Queen of Steaks Sushi Roll | Sous Vide Picanha Steak

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Autoryou can see chefs face when hes chewing..then a smile comes out and hes looking at em both like is this real lol
Autor: Dylan
AutorLooks so tasty!
Autor: Μαρια Αβραμιδου
AutorYou two guys rock together, we need more of him on your channel. I am so jealous of you eating that awesome steak roll.
Autor: dreadwing01
AutorThere’s 4 of you so 8 pieces? I count 3 of you. Who am I missing
Autor: Derrick allen
Autor"it might look like a lot of salt but it is not"
proceeds to dump 2 more handfuls on
Autor: MCcookiebreath
AutorThe guy with black T-shirt acting wierd..Is he a gay?
Autor: Ilavarasan Balaji
AutorHiro & Charlie.... I'd really appreciate knowing why Guga instead of washing the meat wiped it using paper towel. Personally I have never seen that before. Maybe Hiro does this? I have never seen him do it. I'd really be interested to know why and as well if not washing applies to all red meat, possibly other meats as well?
Thanks Michael Felberbaum
Autor: Michael Felberbaum
AutorI always enjoy this collaboration! 😍
Autor: Charmaigne Calinao
AutorWhy would you eat rare i dont understand
Autor: Legendoid Rome
AutorLove this collab. The 2 BEST food channels on youtube.
Autor: Emilio Amador
AutorAll I can say is awesome
Autor: Robert Hines
AutorMeu Deus Guga. Você que leva o churrasco para um alto nível, disperdiçou uma picanha fantástica pra fazer sushi. Da próxima vez mande pra mim que eu dou um fim melhor pra ela.
Aliás ,você fingiu bem na hora que provou aquela gordura fria ...
Mesmo assim, parabéns pelo trabalho
Autor: Paulo Roberto
Autor: AskSomthing
AutorEvery time I see these videos they remind me that all I have to eat is cereal
Autor: MR_HappY_9
AutorCollab of the Gods
Autor: yst42
AutorHiro is our hero!
Autor: Stevie Russel Rosen
Autordamn hiro has a homeyness to his cooking. its hard to explain... he brings casual home cooking and professional cheffing into one!!!
Autor: 4thLevelConciousness
AutorHiro we know u can step up ur dish and cut that meat for us wjit ur skills plz
Autor: Khoa Do
AutorWhy do you keep letting that man on your channel. So annoying and obviously over playing it (not too mention everything he does on his own channel) Does look delicious tho!
Autor: Travis A
AutorI always wonder whats the relation between hiro and the cameraman,,
Autor: Yadel Manguera
Autor: zinger1111
Autor[Suggestion]: Will It Sushi? Pepper Ridge Goldfish + Swedish Fish
Autor: Daniel Zimmerman
AutorThank you Chef Hiro for Making My Dream come true! This was AMAZING!
Autor: Sous Vide Everything
AutorMy two favorite things combine together.... steak and rice
Autor: Bernheim Joshua
AutorCan Someone give me a link or the brand-name of the knife used at
Autor: Carlos Alvarado
AutorJapanese knife still I like ^^
Autor: Francis Santiago
Autorthat shit is straight up ART man, love the content.
Autor: Erik Charlat
Autor: Lovelace shadow heart
Autor: Bkheang
AutorWhy did this guy steal the show
Autor: Jimz
AutorWhere is Mark wein? He's missing out .
Autor: kambo209
AutorFinally my dream dish.
Autor: AJ
AutorFar out! That guy is BOSS!
Autor: Kylie- Ann
AutorThe dream team is back. Please more collabs!!!!
Autor: Viet Can
Autorshoulda started the video by dispatching a cattle. :)
Autor: Erik Kire
AutorAbsolutely delicious looking roll. Now, I'm not one to ruin the taste of a beautiful cut of meat with an overpowering sauce, but I'd think a very small drizzle or some drops of a homemade sauce using the juices with Worcester sauce as a base would be great on the top of it. Just my opinionated idea though :)
Autor: YouOnlyLiveTwice
AutorDoes the dude on the left make anyone else very uncomfortable?!
Autor: Dylan Mcwilliams
AutorTwo of my favourite channels just met, now I feel like I’m living in the dream.
Autor: Wentao Li
AutorHA! He got Charles back with another joke!
Autor: Vicente Aguilera
Autorwhen he said waygu a5 i was expecting way more marbling than that. i could of sworn something that was a5 marbling was mostly fat
Autor: Robert Gene Rosero
AutorFor me, this is the best collab ever!
Autor: Luandy Elam
AutorGuga's back!!! That picanha roll looks delicious!!
Autor: imari2305
AutorTop 10 anime crossovers
Autor: Arham Siddiqi
AutorI think you guys should hit the gym :/
Autor: Isaias T
AutorHilaw pa.
Autor: jose diaz
AutorShit the cancer patient is back
AutorThe bloody cameraman is a genuine food-pornist. Every damn time a meal is ready you can hear him orgasming. :)))
Autor: lakeboww
AutorToo good!
Autor: Chuckles
AutorTop 10 anime crossover
Autor: whomst'd've
AutorYou can hear guga about to cry when hiro wipe out the steak juice and when he cut off the fat.
Autor: Peerameme
AutorI found the steak little bit of blue rare instead of medium rare 😂, but I do believe the flavor is amazing 😉
Autor: Mechanic Orange
Autorwhen the food is made with love <3
Autor: Boy10Dio
AutorI need smell a vision looks so good, Thank You Hiro
Autor: Lee Flores
AutorGood afternoon love you guys👍👍👍👍👍
Autor: ֆJim Bookyֆ
Autordude...bad ass
Autor: Dirty Bay Adventures
Autor: Guowei Li
AutorI still cant get over the last time guga was in the video i cant stop laughing
Autor: Dxxro _
Autoris Picanha Steak the name of specific cut of meat like T bone or skirt steak or is it the name of the dish itself? its just that i don't any think at all about Brazilian kitchen! i know that they have great grills and Brazilian beef is even greater! the sous vide steak looked boiled and morbid till it was torch grilled , but the Sushii roll was really perfect! with some Ponzu or Teryaki sauce it would be simply Sushi from heaven ! thanks
Autor: adham hussein
AutorToo much blood. I’ll pass
Autor: STaR_WaLKeR
AutorOMG looks so good. If you mailed me a piece, and it took 5 days to get here I would still eat it.
Autor: Jamey Stamey
Autor: Braeden Von
AutorJoule really is hard to beat.
Autor: Jesse Taylor
AutorI need that knife guga is cutting with! Where can I buy it?
Autor: Mike Rogers
AutorGreat clip!!!
Autor: Samuel Sheff
AutorIdk why I watch Chef Hiro so late all the time. Now I HAVE to get up and cook something
Autor: john johnny
AutorColaboración vergas ahora nadamas te falta salir con el canal de la capital giro!!!
Autor: car_venom
AutorLmao @ Hiro 😂😂😂 "Good?"
Autor: WherezYoNikez
Autor: SparkyMTB
AutorHiro, I live in Miami. Please let me buy this.
Autor: jj98901
AutorHiro must love how clean it is
Autor: Ant Leo
AutorNo shoyu & wasabi? Best thing for wagyu beef
Autor: John Tan
AutorThere is no way that is wagyu 5. I have better steaks than that at my local grocery store...
Autor: slugga06
AutorGreat collab! Please do more!
Autor: Hayn Soja
AutorCan I swear again? Like WTF! This is food heaven at it's best!
Autor: Aije Alcala
Autori love both channel is really nice to see you together, more content pls !
Autor: sergio narbona
AutorAnother one off da rails Hiro
Autor: Digiz Bina
Autor: Jello Dream
AutorExcellent collaboration! That steak looks delicious!
Autor: John Pettyjohn
AutorCooking the steak like that should be illegal 🤢 what a waste
Autor: Casper J
AutorYou forgot “GRAPHIC” in the title, this is literally food porn!
Autor: arthur OP
AutorNew menu item here guys
Autor: George Santiago
AutorWhat’s the king ??
Autor: Eddie Luna
AutorThat's amazing, but I would've used less beef inside and maybe added avocado or cooked asparagus, and then dipped in soy mixed with Dijon mustard. Banzai!
Autor: J. Vega
Autori have one recipe that i would like to learn that is shrimp sauce or yum yum
Autor: Chad Crowe
AutorA tin of beans is still my jam
Autor: wai tsang
AutorHey Hiro, do you have a link to that knife at Guga was using? Or at least a name.
Autor: JNoir J
AutorHirotuki is no joke Pro!
Autor: Yin Yang Domain
AutorWe serve this at the restaurant I work at, we put the beef on top and cucumber+avocado+truffle inside it’s delicious.
Autor: Nico J
AutorGuys!!...Guga!!.... what a beautiful knife you sliced the Wagyu with !!!!!
Autor: Superman04p
AutorMy two favorite food channels on another incredible collab. Now I just need enough money for a wagyu picanha.
Autor: Cristian Espinal
AutorHis smile after he takes that first bite of picanha says it all. I totally understand why he had to cut off the fat from picanha, but damn did that hurt to watch.
Autor: Jesus Christ
Autor: Inuyasha559
Autorthats beautiful
Autor: Peak Performance
AutorGyro looks sad. That juice is blood my nigga the steak so bloody 🤢 looks like a murder scene 🔪
Autor: Osvaldo Ah
AutorThe color on those steaks as he was cutting them was fantastic
Autor: Heiryuu
Autorwhen picanha and sous vide were involved guga will be there
Autor: First Name
Autor: alex magario
AutorWhere is Ninja saying "deliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicious" ?? :D
Autor: Fernando Soffa
AutorHuzmmm. Yummy
Autor: joanne kim
AutorThat knife was gorgeous!
Autor: Ackage
AutorThat meat looks delicious enjoy tks for another awesome video👍
Autor: Jose Nieves
AutorGuga ang hiro san goodjob
Autor: Jong Maliwat
Autor: Simba Rivers
AutorAdd caviar too it!
Autor: Audi Driver
Autorvery good video :D
Autor: DividedPoint
Autorhow long was it in the water???
Autor: dj illusion
Autorbeen following both of you all for a long time. This was nuts! loved it!
Autor: Lonehelljumper
AutorHiro! Good afternoon!
Autor: Samantha Hernandez
Autordamn, i'm starving and all i can find in the kitchen is instant noodle and eggs.
Autor: The Bose
Autoromg noone is one biting the roll....
Autor: Timboh
AutorI love your videos Hiro
Autor: Thorge Becker
AutorAll those "juices" is blood lol
Autor: Kevin Torres
Autor8 pieces, 2 pieces each, who's the 4th??
Autor: Chris Yang
AutorThat’s sushi roll epic fail.
Autor: aaronseeker
AutorDamn that looks good, but definitely need some veggies on the side 😂
Autor: Savage Truth
AutorHiro in his past life must have been a scallion
Autor: andrew
AutorWhat is the knife that he use to cut the steak??? I want it
Autor: Travis Lopez
AutorLooked amazing 😉
Autor: Lewis G
AutorThat might be the best looking steak I've seen
Autor: 1000 vids no subs challenge
AutorGuga: How's that picanha, Hiro?

Hiro: Good afternoon
Autor: Marvin
AutorLooks wonderful Hiro, always making me hungry. Ever thought about making a video of omurice. Japanese omelet and rice . Just a thought.
Autor: Christopher Escue
AutorMaster piece . Delicious
Autor: Don Voss 101
AutorHow to cook your meat in the slowest possible way.
Autor: Tony Amor
AutorHiro is never disrespectful, if I eat with my feet then he'll do it with me lol
Autor: Eduardo Herrera
AutorWell done two of my favorites together felt like i hit the lottery watching
Autor: MrMichaelPack
AutorIf you're looking for this cut of beef at your local store, ask your butcher for a a top sirloin lifter.
Autor: First Last
AutorIts a bit rare for me but i know it
taste great
Autor: Kv C
Autorwho else got chills when he sliced the meat
Autor: cliffopoo11
AutorThat picanha looked absolutely unreal & that’s an understatement. I have never seen meat so pink n juice. That is crazy
Autor: Antiii
AutorCamera guy's breathing is outrageous
Autor: Sean Monaghan
AutorGood afternoon and thank you guys so much! Hiro Piro Piro 🍻🍻🍻
Autor: mircea velniciuc
AutorLove the collabs n the food my gawd that looks good
Autor: c j
AutorHi im 500
Autor: Bruce Wayne
AutorYou can tell these guys enjoy there food
Autor: peterk202
AutorGuga sent me!!
Autor: T3h N3wB
AutorYummy! My mouth is watering like Niagara Falls! With a pinch of freshly grated wasabi would be a huge plus. Cheers!
Autor: sashimimann
Autor that's one hell of a knife, where do I get one?
Autor: Patrick Schaefer
Autor: Beebo the mighty little bear
Autor I know it doesn't look good...😂
Autor: Abukenyo
Autorthe editing was so bad
Autor: refki bouslama
AutorPlease sous vide a live lobster, any of you. I want to see it happen. I don't have gear or the lobster, so i can't very well do it myself. But you guys have the equipment and the expertise!
Autor: Darth Bacon
AutorBest regards from Brazil :)
Autor: Rodrigo Bavaresco
AutorI love seeing 3 gentlemen sucking meat juices together
Autor: Sylph
AutorGuys, a girl broke my heart last week. I took her to a Ruth Chris steakhouse and she ordered a well-done filet mignon. I don't know what to do!
Autor: 1018070 104170269
AutorLooks so wet 😂
Autor: TheRedWingsGuy
AutorThe master of blades stands back and watches the Latino "shank" the meat...
Autor: GlockWiseSB
AutorThis Sous Vid sushi roll looks amazing, gentlemen! Y'all do such amazing work together! Thank the both of you for y'alls awesome videos!
Autor: Benjamin Cheesman
Autorhad to come from guga's vid to watch it again just for hiro
Autor: The Boy
AutorOkay, this, is, EPIC !
Autor: Ranabel Anmyz
Autor¿Es Hiro de Japon?
Autor: anon
AutorHello, you all awesome I love food all you could eat but some food I can’t eat like seafood I use to in my pass many years ago but when you get older your body change I use to be a chef five years ago but I had to retried because I had a surgery on my spine I do miss cooking but I don’t judge people raw or cook food the only I’m happy I’m still walking do anything at home but I can’t work anymore my head is always up high good job guys cooking and sushi thanks for showing these videos I loved food lol good afternoon lol
Autor: oKingOf Darknes1
AutorChef Hiro! I will be visiting Japan in July - can you recommend me any cities, restaurants, or dishes to try?
Autor: AirSoftMaverick3232
AutorRice wraps would of been great with this but I know a lil difficult
Autor: Steven Ray
AutorGuga! who is the faceless man? You can tell me on your channel. Preesh
Autor: vdubbin64
AutorBoth of your talent, kindness, and enthusiasm for food is what makes your videos so much fun to watch. Thank you for sharing. =)
Autor: Katie Cochran
AutorTop 10 anime crossovers
Autor: Devin
AutorHoly shit top 10 anime crossovers
Autor: Big Gochu
AutorOh yeah yeah
Autor: braeden90000
Autor“ can We eAt it AlReaDy hIRo “ hungry ass
Autor: Isaias T
Autorthe steak look great
Autor: lorteea huff
Autor: nisikun121212
Autorwhen you see someone cry or nearly cry after taking a bite,
you know it's fucking delicious
or just he bit something not good
Autor: John Carlo Ol'CAt Lacadin
AutorMan, it can’t get better than this. Wagyu picanha! Really? Can it be more decadent than this ? And then you put it together with an expertly seasoned rice in to a sushi roll. Take an extra cholesterol pill, Mamma, were going to eat good today!
Thanks for the great dish, guys. Life is good.
Autor: The Last Neanderthal
AutorMy friend lives in Miami, would love to meet yall. I'm only 12 he drive away. I saw hiro driving his yellow Porsche droptop
Autor: Mnt Man
AutorHiro eats steaks with chopsticks. I bet when he's at home watching netflix, he eats potato chips with chopsticks too.
Autor: Ж
AutorMedium rare???
AutorHiro is a star
Autor: ace benedict
AutorCan you sign my knife before you send it to me
Autor: handsome devil
AutorIt seems Hiro lets others control his content. Chef Hiro thanks for sharing
Autor: Me and You Hello
AutorI love your videos dude👌
Autor: Lennart Heck
Autor8 pieces but they are 3? Thats not 2 ea or am i missing somryhinf
Autor: Ravendish Oil
AutorI like watching both videos of the collaboration. Your styles are very different yet they complement each other. Well done!
Autor: Herman Wooster
AutorAbsolutely love this duo!
+ camera man!
Autor: austriaaa
AutorHarmony from Japan to Brazil -- add a little US camera -- cool beans!
Autor: ondapc
AutorOmg!! My too most delicious channels meet!!!!
Autor: Ying Dong
AutorThe ultimate chef duo im so happy
Autor: Dxxro _
AutorWonderful collab! Truly tasty. I was wondering - is it possible to prepare a live coconut crab? I have not seen that on your channel! Much love from Oklahoma!
Autor: Rickie C
AutorCamera man is a real beast, likes his meat raw like me :D
Autor: Azziee
AutorI don’t like this guy
Autor: EustaticLipid
AutorSo there is a way to like a video twice....
Autor: Sweggieboss
AutorSous vide....I love this channel; I'v been following you guys for years. But I feel like that guy was coming at you sideways for liking your steak rare...sous vide is for people who can't cook...ruins the art and takes all the finness out of it.
Autor: The Man
Autorraw meat, raw fat... wtf these guys doing.
Autor: Not Nice
AutorMuch Filter on this Video 😅
Autor: Norey 1991
AutorAlmost like the meat lovers roll
Autor: Mildly Concerned
Autor he’s Finna cry
Autor: Dimitrius_ TFD
AutorAnother amazing collab! Looks delicious 😛
Autor: Esk59
AutorCan you use any kind of fish for sushi???? Catfish maybe?
Autor: Andrew Williams
AutorIt was channeling Lady Gaga Gaga’s infamous meat dress for one minute ... hail Hiro for the blow torch
Autor: Moyra McRae
AutorI would be so self-conscious about doing any knife work in front of a sushi chef.
Autor: Christopher Murray
AutorGreat stuff! Love this channel! Thank you! Happy belated Valentines Day, Hiro!
Autor: Alex Kingcole
AutorDo you have a PO Box so I can mail the camera man a pack of breathing strips for his nose?
Autor: GlockWiseSB
AutorBelt! Abraços aqui do Brasil! !!!
Autor: Mauro Castro
AutorI want that knife.
Autor: Bryan Hackett
AutorDrooling....holy moly!!! Sushi Supreme!
Autor: Donna Lee
AutorThis video is so awesome, Chef Hiro. Fantastic. I hope you, your cameraman and your guests have a good afternoon and a great week. Cheers!
Autor: Dwayne Wladyka
Autorit probably tasted like shit.
Autor: Phuk Dat
AutorWow! My two favorite foods...sushi and steak...I wish I could get a taste! Thank you for a great video.
Autor: Jim-E-Q
Autor carnivore throws the grass away
Autor: nikos snld
AutorMy 2 favourite food channels cooperate.. love it
Autor: JustSomeTimber1nTheLake
AutorCameraman sounds like Maumau HAHAHAH
Autor: Marvin Dela Merced

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