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Autorhi I just downloaded this and I put guest and put sign up what happens next the voice says "goodbye!" and it puts me back to choose guest new member and stuff so can you help me please?
Autor: Ertx
AutorThey just recently informed users of the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) program that they're going to discontinue it effective December 15th, 2017. I'm honestly shocked it made it that long. I don't know too many people who still use messenger.
Autor: Finest Citizen
Autor: naota3k
AutorI miss chatrooms. They were such a cool way to talk to people.
Autor: Patchouli Colt
Autor: Hagakure my Yasuhole
AutorThis video really brings me back to when I was first online. My parents also had a Vista phone, which had really basic online functions, like CallMall and Joke of the Day. I remember being super interested in just how much random knowledge you could find in what seemed like tucked away places.
Autor: Rupert Buttermilk
AutorTry testing AOL 8.0, that would be fun.
Autor: Rocky Lincourt
AutorAw man I'm watching this in 2017 so it's probably no good at the moment,
Autor: Great Man, Who Is a Man of Deeds
Autoris there a way to just connect from lan or direct p2p?
Autor: Ralphunreal
AutorI'm just a few years older than you, maybe five, and chat was such a big deal to me when my family first got AOL in 94/95. It blew my mind that I could chat with anyone in the world in real time about anything. Of course, now who cares?
Autor: Ben Goza
Autorman, this takes me back. like you, i remember using AOL as a little kid back in the 90's and as a little kid, it blew my mind. unlike you though, i was a big user of the chat rooms and i loved talking with different people about a wide variety of topics. i actually have nice memories of it as i got to talk to a lot of pretty cool people. like i said, as a kid, it just blew my mind as it felt like the world was completely open to me. and i too loved the channels as they did indeed look better than just about any website at the time. i specifically remember the video game channel called Antagonist (or ANT). as a gamer back in the 90's, that was awesome. anyone else remember that?

of course, in retrospect, AOL was super bloated and didn't always run very well. ah, well. thanks for bringing back the memories. oh, and that random instant message from 'Danielle' was hilarious. and the fact that real people are apparently still in AOL chat rooms kind of creeps me out.
Autor: azn1011
AutorI remember when I was young I used to just click on random AOL chatrooms and just "Troll" them, although I didn't even know the word troll at the time
Autor: PsychoIncarnate
AutorStr8 naked dudes!
Autor: Adam Katt
AutorOh, how I missed those chat rooms. I spent endless hours roleplay chatting (not sexual role play) in those rooms.
Autor: Darkside
AutorYou're in Fletcher? Cool. I grew up in Greenville
Autor: elektrosoundwave
AutorGood god was that a bot? Maybe a scammer still using aol? Either way that made my day
Autor: John Lucas
AutorYou realize "She" is still waiting for you to light her ciggy..... then again, she probably found this video and feels like a nitwit.
Autor: Tedybear315
AutorI miss the days of AOL, it was such a big deal back then and we all used it. I miss that You got mail thing, i miss AOL all together.
Autor: Rebel Jeep
AutorI WANTED TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!! D;<
Autor: MrEpic9000
AutorThat old age/sex/city question XD
Autor: CluelessGmer
Autorhow the hell is AOL still alive???? :(
Autor: Dev S
AutorI remember using AOL way back in the day when I was still on dial up, then I eventually started using NetZero before I finally switched to DSL :)
Autor: KingHenryVR4
Autor OMG That is exactly how it was!!! lol
Autor: Chris Lesmerises
Autorstill waiting for you to light my cigarette...
Autor: DJOB1971
AutorClint's laughter is like being kissed by an angel.
Autor: sonikmuff
AutorThe greatest loss of the dotcom bubble burst isn't all the money down the drain, but rather the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of websites and rings that have vanished without a trace from history. Web archival is a thing now but I still sometimes wonder what might fall through the cracks.
Autor: Loliwut
AutorLet us know if that Disk with the latest version of AOL ever arrives!
Autor: EdgyShooter
AutorNow run it on Linux!
Autor: Nether Noah
Autorfuck i'm late
Autor: Blue Dragon
AutorAOL best animu.
Autor: James Smith
Autorwow im surprised people even use AOL chatrooms still!
Autor: girlstorm09
AutorThis comment is way late but I watched this and it reminded me of trying to get SeaMonkey working on linux which was the early Mozilla suite of programs that is made to look like netscape navigator. good times.
Autor: Joe Abbey
AutorThanks for taking us all down memory lane.
Autor: Larry Gall
Autor... Secret Soviet Archives?!?
Autor: Guardian978
AutorWhen we first got an modern computer in 1998 we signed up for AOL. Then the phone bill came in the mail. Needless to say, there wasn't a local dial in number for AOL, and the long distance bill was super high, and my mom flipped. She called up the phone company, and they graciously gave her a refund on most of the long distance part and also set us up for regular dial up Internet.
Autor: lwvmobile
AutorHey, it still works.
AutorOh god, AOL was my haunt when I was like 12-14. I don't remember how I got it, but I somehow got a staff version of the client. Never could do any of the staff things like booting people offline, but I could get to some keywords I wasn't supposed to and it didn't properly enforce screenname limitations(say hello to TOS Enforcer 5...)

Most of the time, I was that little shit running around pretending to be AOL staff and phishing people. Funny how nobody notices when extra screennames come up on their accounts...

If you ever got a colorful flashing IM that crashed your computer, might've been me. Punted, fool!
Autor: DEAD_P1XL
AutorI honestly thought AOL was stupid. Still do.
Innovative, sure, but too much gimmick, not enough stability.
But, c'est la vie.
Autor: Amy Carter
AutorRemember Blast Zorak?
Autor: Think A Little
AutorSomething about your videos just make me cozy.
Autor: Kobi Benlevi
Autoraol of today is here. donload link :
Autor: i am good and awsome
Autorwhere i can download AOL Web Browser ?
Autor: French American
AutorI fucking laughed so hard when that chat popped up.
Autor: Mizakit Ioni
AutorI was born in 2002 and my family never got AOL but I have a few memories of being 2 or 3 and playing with the junk mail disks they'd send you
Autor: Flowerperson Minianer
AutorWow, this is a testament to the backward compatibility of Windows.. crazy stuff
Autor: Dhruv Warrier
AutorI remember sharing my Duke Nukem mods on AOL file share section or whatever.
Also playing text adventure MMOs.
Autor: youreallinsane
AutorMy guess as to why certain things had different dates when they were last updated would be that AOL was relying on lots of different micro services with different vendors. Each of the vendors had different depreciation dates, so each stopped working at a different time.
Autor: colorfinger
Autorwhat is AOL anyway
Autor: Khairil Ashraf samsudin
AutorAOL is now a dumpster fire
Autor: ClairechanGaming
AutorI love the part when that chat pops up:D
Autor: Philip Morris
AutorRemember mIRC? When people said "16 year old pics" (I was 10 and wanted to see older high school girls to me, but that would be sick now obviously even 20 seems too young for me let alone 18) it was really that. I saw chat rooms for MUCH younger like 8 years old children and I suspect that what is was inside them. It took the government years to find out people were abusing kids and posting pictures on AOL. Pedophiles were using AOL for hundreds of hours each month vs. normal accounts and probably making money off it to afford the bill (AOL was hourly back then most ISP were 25-50 hours a month!). Yes there was a point where child abuse was rampant on the internet but luckily the government shuts that down.
Autor: Dave B
AutorHey, it works in 2016, so it should work in 2017.
AutorYou have to call them up and ask for an OH account. Then you can do anything.
Autor: Andy Ortlieb
AutorAOL should keep their servers going just for pure nostalgia and for reliving an important part of computing history. Even if they charged something like $10 a year, it would be worth it for some of us...
Autor: Joe Blow
AutorI don't know. I never liked it, and even back in '98 I always thought that the only people using it were those who didn't know how to internet.
Autor: Gerd L. Plüü
AutorDamn that was a fast sign in. It used to take me 2 minutes
Autor: CJ Walters
Autoranyone who is still on an AOL CHAT ROOM in 2017 is probably conspiring on some illegal shit. haha
Autor: ziggamon
AutorHey Clint, you may want to come back 2+ years later and do a video on AOL Desktop. ttp://.
Autor: Kenneth Meyers
Autor The last chat room is in diapers
Autor: Lakeside Miners
Autor did I just read Algeria?
AutorThis video is great your nice to listen too lol
Autor: lue
AutorI use to smash so much poon off of aol chatrooms. A/S/L? ha ... good ol days
Autor: The Godfather
Autor: JC MusicAndLyrics
AutorI miss all the jr high drama on AIM lol
Autor: Rachel Magowan
AutorThis episode was like a tech version of Dead Malls
Autor: Jason Faught
AutorSome say that her Cigarette is not lit to this day
Autor: Random Comment
AutorAOL is still alive today, its just a online media company now
Autor: A true meme master
AutorDoes it still work?
Autor: Koushiro Izumi
Autorremember that hack prog, "AOHell"? fun stuff when it worked.
Autor: jey lee
Autor"Str8 Naked Buds" chatroom.

Hmm.. sounds.. str8.
Autor: naota3k
AutorI’m really sad that AIM is about to be discontinued come December 2017, though my last friend that I used to communicate with through AIM on my iPhone just died last month so it seems AIM is dying with him along with the past and 15 years of text history between me and my ex girlfriends through middle and high school and college from 2000 to 2009 about. Memories disappearing :(
Autor: Chris Anderson
AutorI worked for AOL Games in the 1990s. 'Murder Mysteries Online' was one of the first games we launched. It was a text-based whodunit. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!
Autor: Follow The Sun
AutorHey, fantasy role play! Let’s check this out! Lol
Autor: Mr Cat
Autorrun it on 98
Autor: lee nevin
Autor3DGAMEMAN do u remember him where did he go
Autor: tntparapleion
Autorthe "that's AOL whoooo!" part made me lol hard
Autor: Dee Ca.
AutorImmediately AOL has good taste, no clue which "BIONICLE DVD" they're using, but my best guess would be Mask of Light. Either way, depending on the last update, could be that, or Legends of Metru Nui, although I feel like they'd call that "BIONICLE 2 DVD." Any Miramax BIONICLE film is good though, even if it they all had some flaws.

Never used AOL, but if I did, I bet I would have loved watching the movie on there if I hadn't already had Mask of Light on VHS.
Autor: ToaKoran
AutorWhat about CompuServe?
Autor: Elinars
AutorI can't believe there's a 1996 Twilight chat movie room, that's awesome. (The movie from 1996, I mean) it's a pretty good movie
Autor: Cranberry_The_XVIII
AutorDaleeeeeee bájatelo a la computadora...
Autor: AN on
AutorMy grandma still has an aol email to this day.
Autor: SCSII
AutorThe first way I connected to the internet wow.
Autor: Refined Gentleman
AutorAwesome to see chat rooms are still alive. In 1994 I frequented Ten Forward Lounge. :D
Autor: sarysa
AutorLong Live AOL 4.0
Autor: Hoesville 95
Autor@Lazy Game Reviews, Thanks for the nice flashback :)
We called AOL (The Gated Garden) I was on AOL from around 1990 untill 2015 when Verizon destroyed it. I've for a long time had a gmail accout. But would go back every once in a while because it felt so much like stepping back in time. I use to play Pogo games which AOL owned then. And then there was [email protected] with all kinds of great artist cutting videos of mini concerts and the origional Uppluged. People were much more polite back then too. One of the nice things about AOL was that you knew everyone had credit, because AOL required a credit card before they allowed a bank account and then later the pre paid credit cards. AOL got a lot right with an online comunity, they could have stayed on top if they would have grown with the times. R.I.P. Good Ole safe for the whole family AOL.
Autor: Diversified Dame
AutorSo this one is gone. Do any other old version still work?
Autor: ZipplyZane
AutorWhen your on mobile and he doesn't include a timestamp
Autor: Ben Anon
AutorI LOVE the fact that you got an IM hahahaha
Autor: RewindMike
Autorit's funny people still use aol 4.0
Autor: bnerd1
AutorProbably the safest way to hide from the FBI watchlist is to go on AOL chat rooms
Autor: lol
Autorthat person wanting a cigarette is probably a 68 year old man. you saved him health issues for years to come
Autor: Annah Hinman
AutorWow, this feeling of nostalgy about the old warm internet... We didn't have AOL in Russia, but I'm feeling the same as author.
Autor: Dmitrii Nikolaev
AutorI thought there will be no sign of life
Autor: Stranded Cat
AutorI remember this was how I used the internet back in 2001 when I was in my last year of highschool
Autor: Shawn Burton
AutorI'd like to say that these chat rooms are fucking creepy...all I can picture is some old man in a basement on windows 98 se drinking Mountain Dew asking ppl to help him out of his basement he's been locked in since 1998
Autor: Skyelar Murray
AutorDoes this work in 2018?
Autor: Matthew W.
AutorMakes me want to install AOL 2.0 with some proggies and start punting suckas...
Autor: Sean C.
AutorNo 14.4 baud dial/connect sound.

Into the trash it goes.
Autor: Jaybird
Autor: ButterH2
Autor"secret soviet files" lol
Autor: Mobface
Autorholy shit the bionical DVD I feel old now
Autor: sheparddog117
AutorRussian Seattle chatroom lol
Autor: Ruvim Garkusha
AutorI still use Paint Shop Pro Version 5, build date march 1998. Works great. 20 years old in 10 days!
Autor: Kie 7077
AutorCRAP. im in 2017
Autor: Keegan Catey
AutorI still use my AOL email address as my main email from back in the day. This is bringing back the memories!
Autor: goldendeity
Autori have AOL 6.0 on windows 7 and new aol
Autor: Kristal B
AutorHey, it works in 2016, so it should work in 2017.
AutorMy mom still uses aol to this day..2018
Autor: Eric G
AutorIt said it’s closing in 2015. It’s 2017 now, and I really want to do this. That’s sad.
Autor: ItsLucas
AutorThis made my night, hahah
Autor: Here Be Barr
AutorIs this on Wayback Machine?
Autor: John S.
AutorYou live in NC? Nice.
Autor: CJ Burkey
AutorSome how I got aol 5.0 to work in 2018
Autor: Liam Productions
AutorAol keyword sonic 3!
Autor: Liam
AutorCan it run on Linux?
Autor: Nether Noah
AutorDude you should have went for it with Danielle. Red haired MILFS are hard to come by.
Autor: skudzer1985
AutorLooked to see when this video was uploaded and realized I'm two years late dam it !!!
Autor: Austin D
Autor"Christian Moms 2, Breakfast Club, MY WIFE... oh dear..."
Autor: Ambient Relaxation
Autor: DuckGWR8
AutorI remember mountains in NC! Only way to get internet!
Autor: dervanator
Autorits 2017 and i am watching this
Autor: mïrąñdā čøsgrōvė sweg
AutorI used to love chatting on aol chat rooms while listening to aols radio stations 80s music right around 2002-2003. It was loads of fun. Lol!
Autor: juan's Dawon
Autormy chat program of choice was vplaces , which is still up and running but now costs $10 a month or $80 a year :(
Autor: sumo8675309
Autor: Richard Rico
AutorNo record found for this comment
Autor: BH09 Classic on topic gaming GF-Shorts
AutorGod i miss those days, i feel like crying because i miss the sense of adventure, it almost felt like diving into another world then... i still have my grandmothers old Compaq Oersario desktop from 1997, slot one P2 processor, wierdly had dimm and simm memory slots...had 32mb of ram originally, i messed around and shoved 768mb in it...i remember the first time i heard of a system having more than 1GB of ram... i was totally in awe... circa 2004...
Autor: fadingbeleifs
Autorany news if it still works?
Autor: Fallout Floyd
AutorWhat a weird and wonderful zombie time-capsule ^^
Autor: Benjamin Philipp
AutorAh, what a sendoff to venerable old 90's AOL.
It fascinates me, finding old corners of the internet that by all rights should have been switched off decades ago. For example, earlier this year I somehow stumbled onto the TBS Dinner and a Movie website circa 2001. I'd gotten "beans and cornbread" stuck in my head, so I googled and somehow found myself browsing turn of the century TV listings.
Autor: The Garden of Eatin
Autor: koffinkat666
Autor please don't swear
Autor: Aaron 'Marth8880' Gilbert
AutorI did this with gamespy arcade a couple of times when the general chat server was still online after it's demise.
Autor: Bro. Matthew - PvtMadnage
AutorThe amazing thing is over 2mill people in the US STILL use AOL dailup!
Autor: TheNiceJackass
Autorwhat does the new version it tries to upgrade you to look like ?
Autor: Ciarán Farley-Toone
AutorAmerica’s gonna need this now!
Autor: Hak Bak
AutorI love the old AOL. I hate the new one.
Autor: Truth Seeker
AutorYour a strange guy
Autor: Sir LurksaLot
AutorIt was kind of nice that there was that one stop shop for everything, I mean today you have multiple things on your computer to serve the same function as that one stop shop.

Want an instant messenger? Get Skype or Discord, and also go to your web browser for browsing the internet, and if you want games use the Xbox app, or Steam, use the news app, use the sports app.

In AOL or MSN it was all there under one roof
Autor: Icybubba
AutorI loved AOL UK in the early 2000s installed AOL 6.0 first on my Windows machine.. it was from ASDA (Walmart) branded disc they had with a Rugrats game installed ... also an AOL 7.0 Die Another Day James Bond themed disc... AOL was like gold to me back then lol so many AOL memories i loved the graphics
Autor: lue
Autor: JesterFace05
AutorAre you still in touch with Danielle?
Autor: dario
AutorLOL windwois 8.1 a modern machine? you should realise your title is always going to be obsolete now...
Autor: Under A Bridge Too Far
AutorI would have loved to see what keyword "cnet" brought up. Yeah, it's a website now, but back then they had their own channel, and even a freaking TV show (Which would eventually become TechTV, then G4, and as of this writing Esquire)
Autor: Michelle Theado
AutorLove your channel, it makes me squirm in a weird way to watch you fighting against this hell for almost no reason apart from personal satisfaction. Feels identical to me right now trying to write my own open world 3D game. Not to mention back in the 90s I was still totally Amiga based and this PC stuff seemed like hell, even when it was supposed to be state of the art!..
Autor: Radiant Silver Labs
AutorMore like, classic LOL on Windows. 😎 But seriously, this old software makes me soooo nostalgic for the Windows versions long past.
Autor: YT Pewp
AutorThis sounds like literal hell. . . any use of AOL. My company uses AIM for company messaging, it's like a step back in time
Autor: Patchouli Colt
AutorI use aol desktop still
Autor: Jonathan Soko
AutorThat moment when you realize you live in the same town as LGR... :O
Autor: telecomguy10
AutorI don't know much about AOL's culture, but you seriously think someone saying they are in their 40's is lying? As an older woman myself, I promise you I'd NEVER admit I was a day over 29 if I wanted to lie to appear sexier >.< Shame on you not lighting that poor girl's cigarette!
Autor: Feyora
AutorAnyone remember the "illegal operation" for waol.exe after it froze? 🤣
Autor: John Brooks
Autor: Steve McDaniell
AutorI used to have AOL 4.0 on my computer.
Autor: Pentium 486sx
AutorAOL 9 me
Autor: lee nevin
Autorlove your channel, it brings up a great series of memories from growing up in the 90's. Did you ever use Juno (sp?) email? It was a free email service provider in the mid 90's that even provided the servers to connect to for sending/receiving your email -- should you not have an internet connection service. Being 12 at the time, it's interesting to think back at how much i was able to do through a free dial-up email service (split zip file transfers, static/offline visible sites & images).

I also would use it as an alibi a year later whenever I would get caught tying up the phone. My parents didn't really understand the internet; which is funny, because, now my well paying career and passion as an adult is entirely entrenched in computers and web development :D Oh the 13 year old using his sisters CC# to activate those AOL trial memberships over and over to get free internet would be proud. It was stupid easy to get AOL for free, customer service would even extend it out most times so I didn't have to cancel that month, haha.
Autor: Ryan Valizan
AutorI remember seeing these Aol disks almost everywhere. I know I got a bunch of them in the mail.
Autor: Scout Moser
AutorAOL we'll miss you
(no not really)
Autor: TheKHfan358over3d
AutorAOL got rid of the email service, I made an email but couldn't enter my mail box. So sad!
Autor: Alex Maley
Autori had aol in the uk...52k dial up...the good old galaxy was a godsend
Autor: navijatt
AutorIs this still works?
Autor: Isaac Samaniego
Autor "Trailer: The Crocodile Hunter is available NOW on DVD and video"???
So what about the trailer?
Are they saying I should buy the DVD to watch the trailer in the bonus material in order to gauge whether I should buy the DVD? O.o
Autor: Benjamin Philipp
AutorDude. I miss the chat rooms!!
Autor: Rehab. Halim
AutorI remember back in highschool (00-05) the teachers used to tell the other students off for using chat rooms. I never ever used them as I wasn't interested in it, but its funny seeing this in retrospect now haha.
Autor: 3800Tech
AutorWhen you want 30 min of nastalga like back into the 90s but you forget aol shut down a long time ago and your stuck in 2018
Autor: Nick August
AutorOops. Too late. Oh well.
Autor: Marc Field
AutorDamn....nearly 3 years too late to use all that is the glory of AOL one last time... So many hours of fun in the chat rooms.
Autor: Ask Me
Autora time Maschine :D
Autor: ThePixelitomedia
AutorGod I remember aohell back in the 90's. You could NEVER cancel your account and they'd keep charging your bank acct. or phone bill. You'd have to cancel your bank acct. before they'd stop auto-billing it. If you paid by phone bill you could dispute the charge with your phone company or change you number/service.
They got sued many,many,many times for not letting members cancel. I hear their new-ish ceo is a real dick.
Autor: MegaHellsy
AutorI still got thousands of hours of free AOL.
Autor: Sapphire Destiny
AutorRemember the old payed subscruption games like "splatterball"
Autor: Baltimore Actual
Autorwho's watching in 2018
Autor: kubagurPL
AutorOmg ASL Anyone?? loL
Autor: Mike Pina
AutorWelcome! You have aids!
Autor: DreamVikings
AutorI remember sometimes getting these in the mail on a disk... never signed up for it but they used to come for free which was actually pretty cool... And then they stopped
Autor: Rex Gaming
AutorI bet she is still waiting for him to light her cigarette.
Autor: Alan Weber
AutorRIP Steve Irwin
Autor: dreamihad
AutorMan why did you install this? AOL software was cancer...
Autor: sillybaboy
AutorI love watching your videos of old computers and the history of computer-based companies. I am going to college right now to pursue in IT and I like to know the history of the personal computer and you tell it well.
Autor: RetroFlyer98
AutorHey there big boy. LIGHT MY CIGARETTE!?!
Autor: DaedalusMK0
AutorI cried laughing
Autor: NattyCircuS
AutorI had AOL since about July 1994, so I seen it all. Fav'd and favorited this.
Autor: Geoffr524
Autoris that dial up ?
Autor: TheTexasOOF Gamer
AutorThis has the feeling of that youtube channel where the guy goes around dead shopping malls and comments on them as the empty hallways with few remaining shops linger.
Autor: ekstrajohn
AutorI'm pretty surprised that there were some people in the chatrooms still holy crap.
Autor: MySoul YourBeats
AutorAww yeah that's the real shit baby!!!
Autor: System509
AutorThat takes me back to when was a kid. Spent alot of time on it in the early 2000s.
Autor: AnAmericanDodo
AutorThe bots will always live on!
Autor: tech 101
AutorAYEEEEEEEEEE Asheville!!!! I'm an NCer too <3
Autor: Clara Jane Maynard
AutorSteve Irwin? Crikey Mate! Mate you should have lit her cigarette for her.
Autor: Harry
AutorDamn im 1year later -_-
Autor: M4GiK T1G3R
AutorAOL kept me in 3.5" disks and coasters during college.
Autor: aggierev
Autor aka "The most historical LGR Moment"
Autor: 3Core
AutorHaha, that chatroom. It's like going to a museum and find people living in a old camping van, that is on display.
Autor: Arno nümuss
Autor Clints evil laugh
Autor: The Charles Show
AutorAOL chat STILL banging out spam!
Autor: Wiggysan Wiggysan
Autormaybe I'm sad but I use AOL sounds, such as you got mail and the messenger sound for Gmail and Wechat respectively.
Autor: Craig Ian Smith
AutorI remember my first online experience was prestel on a dragon 64 back in 84. Couldn't do much tho apart from order stuff out the littlewoods catalogue. If you could do a vid of the dragon 64 online with prestel that would be cool.
Autor: Kurt D
Autoralways run ublock origin :)
Autor: Phatboi
AutorYou should have visited a gopher site
Autor: Sam Eash
Autorsome say Danielle is still messaging lazygamereviews...
Autor: phodder
AutorYou have spend 0 minutes online. your pricing plan this billing cycle is for unlimited use
Autor: кто что

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