Microwave Pressure Cooker Chili Con Carne

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AutorHey what is the wattage on your pressure cooker? Are you going to sleep on a belly full of chili....oh you poor silly man! LOL!
Autor: Nancy Jeffers
AutorChili con carne, breakfast of champeens! That’s a neat little cooker!
Autor: Lisa E
AutorThat was pretty cool Rick! Thanks for doing a video on this.
Autor: Judy Moody's Life Vlogs
AutorCon carne means “with beef” in Spanish.
Autor: Brad Richards
AutorSorry, not convinced. It didn't look appetizing, would've liked a close up on the meal. Please take this as constructive criticism, not hating. Thanks
Autor: Warren Bickmeyer
AutorNice gadget! Looks yum!
Autor: Str8isis
AutorYour 12th pressure cooker looks like the easiest one to use yet! What is it made out of? I enjoyed the video!
Autor: Ronda
AutorI want one!
Autor: Duke Togo
AutorWow! Looks good, great idea. Thanks for the tip.
Autor: Ernie Fay
AutorRick the microwave pressure cooker chili con carne is super nice
Autor: Vijaya Foods
AutorVery nice but I am running out of storage space for all these gadgets! Looked good. Enjoy your videos very much
Autor: Maryanne Spielman
AutorOh my gravy it works how awesome is that? I gotta get me one of those..
Autor: Marybeth Fields
AutorI use stove-top and electric PCs (Pressure Cookers) all the time. Glad you mention that you THINK this is meant for low-pressure cooking. My understanding is that for a PC to work efficiently, you need to reach and maintain a pressure of around 1.3 bars, which is ABOUT 15psi. I do not think this microwave PC can do it. I will check it out and do an update later on. If it CAN, I will most likely purchase one. I just LOVE to do the PC thing!!!
YOU DA MAN! - despite what you-know-who says... hee hee
Autor: Michel Gaudet
AutorWhere was I in 62'? Depending on which month you're talking about, I was entering the world for the first time. I was skeptical about that microwave pressure cooker but now I'm a believer. That Chili con Carne looked awesome.
Autor: David Alexander
AutorYum yum 🤤🤤🤤 looks amazing
Autor: Martina Lola fraser
AutorSaid its max in 5 lbs. Pressure. I see this exploding someone microwave. Looks more like soup, you left out tomato sauce
Autor: KingLord
AutorHow cool is that little gadget! I thought con carne meant “ with beans”
Autor: Kathy’s Crazy Life
AutorI love your videos but I think we all should stick with our stainless steel instantpots. This plastic thing could only mean trouble as I'm sure it leaches chemicals into the foods. Keep making your awesomely entertaining videos Rick. ❤❤❤
Autor: Blaine's Mom
AutorWoaooooo es increíble lo que se puede hacer en un macrowe
Autor: Evelin Flores
AutorHa!!! Abby-Normal! Gotta love Young Frankenstein!! You made this look really good! But would you use it again?? Also I need a new pressure cooker. Out of all the one's you have which one do you think or like the best??
Autor: james
AutorNice micro preshar cooker! Whts the price this preshar cooker?
Autor: Chaitali's Kitchen
AutorWhat a time we live in. Lol. Live it.
Autor: EpicConspiracy
AutorThat’s a cool rig
Autor: C.J. phillipson
AutorHow's that chili con carne there was no chili powder added no where
AutorAwesome video as always Rick. Recipes for these are rare but mostly it's just a matter of finding the right settings and cooking times for the wattage of your microwave. The recipe you used is included with the instruction manual & recipes (in metric) on this website - . It is the web address once you click on "Useful Documents".

I found this helpful when I bought mine back in Sept 2015. It is in metric so 400 g is close to a pound and 250 mL is close to a cup and so on. Full Conversion Charts can be found online. Your Chili Con Carne recipe is on page 16.

There are other Microwave Pressure Cookers out there made by Tupperware, NordicWare, Kuhn Rikon, etc. all sold on their websites and Amazon. Target may be the best price, though. QVC has sold them and demonstrated them and Youtube has many vids on them. Some recipes can be found on some of these sites but I found you still need to find the right settings and times for your own microwave.

Your breakfast today worked out perfectly. That mic is a keeper. LOL

Autor: Sheila M
AutorCathy is such a sweetheart. She's always excited to try what you make. I love you guys!
Autor: Jessica Ochoa
AutorI hope the plastic pressure cooker is bpa free with food boiling in it. Mustard in chili and no tomatoes? No thanks.
Autor: ken j
AutorThey’re supposed to be a little white button that pops up at the other side of that, and you push that down to release the steam, I don’t see it popped up on yours, but there’s lots of videos showing how to do that
Autor: Sonja Brown
AutorYUM! I think I'll grab the ingredients and make some chili dogs tomorrow!
Autor: Ruthy D
AutorWhat a fun video this morning ! This looks really your exact measuring...
I know now you are not a sock folder
Autor: Anne Keel
Autorchili is good anytime of the day or year
Autor: Otis Grissom
AutorIn ‘62 I hadn’t made my worldly debut yet. That happened 3 years later. This is a pretty neat gadget! That chili made my mouth water. Chef Rick, you’ve done it again!
Autor: Kari Collett
AutorYummmm. Nice invention. I’m really considering getting this one.
Autor: ISayToMyself
AutorI like chili.😁😁
Autor: Evelin Flores
AutorLooks yummy!!
Autor: Marie B
AutorGreat Video! I thought using the fresh tomato's was a nice touch too. I have seen these before and was on the fence about buying one but after your video I think I need one. Will we see more video's of you cooking in this?
Autor: Layton Minnix
AutorWhere did you get your microwave? I need a new one, and yours looks nice.
Autor: Brad Richards
AutorLooks awesome!!! Love your videos 😆
Autor: Shelly Capamaggio
AutorI think anything would taste good to this man
AutorIt’s definitely a nice gift & pleasant to look at. And the way you try out all things sent to you is wonderful! The chili really looked tasty 😋❣️
Autor: RetiredOlNurseMamawME
AutorNice and it came out Good
Autor: scott watts
AutorLooks neat I don’t know if it would fit in my microwave though! Chili looks great, needed a little more beans since you doubled the recipe but looked yummy either way.
Autor: TheDavePhan
AutorBreakfast? I thought I was the only weird one who ate non breakfast foods in the morning. It's nice to know I"m not alone. hehe I think I'll pass on the microwave pressure cooker. It looked to hard to close and open. I need easy in my life. hehe Seriously now... I already have 4 pressure cookers and hubby might throw me out if I buy another. :-)
Autor: fulluvjoy
AutorMe wants that's a,cool one
Autor: Carol Church
AutorWow! the chili looked pretty good! I love how you are game enuf to try new things! i always learn alot. I wondered about the plastic heating up and affecting the taste. i think my son might like this cooker!
Autor: Janet Alexander
AutorIt did a great job!! Your chili looked delicious, great breakfast, only thing missing, a runny egg on top, that would've made it perfect. Thanks for sharing😃
Autor: Christy's Cooking Channel
AutorChilly breakfast, lol .... why not ! Looks great I would make a slurry, thicken liquid a bit !
Autor: Annie Sue
AutorI think I'll stick with my Instant pot because I don't have room for anything more, however this was a great video. My Chili Con Carne handed down from my mom is a bit different, but it's my favorite. I make a batch, freeze it, then make the noodles as I'm going to eat the Chili since I'm not feeding a family and it's easier to make a batch. I use Kidney beans and have finally switched to Wheat noodles. Mine is much simpler and the sauce is two can's of condensed Tomato Soup and a can of water, sauteed onion and green sweet pepper, & no hot sauce. A pound of ground meat and is very, very good... Mom knew what she was doing. I used 3/4 cup of noodles cooked separate to 1 cup of Chili Con Carne sauce. I don't think anyone eats it like that, but I was raised eating it and is one of my favorite dishes and my version is simple to make with very few ingredients. I'll often saute celery & onions in place of the bell pepper, but bell pepper is better.
Autor: Pete_ Hine_Of_PA
AutorNice job Rick ! Is there an interlock that keeps you from opening the lid while it’s still under pressure ? I hope so because some goober out there will surely try it at some point .... 🤣
Autor: USNVA11
AutorWow, chili con carne! We don't get that here in Sicily. I will try making it. Liked and subscribed.
Autor: Saucy Siciliana
AutorOne could put that together at night, stick in fridge and cook for dinner the next day. No mess to clean up Nice video, thanks.
Autor: Margo
AutorChile is a always good
Autor: Tom W
AutorI gotta admit, I also enjoy some of what would typically be considered non-traditional types of food for breakfast as well. Always loved some cold pizza (the night after left over kind) along with a cold bottle of A&W root beer. Chili would be right up there on that list as well. Spicy and savory serves as a good wake up stimulant. MMMmm mmmm!
Autor: Sponge Bobiwan
AutorI think I might eat it with nacho chips
Autor: Maryanne Spielman
AutorHi Rick, These were sold on QVC. In fact I have 5 of them. and they really do a good job. There are a bunch of recipes that go with this pressure cooker. I might have some extra I could send you , if you would like them. Have fun usig it. Rosemary
Autor: Rosemary Fletcher
AutorThat looks good! I've got the same model, in red. I've only made vegetable soup in it several times. I'm please to see your results with the chili.
Autor: signedgladys
AutorWhen you rubbed your eyes after using the sriracha I thought we were about to hear you scream. I have a microwave pressure cooker, I like making red beans & rice, meat sauce. I never had Chili Con Carne before but that looked good.
Autor: Eric S
AutorIn 62 I was in a different kind of cooker .. I was done in 63 😂😂
Autor: Sherri Castor
Autor"Chili con Carne" means 'chili with meat' - also, you didn't have enough tomatoes to even equal a can of tomatoes; much less to double the recipe. You also neglected to 'double-up' on the onions, peppers, beans, and chili powder. There's also an obvious error in the recipe - it says "1 1/4 ounce Can of Tomatoes" - I have never seen a 1/4 ounce can of anything. It must mean a standard can of tomatoes, which is generally around 14 to 14.5 ounces. It looks like you put about half that much in, so about 1/4 of what was needed, and would have thickened up the chili a bit (along with another can of beans). But I know you like your meals meat-heavy, and are somehow averse to vegetables, so watery chili is what you get...;+)
Autor: Erik Hughes
AutorI can honestly say I have never seen one before.
Autor: Phyllis Denton
AutorTurned out great rick, i really like your chef jacket its official.
Autor: Jason Yancura
AutorJust please,don't ever make white chicken chilli e on here o please,don't?Ya someine,said it was good so I decided to try it once .ya,yuk ,never again.
Autor: Carol Church
AutorThe breakfast of Champions!! Good job, bro. Keep on keeping on!! 👍 ✌ 👊
Autor: Tommy Sainthill
AutorThat's interesting!
Autor: Tommy Walker
AutorRick, great to see you are putting that Dr. of Motivation degree to such good use. Greetings from Ireland.
Autor: Greattobeadub Ireland
AutorHi Rick looks good what do you think of that pressure cooker I have seen them on qvc do you think they are good?
Autor: Bryan Rogowski
AutorDo they come in pink? I want one;)
Autor: carol neaves
AutorDon't know about you...but I was holding my breath when you were opening the pressure cooker. A little too scary for my liking. But thanks to you, I see it does work and works quite well!
Autor: lobiddibol - Lorna
Autorwas the chill con carne good in the microwave pressure cooker rick
Autor: scotty thompson
AutorWhy does someone who has a meat grinder have to buy ground beef? You have a grinder. Remember? Or wasn't it close enough?
Autor: BAT BAT

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