Rigor Mortis (12inch) 1976. CAMEO

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AutorClassic shit right here!
Autor: Daniel King
AutorNext Friday Brought me Here..
Autor: kaharold
AutorHappy dayz
Autor: kirtlou
Autor: Otto Delgado
Autornext friday brought me here
Autor: ThatBoyMeechy
AutorAlthough I like Rigor Mortis, DJ Quik wrote a joint called "Get At Me" and he put the Rigor Mortis sample on that song from the 1995 CD "Safe + Sound", which is Quik's best CD.
Autor: coolassclay
AutorAint nuthin but a party.
Autor: Whunn Fhun
AutorFunkin' Up- 4real!
Autor: Randall Vaughn
AutorThis when Cameo were pure funk! When they had a hit with Word Up in the 80's I lost interest in them. But funk like this was sadly no longer popular so I don't blame them. The same thing happened to Kool And The Gang, they were a funk band and then had a disco hit with Ladies Night and they went Commercial. I wish music like Rigor Mortis was still being produced today! Bring Back The Funk! Thanks for uploading the 12.
Autor: kingofvintage
Autor: Marcus Reeves
AutorBrand Nubian did a dope sample of this joint.
Autor: Arturo Martes
Autor: Smeegall
Autor12" on a 45 ....ok
Autor: Mark Sheen
AutorPut's that stink face on!
Autor: wbrown910
Autororiginal Funk music pop lock music..thats wassup in 76
AutorWhen I die somebody better play "Rigor Mortis."
Autor: James White
AutorI was too young when this came out. I caught on to I Just want to Be.
Autor: Roy Williamson
AutorAint no song ever written any funkier than Rigor Mortis.
Autor: News 24h
Autorwhere the [email protected],i got the weed!!!
Autor: mrworldwide8
AutorWow, only now do I realize that Brand Nubian sampled this °_°
Autor: Systemhalodark
Autor: Joseph Mobley
AutorRigor Mortis, man, yall cats don't know nothing about this!
Ole School-rules the floor
Autor: Chris Morgan
AutorERIC R DURHAM is the guitarist - there's your difference. He left after a motorcycle accident after their 3rd album (Cardiac Arrest, Ugly Ego & We All Know Who We Are).
Autor: Michael Powers
AutorAfro's, platform shoes, Hollywood shirts and da FUNK🎶
Autor: Larry Kelly
AutorNext Friday
Autor: Matthias Horne
AutorDj quik get @me But Cameo's funky
Autor: RoB/HeathEr M
AutorTotally agree with you!
Autor: rankin508
Autor: Šimon Foit
AutorSorry but this is just too nasty for you youngons
Autor: Charles Thompson
Autor"Imma show you who the REAL puff daddy is!"
Autor: Adam Weaver
Autor: Caryn D Prescott
AutorThis is what "jammin" was
Autor: Gerald Anderson
AutorReal Music
Autor: Kenny's PAC's
Autorcant listen to this without a party...
Autor: ayman2b
AutorNext Friday brought me here haha
Autor: Anthony D'armand
AutorHoly shit this is good.
Autor: Corey Currie
AutorHmm Uptown Funk influenced a little by this?
Autor: Steve Dronzewski
AutorCameo rhythm section is playing like James Brown everything is on the one.Thats why he is the god father of soul
Autor: Ivan Cotton
AutorBass be Butt Funkin'!
Autor: mmmegameat
AutorGreasy. Make you wanna slap yo' granny!
Autor: Wil Sargisson
Autor: Amari
Autorbrand nubian
Autor: micocensored
Autorfunky like funk should be, we need funk back in a major way...... No doubt
Autor: Vincent Liscano
AutorMore cowbell.
Autor: Furious Styles
AutorGreat intro!!!
Autor: Skrapp The don
Autorcaptain murphy
Autor: b- north
AutorDJ quik- get at me! classic Sample!
Autor: Ernesto Martinez
AutorBefore they started using electronic instruments in the mid-80's cameo was using live horns and live instruments
Autor: Isaiah Winbrone
AutorCameo 4 ever!
Autor: Keith Miles
AutorNext Friday brought me here
Autor: JOHN L
AutorMy Sh¢t !
Autor: Robert Greenfield
AutorIm ur Uncle Elroy
Autor: Phaelan Robbed Me
AutorIm your uncle elroy i dont care how high you get !!!!!
Autor: Gee Martinez
AutorFunk at its Finest....great horns n the guitar...the bass n percussion break...Real musicians. ...the song that inspired a 14 year old pentecostal boy to become a DJ....
Autor: Hiram Vargas
AutorDJ Eddie F and Heavy D sampled this tune for the self titled LP and album Big Tyme released in 1989 from MCA Records.
Autor: theoldschooloriginal
AutorRemember. Turn it up loud.
Autor: Tina Vargas
AutorI can groove to this!!
Autor: Hjernded
AutorThis was the jam back in the day.
Autor: williewill037
AutorBack in the coke era what u know good? New Life c.c. and man partyin do real!!!
Autor: Pezzo Novante
AutorGive Damm a how high u get in this mutha long as u let me hit it .Shot out 2 Uncle EL roy
Autor: Matthias Horne
AutorFunk at its finest!!
Autor: Skrapp The don
AutorYou need to get at me.
Autor: Daekwon Da Prophet
AutorMy favorite song by Cameo
Autor: Chantelle Rogers
AutorI liked when dj quik sampled this.
Autor: hpesoJ Woe
Autormy 8 yr old daughter favorite jam , dads old school !!!
Autor: Tracy Mattison
AutorLove the funk. I'm tired of the samples, we need funk bands like Cameo to return. Look out for it soon, trust me. It's coming.
Autor: UNDFTDGordon
Autor: Marcus Reeves
AutorThat bassline.....
Out of this WORLD!
Autor: Nina513
AutorI Remember THIS Back in my projects Days It'll never go AWAY..Still loving it .If your not from THE GHETTO like me u wouldn't understand..
AutorI never knew Cameo made this.I was 11 years old at that time.I nice beat.Classic!!!
Autor: Andrea Hodge
AutorRoller Skate, Anyone?
Autor: Darryl Foster
AutorI grew up dancing wit my mama n them lol
Autor: Pezzo Novante
Autorthis is old original  funk it will never be recreated
Autor: Terrill Adams
AutorOne of my professors John Kellogg(former member of Cameo) said he heard the music in Next Friday and was like "I know that tune and I know that group.... and then the vocals came in and I heard my voice" 😂
Autor: D'Angelo Davis
AutorI remember when I was kid riding in the back seat of my crazy aunt's Lincoln Mark V, when this song came on, she pulled over to the side of the road and got out the car to start dancing when this song came on the radio.
Autor: Quad8track
AutorWhat the f*** are they doing what them instruments...! JAMMIN ON THE MFing ONE!
Autor: Rodney Bell
AutorNext Friday
Autor: Kpop, Anime and Mortal Kombat Addict オタク
Autorthis could be in a Tarentino movie
Autor: Imnothere
Autor2018 july??
Autor: heyitsbela
AutorI can groovin for BRAND NUBIAN # BRAND NUBIAN and this.
Autor: Groova Unionfunk
AutorFUNKEH ! <3
Autor: 37janie
Autorfree press on sun set
Autor: Barry finnie
AutorCrooked I where you at???!!!
Autor: BroBeWan JoeKnowT.
AutorReal funk!
Autor: stevie kay
Autor🍻 cheers to all the o.g.'$ keeping it old school..much love from...Oxnard, it real & old school😀💋💯💕
Autor: Lilly Perez
AutorSampled by Heavy D & the Boyz "Big Tyme" and Brand Nubian "Brand Nubian".
Autor: PeekaBooo08
AutorFUNKEE FUNKEE Shit back in the 7deez!!!!!!!!..1976, great year!
Autor: chasacart
AutorBrand Nubian also sampled this on the song Brand Nubian.
Autor: Dexenation Gracey
Autorfriday bring me hear looking for dis song oldshcool baby
Autor: Bigpun83
AutorThe Jungle Brothers, "Feeling Alright."  Classic material!!!
Autor: Big Stacks
Autor: Mr Unique74
Autorughhh always loved cameo but never heard their more "underground" stuff.....Seeing as its on youtube
Autor: Vodou Lou
AutorCouldn't agree with you Bro. adams ,like da great Bernie Mac said in the Ocean 12 flick, da of his table gm "NUFF SAID".
Autor: CERSR1
AutorARE YOU READY!!!!????
Autor: Dawn Peevy
AutorFo Real* remember fall in asleep wit all yo "cuzzins" in yo "Tia's" room on the floor wit yo mamas jacket ....shyyyyt
Autor: Pezzo Novante
Autor: Eduardo Souza
Autorwoooooooo shit now
Autor: itdontstop25
AutorParis - Make Way For A Panther (1992)
Autor: Gol Mash
AutorI wish there was a lyric sheet to this song . I want to understand the words in the verses sung .
Autor: tubagee
AutorThere's a reason why groups sounded funkier at the beginning and got more commercial soon after signing and Kool & Gang is even better example and any real Kool or Cameo follower knows ther BEST stuff was their first and second albums .
" Selling Out " naw , its not that simple they gotta eat and record co. are notorious for demanding "hit " songs , like " celebrate" that corny ass song written for young white chicks , Record Co. main demo .
AutorYou have the instrumental version of the song: "Brass Construction - Can
You See The Light? If you have, could you please post? Thank You.
Autor: Wylson Music
Autor: Jair Barrós
AutorSo dope....
AutorIts 4:30 am and I have to be at work at 9. But that one part where the beat drops at 3:18 makes me want to listen to this about 4 more times!
Autor: regg4211
AutorFunky, man! FUNKY!!!!!!!
Autor: Mark Damron
AutorI would start off a 70s party with this.
Autor: Jerry Irick
Autorill al scratch - yo love
Autor: Raymond Frand
AutorFrom the L.P. that started it all! This was back when you could buy an album and just let it play because every song on there was slammin cut for cut
Autor: Curtis Brink
AutorCant take this funk
Autor: ◘ EXOSPHERE ◘
AutorI'm 45 thank God for me being blessed to have great music in my life..... Classic shit!
Autor: Daniel King
Autornext Friday
Autor: youngboikirk
Autorchocolate muthaphukin city
Autor: IFreakingEatPeople
AutorStill the funkiest of the funk! Heavy D used this as well.
Autor: Cali Livin
AutorMy first introduction to Cameo..I was 15....been in love ever since....
Autor: Nino Brown
Autor"I'm about to show y'all who the real puff daddy is"
Autor: Lewis
AutorNephew! U got perfect timin'!
Autor: MoneyC225
AutorBrand Nubian sampled this init🤔
Autor: Me G
AutorNeed MonoNeon to add his present bass licks to this!!👍
Autor: Alan Glover
AutorWas this Cameo's first. Definitely their best.
Autor: Gerald Anderson
Autor: Ricky Kinney
Autorold school
Autor: WWE Vs. Mortal Kombat Scorpion
AutorPure funk from Larry Blackmon and cameo smooth bass wicked guitar licks and percussions u cant have rigor mortis with a funky tune like this
Autor: Eric Davis
AutorSomebody told me this was Cameo's first hit, true or not, it's the first one I liked.
Autor: Gerald Anderson
AutorThat outro is nice with slammin bass and Larry on drums outta control!
Autor: Dana Blake
Autor2018 and still jamming it
Autor: Cassandra Martin
Autorbout to start a lil puff puff GIVE in this muthafucka
Autor: Raymond Frand
AutorI keep thinking of next Friday movie lol
Autor: Steve120361
Autor: Rodney Bell
Autorthis is my shit. hits the old soul
Autor: Jimmy Jay
Autor: Poncho Pochenko
AutorDJ Quik and Posion Clan(JT Money) sampled this beat. Should be used on more tracks.
Autor: Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77
AutorStraight UP FUNK!!
Autor: Kay Durrant

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