Top 10 Most Shocking Music Myths

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AutorAxl killed kurt
AutorCourtney didnt kill kurt her ex did
Autor: Callu Callu
AutorIt's not a myth. Elvis isn't dead. He just went home.
Autor: barrelracer121495
AutorYou can't be tested for rabies, he had to have the serious of shots so he didn't get rabies.
Autor: Desire Love
AutorMcCartney died in a car crash in 66’
Autor: Kilroy Jones
AutorKurt was murdered end of story
Autor: Billie Renhier
AutorLmao most musicians these days are illuminati sooo...
Autor: Brando 302
AutorWiz khalifa should play Jimmy Hendricks biopic movie
Autor: Johnny Boy Johnny boy
Autor#1, as you even say in the video, is a fact, not a myth, so why the hell is it here?
And #2 is true. Courtney killed Kurt.
Autor: Ben Hostetter
AutorPaul wasnt even in that crash it was his drive
Autor: Um why not
AutorR.I.P. Kurt Cobain
Autor: Flint Pet
AutorJimi actually did put lsd in his bandanas
Autor: Andrew Rand
AutorNo possible way Kurt shot himself he had so much heroin in his system that he would not have been able to move he probably would have died from heroin overdose but someone else had to of shot him
Autor: Joe's Aquatics
AutorEveryone one here is just saying conspiracies about Kurt's death, you don't need to look.
Autor: SkyWarrior :3
AutorHendrix's family still claim he was murdered.
Autor: henochparks
AutorI think Marilyn Manson is dead.. Ozzy bit his head
Autor: Majid Slyteen
AutorI hate Marilyn Monroe crazy ass nigga
Autor: nazmi terstena
AutorThe #1 myth reminded me of the Alice Cooper myth that he bit off the head of a chicken on stage. A chicken did wander on stage, but Alice just kicked it back into the audience. Later, Frank Zappa (his producer) asked, "Did you really bite off a chicken's head on stage?" When Alice told him no, Frank said:"For God's sake, don't tell anyone you didn't!!"
Autor: Doug McElroy
AutorMarilyn manson is a freak
Autor: Nick Alexander
Autor: Jenny Piper
Autoron the fringe.
Autor: Tammy Hauck
AutorLong live ozzy \m/
Autor: mermaid
AutorI always heard Bonnie Raitt (sp) sold her soul to become famous. No clue why
Autor: Leslie Bo Beslie
Autor: Foxle The Fox
AutorNo way. Courtney loved Kurt to death.
Autor: zappa frank
AutorRE 10: Marilyn Manson also addresses that rumor in his autobiography.
Autor: AlexanderPimm
Autor, it's crazy
Autor: Yoao Cruz
AutorIt’s not a “conspiracy theory” to KNOW Courtney Love had Kurt Cobain killed. It’s fact.
Autor: patricia pedercini
AutorCourtney did kill Kurt tho
Autor: Deacon Broda
Autor"After the bat bit back, ozzy was tested for rabies" Lmfao I almost choked on water.
Autor: UR BeingPlayed
AutorYou forgot about Alice Cooper and his biting the head off of a chicken
Autor: Annette Melnychuk
AutorManson ate the eye of her wife...
Autor: Jommy Barban
AutorJimi did have lsd in his bandana. But cutting his face? No way. Its easily obsorbed through skin. Stupid.
Autor: Brian B
AutorKurt’s injection of heroin was the biggest hit of it ever so he wouldn’t be able to pull the trigger so Courtney should be responsible for killing him
Autor: Hi treys Basketball game is tomorrow
AutorOh geez! Manson has to be the most repulsive ever!!! Closely followed by Simmons.
Autor: Michael Rawson
AutorBrain Warner is a normal guy from Canton Ohio makes people crazy lmao 🤣
Autor: Angela Malone
AutorKurt was the murderd
Autor: Snow Lost
AutorJimmie Page is a Pagan, he didn't sell his soul to nobody not even the Devil.
Autor: Very Militant Pomegranate
Autor...and Ozzy still has rabies-can't ya tell? Oh well, we all love him anyway...hydrophobia and all!
Autor: jeffrey dillingham
AutorNot enough evidence to prove she killed him? Tom Grant, please back me up
Autor: george aravosis
Autorany rock 'star' (s) who writes a tribute song to Alistair Crowley (Ozzy did 2 - one titled with self-confessed child-murdering Alistair Crowley's name) is a fucking pig & those like , the long-active occult practising A.Crowley devotee, who studied Crowley's infamous Babylon-working system of ceremonial sacrificial Satan-worship bought Crowley's infamous church-converted house on Loch Ness north bank where Bonnam was choked to death & where Zep' did their satanic rituals, they are all fucking pigs, not men, & they're all starting to worry about oat-back time especially now those mentioned have arrived at an age that they once thought was an eternity away. This is an eternity-relevant "seconds-short" life, i bet they'll feel very betrayed soon when death come knocking, the great leveller of all mankind rich or poor
Autor: The Spotlight Kid
AutorWatch any interview with Courtney love. She's such an attention whore. Definitely killed Kurt for attention
AutorOzzy DID NOT bite off a DUCK'S was a dove...smh
Autor: Wolf Angel
AutorJimmy page sold his soul ... and the Rod Stewart rumor was bullshit
Autor: Ken Mcfann
AutorGod I wish Jim was still alive
Autor: Anthony Lesley
AutorGene Simmon’s tongue is the grossest most nightmarish shit I’ve ever seen.
Autor: Bath House Becky
AutorHow is the last one a myth? You literally just listed off the facts of what happens.
Autor: All Things Online
AutorCourtney killed Harambe
Autor: •Rogerina Loves Us •
AutorThere is no proof that Robert Johnson didn't sell his soul.
Autor: Marty Coleman
AutorCourtney did killed Kurt tho
Autor: camila
Autorso  why  weren't  these  in  the  movies?
Autor: Daniel Young
AutorWhenever a great man falls, theres always an evil women behind it.

Courtney killed kurt.
Autor: Some Guy
AutorOzzy would not have been tested for rabies. It would have been the bat tested.
No human test exists because people die before any immunological response can start. 100% fatal.
Oh, and don't forget Tupac spelled backward is... caput!
Autor: Xardox17
AutorExactly courtney did kill kurt
Autor: Allan the cool queen fan 14629
AutorCourtney did kill him
Autor: rkspartan89
Autor: le petit monde de Matt
AutorElvis in not dead, he just went home.
Autor: BJ N
AutorAround our school, theres a Wifi(whats the word?) called "Elvis lebt" which is german for "Elvis is alive"

Nobody knows where it comes from
Autor: Die - Wahrsagerin
Autor0. Pinch harmonics
Autor: Jasper Doria
Autoroh wait? no avril lavigne??
Autor: Look Imstillaround
AutorI was listening to Rod Stewart just before this vid
Autor: Snow Minty
AutorIzzy is a GOD???
Autor: Len Kleinschmidt
AutorWho only came for the picture on the video and figured out cocain was in it?
Autor: ToxicHeart
AutorWatch Soaked in Bleach
Autor: Mary H
AutorKurt was fucking Murdered do your research
AutorOzzy is the man. The man is a fucking Legend and to me he is Rock n Roll 🎸
Autor: Sad Panda
AutorI see Marilyn Manson, I click
Autor: Fura Faolox
AutorWhy does the narrator sound like her dog just died and tries to act normal?
Autor: Gabby
AutorShe said a bad word
Autor: dude 6oo
AutorThe Cobain one is just fans refusing their favorite person can hide depression
Autor: Cj Deno
AutorRobert Johnson couldn't play to save his life. Then one day he came back and was suddenly a master. But I still love him
Autor: Torin Murphy
AutorTheres more evidence pointing toward kurt being murdered than there was for it being a suicide
Autor: ilikemusic
AutorThere's even a documentary on Kurt Cobain WHERE HIS OWN UNCLE THINKS COURTNEY KILLED HIM
Autor: Jaylen Van Houten
AutorSome people don’t know but Marlyn Manson was molested as a child and didn’t say anything till 17
Autorwe all know #2 is true.
and now we know, mojo is on her paylist.
Autor: dannypeck666

Not enough evidence to support the murder claim? There isn't even enough evidence to support it as a suicide. There are a lot of loose ends in that case that have never been tied up. And the Seattle PD won't open the case back up. Hmm, wonder why...
Autor: Black Knight
AutorI made the mistake of trying to eat lunch while watching this
Autor: Stewart Ricker
Autor: Silver Addie Fun Pack
Autor It's not been confirmed or denied.
Autor: Gabriel Rigby
AutorCourtney did kill Kurt!
Autor: Leslie Motschman
AutorJosh Saviano looks like Marilyn Manson? He looks more like Vector from Despicable Me.
Autor: Andrew Rogerson
AutorShe hired eldouche
Autor: nat Guajardo
AutorHow do you murder someone with vomit?
Autor: king of clubs
AutorManson has similar to that with a mic and mic stand
Autor: Duke GMRZ
Autor: Alicia Rodriquez
AutorAllegedly? Jimmy page has said himself that he sold his soul to Satan, the reason I don’t listen to Led Zeppelin as much anymore
Autor: Daniel O'Hara
AutorCall me crazy, but Courtney killed Kurt, case closed.
Autor: Madeleine Heath
AutorWhat’s With Marilyn Manson
Autor: Andy W Gaming
Autortill lindemann doesnt speak english
AutorThere is better than a good chance that courtney love killed Kurt Cobain.
Autor: mean he
AutorWell MJ is alive, I can tell you that. Also, Avril Lavigne was kidnapped and replaced by a clone in '05.
Autor: Paul Sondhaus
AutorI believe Kurt was murdered
Autor: Nielsen kasser
AutorCourtney obviously killed Kurt. The rest are mostly bs
Autor: RLomoterenge
AutorThe cobain one the facts literally point at courtney love
Autor: C_Hop
Autorseem acquire treasure wall corn face communication prosecution
Autor: Emma Smets
AutorHow is it a myth if it's true? Ozzy did bite off a bat's head, we don't know if Courtney killed Kurt, and that's just the start here. A myth is, by definition, untrue. You have to know the story isn't true to properly call it a myth.
Autor: Don't forget to drink your cyanide
AutorI never believed the myth that Courtney love was behind Kurt Cobain's death. And I'm probably one of the few people who are a fan of both nirvana & hole. I also can't believe people still think Elvis is alive. But any myth about Ozzy hell yeah. I believe that.
Autor: Melissa Maylath
Autor "'I ingested my ancestor."
Autor: Brie
Autorthere is so much evidence against Courtney and there is also concrete proof that Kurt did not kill himself even if Courtney didn't personally pull the trigger she is still responsible for his death in one way or another
Autor: Paige Schmitz
AutorDidn't see this one, but how about the theory of the lyrics behind "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins?
Autor: Brett Upton
AutorEveryone knows that Courtney killed Kurt...its a fact not a myth
Autor: Hope Smith
Autor: LFC
AutorWhat about "Starway To Heaven" put in reversed its a devils message?
AutorI'm a Beatle Paul is dead rick and morty
Autor: Itsame 43
AutorWas there ever a time ozzy didnt look like a pathetic grandpa on stage
Autor: king of clubs
AutorThe shocking truth of Jim hendrix. Under dog low view count.
Autor: Mr Mr Youyou
AutorCourtney did kill Kurt Cobain you fucking retard
Autor: colin7299
Autori realized denzel currys song clout cobain is propably referencing kurt cobain
Autor: Porunobu 69
AutorI would not be surprised at all if Jim Morrison was found alive
Autor: Jimmy Kriegerson
AutorThat poor bat 🦇
Autor: Cheyenne Long
AutorI watched specifically to see the one about Mama Cass and the ham sandwich
Autor: Dan Geiger
AutorPaul is dead
Autor: afzal
AutorPaul. Is. Dead.
Autor: Mr. Orange
AutorI say send him to a rape happy prest let him write a stupid ass emo song bout it
Autor: Phill Mcmullen
AutorJesus fuck guys, Courtney didn't kill kurt. Just because you have a speculation doesn't mean you're a detective/forensic who has been trained to figure out this sort of shit
Autor: Jojo490
Autor: Pepe Le pew
AutorThe greatest myth of all is that the World gives a shit about these "music" retards.
Autor: Timothy Rush
AutorI believe Courtney had a hand in killing Kurt, in trade for her pledge to become famous...
Autor: Solomon Witt
AutorEven the private investigator said that Courtney killed Kurt
Autor: Tom Giants fan
AutorI wish Jim Morrison was still alive...
Autor: TroyNordsvich
AutorSimons is a flaming asshole regardless of the length of his tongue.
Autor: sandra graves
AutorI think that bitch Courtney killed Kurt
AutorI’m convinced my Driving instructor was Elvis, it was those unique lips he had
Autor: Redneck Rosey
AutorHow is the "Paul is Dead" myth #3? That's like the biggest music myth/legend of all time.
Autor: Rigby
AutorIt wasnt conspiracy theorists that claimed courtney killed Kurt.. It was a private investigator that was working w Courtney and after getting suspicious he then found the end of the ''Suicide Note'' writing was unlike Kurts writing and had been practiced by Courtney and then the practice writing was hidden at Courtneys friends house when she ''forgot a backpack'' there. The story is in ''Soaked in Bleach'' for anyone interested
Autor: jack MeHoff
AutorKurt was killed by who most likely courtny love the amount of heroin he had would make it impossible to function with in seconds let alone pick up turn and fire a shotgun and the shotgun shells was to his right where it would be to his left 2 the parts of the note where it talks about killing himself was not in his style and twice after he killed himself someone tried to make a deposit off his credit card
Autor: A name A name
AutorOk I think this is a discredited physop
Autor: papatruz 1776
AutorMom they don't even seem shocking and if the last one wasnt a myth then y put it on there stupid
Autorhe's such a charming & lovely looking lad, that Maryln Manson kid is, any good christian girl should be proud to take him home to meet the parents.... i want to wake-up now please
Autor: The Spotlight Kid
AutorRobert Johnson had no skill. Mississippi locals said he sucked. Some witnessed him walk out to the crossroads one night, the next he was an outstanding guitarist. There was no hard work or practice involved. So if you don’t believe in the devil you have to explain it another way...
Autor: Grant Browning
AutorYall should do one on the "rumor" of the murder scream in the background of the Love Shack
Autor: kat watts
AutorComfortably Numb the moment ,guitars begin to speak...
Autor: jean claude de jean
AutorMaralyn manson is scary
Autor: trevor miller
Autortop 10 metalhead steryotypes
Autor: Nix Phone
AutorYou would figure if your going to fake your death, you'd not want to be remembered for a aneurysm on a toilet!
Autor: Robert Wyness
AutorMost fucked up by drugs:
N1 Ozzy Osborne
Autor: Alessandro Sambo
AutorI Despise Ozzy Osborne
Autor: Jodee Rebecca Davey
AutorCourtney did kill Kurt
Autor: thedtcke
Autor#2 is not a myth. Even the investigators of Cobain's death say the case should be reopened. All the evidence points to murder. Was it Courtney? Probably. But whether it was or it wasn't, was Cobain still murdered? Abso-fucken-lutely. Nobody with that much heroin in their system would be able to pull that trigger. Watch Soaked In Bleach.
Autor: Flash HarelKrash
AutorAs a Community let's get the facts straight: SHE KILLED KURT!!!!!
Autor: Abe C
Autor: Bella Elward
AutorI remember when Rod Stewart had to get jizz pumped from his stomach. Stewart had given a free concert onboard the USS JFK. After the set, the skipper thanked Stewart and asked Stewart if there was anything he could do for him. Rod Stewart replied, "Yeah, I'd like to suck and swallow the ship's company, starting with you". The skipper said, "But I'm not gay". Stewart replied, "I'm not gay either. I just like to suck dick and swallow paste".
Autor: Walter Carter
AutorI knew Kurt had to be on here I am glad he was #2
Autor: Hadleigh Fangirl Isbell
AutorLSD in jimmys headband? And it was ingested by cuts in his forehead?!?!?! ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY OR STUPID
Autor: Phoenix Shank
Autor The 'oh no' is genius.
Autor: Joseph Ancion
AutorYou forgot about the Eminem Conspiracy...
It is believed that Em died in 2005 or 2006 and he is replaced by a robot. And some say that as an excuse why Eminem is so different.
Autor: Luka Ivanov
AutorWhy would courtney do it kurt is more famous then she would ever be
Autor: Axolotl Barnum748
Autor: Hibernatus
Autoreveryone knows the devil sold his soul to Jimmy Page
Autor: Evil Smile邪惡之笑
AutorWho ever thought Marilyn Manson was in The Wonder Years is a fucking retarded dumbass for making this rumor conspiracy to happen
Autor: SakuraJiyu H.Yukki
AutorKurt Cobain is true
Autor: MrAdamrickabaugh
AutorPaul McCartney is still alive I saw him last year and he looked and sounded great!
Autor: Ken Mcfann
AutorOMG! Please- please get off the " Courtney killed Kurt" crap!!! Even IF she did, it's obvious that it can't be proved and/or nobody in authority gives a shit so to all of you jumping on the bandwagon-LET IT GO! LIFE GOES ON AND THE WORLD STILL TURNS!!!!!!
Autor: Linda Ipock
Autor: Z Z
AutorOzzy wasn't a myth. Nor the time he snorted a trail of ants. Or the time he went down to the bar in his wife's clothes.
Autor: Albert Brammer
AutorI still hear the Manson one today.
Autor: Mr. Orange
AutorEap Elvis Aaron Presley and Edgar Allen Poe. Just a though
Autor: Justin Mitchell
AutorHow could your number one pick not even be a myth?
Autor: Nichole H.
AutorDown here we have fully believed in Cobain's Suicide from the moment it was proclaimed on the day he was found, and we are not friends of people who entertain themselves with flat earth theories. But we have looked into the record of physical evidences and the scientific results on the case. To make it short here: he could not have died the way it is proclaimed, and it is by 100% that another person processed it. ( More interesting for mojo or other serious people could be a side aspect that is a major aspect in the current world we live in: how realities are being made, and why people hard way rather stick to believe what suits them or what their community believes, rather than adopting on facts.
Autor: -Bleach- punk dj-s
Autorwell Hendrix was worth more dead than alive to his manager
Autor: Charlie Cross
AutorThe stomach full of cum rumor was said about a couple members of New Kids on the Block too lol and I'm sorry but I just don't like The Beatles. They're way overrated imho. Lastly ppl need to give the Kurt Cobain conspiracy theories a rest.
Autor: Ariel L
AutorCourtney did kill Kurt. She got him on heroin.
Autor: Ken wright
AutorIf Ozzy really bit off a bats head, it isn't a myth, it's a fact. get your myths straight.
Autor: Suave Sailor
AutorThe first 8 could be myths but the last 2 weren’t myths. You said “not enough evidence” for Kurt but that doesn’t mean it’s a myth. More like a dead end in solving his murder. And Ozzy did bite the bat right? No myth.
Autor: Tristan Anastasio
Autorcourtney love was / is a fucking pig, a good rung or two below even nancy spungen on having full bona-fida Pig-credentials
Autor: The Spotlight Kid
AutorGet your myths right!!! It was Brian Warner who played the older brother on the TV sitcom Mr. Belvedere who was mythologized as Marilyn Manson. Honestly!!! It's annoying that you got your research from maybe a 10 year old child.
Autor: style77guy
Autor"Some think Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil. But they're wrong because . . . boy, he was really talented! and I'm an urban atheist."
Autor: Paul Bali
AutorEven if courtney didnt murder kurt she still killed him
Autor: Lliam Clifton
AutorMarylin manson scares me
Autor: K1 X
Autorwhat is the myth about #1
Autor: Nielsen kasser
AutorJumping onto drum kits fucking hurts... I tried it one time mother fukker
Autor: Carlos Folconious
AutorNo way, Courtney killed Kurt. I believe it.
Autor: BayOctopus
AutorI see Marilyn? I click.
Autor: Malicious MSP
AutorKiss sucks so bad
Autor: king of clubs
AutorI ALWAYS thought Marilyn Manson was the kid from Mr. Belvedere not what it says here!
Autor: Tamara DeLorme
AutorCourtney killed Kurt. That is no myth
Autor: Luke Crowell
AutorI'm not surprised "Marylin" is articulate and well spoken. He's a fraud. Shock value, zero talent, but smart enough to know people will buy his crap because they need an identity to latch onto. He SUCKS!!
Autor: Jeremy Lui
Autorone question, if a replacement or clone is used, how could aging happen?
Autor: gary vener
AutorOzzy and Black Sabbath are the best
Autor: Daniel Stockstill
AutorMy mom told me about the Beatles. She said the Paul died in a car accident and was replaced by someone else to this day. The replacement is still going strong. I never heard of that. And found it hard to believe.
Autor: Willi Schwartz
Autor#2 is true
Autor: Declan Sheppard
AutorCan someone tell me the song Jimi Hendrix is playing at pls
Autor: Mack Eastwood
AutorI see Marilyn Manson, I click.
Autor: Xxx_MusikIsMySoul_xxX I like food
AutorSadly Paul is dead
Autor: Geoff Churchill
Autor#1 isn’t even a theory?
Autor: SZN Spectre
AutorConspirory Theroy Axl rose killed Kurt
Autor: Lil Fatty
AutorThe whole "rib removed for oral sex" thing was originally attributed to Prince. Sometime around the turn of the century, it began to be associated with 'Brian'.
Autor: Richard M
AutorDo the deal with the devil you do a deal with a crossroads demon
Autor: Rice Kr1spies
Autorthe wonder years kid looks nothing like that douchebag... this "rumor" was started by assholes who have channels like this one
Autor: Joe Casson
AutorSo the #1 myth is actually true...they even show Ozzy admitting its true but it was purely accidental. Why would it be on here as the Top 10 Myths - its should be on the Top 10 shocking truths about Rockers.
Autor: mtdawgy
AutorThis is kind of one of those things that almost make you sort of regret the Internet era. I wouldn't trade it back for anything in the world, but before the Internet fun rumors spread like wildfire just cause nobody could look them up conveniently like they can now and put the myths to rest. People used to think Marilyn Manson had a few of his lower ribs removed so he could give himself blowjobs as well, that was another good MM rumor that spread during the non-smartphone era or whatever.
Autor: voteZDLR
AutorWhat is the jimi Hendrix song at the start of #8
Autor: B Boos
Autor1. Most songs since 2016 is decent
Autor: Jack the lad
AutorI don't agree that the stones are the greatest band but this videos was fu**ing interesting + the Beatles myth is just plain stupid to the people who believe it.
Autor: Jason Harman
AutorIf page sold his soul he would be able to write original songs
Autor: king of clubs
AutorCourtney killed Kurt, they said they didn’t have enough proof, meaning they had some proof plus do you really think that the lady who didn’t love her husband anymore didn’t try to do anything. I honestly believe she killed him

Also they guy in interview went missing and was found dead. SHE IS COVERING HER TRACKS AND IS KILLING OFF THE PEOPLE WHO CAN PROVE HER BEING GUILTY
Autor: Matthew Hain
AutorWho else is watching because you KNOW Paul is dead theory is obviously in this
Autor: i want to ride my bri-cycle
AutorElvis isn't dead he just home
Autor: Samuel Tinsley
AutorOZZY!! OZZY!!
Autor: AlexZeb

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