LEGO The Incredibles - A Look at All 113 Playable Characters

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Autorlol I just watched incredibles 2 and it was funny.
Autor: Spencer Nguyen
AutorDidn’t anyone else notice the reference in the title?!
All 113
aLL 113
Autor: Mar1o 640
AutorHow do you get screen slaver
Autor: Super cool Magnus Maker
AutorHow do you unlock screenslaver?
Autor: kamzo channel
AutorWhere’s bomb-boy-ovadge? Not sure on spelling?
Autor: Wubba-Lubba Get the dub
AutorWhy didnt they make a Lego Pixar game instead?
Autor: Mr Randall
AutorJusto en la infancia
Autor: venoman 666
AutorI want a lego toy story game
Autor: Erik Nilsson
AutorCan't help but wonder why they didn't use Woody's head sculpt for his character.
Autor: The Intense Guy
AutorI’m getting these game on the Nintendo switch
Autor: Billy Shawnn
AutorHow come the LEGO Evelyn looks adorable, but the one in the movie looks like a whore?
Autor: monsterjambrony
AutorWhy can't they have this for the wiii u if they did then I could get this game
Autor: Gabriel Pereira
AutorAll 113 A-113 0_0
Autor: ninjaxd 34
AutorYou know what im done good bye
Autor: Caleb Mitchell Jr
AutorFor some reason I can't get behind these graphics
AutorWhere’s my super suit
Autor: lyndsey kakepetum
AutorThis had spoilers from the movie luckily I’ve already seen it
Autor: Peter Dunn
Autor: Joe Dakers
AutorFironic looks absolutly amazing, I wish I had his hair.
Autor: King of awesomeness
AutorTheres a lot of filler characters huh
Autor: Kim Il-Sung
AutorAll-113 ? A113!!!!
Autor: Andrew Payne
AutorA113 one hundred and thirteen characters, coincidence I think not
Autor: Chill Shark
AutorTake away the two Ls in All 113 and you get A113
Autor: Ross Miller
AutorOMG, I cant wait to get this game, and see the movie!!!!!!
Autor: Mr _Underscore
Autor113? A113?
Autor: Vegetable
AutorThey forgot Lady Lightbug!
Autor: Kyle Brubacher
AutorA 113 Charactee
Autor: Sayed
AutorOf course 113
Autor: Anthony2SIIK
AutorWhich character can fly? Flying characters are a must for gold brick hunting.
Autor: Craig Dick
AutorMight as well name it Lego Disney Pixar Verse🤷🏽‍♂️
Autor: YuNgBrAtZz17
AutorI think (and that might already exist) that the old lady should have a phrase when you pick her like "actually, my name is Ruth" or something like that
Autor: King of awesomeness
AutorI figured they'd have to put more disney characters in the game
Autor: Javier Guardado
AutorIts woody!
"So long partner"
Autor: ITS A DIO
AutorAnyone else realize that there are 113 characters to play as? All 113. if you take the first initial of "All" and put it next to 113 you get A113
Autor: Layne
AutorI get the reference all 113
Autor: xlmkth 64
AutorHow did ping pong get in there hes from inside out
Autor: Caleb Mitchell Jr
AutorDo you know if this game is for ps3
Autor: Konstantinos Alexiou
AutorThey overused the scream effect for allot of characters. So annoying
Autor: Ok tbh
AutorGraphic in lego take a step back
Autor: v e s 休憩
AutorHow did dory get in
Autor: Caleb Mitchell Jr
AutorWas this really the lego game we needed..? REEEAAALLY..?
Autor: Erik Ahl
AutorWhy are there so many random ass character
Autor: Buddha
Autor113 characters? A-113?
Autor: Jordan Azzopardi
AutorWow some of these characters are god aweful, I mean police officer?? old lady?? this is ment to be lego the incredibles / lego pixar not this...
Autor: עדן רביצקי
AutorЯ тут адин пишу на русском языке ?
Autor: Латыпова Юлия
AutorI want lego finding nemo and toy story
Autor: Walker Of The Skies
AutorThat moaning in the backround though
Autor: Oswaldoboi
AutorAll 113

Autor: Chan Riggins
AutorWhy are you making the camera angle so low like. Its hurting my neck watching this cause it feels lik I'm laying on the ground
Autor: Dujuan Thomas
AutorGlad I passed on this one
Autor: KAzooo
AutorHow did the guy from ratatudi get in
Autor: Caleb Mitchell Jr
AutorIs the 113 number an A113 Easter egg or is it just a happy coincidence?
Autor: Victor Peterson

the sequel
Autor: Toasty
AutorThey deliberately have 113. That is a reference to the Pixar code number A113.
Autor: Mammoth Supremacy 55
AutorThis game should be called Lego Pixar
Autor: Eradicitus •
Autor bernie
Autor: octojonah3 mel
AutorThe thing on the title “113” is an Easter egg. It’s on some of the Disney movies.
Autor: Super Red Boi
AutorJust wait in a few years ttg will make a lego spin-off that's called Bernie and the adventures of guilty brats. XD not rly
Autor: Creeperdudegaming - Minecraft
AutorIt’s Lego Incredibles or Lego Pixar ?
Autor: Só Geek
AutorYo quisiera un lego cars
Autor: Alexander Ramirez
AutorDumb that every suits from same caracther takes 1 slot from the characther slot, and there are way too few characthers from eqch franchise
Autor: Brynjar Ágústsson
Autorwhy the heck is bing bong in here what the heck
Autor: SnoBear
Autor T POSE
Autor: ChicSwag
Autor: Nicholas Gregoire
AutorAre other Pixar characters dlc
Autor: Blake Maddox
Autorthis is lego incridible or lego disney pixar? :/
Autor: Janduwnxo
AutorHow do you unlock screenslaver?
Autor: kamzo channel
AutorThe worst character ever miguel of coco
Autor: Mr Danlo
AutorMy name is Lucius
Autor: Kunkun Kunnie
AutorLol sneak in the ol A113
Autor: Franz Nerdinand
Autoral menos ponele musica re aburrido el video dislike
Autor: santiagotuviejaent4nga
AutorKari McKeen
Autor: Juliana Carvalho
Autorthis reminds me of the good old days with Sully and Lightning Mcqueen I used to watch them when I was younger
Autor: Yeet
AutorLego Pixar????? Oooooaaauuu. Ammazing!!!!
Autor: Ignacio Masfarré Fernandez
AutorWait, 113 characters? Not even the games are safe from A113
Autor: Pb Multiverse
AutorI really need a Nomanisan Island guard figure.
Autor: Helghast7
AutorDidn’t know this was just a Disney Pixar Game
Autor: Long John
Autorall 113 realy!?
Autor: Radioactive Pugman
AutorThere were two characters I was looking for: Lady Lightbug and Mr. Skipperdoo.
I'm not surprised, just disappointed.
Autor: Zack Hyder
Autorпривет из России
Autor: Joe Game
AutorI want the frozone fig
Autor: Dr. CashMoney
Autor: Electroma 5050
AutorDoes this game include the story from the second film too? I see some new characters.
Autor: Seibitsu
AutorReal cool
Autor: Николай Карась
Autorwhere's Screenslayer?
Autor: CxMøvX-17
AutorDid i miss him or is Splashdown not in the game
Autor: Bill Zanolla
AutorI remember when lego voices were just mumbles and grunts ahh rhe good ol days
Autor: kratos
AutorWhy is lighting McQueen in this game
Autor: Meme Boi
Autor "For The Colony and Oppressed Ants Everywhere !!!!!!"
Autor: Alex Woodard
AutorYou know someone's hot when their Lego form still looks attractive

I'm talking bout you frozone
Autor: Toasty
Autor: JD_TheBeast
AutorLego ( i )
Autor: Rodrigo gameplay Android
AutorMas ja
Autor: gabizel
AutorThey should’ve put Geri from the Pixar short “Geri’s game” in the video game... he’s one of my favorite Pixar characters!
Autor: Xeino
AutorWhy is this called The Incredibles Lego? Should've been called Lego Pixar the videogame
Autor: Alex Silva
AutorWhy was it not just called LEGO Pixar
Autor: Uncle
AutorIt's 3am and I'm supposed to be asleep, instead I click on a closer look at all LEGO The Incredibles figures.
Autor: BananaFalconMcSloth
Autor why we all came here
Autor: Nocap Krieger
AutorSo packattck is this game worth buying?
Autor: Khaleeq Mohammad
Autoris this game an open world like lego marvels super heros?
Autor: Gear Frost
AutorI wanted to see if they baymax and hiro
Autor: Graffiti
AutorHow do you get all the Parr versions of the characters?
Autor: Dante Corrado
AutorI hate getting the goons
Autor: Courage
AutorThe character roster is very dumb, they have 12 characters from different movies and normal citizens like police officers because they have to fill it up somehow.
Autor: ProfessorMFL
AutorI think I touch something. remember in the original movie when Syndrome throw a missile at Helen plane and Bob say to Syndrome he will do anything for him for sparing them and syndrome respond
-Too late 15 years too late. and what time we have between incredible 1 and 2. half of 14 years so 15 years. Coïncidence I think not
Autor: Retro
AutorIs anybody except for Lego DC super villains if you are than be sure to like this comment
AutorWhat is that game called
Autor: HeyImSquid
AutorThey should make a pixar lego game, there is a lot of character not from the movie
AutorSo they went back to filling up to five spots with different outfits for the same character out of a shortage of characters? Great....
Autor: CarrionCarriesOn
AutorWait. A is the first letter of the alphabet. There are 113 characters in the game. A113
Autor: Agent 4
Autor(Pause at ) Why is her logo the Safeway logo?
Autor: The Man Who stopped racism Skipper
AutorWhen you run out of ideas so you just re skin a bunch of shut
Autor: SlimyDog
AutorWtf.... Random Disney character in The Incredibles
Autor: IDeactive Old Channel
AutorIt’s not the incredibles it’s a Disney game!
Autor: Max’s Fax
Autoryou can play as the pixar lamp holy shit
Autor: CringeLord2023
Autor ...Lego, you might wanna think about that breast animation. this game is for kids 7+ you know.
Autor: Brother W.
AutorThis game looks disappointing! It would have been better if they just made a LEGO Pixar game and have a giant Pixar world hub with every Pixar character. Just dreaming.
Autor: JErmis 101
Autor: Your Dissapointed Daddy
AutorHow did McQueen get in
Autor: Caleb Mitchell Jr
AutorThey should make a LEGO Pixar game that’s a massive crossover. Similar to LEGO Marvel Superheroes.
Autor: Smithy Chris
AutorAm i the only one confused about who the anchorman is
Autor: Alexcm 1015
AutorWhy aren't Brainstorm, Shock, Awe, and Vapora playable?
Autor: Ben Bruns
Autor: Toy Memory Makers
AutorHello from Russia
Autor: Joe Game
AutorAbout Tony Rydinger, I thought it’s only girls who have the loudest screams.
Autor: C.A. Nanney
AutorThis was great but 65% of the characters that you wouldn’t know unless you have seen the second movie
Autor: Thanos Tekashi
AutorAll 113 🤔

Pixar fans get it.
Autor: Space_Duck147
AutorFironic kinda looks like PrestonPlayz
Autor: Randomus Prime
AutorWait you can't turn into metal Jack Jack like at the end of the first incredibles?
Autor: CarrionCarriesOn
AutorYo I used to be your friend on roblox
Autor: Jay
AutorThey should have waited for a third movie to make this IMO
Autor: RJred18
AutorYou forgot the ones from family vacation dlc
Autor: T.C.
AutorThey Messed up elastic girl.....she ain’t thick
Autor: Daniel Roth
Autorall 113...A113
Autor: gravitybreaker1
AutorIs jack jack strongest on the family
Autor: GachaHero
AutorTt games takes clone characters to another level wtf
Autor: Dat boi
AutorHow did firk get in
Autor: Caleb Mitchell Jr
AutorWhere is Waluigi?
Autor: Homer Simpson
Autorthey should have just made a lego pixar and included all the movies
Autor: Swagger McJagger
Autor: Madeleine Roldan
AutorI Want Buzz Lightyear and Mike Washosky
Autor: Ignacio Masfarré Fernandez
AutorI hate this game
Autor: Eli Ellington
AutorCan we just point out the one woman that was always trying to hide in the background?
Autor: JustSomeSush
AutorA look at all 113 playable Bob Parrs!
Autor: Yeetus Maximus
Autorya cool
Autor: XieMoster
AutorThey should’ve made LEGO Pixar
Autor: Xan Thrr
AutorWho has this game digital and wants to game share i have superheros 2
Autor: Mike Ellis
AutorIt bothers me how there are characters from different franchises in this game.
Autor: Ahsoka Tano2
Autori would smash lego mrs. incredible
Autor: Sage
AutorAll 113 characters. All=A+113= A113
Autor: Tempest Effective
AutorI bet they ran out of characters and had to use random Pixar characters to get to 113 to reference A113.
Autor: The Game Noob
AutorWorst LEGO game, not including any games before LEGO Batman(in my opinion).
Autor: Long Rod Mchugen Dong
AutorElastic girl still thicc!!!
Autor: Martin5050
Autor: BENj
AutorThere’s not a buzz!
Autor: YaBoiDOESsnipesYT
AutorIdk how LEGO can milk every franchise
Autor: Basscool 4k
AutorWho is the anchor man?
Autor: Micro
Autor: Brandon Barnes
AutorBut can you play as Bomb Voyage?
Autor: Stereotypical Gamer
AutorLego Pixar: The Game
Autor: Blazinmovies
AutorBuzz not being in this game is a crime
Autor: spencer o'keeffe
AutorHow did the lap from toy story get in
Autor: Caleb Mitchell Jr
AutorNo Mike? No Buzz?
Autor: Vinícius Vechio Berger
AutorCan they stop having everything A113!!?
Autor: ExeIsNotResponding
AutorWho tf is anchorman?
Autor: Rohan Hoque
AutorA113 in the tittle of the vid
Autor: LaDainian Blackwell
Autor: Diego Fox
AutorI hope they make these DLC's Pixar Main characters DLC including: Nemo,Marlin,Riley and the emotions,Arlo, (spot can call them) and Carl.
Pixar Sidekicks DLC including:
Buzz,Dug,Matter,Hector,Dante,the bear from Brave,Eve,Mike,Emile from ratatouille, (there is no character that I know that can call him) Cruz Ramires from cars and Jesse from toy story 2
Pixar Villains DLC including:
Auto,Ernesto De La Cruze,Jackson storm,Jangles the clown,Zurg,Sid,Lotso,Randall,Charles munts and Darla from finding nemo.
Autor: Luigi Marinus Vlogs
Autor: EliPlayz
Autor only vanossgaming fan get it

Banana bus
Autor: CHRIS Ryder123
AutorYeah I remember that scene in The Incredibles when Lightning McQueen and that ant from a bug’s life stopped Syndrome from destroying the city.
Autor: Review Dude
AutorSince when did Woody get so tall, he's just a toy
Autor: Thunder Storm
AutorI’m so glad Miguel’s in the game, I loved Coco.
Autor: Long John
AutorI wonder if they made LEGO Toy Story!!!🤔🤔
Autor: Sidney Shields
AutorLoving it
Autor: Joel Rollins
AutorWhere is my SuPeR SuIt.
Autor: Cringe Central
AutorI have no idea who like almost any of these people are
Autor: Snow Rose
AutorAre there any Owen Wilson voice clips in this game? Wow
Autor: Mighty Raccoon
AutorElasta girl is THICC
Autor: UrBaN NeRd341
AutorI have 113 of them
Autor: Mason Manon
AutorIs that girl in the background ok
Autor: Agentmonkey
Autor"Lego Pixar"
AutorHow do I get fironic
Autor: Snap Dragon
Autor“Good thing too, you were this close to losing your-“
Autor: TheCookieGod
Autorlego marvel 2 still the best .
Autor: BOUFERNANA Marouan
AutorLego Star Wars The complete saga is still the best May have to play Lego incredible once I've finished my Complete Saga Series
Autor: JediBox!
AutorNobody judge I don't understand why it's called Lego Incredibles when there's other on Disney characters can somebody please answer that for me I don't understand
Autor: Nocap Krieger
AutorLego Incredibles or Lego Disney Pixar
Autor: DrakkonRazz
AutorWhy not just make a Pixar LEGO game
Autor: Stealthy Weasel
AutorI waited until like, they better have Gazerbeam.
Autor: ldb
Autor Isn't Fironic?
Autor: WR3NCH
AutorDash looks like a small Mr. Incredible😂😂😂
Autor: Squanch 2169
AutorIt was a missed opportunity to have:
- the Underminer goon be one of the robots from Rise of the Underminer (or even the Crustodian)
-have Doc Hudson represent Cars since he was the one that actually appeared in the movie.
-A playable Omnidroid and Honey Fox (she does have a character design)
-alternate costume slots condensed like in the first Lego Marvel game
-Blitzerman is missing from the supers (and by missing I mean they didn't put him in the game).
Also, why so many screaming characters or random food based characters? (Minus Corn Cob Monster, cuz that's a joke from a dvd extra in the first movie)
Autor: NeiyonSpyder
AutorAll 113, All 113...
Autor: WR3NCH

Where is my super S U C C ?!
Autor: Phastarud
AutorWho are half these characters? The Anchor-man? Banana Suit Guy? Brainfreezer? Cliffhanger? Corncob Monster? Dehydra? Diabla? The list goes on, did they just make up a bunch of random characters?
Autor: ClassifiedRanTom
AutorIM A B A N A N A
Autor: WTD Studios
AutorIf you didn’t notice they chose to put 113 characters in the game because of the “A-113” reference give me a like.
Autor: Ghetto_Eric YT
AutorDid anyone else get the A113 reference in All 113 playable characters
Autor: LukeSchones’s_artt_n_things
Autor omg Preston plays I didn't know he was going to be in the game
Autor: So Lit

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