Online Poker FBI Crackdown

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Autor@ViciousOneWon i hope this has helped in clearing some things up. and as for our rights being stomped all over. i would be more than happy to direct you to some videos of this very thing.
Autor: jinkiju
Autor@TheCleverPiggy No, that is not what poker players do. I am a online player and I was affected by this. Players simply deposit money via "Deposit Funds" that is located on the site. We don't set up anything. They set up a dummy account to transfer the money back into your account should you win. The Gov't made it illegal because they want to tax it and the companies are offshore, so they can't. The players just want to play because it is a SKILLED game and people think it's simply gambling.
Autor: Ramel34
Autori keep hearing those words in the back of my head 'hide your kids hide your wife and hide your husband b/c they raping everybody out here!'
Autor: Gforcebond
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Autor: Prachee Dadgale
AutorUltimate bet is UB hahaha but i play on pokerstars and i have full access to my account i could cash out if i wanted to ... but to be quite honest with you pokerstars is really close to making a deal with the us government to having online gambling legal ... and i cant wait!!!
Autor: Mastas999
Autor: Pham Nuwen
Autorlol USA sucks.
Autor: Dicktaa
AutorThe government is also involved in gambling in British Columbia in fact they have their own gambling site.
Autor: pandaSmore
Autor@EpifanesEuergetes It's not.
Autor: gordon9992
Autor@otrice53 church is an instrument of social control.
Autor: cpufightclub
Autor: mrsins
AutorIf uncle sam can show that these sites were cheating players by using potrippers and or bots then this headache is worth it.If it can only show that Obama's government is the only one truly corrupt then guess what, a new president is coming.Guaranteed.
Autor: mark ymark
Autor@DRock7977 Americans have as much power as they can expect from a democratically elected govt. So they really shouldnt expect anything else since they chose the govt they have!
Autor: ViciousOneWon
Autor@arkivx1 ;;;;;;;;;;; WRONG and an outright LIE!;;;;;;;;;;;;;; In 2006 and as part of the SAFE Act, the UIGEA (unlawful internet gambling enforcement act of 2006) was added literally minutes before the bill's passing under Repub marjority in BOTH Houses and was signed by Bush 2 weeks later.;;;;;;;;;;;;; Furthermore, Barney Frank (an obviously known Dem) introduced the IGRCREA in order to change the UIGEA and allow permits and taxation of online gambling.;;;;;;;;;;;;;; NICE TRY!
Autor: robinhoodOO7
AutorBut it's okay for Corporations to rob the American people blind.
Autor: Affair
Autor@PlanetAgnostic It is true that most Americans TODAY dont like the Iraq war and they showed it with their vote in 2006 and 2008. But in 2004, most Americans supported the Iraq war and that is one of the reasons George Bush and the Republican in congress was re-elected.;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Democracy works! The people get what they vote for!
Autor: ViciousOneWon
AutorCenk your wrong we are not close to being a third world country.
Autor: ataira2012
AutorWhat the fuck? I clicked this video and thought it was involving China and online gambling. What the fuck? God Bless America, especially when I thought it was regarding China.
Autor: YawnGod
Autor@MrKylehass When politicians do things the people dont like, then the people dont vote for them. Online gambling has been illegal since 2006. There have been at least 2 elections. The people did nothing about the politicians that made online gambling illegal.;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; So, the American people in general want online gambling to be illegal!
Autor: ViciousOneWon
Autor@ViciousOneWon you are absolutely right. that is my opinion. just like every one else who has posted something here. it is all our opinions. you to even. but imo or not. our government is corrupt. and as for living in a democracy. no. thats not right. we live in a republic. im gonna post that for you. save you time in looking it up. but i do encourage you to look it up and learn it.
Autor: jinkiju
Autorgovernment is run by a bunch of idiots nowadays there is nothing wrong with gambling its our damn money we should do whatever we want with it i used to gamble with candy when i was younger gamble with money in garage now but seriously online gambling is no different it just makes it easier.
Autor: kroutonjr
AutorIn the UK I cant access full tilt. So its OK for the US government to stop other countries gambling as well?! that is a disgrace and if I had money in those sites I would be astronomically pissed off!
Autor: ArmedBrit
AutorLand of the Free and Home of the Brave. Prohibition????
Autor: CATSASS1117
Autor@LaBelleTML what the US did is over write the TLD registration for these sites hints if you have a slow DNS server or 1 that ignores time to live you will be able to view the site for some time but the record will slowly sync away they also removed the ability for the poker site to move there servers they have no control over there own domain name.
Autor: deathZor42
Autor@DerrenBrown100 some bastard actually wants to try to make sex before marriage illegal !!! i swear on my life if it comes to that I'm moving to japan . 平和の雌犬!
Autor: Bender rodriguez
Autor@DaMirrorLink That's not true, the sites are also down over here in the U.k.
Autor: John
AutorAnd people still believe America is the land of the free. What a joke.
Autor: FromThe330
Autor"Go back to bed America. You are free to do as we tell you. Here watch American Gladiators." Bill Hicks
Autor: Sloth Fetus
AutorI miss PokerStars so much :( This is such bullshit!!!!
Autor: cbrstunter24
AutorWhat if you're in the UK? Is it still illegal?
Autor: If you can't meme, you can't dream
AutorLet me shed some light on the subject incase people didn't know. The law making online gambling illegal was passed in 2006. In 2008, Russ Hamilton was accused of stealing millions of dollars by cheating in a scandal called the "UB scandal". This scandal aired on 60 minutes in 2008. The Gov't knew back then that some sort of laundering was going on. How did Russ get the money out of Ultimate Bet if it is illegal in the US? Now the Gov't wants 3 billion dollars. This is about the budget.
Autor: Ramel34
Autor@ViciousOneWon Let me know how much you trust the government because on one hand you think politicians represent Americans well but on the other hand you are aware that bribery to politicians is legal. It's hard for a government to keep its integrity if bribes are the order of the day.
Autor: ccricers
Autor@PirateFish1 well it's illegal to online gamble in the US.. I don't think Canada is part of the US
Autor: Ryan Borja
AutorThe reason it's illegal is because USA government can't get in on the action. They're acting as if gambling online is any different from real life.
Autor: Modestas Malakauskas
Autorthe sites are still going lol, you just can't play if youre from the states
Autor: HorrorMovieReviewGuy
AutorDoesn't the FBI have anything better to do?
Autor: r
AutorWe aren't third world. We have a long way to go before we can consider ourselves among those elite ranks. lol
Autor: Aaron
Autor@varsityeagle89 Why bother playing on those sites if there is even a slight possibility of those sites coming down and getting your money frozen by the long dick of the law?
Autor: Farshid Ghaemmaghami
AutorThanks FBI. My shares in 888(dot)com just soared 30%.
Autor: Silberdachs
Autor@codename7000> Disagree. Secure connection and solid application software allow you to play with anyone, anywhere in the world. It brings people together. This is wrong and government can't tolerate seeing people playing. Video : good video. Cenk and Ana getting carried away labeling "poker" as gambling, that's presstitute's job. It is as much a game as chess. Golf could be gambling if Cenk's playing against Tiger Wood and Ana is his caddy. Cenk going to lose both !
Autor: Zeno1999
Autor@gil050489 To rebel against a democratically elected govt is tyranny. I knew Conservatism was a tyrannical cult!!!
Autor: ViciousOneWon
Autorbring back stars and tilt
Autor: lemostat
Autor@ViciousOneWon I know what they are but It's been a while since civics so no I don't know their HISTORY per se but I never said there should be NO REGULATIONS what so ever and yes my choice of words was poor but what I meant was there should be MUCH LESS me gambling in the living room with some friends or at some gathering shouldn't be illegal which it is
Autor: Leadman1989
Autor@Zeno1999 Your writing Spam aren't you?
Autor: codename7000
Autor@EpifanesEuergetes If you watched the entire video you would have gotten the answer a long time ago.
Autor: Gordon Chin
Autor@KingofTheMafia You are right. You just proved that the educational system failed because you can't spell "our."
Autor: Trollandface
Autorwtf I thought people bet on sports online all the time? Can someone fill me in.
Autor: rspkk0
AutorThe point he brought up about buying prosecutors is scary shit.
Autor: thisisgame
AutorI miss Cenk in the studio too.
Autor: EllaForTheAges
Autor@MrWeetabixloverx1000 He moved to a different city so he could do his job on MSBC I believe.
Autor: DrewDude09
AutorRemember guys. Not one Wall Street CEO has been prosecuted yet!!! Thank you DOJ for serving me justice.....
Autor: wyomingsamurai
AutorIs this just the states? Cause my pokerstars account still works and i live in canada.
Autor: Emilio Estevez
Autor@DerrenBrown100 It's truly sad and pathetic the way our freedom is slowly eroding away- just being pulled right from underneath our fucking feet! The masses have no clue, NO CLUE! As a collective, we deserve this, man. We deserve it. Harry Brown said the price of freedom is eternal diligence. We're not being diligent about our freedom. The government gets away with murder because we let them get away with murder. When the masses wake the fuck up, we'll see change.
Autor: DMTspice
Autor@jinkiju Well, if u dont believe the democracy works, then that is your opinion. I think democracy works and I dont want to change it. we've seen non-democratic countries around the world and none of them are as good as America, even with our faults.
Autor: ViciousOneWon
Autor@EpifanesEuergetes If the government is unable to control it, it therefore is made is illegal.
Autor: cpufightclub
Autor@Graffight ;;;;;;;;;;; That's brilliant! An extreme ideological hypothetical to back up your statement...Sounds like someone has been smoking the Beck pipe!;;;;;;;;;;;;; BTW MR. OW SO FULL OF SHIT, whose ass did you pull that little fun fact out of? Latinos are nearly on par with their population representation when it comes to prison rates, while white make up just under 40%...That's some funny math you tho if 100-40=90! And that's assuming anyone in their right mind can draw a causation between prison a corrupt gov
Autor: robinhoodOO7
Autor@frozencanuckreviews Thats it! Im moving! =P
Autor: Andy Gonzalez
Autor@Leadman1989 Wow, I figure u dont know the history behing anti-trust laws because ur statement that " if a casino wants to fuck over people fine they will go out of business" is absolutely ridiculous! Without govt regulation, America would be a horrible place to live!
Autor: ViciousOneWon
AutorGimme a break it's online! Some people prefer discretion. As soon as the 2000's hit things went downhill.
Autor: TheZeek
Autor@DerrenBrown100 except Freedom
Autor: eedobee
AutorEverything seems to be illegal in the USA.
Autor: DerrenBrown100
AutorI knew id never hit the bad beat jackpot at absolute poker!! I been trying for years.what a waste of time and effort,i always thought id hit it oneday.i guess i was wrong :(
Autor: highonbetter
Autor@mattownsu1 You white trash hippie, super power of the world haha. Your the Super joke of the world your whole country is corrupt to the core. Your Police beats litteraly society up, Your politicians are ALL bought. A 5-year old could hack into FBI,CIA and such in 5 seconds bypassing your superb technology it has been done over and over and over again. Piece of stupid (and i hope conservative tool) cause that would explain something at least.
Autor: DRock7977
Autor@EpifanesEuergetes Because they made it illegal during the Bush administration...probably because they couldn't tax it.
Autor: Vortex1988
Autor@cpufightclub yes. we are pretty much are doing the same thing we did 1000s of years ago but just consider ourselves more civilized because of the advancements made in society. how are we any different when we still gather, recite a book/, texts, and pray etc? isnt that the same thing the ancients did as well? i consider the receiving of the bread and wine ritualistic in a sense. imo being religious to ones self of ok, but using it as a reason to enforce the laws of society is something else.
Autor: digimon916
AutorGoldman Sachs rigs the economy to fail and then sells it short. Who's going to jail? The people committing petty crimes. The police are underpaid thugs for the wealthy class.
Autor: j0hnwi11iams
AutorGovt - because if you want to provide business that is competitive and markets want your service, you better pay to the right people in gov't.
Autor: romanmir01
Autor@EpifanesEuergetes Did you watch the video?
Autor: qwerty
Autor@DerrenBrown100 The land of the FREE haha :(
Autor: Leadman1989
AutorHahahha UltimateBet IS THE SAME THING as UB :P
Autor: gedwashere91
AutorI'm glad they were shut down, if for no other reason than that our local Rush-clone loves them.
Autor: JEFF9K
Autor@ArmedBrit - you can access full tilt. The software is still functioning and the website has been moved to a .uk domain name. As an American I can access the software but they've frozen my account and they won't let me sit at the tables.
Autor: Leggo My Ego
Autor@ToddGillies That disdain for this country is growing internally as well. Don't be surprised if there's another civil war here soon.
Autor: Philip Shaw
Autor@ViciousOneWon A Republic is a country that elects Representatives to run the Government. There will be a constitution and a bill of rights that will protect rights even if they are unpopular at the time. It also helps to protect minorities. This is the form of Government we have in the United States. People tend to forget this because our Government thinks that can bend and in many cases disregard the Constitution.
Autor: jinkiju
AutorIf your nation is one of freedom why is it that you cannot gamble
Autor: Zestylemons
Autor@nbluth08 Already on a new site: PPN, ever since Chuck Kidd spilled his guts on QuadJacks.
Autor: Darian Harman
AutorThe point of all Regulations is for the biggest ppl in that sector of the economy to regulate there competetion out the door look it up ever commitie overseeing any industry is bought by that industry this is the case againts Big Govt. the case against corpratism & the case for a free market. BTW the odds of winning a state run lottery are worse than any other form of gambeling
Autor: iamsean90
Autor@FireEmblemDemon its the fucking interwebs who gives two shits how i spell? apparently u i guess
Autor: Silent CG
Autor@zw0ecool Keeping it real and yes they are very beautiful.
Autor: DRock7977
Autor@johnmullerbach Lol i got my money within 20 it fat or what?:D
Autor: Yara Yumi
Autor@mS28811 Well there Social Security Card will most likely be in there Mom's Purse or Dad's Wallet so yes they do.....!
Autor@cpufightclub and so is school and Laws.........
Autor: Roberto Diaz
Autor@asdfgoogle To revolt against a democratically elected govt is tyranny. Take ur ass back to Iran with that shit!
Autor: ViciousOneWon
AutorYou can tread on a snake that has no fangs fang’s all you want, Preventing privet interests influencing and controlling you’re government is one main reason’s you have the second amendment. The problem is every one knows the government is corrupt but they won’t fight back as they are dependent on the state, because every one nowadays is too lazy or stupid to take care of themselves,freedom requires independence. But its ok go back to bed America, go buy another fucking iphone.
Autor: darkblood626
Autorthis girl is a retard
Autor: Justin Harker
Autorit's not illegal, the only thing that is illegal is depositing w a credit card through a bank. Still plenty of sites to choose from. :);;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; They can't arrest millions of US players even if they make it illegal.
Autor: Jamie Menuez
AutorWell, I would agree that there should not be a monopoly... but; The sites, if permitted, would need to meet existing standards. The existing casinos could do this. The question is, how would this be implemented, what size, would this apply to the Indigenous Americans, etc.
Autor: donjeremias
Autor"Now we're really a third world country......GET A LOAD OF NETFLIX!"
Autor: no go
AutorOnline poker is corrupt, no doubt about it.
Autor: Burnth eKoran
AutorWhy isn't the outrage here over censorship and the fascist dictators even having the ability to regulate the internet?? Net neutrality is failing, and censorship is a common occurrence in a variety of means. While people chase the profits, who is defending our liberties?? Didn't the military swear to stand against enemies "both foreign and domestic"?? WTF??
Autor: Razorlust
Autorthis is blatant corruption.....
Autor: Louis Yang
AutorNot all companies are corrupted. Poker stars specifically had every US dollar in hand and gave it to the US players
Autor: myrights90
AutorWhat about betting on sports? It's not the same thing? :)
Autor: blinddaterix
Autor@ccricers Well, thats life. The laws of our country allow politicians to take bribes. Thats the law and their is no way to change it. Every politician we elect needs bribes to get the money for their campaign. That money is obtained from campaign donation (aka bribes). Thats the system we have and it makes politician rich. So no matter how much we want govt funded campaigns, it will NEVER happen. Politicians make the laws and the laws make them rich. So why should they change it?!
Autor: ViciousOneWon
AutorIf anyone is wondering if you still can play, the answer is yes. Current sites im playing atm Bodog, CakePoker, BlueChipPoker and LockPoker..
Autor: TheCoconutVillage
Autor@cbrstunter24 rip stars
Autor: Tuber Youb
AutorThe conservatives love to use the word FREEDOM. They say the constitution is what they represent. The only part of the constitution they haven't betrayed is the few lines about how they can make the RULES. The rest of us have two freedoms. We have free speech for the most part, useless if you don't make the rules, and you are FREE to WORK TILL YOU DIE!
Autor: zappp111
Autor: DrewDude09
Autor@Houshalter The state is needed to keep order. I'm sure u agree. If ur conservative then we probably disagree about how much govt should be involved, but not whether or not govt should be involved at all. Because of course, govt should be involved and regulate business in America to some degree.
Autor: ViciousOneWon
AutorThe government imposing increasing absolute control on all financial dealings of American citizens to pay for tax cuts,welfare (individual and foreign and corporate),foreign empire, big business, donor and special interest favors. Always follow the money when it comes to politics. American politicians work hard for the special interests donors that pay to play with tens hundreds thousands dollars. Here Obama is probably crack down on internet Poker for Harry Reid and his Vegas donors.
Autor: Dave Ch
Autorlol not trying to be racist but I've actually done really well in poker since the U.S got cut out. Very generally not as much skill in South America/central America and Europe.
Autor: Chris Thompson
Autor@EpifanesEuergetes Dig into the history of Las Vegas and who was/is actually running the casino's. You'll find out quick enough. Good old US politics strikes again.
Autor: justl00king69
Autor@robinhoodOO7 - it is quite black and white here...The bigger gov't is, the more corrupt it becomes. Gov't protects the rights of minorities? yeah...that's why 90% of the prison population is minorities...cmon man think a little bit. The bigger gov't is, the less accountable it is, and the less likely people are to hold it accountable. Your right to smoke and drink are only there as long as the gov't sees fit to allow you those rights.
Autor: Robert Waters
Autorjust play poker with your friends, duh.
Autor: holdmybeer
Autor@kroutonjr if govt is run by idiots and Americans elect the idiots that run govt, then who are the real idiots?
Autor: ViciousOneWon
Autor: xillian344
Autor@ViciousOneWon oh, still in fantasy land where the government isn't fundamentally broken and what you ask government is always what you get from it.
Autor: ccricers
Autorand just to drive the point home. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. i do believe it says to the REPUBLIC for which it stands. im not saying America isn't a great place to live. i love it here. what i am saying is our government is corrupt. and the people of this nation need to take the power back. dismantle and rebuild is the only way.
Autor: jinkiju
AutorThis isn't a case of big corporations controlling the govt. An Australian man was caught processing hundreds of millions and did a plea to turn in the sites and show the govt how they were processing the transactions. Its a coincidence.
Autor: 2edsajdmsa
AutorIf you have yourself under control, gambling might be fun and great. But if not, it may destroy you and your family, and the very people who put up casinos and online gambling websites might very well try to bring the art of "destroying" people that way to perfection. That, in my eyes, would be immoral. Was, is, will be in the future. However: They can´t say it is OK for U.S.-companies to rip people off that way but NOT OK for others to do that.
Autor: taxiuniversum
Autor@asdfgoogle The only reason that its not "that easy" is because the American people are not monolithic. They all want different things. So "ridiculous" to one person is "sane" to another.;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; As far as corporations paying off politicians, remember that they CANT pay off VOTERS! So if a corp pays off a politicians to do something the people dont want, then the people have an opportunity to replace the politicians in elections. If people CHOOSE NOT TO replace them, then so be it! Its a democracy!
Autor: ViciousOneWon
Autor"nobody is above the law." MY ASS NO ONE IS !!!!!1 UNLESS YOU CAN PAY FOR IT!
Autor: NightmareAngelXIII
Autor@Gdayguy36 even not if i was gay ;)
Autor: Sarimae23
AutorI think only one little justification I could understand is that US government wants to keep the money flow internally. But please correct me, as to why this idea would be considered insignificant/unimportant.
Autor: OwnD1
AutorIm playing online poker right now.... In the US... lol;;;;;;;;;;;
Autor: twistedfocus100
Autor@cbrstunter24 < They want you fighting their next War; so forget poker. Why people keep calling poker gambling; war is gambling compared to this skillful game.
Autor: Zeno1999
AutorI love that live interactive transcript option.
Autor: Spiny Norman
Autor@LaBelleTML Really? Cos I'm in Japan and I can't see them...
Autor: samsara
AutorWhats all this I heard about land of the free?
Autor: toweronepower
Autor@EpifanesEuergetes I don't know if your stupid or trying to be funny but it was clearly explained in the video not to mention its common sense.
Autor: geekforlifevandc
AutorIf you can't win the game, buy the game. Typical American style.
Autor: Comp3630
Autor@ViciousOneWon not really. not so much. if we did. you wouldn't see peoples rights being stomped on on a daily basis. i read the papers, i watch the news. and i try to learn as much as i can off the internet. i take everything with a grain of salt. from religion and politics. to evolution creationism. i am not am extremist in any direction. to pick a side, would seem to me. to delude yourself to hidden agendas. and you cant honestly say that there aren't hidden agenda in the government.
Autor: jinkiju
Autor@ViciousOneWon Well at least that's a better response from the tautology you posted before. I do get your point, politics is in the pits because politicians see their work mostly as a way to get paid and not primarily to provide a service to people. This looks like a call to make our set of checks and balances more robust. Maybe that cycle should extend outwards from the government, to the constituents.
Autor: ccricers
Autoroh they have interactive transcripts now on youtube cool
Autor: DeagleBeagle
Autor@asdfgoogle I understand what ur saying. I just want you to understand that this govt is "ridiculous" BECAUSE the American people have decided that they want it to be "ridiculous". If the people wanted the government to be anything else, then they would elect people to change the govt into something that is not "ridiculous".
Autor: ViciousOneWon
Autor@ViciousOneWon Democracy is a form of Government where officials are elected and allowed to make decisions with out any safeguards. As an example I will use Australia. Australia is a Democracy. People are elected to office by the majority. They have complete control. Australia has no bill of rights. I have heard about the Australian Government censoring free speech. The have the legal authority to do this. In the end a Democracy is no better then a dictatorship. It amounts to mob rule.
Autor: jinkiju
Autor@LaBelleTML yeah its shutting down internet sites. I guess if its done for monetary gain, Its not tyranny? that doesn't even sound right when im typing it... i wonder if the FBI where "blocking" these type of sites while hilary was giving her promotion to freedom speech
Autor: joyariffic
AutorIt amazes me that a group of people smart enough to put together a multi-billion dollar industry in a matter of a few years isn't smart enough to realize that they need to pay off the mafia outlet that is our govt in order to stay in business.
Autor: argonaaut
AutorThe government wouldn't destroy a perfectly run railroad... sounds a little like Atlas Shrugged.
Autor: YouSayYouWantA
AutorMy money man. Leave me alone.
Autor@EpifanesEuergetes so much for a free country
Autor: StoneTNo5
Autor@ModeLTU NO they tax the one's in real life and they COULD do the same to the one's online but that's not what it's about if it was corporations making BILLIONS wouldn't be paying ZERO taxes Besides the government SHOULDN'T be regulating gaming anyway if a casino wants to fuck over people fine they will go out of business but if they don't it's nothing life threatening like say health care
Autor: Leadman1989
AutorThe U.S. likes to be #1 in everything. If we didn't have so many insane laws we might lose our coveted record for highest percentage of population in jail to one of our competitors like Russia or South Africa. How silly would we look then?
Autor: Nayr747
Autor@EpifanesEuergetes "With internet gambling ppl can gamble in their bathrobes!!" --quote from some douchebag Republican senator, forgot his name, apparently likes big government.
Autor: deveousdevil
AutorLOL Americas pathetic...
Autor: tumbipanther
AutorThe FBI needs to come down on market speculators and banking-gamblers for all of the exact same reasons.
Autor: Shelbzism
AutorCanada's looking better and better eh?
Autor: EkteBoy
Autor@Lockerzinvitesyinfo for cash that is..DUH... who the fuck wants to play for play money? what kind of freak queer bait...?
Autor: tutu tututu
Autor@zippyman818 CLICK THE MOUSE, BET THE HOUSE!;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Oh yes, the trite cliches are just lovely!
Autor: zippyman818
AutorSince when did illegal become e-legal? And I'm not even referring to the news item. It's the pronounciation that I'm talking about.
Autor: blechtic
Autorpokerstars com = shutdown pokerstars net = still up and running fulltiltpoker com = shutdown fulltilt net = still up and running
Autor: STKhero
Autor@mattownsu1 Well to be fair you'll be second in less then 5 years look it up American. And thank the federal reserve for fucking up the dollar LOLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.
Autor: NinjaChicken
Autor@ KripDrip: The gap between the rich and the poor keeps widening in the U.S.. Third world countries have their rich people, too (those who exploit these countries). If you wanna find out how developed a country is, one way is to check its social standards. Especially under G.W.Bush, there was a massive push of rich vampire-minds to grow at the expense of the poor masses, and the Republicans are fighting hard for that to go on. The "American Dream" as a sick ideal of reckless exploitation.
Autor: taxiuniversum
Autor@EpifanesEuergetes My thoughts exactly, lol.
Autor: Blacksnyder
Autorits illeagel cause the gov't thinks we are children & gambling is addictive.
Autor: cousinbecky
Autor@EpifanesEuergetes cause are country sucks ass, and has sucked since about 2001
Autor: Silent CG
Autor@Leadman1989 A conversation about how much govt is necessary is fine. I just thought u were saying that the govt shouldnt be involved at all.
Autor: ViciousOneWon
Autor@Hopeful71 actually it was meant to back up your comment. not to go against it XD just to reinforce how conservatives think, and what you say is basically what they think is evil. I dunno man. I am just at my limit with them to be honest. I wish they just came out and said they are just racist. It has mostly to do with that. unlress you are rich and conservative. know what I mean?
Autor: lordblazer
Autor@vaju79 ;;;;;;;;;;; It was made illegal during Bush's presidency...Where have you been?
Autor: robinhoodOO7
AutorThey had a free ride for 5 years.;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 75 middlemen involved in the money laundering, I wonder how many were "friends" of the banks and credit cards?
Autor: zippyman818
Autor: tutu tututu
AutorAll online poker sites are rigged..the only way for online poker to be fair would be to have a live dealer who shuffles the cards until then don't buy into the bll sht.
Autor: Jblade0077
Autorfuck america
Autor: puddum
AutorGet your fucking facts straight, people. The UIGEA was a bullshit line written into a port security bill in 2006, specifically regarding off-shore payment processing. This fiasco is not a crackdown on poker, it is a crackdown on fraudulent banking practices and money laundering. Online poker is legal in at least 48 states. Do you really think that if online poker was illegal, the FBI/DOJ would be giving me my bankroll back? Without interest, at that. Lol @ online poker being illegal.
Autor: Darian Harman
AutorYou guys didn't even touch on "the boy genius who brought down the poker industry" who apparently ratted them all out. Although the Vegas casino stuff is true, does the boy genius hold any truth or is it just a front by the American Gov't.
Autor: dbuzz
AutorIt's about the Money Lebowski!!! why doesn't the mainstream media report when things like this are going on?
Autor: kuunami
AutorToooo bad Americans your corrupted Government is fucking you in the ass again, Here in Sweden im not affected at all cause we dont have your complete meltdown of democracy. Land of the Free HAHAHA WHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT. Your country is so fucked up in so many ways and its sad its so fucking sad and it wont change in at least 50 years minimum. Why dont u start fucking do something about it you need a revolution your are so brainwashed not even a democratic president is good these days.
Autor: DRock7977
Autorwhat is all the fuss about, get a canadian credit card, get a canadian VPN account and play poker as before LoL,
Autor: Jon
AutorI can not feel the item, yet pokerstars genuinely only matched the first first deposit and gave me any $500 together with the particular $500 I recently deposited. I simply used the actual *marketingcode* psp15562 whenever registering.
Autor: Birgit Fobes
Autor@robinhoodOO7 - big government NEVER works for the people....NEEEVVVEEERRRRR
Autor: Robert Waters
Autor@ArmedBrit - Yeah, the US has control over all of the popular domains (i.e. .com, .edu, .co, etc.). The internet was invented by the US government and control of the internet really hasn't changed hands since then. Courts in the US can order any .com website to be seized. It is what it is. Full tilt switched to a .uk domain really quickly, but still.
Autor: Leggo My Ego
AutorFun fact: In Sweden we have ONE casino and the goverment owns it.
Autor: LetsPlayMineSweeper
Autor@Hevox89 I'm not saying whether I agree with it or not but, legally the government absolutely has the right and does tax winnings through gambling -- it is income is it not? And even with taxes eating their bottom line people would still play online poker. Well over 90% of people lose money playing, why do you think the industry exist?
Autor: jahs389
Autor@j0hnwi11iams Steal $100, go to jail. Steal $100,000,000 : Go to Costa Rica!
Autor: Ethan
Autor@Graffight ;;;;;;;;;;; You're right, a government (by your definition in which case all government is 'big government'), that protects the rights of minorities, "never works for the people". ;;;;;;;;; So to interpret that little ideological piece of unrefined shit of a statement, I'll assume that a government that protects my rights to smoke or drink (regardless of being limited in certain respects) isn't working for the people--even though some would see these rights taken away.;;;;;;;;;;;; It's not a black n white issue.
Autor: robinhoodOO7
Autor@LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS U said, "There are better games out there like Craps." LMAO Of ur long lecture, that is the FUNNIEST MOST RIDICULOUS thing u said. LMAO;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; I got my money back before the sites were confiscated. But I understad ur concern about people losing their money. But, if u do something illegal and u lose ur money, then that the price of doing something illegal.
Autor: ViciousOneWon
AutorA dirty, unethical casino? Say it aint so? Only complete idiots gamble anywhere!
Autor: TruthAndMoreTruth
AutorIf I give you 1 million dollars it's perfectly legal. If I give you 1 million dollars for have a better hand then me in poker it's illegal. Wtf is wrong with this picture?
Autor: Ramel34
Autor@2011blueman that sucks man. I just looked at the standard site. Its still ridiculous, Full Tilt is based in the Channel Islands (Alderney IIRC) The US Federal Government should have no jurisdiction over a site, based outside the USA with gambling that is technically happening outside US boarders.
Autor: ArmedBrit
Autor@Magic612Fan go to wwwlockpoker35com .... i had my account up and running in 5 minutes using my debit card, plus i get 35% rakeback every day and a 200% sign up bonus ... i play poker every day from Indiana because i went to wwwlockpoker35com
Autor: john shearer
AutorOne word PROXY :)
Autor: Leadman1989
AutorThe FBI didn't shut down these sites, they just blocked them from viewing in the USA. I can still access all of them where I'm from
Autor: M Labelle
Autorwe're a 3rd world country and the solution is to vote democrat, right?
Autor: zendingo19
Autor@ccricers The govt is NOT broken. It is working the way our laws intend. Our laws allow politicians to take bribes and call them campaign donation. That is the law! So the govt is working exactly as it is supposed to work, according to the law.
Autor: ViciousOneWon
Autor: tylowylo12321
AutorTruer words never spoken, Turks
Autor: XzasMusic
Autor@LaBelleTML And where are you? Cus im here in the UK and i can't see them.
Autor: BeTheGrayMan
AutorPlaying online poker is dumb you will play against hackers.
Autor: codename7000
Autor@xanos4225 hells yes. Roll dem bones
Autor: Pivotal_Life
Autor@DarianHarman US players are welcome and you can get 35% rakeback by going to wwwlockpoker35com
Autor: john shearer
Autorpokerstars still works it isnt closed :/
Autor: pamirshknx
AutorSites are still going long, you just can't play if yore from the states
Autor: Sandeep Kumar
AutorWe are making ground with PPA on face book. If you have not already done so, make sure you come and join.
Autor: Michael Perry
AutorI blame Full Tilt for not buying off politicians themselves. A few hundred thousand in investment would guarantee a safe place for their rake.
Autor: mrt110883
AutorYou people in America have Zer000000000000000000000000000000 Power its 500 guys in Washington and a couple of dozens of billionaries that have 100% POWER you got NOTHIIIIIIIIIIING. They control u and everything around you THEY OWN YOU. Your like Iraq Libya Egypt your just as bad no actually worse cause you cant see it at least in those countries they KNEW the government was fucking them in the ass.
Autor: DRock7977
AutorOnline poker is illegal in the U.S.? Wtf? Why?
Autor: EpifanesEuergetes
Autor@LEARNTOPLAYCRAPS Spoken like a true U.S. Casino owner!
Autor: ViciousOneWon
AutorOnline poker is not illegal,get your facts straight.The bill that was passed in 2006 has a grey area whether poker is gambling or a skill game.Obviously its a game of skill.The banks on the other hand have no grey area by how the bill was written.Money in Neteller was frozen for about 6 months after the bill passed,and the players got the money back.Why it took 4 years for Gmen to shut the sites down is beyond me.I heard that thats how long the process took to eventually start a case.
Autor: mark ymark
AutorIf Cenk has balls he'll cover this story on MSNBC
Autor: Not N/A
Autor@TsugaruClan 1million thumbs ups.
Autor: ooMONKEYoo
AutorAhhh, the American way. Instead of competing, lobby to make your competition ILLEGAL. Cough cough...alcohol industry to Marijuana.
Autor: kuunami
Autor@zappp111 Correction, work is a privilege to these people. So is speech in the workplace. You are free to die.
Autor: j0hnwi11iams
Autori want to move out of the USA. I'm only 20. How much will it cost me?
Autor: uvion
AutorWell all those sites mentioned appear to still be operating in Canada. I don't know if that's a good thing or not?
Autor: PirateFish1
Autoryou soo stooopid
Autor: Clayton Hamm
Autor@TsugaruClan They're not allowed to crackdown on their boss.
Autor: Ethan
Autor@nolangwhite Question "why doesnt the govt stop taking bribes?" Answer: Because it makes them rich. And that will NEVER change.;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Campaign finance laws make govt official rich and govt officials make campaign finance laws! It is unreasonable to expect the people in charge the system that makes them rich! So we have to live with it forever!
Autor: ViciousOneWon
AutorYeah, thank you so much FBI. We got hackers, child porn sites, kidnappers, drug bosses and international crime syndicates but, dont worry about those. Online gambling is FAR more dangerous than those petty criminals. I would MUCH rather be living next door to someone who could kidnap my son or daughter and force them to do porno shoots than live next door to someone that wastes their own money on an online gambling site, right? /End sarcasm.
Autor: Hawkeye117
AutorI like it when Cenk goes on a trip and starts calling people "bitches!" That's gangsta!
Autor: echosixnoble

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