Tequila Cocktails VOL II

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AutorI dont understand why the cap shake on the golden dragon... instead of just making it in the tin?
Autor: TheYuxiaodi
AutorWhy do we flame the orangepeel, dont we want to taste the oils of the orange peel?
Autor: Madskills Albin
AutorI love your content! Keep up the good work! Now that the summer is coming I have a recipe I did as a challenge with my coworkers.
3cl light rum (I used Plantation 3stars)
3cl bourbon (maker’s mark)
1,5cl Creme de banana
1barspoon Pimento Dram
Dash chocolate syrup
1,5cl fresh lime juice
3cl passion fruit purée (monín)
6cl fresh orange juice

I know it’s a huge drink but is very tiki!

Cheers from Spain!
Autor: Uruzigi
AutorI think I speak for all yer subscribers when I say a whole video of Bonneville original cocktails would be 2SWEET (another excellent video btw)
Autor: Jacob Malings
Autor: AngryDane
AutorThanks for the new videos on Summer drinks & Tequila cocktails. Keep up the good work mate.
Autor: Ernesto Salinas
AutorGreat video. Do a campari cocktails video.
Autor: Luiz Fernando f
AutorDude, u have to do one with 10 Genever cocktails.
Autor: Thom Stal
AutorWow, I didn't know there's a banana liqueur named pisang ambon, is it indonesian ?
Cuz I lived in indonesia and never heard of it .
Autor: Ferdy Septianto
AutorIs the agave syrup actual agave syrup or 1:1 agave / water? cheers
Autor: Zool1
AutorThe Tequila used in the video was Gold, not Reposado. Love your videos, but this was a bit disappointing.
Edit: none of the dislikes are from me :)
Autor: Károly Orbán
AutorAny recommendations for a Tequila for someone who hasn't really tried it too much except for the dirty shots as a teenager?
Autor: Matias
AutorAwesome video as always! The bloopers are hilarious, would love to see a whole video of bloopers
Autor: Jon Trumpka
Autor: Cricket. 35__
AutorJoe Crow!!!
Autor: Garlic Girl
AutorI love your channel! Only recommendation that I would have would be to list the ingredients for every drink either in the comments or on the screen after the video so that we can have a snapshot in a single place of everything needed to make your tasty concoctions. Thanks
Autor: Alexander Farmer
AutorYou should change the speed pourer on the triple sec, it's leaking worse than the US-Mexican border ^_^
Autor: Cocktail / Drinkkikanava
AutorSave the turtles.
Autor: greg rice
AutorLove it!
Autor: LordXinful
AutorPleased to hear your point about straws. Excellent.
Autor: Lorraines Allotment
I have great idea for a video, let's call it "Cocktail Challenges", subscribers give you 3 or 4 ingredients, without the recipe or whatever and you have to try to make a good cocktail out of it.
So my challenge would be:
- whiskey
- apple juice/liqueur (whatever you think will work)
- cherry juice/liqueur (whatever you think will work)
- simple syrup
Autor: Mad Slav
Autor: Jeroen Boelhouwer
AutorI have a nice tequila coctail:
Muddle 6/7 pieces of a fresh cucmber with 10 leaves of mint in a boston, add 20ml of lime, 15 of symple syrup, 30 ml of amaro (italian herbal liquor) and 50 of tequila. Than shake everything on ice very well and double strain. Served on ice with a long piece of cucmber
Autor: Piotr Lejkowski
AutorJoe Crow will be an interesting cocktail to make! Thank you for making these videos, fun ways of learning cocktail making. Cheers! :)
Autor: Agus Hocky
AutorExcellent as always, best cocktails channel on yt!
Autor: DearDSLR
AutorSending love from China! Keep up the great work! I tried a few of your receipts and I love them. Hope I’ll have a chance to visit your bar in the future.
Autor: franklyn0712
AutorThat tequila old-fashioned sounds banging, need to hop down to London and go get one!
Autor: Kyle V
Autorplease also post the recipes in the descrption
Autor: eberbacher007
Autornice Vid could you make a Lillet Blanc Cocktail Video
Autor: luka rescke
AutorThanks for the video, I love your channel!
I don't know if the following recipe is familiar to you, but I've tried it once and fallen in love with it:
"Fresa Catrina" by Thomas Waugh, Death & Company, New York
2 oz. Espolón Tequila Blanco
.5 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
.75 oz. Simple Syrup
1 small strawberry
10 whole black peppercorns
Splash of Absinthe
Directions: Muddle strawberry with black peppercorns. Rinse a cocktail glass with absinthe. Shake all ingredients with ice in a shaker and fine strain into the rinsed cocktail glass.
Background: The cocktail is named for Catrina, a skeletal figure who has become closely associated with Day of the Dead. In this recipe, the light and fruity taste of strawberry combined with the dark pop of anise and black pepper pays tribute to both the elegance of the Catrina and the darkness of death.
Autor: Dmitry Tsyplyakov
Autor: 박진규
AutorTiki vol 2 please.
Autor: tdizzle 4shizzle
AutorTop 10 Summer cocktails needs to be the next video - all spirits allowed!!
Autor: Marc
AutorLove that you're using metal straws & fruit pins! :D
The Mexican Penicillin sounds absolutely awesome
Autor: KarolaTea
Autorkeep it uuuuuup!!! I'll definitely pay you a visit if I'm ever around
Autor: Jules Borré
AutorBrilliant as always!!
Autor: Gecko2305
AutorHi just curious, since most of the cocktails are build/shaken/stir with ice, do we have any hot or warm cocktails ?
Autor: Nicholas Khoong
AutorMexican Sunset
30ml Mezcal
20ml Ramazotti Aperativo Rosato
15ml Limejuce
5ml Grapefruit cordial
2 dashes Angustura Bitters

All Ingriediens shaken.
Strain in to a tumbler(old fashonid).
Top with Mexican Grapefruitsoda(Paloma)
And Garnished with a Grapefruitzest
Autor: Christian Krüger
AutorWhich is best beer brand?
Autor: Cricket. 35__
AutorLove your video's man, would have loved the tequila sunrise to have made the list
Autor: Jack Star
AutorA Rude Cosmopolitan for me!
Autor: Drinks with Jeni
AutorMan, just proceed doing that, you're absolutely genious! Thank you👍
Autor: Vitalii Frantsishko
AutorGreat choice of music
Autor: Austin Davenport
AutorI'm in love with the Mexican Penicillin!
Autor: Yannick Politowski
AutorJust picked up a bottle of tequila, def gonna try some of these!
Autor: Ean Tan
AutorFinally!! 🤩
Autor: Adam Šmíd
AutorDo you make you own ginger syrup??
Autor: Jean-Paul Lavigne
AutorWhy paper or metal over plastic straws? I heard someone else say this recently but never gave a reason why.
Autor: Bob Jones
AutorYou guys are awesome, I was wondering myself which kind of chilly do you used to make the chilly tequila
Autor: Kevin Simons
AutorYaaaaas no plastic straws, on some saving the planet vibes 🌍
Autor: no_peepee _gang
AutorYou earned a like for that paper straw comment! Yes, no more plastic straws!
Autor: adam wild
Autorso this is the drink that gave me the balls to suggest it here... called it Slow Sunday, but if anyone does not suck at naming things like i do - i'm open to suggestions.

60 ml blended scotch (used Sir Edward's)
40 ml cherry brandy (used homemade)
40 ml lemon juice
5-10 ml simple syrup (my cherry brendy is very sweet, so feel free to adjust)
two dashes of angostura bitters

stir with ice, strain into cocktail glass, no garnish

and yes, keep the videos coming. Top stuff on YT <3
Autor: Alexandra J
Autorwould be really nice to see a cachaça cocktails video!
Autor: Tchunaai
AutorAmaretto cocktails please 👍
Autor: Kelvin Farrell
AutorBest bartender on YouTube
Autor: Kyrollous Sam
AutorPisang Ambon ( Banana Ambon ) a liquer from indonesia
Autor: Ogana Gunawan
AutorI didn't know there was a Penicillin variation that was named ("Chapo" is a great tongue-in-cheek name BTW). I was just thinking that Blended/Islay could be repalced with Reposado/Mezcal and be tasty. Cheers on the great drinks!
Autor: livin onthehedge
AutorAwesome video as always - but I hope you're only using that Tequila in your videos as it's cheap... ;)
Autor: Charlie Budge
AutorSolid guy, solid cocktails would love to get a drink with this dude
Autor: Ben Collis
AutorIt must have been fate finding this video. I woke up this morning from a dream where somebody made me a drink that had tequila garnished with grapes.
Autor: Ed Radley
AutorI tried once a jalapeno infused jaloviina in Finland, the Finns are wild I have to say haha. Can't wait for the next vid :)
Autor: Lucija Kardos
AutorBest channel on youtube hands down
Autor: The Great Fish
AutorAlso great vid love watching you guys your the best keep making more vids I love learning new drinks from you
Autor: Corey Turner
AutorBenedictine cocktails? Please?
Autor: Siraphon
Autor . loving your vids guys
Autor: jublulala
AutorWhat passion fruit syrup do you use? Cheers
Autor: Lee Clarke
Autortiki part 2!
Autor: Andrei
AutorHey just wondering about the homemade chili tequila. Do you chop the chili before you put them in or just whole chili. What kind of chili do you use?
Autor: SerbianNick
AutorI just hope someone is actually drinking those drinks
Autor: malcolm saxton
Autor+THE BONNEVILLE COCKTAIL COLLECTION I really hope you include a Tiki part II in those videos.
Autor: Rasmus Sander
Autorlove the penicillin riff
Autor: AGDiesel18
AutorI've recently started making cocktails... and i'm always wonderung where you get all those fruit juices or how you make them... for example lychee juice, and also how/where you get those syrups?
Autor: Nick
AutorCould you do a wine cocktail video ?
Autor: Valentin Paul
AutorYou guys should do a beer cocktail video next
Autor: Corey Turner
AutorI'm fucking drooling, right now
Autor: Yuup Yupup
AutorYeah.....fuck that last one.
Autor: stuspawton
Autor Just a bit of fan service
Autor: Michael Castelpoggi
AutorNice music
Autor: Jenna Lam
AutorTequila old fashioned eh? Interesting. Gonna have to make/get those ingredients and show that off to my drinking buddy!
Autor: Alexandre Larocque
AutorDo a pisco cocktails video, or a beer cocktails video
Autor: mamalaspapas
AutorMore whiskey cocktails please! great that you are continuing to make great videos keep it up!
Autor: MSqueez
AutorGreat video , but i would have made the mexican penicillin and the old fashioned with anejo
Autor: Jeremy Simon
AutorBut oi do you have a licence for that tequila, m8? (pls don't ban me, I just couldn't resist the urge). Great vid as always!
Autor: NitroCerber
AutorAwsome videos!!! I’d like to See something about homemades like shrubs, cordials bitters or syroups Think about that ;)
Autor: Max Drosik
AutorGreat video! Well, getting a hold of some Reposado Tequila is now quite far up my To-Do-List. Telling people to switch from plastic to paper/metal straws was the cherry on top. I have done so about a week ago for all my home mixology. Keep it up!
Autor: Lucas Zech
AutorInteresting channel, good for the beginners bartenders like me, haha 😄😄
Autor: rapy dddoogg
AutorIt would be awesome if you guys did a beer cocktail video!
Autor: voltstag
AutorDefinitely going to try the Mexican Penicillin and the Tequila Old Fashion!
Autor: Kalen Knight
AutorOoo BOY that Golden Dragon tho
Autor: SundownTE
Autorhello ijust found a bartending job position and your channel is very hepfull... a question if i don't have the litchi juice wath can replace that for the Joe Crow Cocktail... waiting for you beacause i have a presentation thuesday ... love from Dominican Republic
Autor: Annawuakina Pilet
AutorI wanna try that Golden Dragon Cocktail so badly!
Autor: Hannah A.
AutorWhy not garnish the old fashioned with the chile pepper that they used to infuse the tequila?
Autor: Owen McCord
AutorI'll definitely have to try the tequila old fashioned a la Elephants Head.

Do a pairing video! Different spirits/drinks with different foods (dinner/dessert).
Autor: Josh Evans
AutorYou are amazing, good recipes, good presentation, good music.

Any recomendation (for you or any suscriber) about a book to learn more about the liquor fermentations and the diferences?
Autor: raskolnikov1288
AutorLove the reusable straws! Great to see that, hopefully more bars catch on.
Autor: Estiferous
AutorHit the subscribe button after one episode!
Autor: WeShallC
AutorLove the straws! Glad this is changing all over the world. Best cocktail youtube channel!!!
Autor: Jan van Ende
AutorLOVE your acknowledgment about not using disposable plastic straws! GET WITH IT!!!!!!!!!! 💪🏼🌱🍹
Autor: Mare Glynn
AutorIs it alright to sub out Pisani Ambon for like a Creme De banana, or would that ruin the presentation/flavor?
Autor: Mellow Phonix
AutorNice just in time for Cinco de Drinko
Autor: James H
AutorWhat a crazy choice of music. When I heard the navi 'HEY!' I was pleasantly surprised.
Autor: Michael Castelpoggi
AutorI got a subscriber cocktail
Smoke on the rocks

50ml bacardi oro
20ml triple sec
2 orange bitter dashes
15ml lime juice
10ml simple syrup 1/1

Shake all the ingredients for 15 seconds and double strain in a cinnamon smoked rocks glass with ice. Garnish whit a lime zest.
Autor: Luiz Fernando f
AutorAlways excited when these pop up!
Autor: Max Sobin
AutorSo happy to see that you guys are still making videos! Keep it up! Big love from Australia
Autor: Travis Mund
Autorgreat video as always. definitely gonna try some
Autor: DistelxD
AutorInteresting, I'll definitely give them a try. Thanks again for your super Cocktail vids.
Autor: Ernesto Salinas

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