic Party back to the Left. Heave! Ho!
Autor: brandnutopian America. It doesn't have to be like this.
Autor: brandnutopian
AutorObama isn't finished selling us out yet, there's still much more to come. Maybe it would be better to have a Republican in office, at least the left might wake up again.
Autor: skeeveskeeve
Autoryea, the problem is they have become the moderate party
Autor: Sean Douglas

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