Yin Yoga for Side Splits - Middle Splits Yin Inner Groin & Hamstrings {50 min}

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AutorThank you!!
Autor: Alex Fuhr
AutorAnother wonderful tutorial. You're my fave yoga teacher on youtube. I love all your classes!
Autor: Sassy Vegan
AutorThank you so much Kassandra and Kit-Kat! a very soul nourishing class as always <3
Autor: Daytona Hunter
AutorYour cat is adorable <3 (and nice video off course!)
Autor: Marianne van Tienhoven
AutorFirst of all. all Youtube videos are free but this is a crock. I've been a Yogi practicing Hinduism, Kundalini and High Yoga Tantra of Vajrayana Buddhism and none of them have you resting your head on a cushion and laying down will a cushion under you knees. You must have made this up because it was never taught by a valid Yogi! Anyone reading this should know that is false, it like watching the "Yoga" Challenges which are also all false. Check out actual Hatha Yoga or Kundalini Yoga if you want to learn the real asanas (postures). Holding your hands in prayer is not a sign of a real Teacher and this girl is not a real Teacher nor has she ever studied with one. This is fraud, which is why it's so easy. Look for the Salutation to the Sun and you might (might) have something real.
Autor: Mili Repa
Autor" preferably a blanket that does not have a cat on it"😄
I like you so much. You are so funny. I find it so endearing for a yoga teacher❤
Autor: stela nick
AutorThe music is delicious and so is the video. Thank you.
Autor: Renee Conklin
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Autor: Yoga with Kassandra
AutorOh Thank you Kassandra..What a BEAUTIFUL class..I felt as RELAXED as your cat Kit kat at the end of this class!..
Autor: sophiemcdonaldwoods
AutorBeautiful, all your videos are beautiful. May I ask what music you use? It's beautiful, too! :)
Autor: Dawn Marie
AutorI love this class , I’m doing it everyday for a month to see if can increase my flexibility
Autor: itzy experimenta
Autor: Leryn
AutorThank you!!! This is just the video I've been waiting for!!! <3 <3 <3
Autor: Jess Kilchenstein
AutorThank you for doing what you do, you help me to heal from my anxiety
Autor: Vicky w
AutorYour cat is really sweet and cute!! I can't take my eyes of it 😍😂 It looks so chill and relaxed 😊
Autor: Emma
AutorLoved the exercices!! Can you make a version were you do them for about 3 min instead of 5 min since 5 min is to long for me as a beginner.
Autor: XxEvYx
AutorHi! I'm just feeling pain in my back the three first exercises, is that normal? ps. love u :)
Autor: Matilda Niemistö
AutorOMG your cat :)
Autor: C93FC
AutorI struggle with flexibility so finding your channel is a blessing as everything is so calming and meant for all levels
Autor: elizabeth estrada
Autorthat was just great my goodness I can definitely feel my problem area is my right groin it cracks continuously throughout the day with either non purposeful or purposeful movement this practice was really great oh my goodness that frog pose. Oh good grief girl thank you again for this I would like more videos on how to release the right groin maybe
Autor: Kym Silva
AutorThanks for all your videos, love them! xx
Autor: Denise Murray
AutorOh my that was intense in a good way! I have a quick question? I usually practice Yin in the evening as that is when I find it easiest to fully surrender. Will I get the same benefits as if I were to practice in the morning? Thank you for another wonderful class Namaste 🙏 💖
Autor: Lian
Autor cat: what are you doing?
Cat: have something to eat?
Autor: Din sya
AutorThink this is my favourite by far! Echoing what a few have already expressed: intense but in a good way. It challenged me to relax even deeper without even trying. Surprised how much further my body wanted to gravitate to. Will be doing this on a regular for awhile...
Autor: christine1962ful
AutorI fell asleep in all these poses. It was great :)
Autor: Eesha Khan
AutorI love your vídeos, thanks;)
Autor: Iverson Kalashnikov Souza
AutorThis was intense but good, like all your videos 😊 Yin has been healing me heal from chronic fatigue so thank you.
Autor: Gem Fab
AutorMy cat is also called Kitkat!! Fantastic class, I'm so inflexible in the hip area, two blocks aren't even high enough for the wide leg pose!... Lol. I'm sure I will get there with your amazing vids:-) Thank you.
Autor: Wonders of Wini
AutorLoveeee this class! Im trying to achieve my middle splits so Ill be coming back to this tutorial from time to time! It feels so good doing your class!
Autor: nina capila
Autorthis was intense but so great love your channel so happy i found it to help with my daily yoga practice
Autor: Magical Molly
AutorI simply adore you!!!
Autor: Tara Jones
AutorGreat class thank you
Autor: Joanna Black
Autorthank you n blessings
ahhhhh ☮🕉 i feel lighter
Autor: Michele Dillon
Autorthe cat in this video truly defines the "perfect prop".

just found this channel. looks great!
Autor: Gabriel Soto
Autor: Regina Lynn
AutorWow! I am shocked that I managed to achieve this. I did the whole class; although it was a challenge to begin with I absolutely loved it. Namaste 🙏
Autor: Emily Swann
Autordo you offer a class in the binding poses and or the lotus pose!
After having a very bad injury yin has open me up to my old flexability,
thank so much
Autor: Anthony Whitsett
AutorYIN is so so so challenging for me. Trying to be easy on myself but I'm overwhelemed by my lack of flexibility. Just gunna keep coming back! I know its a process.
Autor: AngelValentin
AutorWhen I see you I feel relaxed, you are the best yoga teacher 😊
Autor: Fernando Medina
Autorhi I am from india
so beautiful dear really
good flexibility
& I am also yoga teacher
are you facebook use
i am use dharmendra yoga
Autor: Dharmendra Kumar
AutorThank you from heart🙏
Autor: Pema chime
AutorYet Another wonderful Yoga class that I desperately needed. Thank you so much for your hard work in putting new and instructive classes togheter ! Ps.  Where did you get the beautiful shorts and top from? :)
Autor: Grenathegreat
AutorMy new favorite! Thank you so much! :)
Autor: Alina Man
AutorHello I'm hoping you get this message  I can"t  bend  over to the block....
Autor: Rochelle Nehmad
Autorevery time when we finish a pose i look up eagerly to update how the cat's doing with his/her pose:))
Autor: Phuong Nguyen
AutorVery nice practice, beautiful music! Thank you Kassandra!
Autor: Eva Durisova
AutorI admire your efforts. I personally gave up middle splits as a goal, but I practice the pancake on a regular basis. From my own experience the rounding of the spine to get deeper into the pose, though it may look like it's deepening, it's generally counter productive. Like with most folds you want to fold from the hip and keep the spine long, what also helps is to not gaze down, but forwards...
Autor: Eelke Aptroot
AutorYou are the best yoga teacher I have found on youtube and since practicing with you I have improved so much! Thankyou for putting these videos on and helping us all, you are the best!
Autor: Vicky w
AutorHeya, love your vids, they've been looking very awesome! What city are ya in?
Autorhum, hum, hum.....namaste
Autor: Lucie Lapierre
AutorHi Kassandra! after navigating through many youtube channels on and off for a few years, I have to say yours is definitely my favourite. So much variety among and within each class (even if it has a specific focus) and I really love guidance style and voice. I am working on hamstring flexibility and side splits (it's the harders pose for me!) and really enjoyed this class, I was wondering if you have or maybe want to make :) a vinyasa flow focusing on side splits? it would be amazing. Thank you again for this channel <3
Autor: carolina trivelli
AutorGreat class but I have trouble getting comfortable in savasana. My lower back and abs could not relax. Any advice??
Autor: Amanda Lynn Vardan
AutorThank you that was great, me and the wife love doing your yoga.
Autor: David Murphy
AutorHi kasandra. Firstly thanks for making free video. I am truly learning yoga by your videos and i made some progress about headstand. Pls add your videos head stand position. Your are amazing girl. One day i will make video to show about my progres (i started yoga with your videos from zero)
Autor: gulya Gasanova
AutorLoved the class very much! I will never get my full side splits but its nice to work humbly in the right direction :-).
Autor: Yvonne Lange
AutorThis session was excellent. I did the whole thing and feel great! Thank you so much, your channel is fantastic 💕🌈👍
Autor: Claire Dudan
AutorI should be doing the yoga video, but I became kind of mesmerized by your cat. That cat, plus the soft piano music, has put me in a kind of meditative state right now. 🙂🐱
Autor: El M
AutorLove that you pet kit kat in childs pose! Thanks so much for your classes, I just finished the 7 day hip flex challenge and have several videos saved for the rest of this month! :)
Autor: Caroline Berkey
Autorthank you Kassandra for this video, I loved this practice!
Autor: henkieamanda
Autor: Quelle Franziska
AutorThis was so, so good!! Thank you for another beautiful and beneficial practice.
Autor: Patricia Rivera
Autor: Quelle Franziska
AutorI’ve been doing this video every couple of days for the last two weeks now. I have tight hip flexors and I find that these exercises are not only helping my flexibility but also the blood circulation in my legs and feet. So, thank you, thank you for this class!
Autor: Pauline Bechmann Nielsen
AutorKassandra, Please try to see if you can use 1080P camera because the picture quality is very poor. Spent time upgrading your filming set. I want you to have more viewers.
Autor: Victor Palmer
AutorGreat class.Thanks Kassandra!!
Autor: Kanchana
AutorYour cat is so cute
Autor: Samiyah Ducker
AutorThis defiantly hurt!! I found myself looking up several times wondering when the hell the pose would be over xD feels very effective though
Autor: jenna ammons
AutorThe cat 😂😂is like "if I stare long enough she may, notice me"
Autor: My Marvin Name Is Hi

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