Twenty One Pilots - Bandito (Interactive Video by Spotify)

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Autori’m speechless 🤭😮
Autor: 80s stuff with Drew & Kyle
AutorAre there more!?
Autor: Vivien Madlen
Autor: Sade._.
AutorI don’t understand what the symbols mean
Autor: Keep Dabbing
Autor: Renae Holmes
AutorMy ears
Autor: Josué Velez
AutorChlorine Music video ♫ soon!?
Autor: Psychø - San
AutorI have my badge 💛
Autor: Sade._.
AutorI don’t have Spotify and I’m going to get it now little update I finally did without Spotify but hey going to listen to good music
Autor: E Panic out pilots
Autoryes i loved it😍got my bandito badge😁💛
Autor: multi.fandom.334 ll - //
Autori can't click the vulture, it wont let me jsghafgsdghf
Autor: Wendelyn Armstrong-Yan O'DELL
AutorWhere's the link?
Autor: tommasi
Autorhow do you get your name on the badge?
Autor: perfctlywrrong
AutorCon que buscador lo abriste ?
Autor: Kike :v
Autor: Jordan McNish
AutorThis is so cheesy. Im sorry but it is
Autor: Smiley Artist
Autorthat was actually SICK!!!!!!! I'm speechless.....
Autor: ØnlyØneGirl
AutorThis is so beautiful, I'm literally about to cry.
Autor: ultimatelyTubes 64
AutorThank you for recording this!
Autor: Marcus Shaffer
AutorHow do I get to this?????
Autor: Skeletøn Girl
AutorOkay this is epic
Autor: Tamara Star
AutorThank you so much for doing this! I couldn’t get passed the “swipe up”
Autor: Samantha Valenz.
Autor: Miffy u.u
AutorWhere's the last one?
Autor: samuel cantu
Autor: Chips ;-;
AutorCan I get an exact time stamp of the vulture cause I can’t see it anywhere
Autor: Viper RK
Autorhow do i get on this
Autor: aAlexree
AutorWhere did you find The Bird (The fourth)?
Autor: isadora da silva ribas
AutorI loved this too. Played it like 3 times straight even though O collected all the symbols... it's really good with headphones 😱😱
I'm a ban... I'm a bandito
So needed this after post concert depression from the Bandito tour last Friday night @ Perth Arena😝😝
Autor: mindful veganism
AutorWhy does it not work for me😭😭 i Enter the website and instead of dema, it's all black
Autor: ana 101
AutorIs there anyway I can play this without it lagging on me?
Autor: ironiacs _
Autor: ɪ ᴋᴛᴠᴜ ɪ
AutorFrik Apple Music
Autor: Nick Shine
Autor: ᴛʜᴇ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ sᴘɪɴø
AutorHalp it lags on meh
Autor: Les bonbons
AutorI couldn’t find the last one :c
Autor: pleasestoplistentome Yo’ignorant
AutorWhere's the pitchfork?(the forth)
Autor: crazytop fangirl
Autor„oh shit“😂
Autor: Justin Etzela
AutorI'm sad that I've packed up my vr headset bc this would be amazing on it
Autor: TwentyOnePilots Garbage
AutorThank you for posting this 💛💛
Autor: Kaavya Nath
Autorthe only one i cant get is FPE. did anyone get it?
Autor: Jay Louzon Must Die
Autor"oh, shit"
Autor: KO KO
AutorWhere's the tøp one (third)
Autor: Isbak Guadarrama
AutorWhere’s the vulture?
Autor: Sloth_Cat Bros

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