VEGAN SOFT TOFU STEW (Korean Recipe) | #13 (30 Videos in 30 Days) ♥ Cheap Lazy Vegan

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Autori’m making this today!!! i’m making it a less spicy though. i also couldn’t find any soft or extra soft tofu. so i just have firm tofu. i think i’ll just finely crumble it. i’m super duper excited!!
Autor: reeceislame
AutorYour chopping skills make you very unique! and it scares us! 😊😊👍
Autor: Queen Toshe
Autorgreat!but I can't find all the ingredients! looks yummy though
Autor: DespoinaGr
AutorLooks so yummy!! :T
Autor: Karen Reyna
AutorI love the Korean recipes. Please keep them coming! Also this stew looks amazing. Do you know of any places in London I could find the Korean ingredients? (Like kelp and GOCHUGARU)
Autor: Angelica Cofer
AutorThat looks so good! Do you think you could use regular chili powder instead of the Korean one?
Autor: Amanda C
Autor다시마 너무 많아~
Autor: 인생사새옹지마
AutorNot sure why I always thought it had kimchi in it
Autor: Michelle -E-
AutorDefinitely going to make this!❤️
Autor: Annie Castro
AutorOMG! I love your channel! The downside... my hunger status goes at the top after binch watching like 15 episodes! yum!
Autor: Angel S Bolander
Autormade this tonight and omg sooo good, i made mine a little too spicy but it was still really good! and i made those korean pancakes to go with them :)
Autor: Samantha Foltz
AutorI made this today and was blown away by the flavours. It was amazing. Added one vegan stock cube to the kelp broth instead of salt. Thanks so much for this recipe!
Autor: Vegan Mum
AutorThis looks deliciousss!!! 😍😋
Autor: Realta
AutorThis looks BOMB. Cannot wait to try. Love from Florida!
Autor: indorican648
AutorUGH SO GOOD! I love tofu so much. Just found your channel, thanks!
Autor: se7enthbreath
AutorIt looks delicious! I'll definitely try this recipe.
Autor: TrendybyTyana2
AutorI love love LOVE that you teach Korean repices! I cook a lot of Thai, Japanese, and Chinese food and I've wanted to learn more about Korean cuisine so I'm so glad I found you!
Autor: Jamie Gilbert
AutorI have always loved cooking new foods and lately have been trying a lot of vegan recipes. I've never been to korea and I've never tried korean food but this looked so tasty! I made it and it was so damn good!! I even recommended it in the veganuary facebook group 😄
Autor: anouksb
Autorits breakfast now but i want this haha yum
Autor: Christy Lovasz
AutorCould you replace the korean red pepper spice with gochujang? I see it in the stores I got to and think it might be more accessible for me to find (obviousily you use gochujang for making kimchi (that delicious kimchi mm so delicious) but it should be okay?) obviousily i would try to adjust the amount of salt I use adding it :3
edit: realized there is kimchi sundubu jjigae facepalms
Autor: Perce The Merman
AutorHey Rose, I tried this recipe today, and I love it. Although I don't have any kelp to make the broth, it still is rich in flavor! I am also glad that I bought gochugaru ( made in Korea) and used it. The spice is addictive!
Autor: Siaorong Wang
Autorthank you for this recipe! Can't wait to try it out :)
Autor: Jula Branda
AutorPlease do Korean side dish recipes!!!
Autor: Anna F
AutorThank you! I've seen recipes for this before but I didn't feel comfortable making the necessary substitutions to make it vegan. I have soft tofu in my freezer that I need to use so I'll probably make this soon after I get the kelp from my local asian store. :)
Autor: bananad0n
AutorMmmm, that stew is making me hungry! Looks good.
Autor: The Shanell Complex
AutorRegarding the tofu squeeze, It's a sexual thing, it's okay. You're not crazy! ☺️
Autor: Jason Lam
AutorMore korean recipes please!!! <3
Autor: Littlesora
AutorThis looks so delicious. I wish I can have food like this, but for me it's a disaster for heartburn because I have gerd. I miss spicy food and flavoring my food with garlic and onions
Autor: Alaina C.
Autori watch simon and martina who used to live in South Korea, and i saw them go for sundubu jjigae and i wanted some so bad but it had meat in it. Now im glad i can have sundudu jjigae <3
Autor: Catherine Carrasco
Autor: Jenia Moran
AutorThis is my FAVORITE recipe ever!!! I've made it five times in the last two weeks! My husband loves it so much, and being able to make something so delicious, that is so easy to make, really ups my confidence in the kitchen. Thank you!!!
Autor: Ashley
AutorYou are awesome! Thank you for helping people that don't know how to cook such things. Be happy and well.
Autor: Joseph Gentile
Autorthat looks amazing! i wish i knew how to cook
Autor: Viki
Autorfound the buddaw jjigae! and I wanna make both of these stews!!
Autor: Xandra J
AutorThis looks so delicious I'm not even kidding
Autor: Chris Fernandez
AutorI'll be trying this. Feel I haven't been fair to Korean food. I went to a Korean restaurant over here in the UK and hated it, but I've heard so much good stuff about Korean cooking that it would be ignorant for me to not try it some more. Plus this looks awesome.
Autor: Rory Sullivan
AutorYaaaassss! I have been wanting to make this forever! Thanks for the recipe.
Autor: Lauren Hill
AutorI made this last night, it was pretty awsum and so0o easy, I think I have it memorized already and that is rare for me! Thank you! I also looked up the dish on Wiki and it said you can serve it with Banchan, which are Korean side dishes I believe. Do you know some epic Korean side dishes that are vegan, that would go with this? That would be so0o fun
Autor: DK Drums
AutorYum, I am making this stew tonight! And next time I shop I will get that tube of soft tofu :D
Autor: Flowers InHerHair
Autori love your sarcasm <3 you got any good curry recipes?
Autor: Kirill Obraztsov
AutorThis looks so good! It is still 90 degrees her in Atlanta, GA but I'm definitely going to cook this when the fall weather kicks in.
Autor: JensJots
AutorWill do Wakame-broth a comparable job? Didnt found kelp 😕
Autor: Nuriyya91
AutorMy mouth is watering as usual. Almost DROOLING! I love soups and stews. I'll be making this and variants of it ALL Winter! Thank you❤
Autor: CrawlingIvy
Autorcould i use kombu instead of kelp in this recipe?
Autor: Tania T.
AutorLove this! Definitely gonna make some this weekend. Thanks for sharing. 😊
Autor: kkimbro2
AutorI wish I wasn't allergic to soy, goddammit.
Autor: TheBadJayne
AutorThis looks so good omg I work at a Japanese restaurant that is run by korean people and they have this as an entrée, but I never had it because it has seafood. This looks so good I def need to try it! Can you get the korean chilli spice in Asian stores ?
Autor: Ritz_crackers
AutorMarry me.
Autor: manfromdelmonty303
AutorLove all of your videos!!❤️🍲🍽
Autor: ajade91
AutorI just made it!! And it is sooo good! I was iffy about how it was going to come out bc I had to do a lot of substitutes (low pantry. Urghh, shopping). But it is so good!! Thanks for simplifying the recipe. I had no idea what to do with my soft tofu, but this is great. Will make again.
Autor: K-diddles
AutorI'm going to try this with gojuchang. Hopefully it turns out! The soon tofu looks soo good
Autor: Elizabeth J. Poti
Autori went to asian supermarket the other day n bought loads of items to make your lovely recipes .. i cant wait ..i got asked when i couldnt find the red paste ohhh are you makin kimchi i said i have no idea i watch this awesome koreon girl n im gonna attempt to make her tasty lookin food well he were lovely n helped me out to find my ingrediants....wish me luck people im nervous paste red powder i hope i can handle the heat 💖
Autor: Susie Lowe
AutorTHIS IS SO GOOD AHHHHHHH!!! I added kimchi and vinegar and left my sea veggies in for fun. Thank you!!!!!!
Autor: Megan Boyle
AutorIs there a way to adapt this into a slow cooker/crock pot recipe?
Autor: Thomas
AutorMmmmmh ! It looks so good !
Autor: Leslibre
AutorHOLY SHIT! I just made this and it is AMAZING! Thank you!! I can't wait to make more of your recipes!!
Autor: Jocelyn Silva Rodrigues Costa
AutorIf you're using dried kelp, how much should you add? I live in Ireland and use dried kelp all the time so that would be easier for me. Love the recipe!
Autor: Aaron Howlin
AutorA meal just isn't a meal without green onions!
Autor: Jodie English
AutorYes, more recipes please!
Autor: patty 8873
Autordoes chilli trigger acne?
Autor: peanuts
AutorBuh bye!!!! Love u C L V!!!!!
Autor: Elissa Davis
AutorDoes anyone have any good suggestions on a vegan liquid cheesy product, to use on nacho's? I've been desperately looking with limited successes.
Autor: Justanother fancy screenname
AutorMade my own version of this with 3 different mushrooms, corn and kale, and decided to add a bit of kimchi and gochujang as well. Turned out really good <3
Autor: V
AutorSee the time I find this.. Omg vegan + Korean food = happiness.. I definitely going to Korea to taste all that delicious food 🍲 ahh
Autor: Mrs Styles
AutorLoveeee your commentary
Autor: jackiectam
AutorJust saying ... I made this for dinner tonight 🙌🏻❤️
Autor: A Vegan Dude
AutorTried it with greenbeans, satisfying.
Autor: kat
AutorI just made it and its so good! I couldn't find the pepper flakes but used some gochujang instead! Also only had hard tofu but it worked perfectly! It was super yummy, will make it more in the future! ^^
Autor: Saga Svensson
Autorlooks tasty.  i would sub soybean paste(miso) for veggie broth(if one can't find seaweed) and add soy sauce (and salt) and black pepper
Autor: Han South
AutorHey, is this stew more liquid-y than western stews? I put broth just to cover the veg but it was still quite liquidy.
Autor: doubtfuldreamer
AutorI am so glad I found this channel. I added lots of regular soya sauce and white pepper powder to give it more richness. Also garlic powder for a lingering aftertaste which non-veg soon dobu has from the seafood. This makes it so much easier to go vegan now. Thanks cheap and lazy vegan...this really cheap and lazy commitment to becoming vegan :)
Autor: Tom M
AutorCan anyone help me? Is there any other chili powder that can be used outside of the Korean chili powder? I'm wondering because I have transportation issues & don't even know where the nearest Asian market to me is, & I don't think my regular grocery store has that in its limited Asian section.
Autor: Laura Baumgartner
AutorThis is one of my very favorite recipes from you. I love it with a side of rice. Especially right now with this cold weather. Yummy 😋
Autor: Veronica Salas
AutorAnother awesome epic video.
I say epic b/c food is life!!
U were really funny w/ the lid instructions !!
Don't judge me!!!
Autor: Elissa Davis
AutorChopping "skills" is overrated. Ur gonna eat them anyway and why would anyone really want them to all bw inform. That's boring lol. As long as they are all similar in size i feel
Autor: Michelle -E-
AutorWould this still be good without oil?
Autor: steelvixen
Autor: Grin Reaper
AutorIs that the same type of kelp as Japanese kombu? And I've searched everywhere for gochugaru, but I can't find it. I can find gochujang though. Would that be an okay substitution, or not?
Autor: SongDog7
Autorkorean food is so good
Autor: Christine L
Autorim a pretty good cook, and i thought i could make this. but when it got to the hard step where you have to put the lid on, i was like "well fuck, that's not fair! i cant do tricky chef shit like that!"
Please do easier recipes next time Rose 😹
Autor: Rachel Lee
AutorBeing married to a Korean woman I started living off of Korean food in 1975 and loved it. Then after a heart attack and bypass in in 2006 I went Vegan still eating Korean food minus any meats of any kind. Then in the Spring of 2017 I learned a lot about salt, oil, and sugar, and in July of that year I quit s.o.s. completely. Korean food is full of s.o.s. so after 42 years I quit Korean food. In 10 wks. I quit 6 meds., lost 17 pounds, and my Arthritis is gone. Korean food is very delicious, but not very health.
Autor: Art Johnson
Autori could not tell you how much I appreciate your korean recipes. i LOOOOVE Asian food and i just cant find Quality recipes.
Autor: Court
AutorKeep going with the Korean food omg. 😍
Autor: Maddi Kaufman
AutorOoooh I bought a package of smoked tofu the other day and have been wondering what recipe to use it in...I think this might be the perfect one!
Autor: Queenie Goldstein
AutorThat tofu looks so disgusting coming out of the packet but I bet it's tasty.
Autor: Clarke
AutorGreat recipe! I just tried it tonight. I gotta work on the flavouring, maybe try a broth but very satisfied. I've been wanting to make my own and didn't find an easy veg version, until now. Thank you!!!!
Autor: Amanda Wong
AutorCan you use nori instead of kelp??
Autor: Kayla Austin
AutorIt’s so so good!!!!!
Autor: KeitaKz
AutorNow THESE are easy recipes that I love and can easily alter to what I have in my house!
Autor: Boggy Bunny
AutorCan I substitute the gochugaru with gochujang?
Autor: Beau Gentry
AutorWould you be able to do this in an Instant Pot?
Autor: Veronica Cordova
AutorGreat!!! Thank you loads!
Autor: Elizabeth FitzGibbon
AutorAaa😮 like a "türlü" But not use tofu and green onion. Inside zucchini, eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes. Türlü means: mixed vegetables.
Autor: Evrim Ertorsun
AutorThanks for being simple, easy and funny. I don't like to cook but you inspire me to do it. You are great!
Autor: Paola C.
AutorI'm really feeling some eggplant in this
Autor: TheCyberwoman
AutorIf you don’t have the gochu garu can you substitute like using maybe a chili paste like Malaysian sambal?
Autor: crandom0115
AutorU rgifted cook!
Autor: LuLu Max
AutorRecreated this for lunch, not as pretty as yours. But it's on my insta @sarsbarnet It tasted great! Thank you! My husband and I are in love with your cooking.
Autor: Vegina
AutorCan't wait to dive into my local Asian markets and some goodies for this stew haha!
Autor: jay767812
AutorLove your Korean recipes. Please more like this. :D
Autor: One Punch Vegan
AutorCould you use gochujang instead of gochugaru?
Autor: Amber Webb
AutorMaking it today!
Autor: Lili Tincher
Autorthanks for the recipe!
Autor: The Vegan Mojo
AutorI just came from your mukbang video to get this recipe. Looks easy n delish!
Autor: amy withay
AutorI've tried tofu for the first time a few days ago, simply pan fried then added to basmati and veggies. But as it often happens with the taste of plain soy, I didn't really like it. Which annoys me lol. So now I have two blocks of tofu left, definitely don't want to throw it away, but this recipe might help me finish it and appreciate it more :P :D
Autor: Sweet Sensitive Free
AutorHoly sh*t, I made this last night after seeing this video for the first time. It was fantastic. You're right, i couldn't stop eating it. 3 bowls, so uncomfortably full. I got so lucky, too, finding that gochugaru. I think my local market just started selling it, I'd never seen it before ('course, I never looked for it either). I'm sure its the pepper that made the dish. I used one whole jalapeno and one whole long hot pepper. Perfect. Thanks so much
Autor: Jeff W
AutorThis looks sooooooo good! Going to gather all the ingredients now and cook for dinner. Thank you.
Autor: Marye Simms
Autor: Rosie Johnson
AutorCan this be prepped and re-heated or frozen at all? I'm making it when i get off work and dont know if I should make enough to prep for lunch or not
Autor: Ari Thomas
AutorThat knife, at the start of the video, was wonderful. If you don't mind sharing, do you remember where you bought it?
Autor: Gyro Poodle
AutorJust made this and it was fucking amazing!!! =^.^=
Autor: WeirdoMusicLoverNaz
Autorwhat kind of knife is that? Looks crazy medieval!
Autor: v wms
AutorHi there! I have a dolsot and I was wondering if I could cook this recipe the same way but in a dolsot? Thank you!!
Autor: Ayu Kinomoto
AutorWhere i live i cant find kelp or broth .... so i substituted the broth for instant soup and it worked very well!! Everyone liked it.
Autor: Priyanka Bhatt
AutorI'm gonna make this tomorrow. Thanks for sharing :)
Autor: letsliveallda y
AutorMaybe a stupid question but does the kelp give it a fishy taste? I had a miso soup with kelp in it once and the fishy taste was just too much for me. I know you said to swap it out for vegetable broth but I'd like to stick as close to the ingredients as possible.
Autor: Mcmyou1
Autori suck at chopping too😅 You should try sharpening your knife.
Autor: Melanin_Supreme
AutorI totally understand about the tofu squeezing thing; I get the same way everytime I get a chance to pipe icing. :P
Autor: veganinyyc
Autor: yellowbird30
AutorFood like this is my best friend, yet my worst enemy. It tastes SOOO GOOD! Yet IT BUUURNS!🔥 Thank you for this recipe! This is the first korean dish ive ever tried making, and I am very happy😍
Autor: Ivar Andrè
AutorIt looks delicious! Definitely will try to make this, thanks for sharing!
Autor: phd128
Autorlooks so cheesy and awesome x
Autor: Matt Logan
AutorDang, that looks so good! Thanks so much from Texas
Autor: John Texas
AutorI don't have Gochucaru on hand, but I have Gochujang, will that work even though it's a paste instead of flakes?
Autor: Rachel Ammerman
AutorCan you use miso broth in place of the kelp?
Autor: MOODY
AutorThis looks crazy delicious and so easy to make! Thanks for the recipe!
Autor: Laurie Paris
AutorIt’s like popping a zit and that is satisfying!
Autor: Nikki and the Human Element
Autor순두부찌개 yay! Thanks for sharing a good healthy Korean food recipe!
Autor: Soomi Kim
AutorOh man, that looks really good!!!!!! I have never seen that soft tofu. I will have to look closer at the Asian markets.
Autor: A Colorful Life
AutorLooks so good! Will definitely try!!
Autor: Chocolatewater
AutorI hear you say " Don't Judge me" a lot. Don't worry about it. I'm making an effort to learn about vegan changes in my life and I'm watching this and glad you are here being yourself and making food I will try to cook (badly at first or maybe not...we will see). Respect to you.
Autor: Joseph Gentile
AutorLooks yummy 😋
Autor: Paulsgirl28 R
Autorwhat can you substitute chilli flakes for to not make it spicy but still flavory?
Autor: Dom
AutorCan I use gochujang instead of gochugaru? The opening titles to your other videos have made me crave this so much I actually made an effort and went to an asian supermarket... can't believe I got the wrong thing... oh well I'm just going to use gochujang. Mm I can't wait! Also enough gochujang to make korean recipes for the next month ^.^
Autor: blossoms
Autori just made this thinking i had tofu in the fridge. turns out i didn't. still good though >.<
Autor: Popomip nolastname
Autor“Ok, this is the hardest part””
You just take a lid & cover it up!!!
Autor: Elissa Davis
AutorMade this tonight and so so good and so so easy 😛😛
Autor: Maria Cousins
AutorDoes this work with seaweed instead of kelp
Autor: Ali
AutorI'm so happy you showed how to make this vegan. I used to love getting the traditional kind, especially in winter if I was sick. Now I can make it all I want!
Autor: Liam Trenholm
AutorThis looks so good! I can't wait to make it 😍
Autor: Zoe Lee
AutorThis looks absolutely wonderful!... Especially on those cold wintry days! Definitely going to try it!
Autor: JoAnn Arsenault
AutorThis looks amazing and stupid easy, and I can't wait to try it. I've never seen tofu like that, so I'll have to do some hunting...
Autor: UltimateDorito
AutorI tried this out tonight! It was very delicious if not spicy. I'm not used to such spicy food so my stomach didn't enjoy it as much as my taste buds though lol. I'm going to make it again with much less spice next time. Great easy recipe!
Autor: Erica Spruill
AutorThanks for sharing did I miss when you put the sesame oil in if at all?
Autor: Fiona Walker
AutorHoly yum making for my family
Autor: Kelly Marie
AutorYour recipes are the best 👍🏻
Autor: Anni Mae
AutorI will immediately try this when I get the ingredients. Kelp is missing and some veggies.
Autor: Eleonoora _
AutorThnx so much , always I like Korean vegetarian 🥘
Autor: Vegan#1 nature
Autorthat stew + ramen = HEAVEN 😍
Autor: Lennys StepByStep
AutorThis looks sooo good 🤤
Autor: Jenny R
AutorSo how spicey is this? I like spicy but not too much spice. Can anyone tell me? I don't want to but the spice & waste the $ if too spicy Because I'll never eat it.
Autor: Michelle Raquet
AutorI made this dish tonight and it was great! I've tried to make it before with other recipes, but it never came out like the restaurant version. I think the key is to saute the gochugaru with the onions as described. I did also add miso paste after adding the broth to the vegetables. One warning though, and this is true for all soups, make sure you salt to taste before it gets too hot since it's difficult to taste salt in hot liquids, so it's easy to oversalt it. Also, I used about 1.75 Tablespoons of gochugaru, and for my taste, I think next time I'll use 3. For vegetables, I used white mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, and grated carrots. This dish was special for me too 'cause I cooked it on a butane stove outside. Cooking outdoors while seated is a whole new experience!
Autor: Jayyy Zeee
AutorThis is my favorite vegan meal 😊👍
Autor: Veronica Salas
AutorThat looks so good. It's just impossible to get all the spices in Finland but I think I can replace those somehow 😛
Autor: Päivi Tee
Autori love you : D thanks for sharing with us!
Autor: Torina
Autornew to this lifestyle, looking for some easy recipes, found a good video, plus you are kinda funny, new subcriber here<3
Autor: geraldine boro
AutorI am making this NOW, had to go to another town to find the ingredients!
Autor: summertime35
AutorI made this today and O MY GOSH! It is SOO good. Thank you so much for this recipe!
Autor: Malinda Chester
AutorCan you use gochujang instead of the flakes?
Autor: Hannah McDonald
AutorIs extra soft the same as silken tofu?
Autor: Abbi M
Autor😍 looks amazing!
Autor: Taylor Gillespie

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