How to Make Geode Cake Pops from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

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Autorthis is so colorful and awesome!😄
Autor: WitchBitch
AutorI love this so much it's so cool
Autor: Jessica Garcia
Autoryou are so good .
Autor: Chris Kurpgeweit
AutorU r by farr my fav. YouTuber
Autor: Slime Time
AutorYour awesome😚
Autor: Melina Cocelli
Autoru are the best at making caks
Autor: Carolyn Clemons
AutorAw cute! <3
Autor: xQueenOfHeartsx
AutorDisco dust isn't edible!
Autor: Margot HH
AutorThese look absolutely beautiful!
Autor: FabFood
Autor: Tajra Cavcic
Autor: Cosmic Mango
AutorHow fantastic Jenn just love the geode look it's beautiful
Autor: Jaime Thomas
AutorI love this so much it's so cool
Autor: Jessica Garcia
Autor: Michelle Lagneau
Autorseptember the 7th was my birthday
Autor: Kahli Hyland
Autorque rico
Autor: alejandra conde
Autoryour stuff looks so good
Autor: Shekinah Fields
AutorI watch you every day I love all your videos xx
Autor: Louise Woodhouse
Autorthey look cool but i'm sure they don't taste as good as they look
Autor: schokiiieh
AutorCan you make a geodude from Pokemon go
Autor: Elizabeth Soriano
Autorthose look so good
Autor: Mooyah amiyah
Autorisn't that hard to eat?
Autor: Savi savvy
Autor: Tionna Herron
Autor: Nusrat Jamia
Autorthat is so cool subscribing right now.
Autor: Darth Cat lover
AutorLegend has it that if you're early Jen will respond... :)
Autor: Emma Dun
AutorSo cool 😃
Autor: Treat Factory
AutorI like purple
Autoris the paint edible
Autor: Candace Saul
AutorJen, can you freeze these ahead of time for a party, or will the sugar turn out icky?
Thank you for another wonderful video.
Autor: shadowpleez
Autor: Dionne Kowalchuk
AutorOh my goodness, YES!!!!
Autor: Living to DIY with Rachel Metz
Autor: Royyan Ahmed's Random DIY
Autorno like a toy animatronics cake from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 please
Autor: Abigail's Crazy Creations
AutorOh WOW Jenn!!! I though you geode cake was out of this world! These are just the cutest, most precious Geodes ever! Your talent is just amazing. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Autor: Beth Gates
Autor: Andrew Edwards
AutorHow fun,
Can't wait to try !
Autor: Heghineh Cooking Show
AutorWhen you hit two mill are you gonna do a special recipe?😁😃😊🎂🍰
Autor: CVENarwhal Lover
Autor: Sreylak Chheav
Autorjen im a little bit late because i have the flu and i couldn't do much but i made it (yay!) these looked like a million bucks👍
Autor: Zoe Teagle
AutorCool eats
Autor: Don Quixito
AutorShe talks like my teacher
Autor: ItzPanduh
AutorLove love love!!
Autor: pamelotti66
Autorthey look so good you are so talented
Autor: Kate Wheldrake
AutorCould you do like cupcakes for the different Evee evolutions including glaceon
Autor: Moonlight
AutorThat cake in the background ............................sooooooooooo d-i-s-t-r-a-c-t-i-n-g..........!!!
Autor: Kiki Gonzalez
Autor: Nataleigh Murphy
Autor: Adam Usagi
Autorcake pops
Autor: Wendi Shanks Finkler
Autorlove u do choclate vidéos like choclate blockes and truffules please love uuuu
Autor: sarah and me
AutorAre you aloud to just use this just for decotratant? (Idk how to spell it :( )
Autor: PanteaRockz PC
AutorThat just looks wrong
AutorI like the rock candy stick idea so neat and different :)
Autor: duckyone20
Autorcan you make a fnaf five nights at Freddy's cake please
Autor: Abigail's Crazy Creations
AutorJenn how do u do that
Autor: Kahli Hyland
Autorlooks yummy
Autor: Marsha Love
AutorIf someone made the Geode cake as a wedding cake, you could make these as wedding favours for the tables. Really cool Jenn, very pretty.
Autor: Jade
Autorlove your channel
Autor: Carolyn Clemons
AutorAmerican Horror story themed cake please!!!!
Autor: agkjax 2002
Autorlove u jen the best baker EVER
Autor: Zack Kry
AutorI am surprised You don't have Your own cooking channel I would tune in everyday Your voice is soothing You got Yourself A subscriber
Autor: HumpMeFučkMe DaddyBetterMakeMeChoke
AutorHey! Can u do something "fall" themed
Autor: Kendall J
Autorhow can I make or where can I buy that rock candy? help me please! :(
Autor: Samantha Avila
AutorSei fantastica! complimenti 😍
Autor: Anna Mennella
Autorthat looks nothing like a geod
Autor: Alisah Wicker
AutorHey Jen could you do a Legend of Zelda themed cake? I would love to see what you come up with!
Autor: Ana
Autor: Adriana Budiman
Autoru make the best cakes in the world im so proud of what you make also im so happy you are reaching 2million subscribers
Autor: jacob vega
AutorMy goodness those look absolutely sensational Jen. Wished I was closer to you I'd love to have a lesson with you on making one of your creations xo
Autor: FitAngie
AutorYou are amazing! can't wait to make these! thank you so much for making such wonderful videos! Your videos help bring me and my mum closer,and we have so much fun re creating your treats! thank you again =)
Autor: Alexis Kyle
Autorhow do I make ur rock candies?
Autor: Simply Mom Life
AutorAll i can think about is that cake !!!!
Autor: Kiki Gonzalez
Autor: natalya pettis
AutorBeautiful and amazing fork JEN👍
Autor: Andrea Cortes
AutorYour cake pops look good 😊
Autor: Camille Coopersmith
Autorcan you do an owl cake?
Autor: Brie Trefren
AutorAlso I made your birch bark log cake for my 10 year anniversary and my husband loved it!I will have to post a picture to show you how it turned out! I did it step by step but added some of my own twists to it. =)
Autor: Alexis Kyle
AutorVery cool.
Autor: Muzz The beta orbiter
AutorAgain with the no gloves... Yuck.
Autor: thisalyknits
Autorcan you make cotton candy it is so good
Autor: ryan maciel
Autorhi u are so pretty
Autor: Navarah Davis
AutorI literally love your videos Jen
Autor: Tasnia Chowdhury
AutorOmg I love u
Autor: Slime Time
Autorthis is amazing!! so cute and different
Autor: mintydiane _12
AutorMake homemade Oreo pop tarts please
Autor: Faith Housham
AutorCan you please do more challenges with steffany more please please 👌🏻👍🏻
Autor: Joey Oakley
Autorhi love your videos I have seen your videos since 2011
Autor: Lol Lol
Autorthese are so pretty:)
Autor: SophieTbh
AutorDisco dust isn't edible is it? Can you link me to the edible glitter? I've been looking for weeks and cannot find anything!!!
Autor: Rnd Brkr
Autorcan you explain to me the difference in all the edible powders like the disco dust and all the other ones. I am a beginner and dont know what to use. I have even seen a petal dust.
Autor: Michaela Dodge
AutorIs it possible to make a rainbow one?
Autor: Melody Arreola
AutorThose look SO cool!!
Autor: Nora Anne
Autorwe.... are the candy gems, well always cake ur day! and if u think we cake, were actually gem candy! thats why the people of this world want to eat ground up, citric acid, and saaallt, AND SKITTLES!!
Autor: Gaby Samkins
AutorHolo I'm early
Autor: Dani Jasmine
Autorcan you make a edable gleeter
Autor: Kelsey Finch
AutorThese are just amazing -
Autor: Baruda
Autorthese are gorgeous!
Autor: Kaila Vaneste
AutorGet out of here! This is soooooo amazing! You're super talented!
Autor: Country Hill Cottage
AutorTaster made's snap chat TOTALLY ripped off this idea from you!
Autor: Mai Peters
AutorWOW WOW WOW!!! I LOVE them!! =)
Autor: Phoebe
AutorHi could you make something Jungle book plese
Autor: eli fletcher
Autorbut y not come on tv
Autor: Hanif Mukadam
Autormake something percy jackson
Autor: Khadija Zaigham
AutorHi Jenny you are so cool at making cakes cupcake and more
Autor: Madison Ray
Autorthose look so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Autor: Patrick Latham
AutorI would love if you made a ghostbusters cake with it covered in ghost ectoplasm! I have asked like, every cooking channel for this and nobody has done it yet! I'm sure a cake channel could make a pretty good one! Thx🤗
Autor: Alicia Aikens
AutorWhere can i buy those "rock candy"?
Autor: Anastasia Guadagni
AutorHow amazing! This is so lovely, wayyy to advanced for me, but maybe someday I'll try making these. As per usual, great video.
Autor: Beep Boop
AutorLove this ❤️
Autor: tegan keevers
AutorLooks cool but seems difficult to eat
Autor: tattooedchef98
AutorHow do you make the cake stay fresh the cake you make weeks ago is there looks fresh??

Nice video!
Autor: Randomized
AutorIt's amazing!!!!! We would like taste it. regards from our food channel. !!!!!!**
Autor: Delicious Food Spain
AutorI love your vids so much I bake them and my family loves them :D
Autor: Skulltastic
AutorDo you have to use dark chocolate, or is chocolate fine. Thank you!
Autor: Life as Chloé Marie
Disco dust and Luster dust aren't considered edible in every country. they are considered non toxic in most of Europe and the US (I believe), so you can (theoretically) eat it in small quantities. if you're recreating this recipe, use edible glitter or gold leaf sheets instead.
Autor: Apricot Queen
Autorcan you do pokyimon GO cupcake
Autor: Rosa Elba Anguiano
Autor: Shekira Micole Rapi
Autoryou should the smothie challange with petton
Autor: Trista joyal
AutorThis is boring OK 😒
Autor: Chalise Garner
Autorcan you please do a geode cupcake recipe.
Autor: Emily Ter Haar
Autorhow do u keep the chocolate in the piping bag from getting hard immediately
Autor: moonshine shorey
Autor😍😍 yummm
Autor: Marie Batiste
Autorlove your channel
Autor: Carolyn Clemons
Autor: Marcielle Gosselin
AutorSooo adorable. Love you lots Jen!! Keep up the good work ❣😊
Autor: Conejita
AutorSo pretty!! I love your stuff :)
Autor: Beth Cooke
AutorI am going to have a geode party now!
Autor: Cheryl Johnson
AutorWell u inspired me to
Make my first yellow pound cake
Autor: Juan Pablo
AutorHi Jenn, my two year old Cody and I love watching you, he calls you the cake lady! So Hi from us in the UK! :D x
Autor: HairByKateThompson
Autorjen i love you so muchhh
Autor: Andjela Andacic
Autor: NiaPlayz
Autoramazing! I love your videos! thank you for sharing:)
Autor: Just Cake It
AutorBeautiful cake pops! :-D
Autor: One Kitchen - A Thousand Ideas
AutorWow! How come you are able to do this and all the while you, your work surface, and your kitchen stay immaculate? I can't make toast without it looking like a nuke went off! It's so frustrating!!! Your cake pops are amazing!!!
Autor: bellesmom2012
Autorcan you make dog treats it is soon my dogs birthday
Autor: Kate Wheldrake
Autorgood work girly !!!
Autor: falakjahan vapiwala
Autorcan i get a like becuase i'm sick with a hoodwinked stomach virus
Autor: Sarah Mercer
AutorI need your biggest fan your creations are so beautiful and and you creations is so cool from your biggest fan Daniella cuellar
Autor: Darling Cuellar
AutorI had the 200th comment
Autor: elena tran
Autoru are the best at making caks
Autor: Carolyn Clemons
AutorToo cool! They look so beautiful!✨👍🏻
Autor: Kim July
AutorI love the way you teach
Autor: Blessing Aluka
AutorHi Cardio could you please do some more cupcakes please by
Autor: Serge373
Autorcan you do you candy sugar
Autor: bigmamachill
Autor: dt. diy
AutorI love all your videos but i feel like the videos you've been putting out lately have been extra AMAZING!
Autor: wwwkayteebabycom
Autor: tazmeem tanisha
Autor: Abhainnshell
Autorit is so cool and pretty!I think I might make them for my birthday!
Autor: Emily Ter Haar
AutorHi Jenn!
Autor: Shayna Smith
Autorcan you make a SpongeBob SquarePants cookie please please please please please
Autor: Maggie Thompson
Autorlets find out ...WE ARE
Autor: Wood Comic IN WC
Autor: Tarin anime 1
AutorVery good idea... However, you made these look way too complicated than they really are. These couldn't be easier to make, but your video made it seem like there are a ton of steps to take for these, making difficult to stay interested or focused.
Autor: cesinesss
Autor: Lily Bennetts Music
Autori have been looking
Autor: XxWinterWolfXx gachawinter
Autorcan you make a Harley quinn cake
Autor: tazmeem tanisha
Autoramazing 👍👍👍
Autor: Niña Sing
Autorthanks Jen
Autor: Amber Reed
AutorWho is holding the camera
Autor: Chronic Jess
Autor: Vanessa Lo
Autorghost busters cake
Autor: Daria Krout
AutorJen, Thank you for replying back, I really appreciate it.
Autor: shadowpleez
Autoromg that looks awful
Autor: riskinhos
AutorThese look really good, but how do you even eat them??? What's the point?
Autor: prettyprecious23
AutorI like it cause if you bring it to a birthday party every one gets it!! I LUV this idea!!!
Autor: Stephanie Dombrowski
AutorThese are supposed to be used in augmented reality exporting events a highly competitive game where the seasons run like Ninja warrior where there's not all ways a champion...but it's treasure hunts individual competition useing internet based data and mild par kour as individuals and groups surivior like reality show to stay in game......but that's why I wanted geocandys the instant award you can hand to the runner up to be a good winner
Autor: Don Quixito
AutorIf you will use oil based colour it will stick on the white Chocolate. :)
Autor: Josephine S
Autor: Adanelly Garcia
Autormmmm that looks so good !!
Autor: Angelina morales
Autor: Eyshatul Asma
AutorLove it 😘😘😘😘😘
Autor: Eloisa Brito
AutorLove it
Autor: Jonathan Tossell

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