How to Pronounce Caprese

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AutorI thought KAH- PREESS
Autor: Andy Liu
AutorI thought it was Cah-Prey-say This version sounds too American
Autor: Clayballs balls
Autorrespect the pouch
Autor: leileilol
AutorI was at an "Italian" restaurant the other day and I kept asking the waitress for a Caprese salad (cah-preh-seh) and she kept going, "Okay, so you want a ca-PREEZ salad." I wanted to kill her. All my friends at my table were laughing at her ignorance and my rage. Then one of asked for a minestrone soup and she said, "Okay, so that's the MINNE-stroan soup." More laughs.

Don't these restaurants train their waiters how to pronounce the stuff on the menu? I mean, it's not like we live in Hicksville, Nebraska. This is the Miami metro area, for Pete's sake.
Autor: Goomba Pizza
Autor: Hear No, See No Speak No Evil
AutorFuckin idiot
Autor: richard kozak
AutorIt would be helpful if Italian words were pronounced without an English accent. We don't flip the "r" in English, but in Italian, one "r" is flipped, and two "r"s are rolled. Also, Italians don't pronounce "e" as "eeee". They pronounce it either as "eh" or as "a", depending on spelling.
Autor: Robin McMullen
Autori work at Schlotzky's. We sell caprese sandwiches and flatbreads. I hear, almost everyday, CAHPREES. Even worse, CAPREESEE. Wanna slap some people.
Autor: thedorkinabubble
AutorUgh i hate it when people pronounce this salas as cap-preist! swear to god
Autor: pinkie24
Autorcah-preh-seh not cah-pray-zay
Autor: Ariana Garcia

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