Incubus - Megalomaniac (from Look Alive)

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AutorNo i don't want to listen to rihnna she sucks, talentless.
Autor: Christian E
Autorthey live concert sounds amazing
Autor: Matías UCRE
Autorwhere the fuck did the video go??????
Autor: Tommy Berg
AutorBest live band you will ever see
Autor: Matt Young
Autor: Freaky Sarah
Autorthe best band incubus
Autor: crossbones650
Autor@millerkmd they had to lower the volume of the crowd otherwise it would sound too messy
Autor: Snoopy Goldberg
AutorA friend of mine says that Incubus is the Pink Floyd of our generation.
Autor: trumpetking11
Autor@1Eu4ic Nice try, There are no parallels between Obama and Hitler. And if you think Obama is Leftist, you're delusional. He's smack dab in the center, this country has no progressive party. Liberals don't want you to forget any criticisms hurled at Bush, the man deserved every one of them.
Autor: PDC1987
Autor@astro22222 Incubus is bad ass linkin park sucks balls. Linkin park's first 2 albums were good but their last 2 suck big fat donkey dick.
Autor: legalizeganjanow420
Autorsomething fairly easy like Mexico or I miss you
Autor: gofastgokart99
Autor: artzyme1122
Autor@xXKiSsxKoNtAgIoUsxX I dont like justin beiber so i dont go on his videos just to insult someone by sayng neggative things about him!! Ya dont like em then dont waste your time watching the vids and posting dumb ass shit thts just gnna get you in trouble with fans!!
Autor: sumac
AutorMan, Ben Kenney is a kick ass bass player. What an awesome live band.
Autor: cwphunky68
AutorGood question. I´d choose Megalomaniac, it´s more of a challenge.
Autor: nollemaster
AutorMike Einziger and John Frusciante make the most badass live jams while improvising.
Autor: Ohio Against The World
AutorI'll be there when Incubus plays this masterpiece in ATL!!!
Autor: oskrob
AutorUsually when I listen to that song I hooked with it. When he says step down i always hit my foot on the ground.
Autor: Manos Tyrinopoulos
AutorFodasticoo.. *0*
Autor: Jhonyelly Brito
AutorIts incubus
Autor: Andres Izquierdo Ybazeta
AutorI don't F*** understand this.. a year ago I could watch this clip in HD now there are why????????
Autor: summerwll
Autor: John Carlo Gamboa
Autor: noemi jean arado
Autor: Leandro Tizolin
Autorshould play for my ass..this is such a great song
Autor: retho1309
AutorGood ole incubus how I remember
Autor: Tellie Smith
Autoraye ! this is fuccing nice !
Autor: CL Blue
Autor@millerkmd I saw them live and they literally sound exactly like studio albums. They're really talented.
Autor: AKx4
Autorthe top rated comments are the stupidest things i've ever read....
Autor: cherokeediamond
Autori love when jose sings, and i am glad they got a clip of that.
Autor: Jessica Thibodeaux
Autor@1Eu4ic Sure poor people are dying w/o health insurance, and you guys have balls to call our president socialist. Why don't we stop with the political science terms, the left and right bullshit, and lets get things done for the people.
Autor: Saulo Ren
Autorman he's fucking hot;;;;;;;;
AutorThese boys rock live be it an open air stadium or small indoor theatre, simply incredible every time...
Autor: angie appleby
Autorwhy do i see paragraphs when i scroll down ... comment ... not life story . thanks bye.
Autor: Bigdaddywoods1
AutorIncubus has the best fans :p
Autor: Mr Demento
AutorBrandon's such a hottie
Autor: Liara
Autorcertainly one of the better video's i've seen. very very well done. i rarely extend compliments on this
Autor: Jim Veneto
Autorcool intro
Autor: tulllguy
Autorlove incubus
Autor: Brian Belle
Autor@MrNesk04 It's a mash up of different videos from different concerts. Done a lot in live official videos.
Autor: Brent Murray
Autor@RoBXx240 true
Autor: Criptoyapper
Autorwhy the fuck does vevo edit most other videos but not this? megalomaniac ftw!
Autor: djsolegit
AutorWhy the hell di du just get a ad for hot chella rae shit whatever, on a incubus song.. just noooooo
Autor: 1Dayna1
AutorSOS Venezuela
Autor: fan8504
Autori just realize something, i heard the word fucking in this vevo video. 1st time. vevo is maturing
Autor: Ashton Lim
AutorThats what im talking about, here is some serious shii from Incubus!!!
Autor: Air Mike
AutorAmazing song from I am from indonesia
Autor: ronny wijaya
Autor@xXKiSsxKoNtAgIoUsxX You got to be kidding me, they are nothing like Linkin Park??, are you dumb? wtf.. Lol .. It's not even near the League that LP is in .. Give it a break mate. Cheers.
Autor: Sajgoous
Autor@Sajgoous I'm not even moderately close to be dumb. And if you could read, which obviously you can't, somebody ELSE compared them to Linkin Park. That's what my whole comment was about. Linkin Park sounds like a dozen pigs being gutted, and is literally NOTHING compared to Incubus. Cheers to you too!
Autor: flutterby
Autor: oskrob
AutorThis song is perfect for berlusconi
Autor: Dottor Tio Perelli
Autor@eclectricbgirl Incubus live is the by far one of the best shows your eyes will ever encounter... I hope u get that chance to see them! Just make sure you scream your precious vocal chords out!!! (kidding, thou) XoXo LaLa
Autor: Lyn-Z Bowers
Autorrompe culos!!!!!! me encanta megalomaniac!!!!!!!
Autor: TheElfuco
Autor: Anna Amorese
Autor: Jaciane Azevedo
Autorout of all the styles Incubus has gone through i love them all equally
Autor: Jesse Waldrip
Autor: Tatys O
AutorÓtima essa musica e banda gosto muito
Autor: Frederico Pythagoras
Autorgosh, Brandon is too amazing for words
Autor: helena184070
Autorjust saw them in argentina.. sick live song
Autor: Franco Ferraris
Autorwhat the fuck is this shit?
Autor: Matt Ekre
Autorwhat do i should learn first on guitar circles or megalomaniac
Autor: Luis Albuquerque
Autoris this psychedelic rock?
Autor: Tuan Hoang
AutorIsn't this song supposed to be about GW Bush?
Autor: rencrow
Autor: Shamar Duque
Autor: Incuboland1985
Autor@rencrow Well if you watch the official video for this song you'll find that it's about Hitler.
Autor: ccrunner423
AutorWhat a great song. In today's epoch of nonsensical, talentless shit, this song is one of the few gems standing outwards among the sea of ever uprising shit which constantly barrages us.
Autor: DieserBenuterIstCool
AutorThis is a sweet video.
Autor: drewkuch
AutorWow. Im a little blown away that Incubus would even be put in the same league as linkin park. Obviously mr. justin beiber over here is just upset because his balls havent dropped yet. I dont know what planet you live on, but here on planet earth, its not okay do diss somebodys favorite band when nobody is making you watch there vidoes in the first place. Clearly your dillusional. I sincerely hope that you get all the mental help you so desperately need.
Autor: flutterby
Autorthis is one of my most favorite live songs on the internet.
Autor: TigerEyes
Autori know lol i wanna know what it's gonna sound like.
Autor: SadeT617
Autorwhere can I find the actual original video?
Autor: Nathan Lelcerc
AutorIt's Incubus. This shit is awesome. It's like god threw down some gold nuggets and said make some music.
Autor: Elizabeth Doyle
AutorBrandons GF (that model chick) is preggers
Autor: shanelle
AutorTan Sexy Dios Mio xD
Autor: javita ubeda
AutorOne of the most epic songs of rock and roll.
Autor: theMarkwithamouth
Autorfucking put that I do not like xD!!
Autor: xxxdiegoxxxist
AutorYes, they are amazing!
Autor: ankle99
Autorbasic bass line for this song = basic bass line for "tainted love." It's true. Sing "some times I feel I've got to - - run away Ive got to - -" starting at 1:50
Autor: sadkins1
Autor: gofastgokart99
Autor@kanexyz24 haven't found a reason to DISlike them...i never really looked into them honestly
Autor: xSmittyxCorex
Autor@HolyShiiiXD linkin park is good.why does everybody hate on them?
Autor: nate dias
Autor: Vinícius Petronetto
AutorI just figured out u can press ctrl w to skip ads
AutorHomework + Incubus = Me being Smart
Autor: RoBXx240
Autorget christina aguilera outta my face i need to lsn to real music :@
Autor: Lala woo
Autor@mrshissen That's the coolest thing ever! My dad is 53 and I wish he would listen to stuff like Incubus! Not that he has bad taste in music because I lot of my musical taste came from him but he is not very open minded when it comes to rock or newer music. ROCK ON!
Autor: Dustin Burrows
AutorOverplayed but fun again. 
Autor: Rene Nene
AutorI love Incubus more than words can describe! Simply amazing.
Autor: Kougar91
Autor: MrsAxelia
Autori just wanted to throw out there that i indeed like Incubus AND Linkin Park....i also like (or minimum have an appreciation for) White Stripes, Devil Wears Prada, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Rush, Relient K, MC Lars, Evans Blue, O.C. Supertones, Bowling for Soup, MxPx, Andy McKee, Pink Floyd, GnR, Underoath, Norma Jean, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Muse, Breaking Benjamin, ton of bands most of you have probably never heard of, lots of local stuff....a person can appreciate ALLLLL different kinds of music.
Autor: xSmittyxCorex
Autorme too :(
Autor: SadeT617
AutorTOMORROW! - London gets rocked out by Incubus :D
Autor: shreyash511
Autor@1Eu4ic holy shit.. somebody on the internet that knows what they're talking about... congrats.
Autor: Jacob Barnett
AutorGuess my neighbours gonna listen to this music with me today. #Subwoofer40WIsEnough.
Autor: GATEElemental
AutorI'm surprished that Brandon doesn't let the crowd sing more.
Autor: Jacob Figueroa
AutorHe may of ran out of "deodorant" but he still sells millions of records, so I don't think thats such a big issue there, homeskillet....And, if you don't like Incubus, then your obviously el-retardo to know anything about music, sweetheart....Peace <3 LaLa
Autor: Lyn-Z Bowers
Autor: Nic Mertens
AutorI never really liked incubus, but they're undoubtedly ridiculously skilled and overall under-appreciated. this is one of those Holy shit performances you rarely get from any band. new or old.
Autor: Robert Sanchez
Autor@xoxoJazzie14xoxo I second your statement :3
Autor: Kari Hassett
Autor@311diamonddoll HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR Honey, that's a long way from music.
Autor: MaximusArurealius
AutorHoly shit! Anybody, thumbs up if you saw the ad with Chris Cornell??? 0__0 He looks like Jesus..
Autor: Moe Hendrix
Autor: Ranjita Potsangbam
Autor that fuckin bass <3
Autor: zzyzx road
AutorYou're no Jesus
Autor: Mr. Reich
Autor:/ It’s one of the most easy to follow symbolic / metaphorical videos… What was difficult to understand? The song name pretty much sums up what’s being depicted: Dictatorship and oppression = bad Ethics, morals and inclusion = good Conclusion: Fight Megalomania There are thousands of messages going on in this video based around that theme!
Autor: inmepete
Autorawesome live band never dissapoints
Autor: oscar lanza
Autorwhere the hell is the original music video? I cannot find it on youtube? did they get rid of it?
Autor: Krazyk12200
Autor@jose88eric BAHAHA awesome
Autor: jdcool038
Autorwhat a fucking intro
Autor: gofastgokart99
Autorthey have a good sound for live too
Autor: Tan
AutorAdoroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo \ô/
Autor: Gabriela Ferreira
Autorthe intro almost sounds like Hypnotize by System Of A Down.
Autor: Ohio Against The World
Autorhey megalomaniac!!;;;;;;;;;
AutorHasn´t anyone noticed that Brandon is wearing a shirt in 2:53, while he is wearing a different t-shirt during the rest of the video?
Autor: Pablo García
AutorIn most music videos of Incubus you can't see the dislike bar . This proves how awesome this band is !
Autor: MCFan96
Autor@MrAlanath Are you kidding me? Their only bad song on the mix is Drive.
Autor: EchosRCT
AutorFirst time I've heard this band, great intro, great voice... must go find me some more Incubus now.
Autor: drcissabiscuit
AutorNo me canso de ver este video. Sencillamente Grandioso :)
Autor: Sirlene Plobnrg
AutorI love that album!
Autor: flowerbaby562
AutorWFT ?
Autor: Avon Barkdel
Autorque buena canción, INCUBUS! mejor grupo del mundoo
Autor: Dave Barrionuevo
AutorSimplemente hermoso! GENIOS!
Autor: Mayraavar
AutorPedazo de tema !!!
Autor: fideo boyd
Autor@xXKiSsxKoNtAgIoUsxX Fucken Pawned right there. Incubus for life. What and eloquently thought out diss my friend.
Autor: Chloe Olivares
Autor@PDC1987 Shut the hell up about Obama and Hitler, This is a music video, not a fucking political debate, people wanna listen to the music, not look at shitty ass comments about what YOU think about, because NO ONE cares what you think.
Autor: Patrick Bachmann
Autorfuck those 10 haters!
Autor: Voodoo Gamer
AutorDid he just say "fuckin Elvis" on Vevo? I guess everyone at Vevo got high that day and said, "fuck it, let's give the youth of the nation one video." You get two middle fingers vevo.
Autor: Crown Royal
Autorthey are all still alive bro!. lol
Autor: william19xxx
Autor@crem23 well said man...Mralanath doesn't know what the fuck hes talking about
Autor: icecold40oz
AutorFUCK goverments . FUCK Bush .
Autor: amit kasif
AutorThat intro is ecstasy.
Autor: andrealimjoco
AutorThere was never meant to be Obi Wan 3:20
Autor: nollemaster
Autor: bri2008hayden
Autor: Incubus JB
AutorWhat a great song and band!!! Incubus ROCKS!!
Autor: Jen Bailey
AutorAmaaaaaaaaazing! :))
Autor: Federica Iurilli
Autor5 people thought they were Jesus.
Autor: Cameron Forrester
Autor3 simple words.....HOLY FUCKING SHIT....
Autor: Ken Lagasse
Autorredneckdick, HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR
Autor: MaximusArurealius
AutorI've noticed alot of these videos have under 1m views.... . People are brainwashed now-a-day
Autor: bigchris0886
Autor@rencrow I believe so.
Autor: twofive25
AutorIncubus is awesome.
Autor: Christian Gomes
Autorisolated from the world when i heard this
Autor: David Sierra
Autor5 people are stupid!
Autor: Victoria Acuña
Autormy god he is a beautiful specimen
Autor: jdcool038
Autor@jose88eric HAHAHAHAHA
Autor: shuff983
Autorgrats, you just made me start my communications homework. You deserve a medal!
Autor: TheBaconMane
Autorhow can any1 dislike this awesomeness :O assholes
Autor: Lala woo
Autorthey seem to play the bigger venues better... unless its an acoustic performance
Autor: imlost19
Autorthese guys are better live than on recording.. thats rare
Autor: Paul Har

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