How To Make Chocolate Covered Brazil Nuts

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AutorNo end result? but wanted to see the nice bloomed chocolate nuts :D
Autor: Mrsimsish
AutorThank you so much
Autor: Madisyn Faux
AutorBrasil nuts in chocolate, my childhood favorite. cool.
Autor: Joe LUI
Autor: alex chiappe
AutorThe problem with this is that the chocolate coating on the nuts is really thin.  With some of the nuts I can see the nut through the chocolate.
Autor: Liz Clegg
AutorI wanna dip that ass in chocolate baby...nice vid I'm off to the market
Autor: Peter Pan
Autorshe can handle my nuts any time
Autor: ashley rosenstein
AutorI'm so doing this with coffee beans, god I can't wait for that heart attack!
Autor: Mountaindew
AutorThanks for the inspiring video.Chocolate covered Brazils are not easy to find at the shops.So NOW I can enjoy them whenever I want.Thanks Eric
Autor5hankcyou so much
Autor: Madisyn Faux
AutorCHOCOLATE!!!!! CHOCOLATE!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Autor: Oh yeah yeah
AutorMy chocolate never hardens????? Wtf!!
Autor: Jaclyn Salinas
AutorY en cuanto tiempo termino.diez.kilos
Autor: Juan Perez
Autorin spanglish please
Autor: Luz Silos
AutorWonder if you can use pecans instead of Brazilian nuts?
Autor: Rolando Vargas
Autorim a vegan but some weeks I eat dairy/but never ever eat meat/fish...I love either yogurt/chocolate covered nuts/raisins but they either have to be homemade or organic in the health food store or forest feast/natural food/or even shamrock organic brands-im an addict.2 dis food.
Autor: susanne baker
Autor: Jovanie Santos
Autor: Harsh Garcia
Autor: Nathan Naghi
AutorIt's kind of pathetic that she doesn't use any fair trade ingredients. Farmers need to be paid a fair price for their goods otherwise they might not be able to feed their children! Unsubscribing
Autor: John Lee
AutorGood way to do this recipe though
Autor: SeenDisNub
AutorDo not melt the choclate in water over 60*C. If you do that, some of the choclate taste will go away.
Autor: PlainSeason
Autori love this raisins covered with choclate
Autor: Lesly Cardoza
AutorIs that fair trade water you’re using?
Autor: J Ray
Autoromg such a waste of healthy nuts...
Autor: SeenDisNub
AutorIt's a shame she does not use fair trade products
Autor: Ja Doei
AutorSo simple...... thanks for sharing 👍
Autor: Minal's Kitchen

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