Wizard101 2017 Test Realm Sapoti Wooden Key Boss Drops List

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Autorno mounts
Autor: Matthew
Autorhope ya get better that voice though XD you sound liek darth vader :P
Autor: b0e.
AutorP.S. hope ya feel better soon ;)
Autor: Scot Wyland
AutorYou sound so good dang lol
Autor: Wolf Bow
AutorThanks a bunch, as always nice to see what they drop, I like the wand look is about it for that boss :)
Autor: Scot Wyland
Autorcan we meet up on wizard??
Autor: justinnn
AutorCan you do more glitches about houses
Autor: Ultimate night
Autorsome interesting drops
Autor: JacobLeWild
AutorYou lost your accent lol
Autor: Danny aye
AutorNo mounts aww man
Autor: Uzair Bloach
AutorHope you feel better soon buddy 💟😄.
Autor: ScarvanessHunter
AutorNeeded to know this!! I don't know whether Sapoti is worth it now :/
Autor: CrazyAd Williams
AutorI wouldn't mind getting the wand for my death wizard, being the level he is. He uses the wand that gives healing current from the grand tourney, it's useless for him so the death wand could be very useful. Although, he isn't much of an attacker—being a low level with no AOE, I got the Deer Knight jewel, but it can't be used by him due to his level (18). The pet in my opinion could be useful for a jade, I don't have one, but, I have a life wizard who tanks, so the pet is probably a good choice for I currently use a first gen Sea Dragon.

Personally though—the gear is crap—even for a person of that level, they can get better, considering they are a member if they can reach Krok, they'd also level up in no time, thus rendering the wand useless. Making the wands balance, or somewhat equal to something of the next major levels, 20 & 25, would be beneficial, as most of the "good" gear bosses are outside of Wizard City. And once reaching level 30, you can then do Mount Olympus & use the iron hasta.
Autor: Lokai Koyuki
AutorWhat the heck you sound like a totally different person lol
Autor: Maria Sparkle
AutorDid it drop bag space?
Autor: Dj Wards
AutorI would run him to pass his gear down, but wood keys are so hard for me to find ;-; i ran the same key dropping boss after having to run the dungeon over and over and only got one key in two hours
Autor: desperate turd

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