How to transplant a palm.

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AutorThanks it was a big job but it has been a few days now and it is still looking nice and healthy so I guess it is settling into its new home quite well :) Thanks for watching.
Autor: The Productive Garden
AutorVery informative video. Thanks.
Autor: Mumbug Me
AutorNice palm
Autor: Blake Bartenbach
AutorWow nice work.. it looks like a big job :)
Autor: PlantzNThings
AutorFor some reason I couldnt reply to +Gan Eden Video Productions diirectly but the answer is yes it has survived :) It took a while to establish while it was getting used to the new spot and I thought I might lose it for a while bu it has come good now :)
Autor: The Productive Garden
AutorDid it survive?
Autor: Gan Eden Media
Autorbit of an effort doing it by yourself with a palm that big, would of called a mate in.. good job
Autor: DC180
AutorThanks for the great instructions on moving a palm. I'm glad that the Sago palm I'm about to transplant isn't nearly as big as the one you moved. Great job!
Autor: Jim Anthony
Autor: Micky Dub
AutorYes I am not sure that I would be happy about doing on plants intended for eating but on a palm or a tree I think it is fine. Thanks for watching :)
Autor: The Productive Garden
AutorThanks :) It was a job I had been meaning to do for a while.
Autor: The Productive Garden
AutorYou should post a picture of your tree online somewhere and someone might know what it is. It was a bit of a task but I am happy with the result. Thanks for watching :)
Autor: The Productive Garden
AutorKentia Palm
Autor: Harry eglington
AutorWow a big task you've accomplished there! Nice job John!
Autor: MrChipGardener
AutorThanks for the video mate.
Autor: Greg Simon
Autorits a kentia palm howea fosteriana
Autor: lordweaselfreak
Autorgreat video man, thoroughly enjoyed it :)
i was looking for a decent palm transplant video.
im in the process of replanting 2 dwarf date palms into 55cm pots as theyre currently in 44mm pots as the white root ends are coming out the bottom of the pots through the drain holes. I plan on getting stuck into that tomorrow.
Autor: Brendan Temme
Autorthanks alot. That was helpful as I am considering moving a palm tree. It is a queen palm though and much heavier
I also liked your tidbit at the end about the urea. I first heard about that in an aussie or Kiwi movie called the Worlds Fastest Indian. Check it out. great fun movie.
Autor: bobby redondo
AutorNo problem. I am not always the best at identifying plants but I will do my best.
Autor: The Productive Garden
AutorOh man,   there's a lot to consider when moving a palm.   My father planted four windmill palms in his backyard over 40yrs ago.   They had grown well over 30 feet tall and I use to use them as landmarks when driving by on a nearby avenue.   However, his wife feared their height and made him cut them down about 10yrs ago.  After fighting cancer for a little over a year, my Dad passed two years ago and needless to say,  the yard has become overgrown.   I'm not sure from where they are sprouting but I have baby windmill palms all over the place now.   They're just there in the dirt under all the leaves.   Anyway-  a couple of them are almost 5ft tall and I want to move them into a better more permanent spot.   After watching your video-  I think when that time comes I will hire a professional for those toddler trees so that I'm sure it's done right- as well as put in the right spot.   Thank You for  posting this.   I appreciate it!
Autor: Ostaralore

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