How to Make a Kimono Shrug from a Scarf in Less Than a Minute

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AutorThats an awesome idea!!
Autor: Brenda Harrington-Ireland
AutorSimple, nice and classy I loved your video
Autor: Beatriz Perez
Autortoo gud
Autor: Bhushan kumar
Autor: mahi mahi
Autorwaoo your very smart
Autor: soniya giri
Autorgyahaha thank you so much! so I no needed to buy kimono :3
Autor: Nisa Prawita
AutorThank you so much for sharing. My four Daughters love this and I do too. Your a clever little Gal. ❤️
Autor: Christina Cruden
Autor: Heather Allingham
Autorsweet and simple
Autor: Karnekota Madhuri
Autoru r ossum i laugh on myself when i see your video u r great
Autor: muhammad tahir
AutorVery cute but please show a long version.
Autor: sixpackbinky
AutorReally smart , I never owned a scarf I will buy them now.
Autor: Rebecca Flagler
AutorSo useful and pretty.Nice to travel with to. Thank you for video and blessings and greetings and hugs. xxx
Autor: patricia bennett
Autor: Suryakant Salunkhe
AutorYou are soo creative, loved this tutorial!
Autor: Helen Castoza
AutorWow! This is brilliant and easy!!! Thank you very much for this.
Autor: Aishwarya A
AutorWaouh !!! Thank you ;-)
Autor: Brigida Roberti
AutorSimple and cute! Love that pattern too.
Autor: Jhvh 1975
Autorpractically it doesn't look good
Autor: pratibha raj lakshmi
AutorHow cool !
Autor: Maria Moraes
AutorI dig it...
Autor: C Kobe
Autorosm girls👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Autor: MA.mujeeb STUDIO
Autordiy mommy u r great
Autor: dont know
AutorOmg literally GENIUS!!!
Autor: Ashley Reyes
Autor: Abdul Basit Shaikh
Autor: Leigh-Ann Smith
AutorOh that's very cool! Thanks!💕
Autor: Miss Elmyra
AutorThank u so much
Autor: Shawanda Howard
Autor"WOW" ... "Thank YOU so much for this informative tutorial... I have to laugh at myself... I know how to hand paint a silk scarf, but I have never worn a (big) one like that... I am so Happy you showed me how to do that... (how embarrassing) ... ;)
Autor: Judi Christopher
AutorWow! Adorable!! Thanks for sharing!!
Autor: paris rain
Autorthanks really helpful and subtitles r grt help
Autor: Kanika Garal
Autor: reenad shaik
Autorwow! beautiful!!
Autor: Esther Onyedika
AutorAwesome, I have a ton of scarfs.
Autor: Hummer Klein
AutorWow. This is really cool. I have a scarf that I'm going to do this to. Thanks.
Autor: Beck V
AutorLoved it, so quick and looks great!
Autor: meanttobehere12
AutorYour adorable, thanks for sharing this with me.
Autor: Hummer Klein
AutorJust what I was looking for! Thank you! Love the bird pattern too!
Autor: Ali L
Autorwaoo so awesome .
Autor: Nisha Sharma
AutorWow... Super...
Autor: Raji Umesh
AutorI Love your scarf ,and your channel 🤩your very talented Thx and God bless 🤗
Autor: Anna-Katharina Knall
Autornice idea
AutorBest thing I've seen in the last hour...thanks for sharing. Great go to shrug option.
Autor: Maureen Green
Autornice yaar ossum 😍😍😘
Autor: mahii Khan
AutorThanks i want use for my church thanks
Autor: Sandra Sandoval
AutorGirl, you're smart!
Autor: Shelly Barnes
AutorWhat width is your scarf?
Autor: Kim Wienand
AutorTq mam it was so important to me awesome idea
Autor: Naveed Baig
AutorThis will be perfect to cover my arms.....i don't like showing them so this is also a must try:)....thanks for sharing.
Autor: Margie Hochleutner
AutorHow interesting it is
Autor: Manpreet Kaur
AutorPlz upload more videos on making the scarf a jacket.......plz
Autor: Minaz Solkar your idea
Autor: abdul hussain
AutorI have done this before
Autor: TrIcKs By TrIcKs
AutorAwesome! :)
Autor: Ivana Nikolic
AutorNice scarf and pretty lady ...
Autor: Deep Gill
AutorPretty scarf! Question: Is there an easy way to keep it from sliding off your shoulders? Thank you!
Autor: JP M
AutorLove this idea!
Autor: Corliss Yamasaki
Autorwaoo so awesome
Autor: Nisha Sharma
AutorLoved it, so quick and looks great!
Autor: meanttobehere12
Autorhaha I lik it
Autor: Flo Lo
AutorSooo cool! I also love that print and I wonder where you got it. ; )
Mommies CAN be chic no matter how much we have to do!! ; )
Autor: 76np
Autor: lav_g_ david
AutorBecause I loveeeee it😘
Autor: Minaz Solkar
AutorThat’s a great Idea
I will try it with a scarf that
I have.
Thank you
Autor: Beryl Rose
AutorIt looks stunning on you, thanks for the lesson.
Autor: Katherine Curran
Autormy sis hav done it its cool 😎😎
Autor: rehman sayyed
Autornyc idea. use
Autor: Rishita Shewani
Autor: hilda alintria
Autor: Abdul Basit Shaikh
AutorThanks for sharing brilliant .
Autor: carolanns
Autor: Rais Rajan
Autor: My Kitchen Corner

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