Dancehall Fashion - Noisey Jamaica - Episode Five

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Autor Fat Pum pum BWHAHAH
Autor: C C
AutorFat poom poom. Men like dat.
Autor: Opinunate ted
AutorI've been wanted to know of the fashion and where they shop
Autor: shan w
AutorMek de black girl ah twist up she mouth so
Autor: Melanie Rogers
Autorgod this is simply disgusting.
Autor: Kari koo
AutorWhat are you complaining about? It clearly says dancehall culture not jamaica as a whole and this is the real fucking thing. No stereotypes. No myths. This is the truth. You have a problem, then change the whole culture of dancehall. Obviously, Jamaica is more than this. This is just one facet.
Autor: cutekitten718
AutorDetroit has a nice Jamaican community here. The party's at the Tropical Hut be off the chain & the Jamaican women OMG!!!! Ultra Gorgeous. I'm a native Blackfoot Muur/American .And I must say the Jamaican Culture in Detroit is the BOMB!!!! Big Up! Noisey thank you. Everybody please come Subscribe to my page & enjoy SOUTHWEST DETROIT CULTURE where PSYKE SCONI is the King of the Underground.
Autor: Psyke Sconi
AutorThe way he just stares at her boobs at .....wowww
Autor: Miranda Roberts
AutorHush your bloodclaat mouth.
Autor: AmericanPatriot2008
Autor: Moquita Armstrong
Autor1st time I've ever seen a girl disappointed her camel toe wasn't clearly visible through her clothes.
Autor: dothedeed
AutorI love it!
Autor: Coco Nut
AutorThese ladies don't think nothing of spanks. Their  not really out of shape but lord they could smooth it out a lil.
Autor: Grace
AutorI'm having difficulty finding the other episodes.
Autor: melancholy grl
AutorLook like Men .....Wtf
Autor: True2 life
Autorlmao they sure are
Autor: monique__91
Autorspice stay bad boutique
Autor: JamaicanEyeKandy
AutorMad ting!
Autor: Ken Kingsley
AutorThanks! Check out our other episodes. They aren't all about fashion.
Autor: Noisey
Autorcant stop watching for better or worse.
Autor: ConsciousNYC
AutorAt 6:25 the camara man got those bitches wet
Autor: Nike Air
AutorI mesn if mos da top artist come out di gully i don't see why the documentary would focus on uptown clubs
Autor: Jahi Liburd
Autordem girls hottt 
Autor: hugo windsor-carnegie
AutorBest dance u can think of Jamaica have its the best of the best party and all big up ja
Autor: sweetcookie
AutorTigah Gyal thats so true! She went from english to patois so effortlessly. The video did get me to laugh though. Hilarious, these two.
Autor: Hannah
Autorsorry, meant ladies...
Autor: MissT
AutorLol they captioned turn up as great
Autor: Edgar Phillips
Autorgood pussy (kingston story dlx album) show sum mavado, jah vinci, busy, aidonia.. dis boring
Autor: CinderSmoke
AutorThe blue wig look nice on her.
Autor: TDiva T
Autorwhats the song at
Autor: Filha de Deus
AutorI love it! I'm wa
Autor: Coco Nut
AutorIn the video, they went to House of Style (for the shoes) in Pavilion and Cherry's (for the hair) in the mall across the road from Pavillion (Can neva memba di name)
Autor: MaMaBiRd
AutorGyal, I was hoping to see you dagga with your blue wig PON DI FLOOR!!!
Autor: Mellissa Toma
Autorsmooth and sey!
Autor: jjstaynless
AutorThose women turn you into a real POPPY SHOW. Trust me look betta the way you were B 4.
Autor: Mario Livingston
Autorhell no, they are all ugly as fuck. I cant believe there is any man on this planet who wants to fuck wig hoes like that, they are uglier than apes.
Autor: Iamhappy
AutorI love the confidence of jamaican women when it comes to fashion, I would never wear some of them tings but no people are as boasty as jamaicans. I Love it
Autor: MissYounge
AutorWe don't have welfare in Jamaica you dumb ass
Autor: Kai Flame
AutorThe music/lyrics, dancing...all to sexual for my taste. I get the feeling God wants better from us.
Autor: Gabriel Gabriel
AutorTheres no welfare in jamaica dumb fuck
Autor: jsimeonf
AutorJus some other white jewish yankee bwoy tryin to exploit Black People and our Black Sisters. See deez mans; Vice & Noisey dungah yard. Tek dem out Ruubwoii
Autor: coco pie
AutorI see fool fool ppl a talk bout welfare , you don't know there's no such thing as welfare in Jamaica Kmt.....
Autor: melody rain
AutorThis is a damn disgrace!! This does not represent Jamaica nor dancehall. Finding two illiterate, ignorant & uneducated females that carry themselves in such way is an insult to Jamaicans. Every Jamaican should be angry & disgraced at how this video is representing us.
Autor: 1Jally
AutorPopcaan a real popskull na lef out na
Autor: Swayy Bryant
AutorHow do you find make up artists? I'll be traveling there later this year and would want to find a make up artist.
Autor: A. C.
AutorShe inst showing Jamaica shes showing the dancehall community
Autor: somyungal
Autorthats the idea
Autor: nl25c
Autorthis eps drags
Autor: Da Real
AutorThis woman could not have been more boring.
Autor: Zoe S
Autoryou see the gaps between the blonde bitches teeth hahahhaha also her voice is deeper than mine and the fat one looks like steve harvey
Autor: ohmybobross
AutorI have been watching all of the episodes since the first one and I appreciate so much what you are trying to do for Jamaican culture but I am disappointed. I was hoping that this would shed a more positive light on the youth of jamaica, our music, our clothes and our dances and let the world see us as more than a stereotype. The world is watching, show them the real Jamaica. You have a great opportunity to make something worth while, dont waste it. Im more than willing to help you.
Autor: Danica Harper
AutorSeriously, get help. You seem sad and bitter. It does not make any sense you look foolish. Dont you have better things to with your time than to post nonsense on youtube? Its ok dont answer that.
Autor: MissYounge
Autorahaha thank you! =)
Autor: ikarus007
AutorThat girl in the pink at the end tho ❤️❤️
Autor: Anthony Ross
Autor@ohmybobross......kiss me rass claathings....RWRCL!! LOL!!
Autor: Da Royal General
AutorThe sub titles Are all wrong
Autor: Ininjopod
AutorWhat happen to dreads ?
Autor: Fred Sanders
AutorWatch the adventures of chicken wing Jones on here its funnier then this shit lol
Autor: Shamar Miles
Autorwhen is comin the sixth? thanx
Autor: sieteseven
Autor: LrtenaL
Autorif all 3 whipped out dicks i wouldn't be surprised
Autor: ohmybobross
AutorSome people need to understand, Dancehall (a genre of music made in jamaica) was meant to be WILD! The dressing, dancing style, music etc. So enough of the stupid comments from some of you uncultured swines.
Autor: ayeram J
Autorbut she did enjoy harself shopping and trying on dem deh cloths weh she ah seh slack this lady is confused ghetto ah ghetto any weh yuh guh
Autor: Dominique B
Autor: Junior Snipes
AutorMi nuh like dah host
Autor: LionessOnTheRise44
AutorIf you look at 9:36 in the credits, Snoop Lion is the Executive Producer...Way cool!!!
Autor: Matt Rupp
Autorbut you would have a boner
Autor: PulseEskimo
Autorwow they really over do it on the clothes , make up and wigs boi reminds me of the hookers u see in the movies
Autor: charmaine boyea
Autor: Patrice Pottinger
AutorDem really take da woman ya fi poppy-show..
Autor: Toni-Ann
Autor4:54 which track ??
Autor: ikarus007
Autordefinitely....also I like that this isnt just showing the jamaica that people see on postcards...i like seeing the real deal with the people that live there.
Autor: EclecticFlavor.
AutorThem two port more gall deh a lesbian
Autor: Andrew Blake
Autordrink,smoke, they do whatever
Autor: niknak maxam
AutorSong @ 8:09 ?
Autor: Bar Barca
Autor: Mc Bart
AutorThey are speaking English!!!!!!
Autor: najwa pennant barro
AutorBrand new Shane -o

Autor: Rick Gold
Autor@Trinbagodreamer I was wondering the same thing...maybe they have those artist pay for everything?
Autor: TheGirl
AutorThis was a worthless episode for a number of reasons. It did not show any depth of dancehall dressing, but rather the personal styles of the lasies that the interviewer has been following, which i might add, was not particularly good either. Cannot stand the interviewer...why must she act as if she is ignorant to dancehall minute she pretend as if she is not jamaican, n her accent is so blatantly obvious. Lastly, this was more of a "come follow me as I go out with my girls" video
Autor: MissT
AutorEveryone whining about how this is a misrepresentation of Jamaican dancehall culture and vibe has been living in Pluto. THIS IS EXACTLY HOW IT IS !! .... and sometimes it's worse or better depending on your view on this LOL.
Autor: scorpiobaibe
AutorOmg watching this brought tears to my eyes to show you how Jamaican ppl nice and full of vybz if only ppl where like this everywhere :(
Autor: Malika Chanel
AutorGyal Shanon Outar 0:36 yuh tun party girl yah Dinthill
Autor: wayne wint
AutorShut up yuh rassclaat cho...
Autor: 4evadancehall
AutorI know, but no one drives around America showing Idaho
Autor: DxtsMusic
Autorcar prak jelly
Autor: Jimmy Nasser
AutorBet that cunts bushy as fuck
Autor: No Squares
Autorthem nipple look like bullet 03:53
Autor: sniperz294
Autorwhy do Jamaican women look like men ugly☹☹😲☹
Autor: Ileshia Holmes
AutorWhat welfare?
Autor: Mango Peach Lime
AutorLady GaGa! Kiesha and dem shouldn't have talk to you!
Autor: Twalla Stephens
AutorJamaica's one of the most colours countries in the world and you want to denigrate its people? you're a typical ignorant small minded moron that adheres to one idea of beauty.
Autor: Hugh Manniti
AutorPlease niki minaj and lady gaga channel them style from them
Autor: h6955
AutorAnd they're still better than you.
Autor: Hugh Manniti
Autor@Melanie Rogers
Autor: The Barbary Ghost-MoeRocco2015
Autorhmm nice not into the clothes but its nice to see something diff.
Autor: EclecticFlavor.
AutorBack Broad by Spice. I like your name! Lol
Autorshe looks like lil mama with that blue wig hahaaaaa
Autor: lordzy90
AutorThis is the most ratchet Noisey special
Autor: J X
AutorStop exploiting our Black Sisters. Shame on you. To hell with Vice and Noisy. Who are ya? I never heard of ya. Go back to your Rock music. Busy exploiting Black People and making our women look cheap.
Autor: coco pie
Autor: Dom B
AutorI don't understand people from other cultures threw stones at American blacks yet when I look at stuff like this you're doing the same s*** that we do in the club so how is it that you can criticize Us and how we carry ourselves actually it's a little more ratchet than our culture go figure
Autor: alexis craig
Autor: Omari The People
Autorwhy are there even subtitles in this one? this is plain english compared to what i hear i the country
Autor: Solo Dolo
AutorI'm interesting in Dancehall, and want to travel to Jamaica because I 💖 Jamaican people . Jamaican people make me feel welcome which it seems like they do because I have difficult interact with people
Autor: Chrissy Stewart
Autormy dress has golden spikes where the boobs are ( while considering a red wig) wicked funny. The Humble Farmer had some good ones today too.
Autor: Seth Aranovitch
Autorim so sick of wigs /.....does anyone take care of their own hair anymore????
AutorShopping for clothes is the worst thing ever.. either you're price checking or can't find what you want..and the worst of all the walk
Autor: Kurt
AutorVybz Kartel - Good Pussy
Autor: Gilberto
Autorhey noisey, a big fuck you for the subtitles. everything people were saying was perfectly understandable.
Autor: boombapboom
AutorYeh big ups to mi birth place kingston Jamaica str8888!!! Mi can't wait fi guh back!!!!
Autor: MobayAngel
Autorsusies always ram
Autor: cutekitten718
AutorThis documentary only showing kingston n portmore
Autor: pandabubba321
Autordo people drink at these parties?
Autor: Jaimielee Mesken
Autorwats tha track at 3:10
Autor: 05leopea
Autor: Jess Butcher
AutorNice things in here though. Translation: That's cute.
Autor: DxtsMusic
Autorting nioce.
Autor: bigsevo
Autorsnoop dogg liked this
Autor: 4/11nightnheaven
AutorApart from Spice's shop does anyone know where eles they went shoppig. That she's shop had some nice shoes, due to go down in a few weeks. JA to di world!!!
Autor: Mrsgodsblessing
Autor1:12 "Wait nice things in here though, wow" translated to "This is cute".......
Autor: simonkrk
AutorThe girl in pink goes hard.
Autor: Open the Light AUA
Autor what’s that song playing in the background
Autor: Slay By Melanin
AutorThat's what all the vacation ads are for. This is the side of Jamaica that's really never seen. Americans just know the "Come to jamaica and feel alright" side.
Autor: DxtsMusic
AutorLady, Jamaicans has been dressing like that before Nikki and Lady Gaga. Please also notice that Beyonce dancing since 'Baby Boy' with Sean Paul. This lady is getting on my nerves. We do not have complexes with our hair. Its fun and convenient to wear wigs and change our hair around.
Autor: Tashoya Holmes
AutorJamaican parties are not for dancing, but for dressing. It's so funny. No one really dance. They more for socializing. It's not wild like people think. Most Jamaican people don't like wild parties.
Autor: Zarasha1
Autordoes anyone know the girls that are w/ the lady ?
Autor: Niesha Luxury
AutorWhats the last song by vybz?
Autor: MajoraFarore
AutorTwo things seriously wrong here.The girl in the pink, 1.) worried that her "stuff" did not look fat enough 2.) Her friends reassuring that "it" looked fined. For real, this makes me sad.
Autor: Carolyn Jackson
Autor: angel m
AutorWhat's the point of showing a 10 minutes video if some hoes?
Autor: Jim
Autorweird part of youtube again
Autor: abrahamnextel
AutorThe writer and narrator of the documentary pissed me off.... A documentary should be fact not bullshit ! Bout Lady gaga  and Nicki minaj. Jamican women have been putting colours in their for many years from the 1980's..... !
Autor: Nikky Brown
AutorListen for all you idiots goin in on Jamaica lemme explain this, “Dancehall “ is a whole other culture inside our Jamaican culture! The wigs the nails the crazy outfits the outrageousness is just another life! Most people who love to follow up Dancehall are real day time hustlers the work hard and have real lives but they totally go all out for parties! So wat???? Am Jamaican I don’t wear brite colored wigs and make up! At present I wear a Mohawk with long straight extensions but mi tone (bleach)mi body ( one thing I adapted from the Dancehall and quite like😝) That part of our culture is fun and vibrant so leave us alone! Only a JAMAICAN would understand anyways😝😝😝😝😝
Autor: Kymposyble Colthirst

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