ROBLOX Welcome to Bloxburg: How to create custom signs for your hotel/restaurant

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Autor: Gacha Bear
Autoryea It didn't work for me
Autor: DatPotatoTho ***
AutorDon’t hate ur self everyone is different an plus I kinda like it
Autor: Lilmvpgamer
Autorwhen i go on develope it doesn't show what it shows you ): i am giving thumbs down
Autor: Bella Gomez
Autoryour voice sounds fine lol
Autor: Vanilla Arendt
AutorThank you so so so so much! It was very helpful and i love it!
Autor: Ashleigh Meader
Autor: Vinh Lam
AutorThere is no develop tab anywhere. What should i do now :PPPPP
Autor: Jamello
AutorThanks bro!
Autor: Boss912 Mic
Autordevelop page doesn't exist
Autor: nikoplayz
AutorTy this really helped me :)
Autor: Queen Poopoo
AutorWow dud
Put so much effort on the hotel
Autor: Amazing SuperMagicRoblox
AutorThanks! This helped me make my own ice cream shop!
Autor: SuperHappyNoob
AutorCan u help me
AutorThis worked for me and I’m on HP
Autor: Aurozia Builds
AutorThank you so much but I put myself you see my youtube profile pick I put that and the words "At the beach" roblox said it was innaopropiate. MY LIFE IS SAD. This still helped a lot thanks! I subscribed for you and I liked this video
Autor: Sophia Forever
Autor294 x 172 for the image.
Autor: Brian Scorpio
Autormy speakers where blowing! xD the sound! lol it's not ur fault dough xD it's mine loved it! thaaaaaaaaaaaanks!!!
Autor: RayzBow
AutorGreat Video Thx So Much u deserve more subscribers but if u want more subs u should fix ur lag
Autor: ChetPlayz
AutorThanks But, How I get That Board?
Autor: Airon y Kendra Studios
AutorYour voice is amazing it sounds like the mum from incredibles
Autor: Marvel Lamb
AutorFNAF 2
Autor: HomieGhastMusic
AutorYou just earned yourself a subscriber
Autor: Subscribe Pls
Autori could not even hear you
Autor: Emma Zayac
AutorThanks this really helped me out soooo much <3 <3 <3
Autor: Esme
AutorSubbed. I didn't even try this yet, this channel just seems great. :P
Autor: Lizzie The Movie
Autori cant really hear ur voice... cuz of the bloxburg
Autor: Alexis GachaKin
AutorAnd every time I press it it just shows me the games I created
Autor: Bella Gomez
AutorI can't hear you SO LOUD
Autor: C E C I P L A Y Z :3
Autorthank you very much !!!!!!!
Autor: Thái Gaming Youtuber
AutorThanks for your help!
Autor: K Panda

I needed something that was free.
Autor: Demonsایئر Edits
AutorHow can uou tell if your decal is verified
Autor: M7EW SSJ Nick
Autor: KRAZE K
AutorOmg th so much this video is so helpful u got a new subcribers please upload more of this type of tutorials videos
Autor: Britney Lai DIY SLIME & MORE
AutorI just can't, i need to somehow make my own logo but that website says it won't work for me and im on pc. It's making me upload random photos of random people before i have to use it.
Autor: Umbreon Gaming
AutorIt’s lagging a lot
Autor: Creative Liyah
Autorwhat is the decal of regular room 1 2 3
Autor: Doddy Maskat
AutorPlz help it isnt working
Autor: Isaiah Wightman
Autorwhats the name of the item
Autor: Alli Crippt
AutorMy name on roblox is unicornstella617 thanks for the vid I really needed it
Autor: Bre PLAYZ!
AutorIt almosted worked but instead it said create not develope what should I do?
Autor: GameLover04
AutorI use Ice Cream too :D
Autor: Featuring: FunGamingGames
Autorkeep it up man
Autor: matt greg
AutorHi I just started YouTube how do you comment love the video btw
Autor: Jacob Martinez
AutorWill it reject your decal if it is too small
Autor: M7EW SSJ Nick
AutorUmm I’m on a Mac and it’s not like an android computer so it’s not working but thanks for the tips
Autor: james wilks
AutorNice video! but in the roblox game it was really laggy... but thx so much! now i know how to make my own custom sign!
Autor: Mutraxation
AutorAHHAHA HE BE LIKE: then copy it and paste, GOODBYEEEEE (action music)
Autor: AKA Volkani
AutorSorry you hotel bad and small, Just thx for you video, have a great Day bye 😉👍
Autor: Артём [Artem5orka]
AutorAlex i am changing a thumbs down to a thumbs up thx you are da best! please shout out
Autor: Bella Gomez
Autortysm :)
Autor: danny
AutorThanks alot man Your the best!
Autor: Sayian Playz
AutorThx So Much :D
Autor: Bella Gomez
AutorHow do I know if it has been moderated?
Autor: Madison Yanez-Gamble
AutorI'm using it for freddy fazbear's pizzeria in bloxburg
Autor: HomieGhastMusic
Autori dont understand
Autor: *i eat snails because i cant stand fast food.* yes
AutorUr videos are slow just saying...
Autor: Go to isla y lia Millar
Autor: Crimson The Hedgehog
AutorYou were soo laggy lol
Autor: Taylon REID
Autor100th subscriber!
Autor: Im so hot i was born in an oven
Autorcouldnt hear you over the music in the first part lol
Autor: Nicole Thiboutot
AutorThank you so much! This helped me a lot! Keep doing what you're doing!
Autor: Jessica Needs Jesus
AutorIt says pay
Autor: JahidKItties Kids party
Autorboi i cant even say my R's
Autor: flash firestorm
AutorIs it just me or is the quality really bad
Autor: Lucja Swietoslawska
AutorThis dose not save on a Lenovo computer
Autor: Lilli Rosheski
Autorhi Alex it’s me from your server IDoNotTrollPpl1 remember? ANd thanks.
Autor: IDoNotTrollPpl1
Autorthx bro
Autor: Thewildbear Lol
Autor: Bruhh_itzKk
AutorThank you SOOO much for this are a lifesaver xD. one question though in the end of ur video u said wait until it "generates" or something like that or it doesnt show up. so how long does it take to generate? please respond as soon as possible
anyway thx for the vid :D
Autor: Israa Hussein
AutorI liKe YoUr VoIcE
Autor: NyDeus
AutorThanks really helped me!
Autor: MaskXxGamer
AutorThanks this really helped!
Autor: Vize Zenaphh
AutorYou have the same computer as me
Autor: Joselyn -with fam
AutorI use Pixlr.
Autor: Equinox AJ
Autori could not hear u the volume was  SO loud
Autor: Sophie Gardiner
AutorThanks dude
AutorAww mine is blurry when I do it ;[
Autor: xXx Perfectly_Imperfect xXx
AutorTHANK YOU SO MUCH ( I just went into designer not photo editor ) BUT THANKS
Autor: Golden Rebecca
AutorI can barely hear you with the music
Autor: Richa patel
Autorwho else is here to put a i do not donate sign
Autor: Vintage nate
Autorthis video is long and was uploaded on the date 9/11 and is the same date 9/11 happend 0_0
Autor: skullface981
AutorMy ROBLOX name is shift
Autor: Armando Flores
AutorIt just shows like a button dat says start creating
Autor: Bella Gomez
AutorJust use the paint
Autor: Skeptical Dude
AutorOmg Thank You!!!
Autor: AdventureGirl Online
Autor: Emily Rob
AutorI will do this i love it
Autor: claire vlogs
AutorYour hotel shoudd be " great wolf lodge!' ~ You'll get Extra visits!~
Autor: Vivienne Staton
AutorAdd me in roblox kyliebaby07 I have robux
Autor: claire vlogs
AutorI didn't hear anything
Autor: *i eat snails because i cant stand fast food.* yes
AutorYour awesome you helped me out so much thank you! :D
Autor: that one diamond pickle that one diamond pickle
Autorwhy aren't you using your mic
Autor: GrassDude39
AutorI couldn't hear him for half of the time
Autor: David Infinity
AutorThank you so much
Autor: Macy Muckleroy
Autorcan you only do this wiht BC OBC
Autor: Daddy's Little Pumpkin
Autori subscribed!
and ur way better than anyother cringe videos love it! thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks
Autor: RayzBow
AutorBest audio👌

BUT what the hell is wrong with ur video m8
Autor: Kyle playz
AutorYour voice is FInE.
Autor: tati Peace

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