How To Cut Tuna For Sushi and Sashimi: Part 2 | How To Make Sushi Series

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Autoryou sir are a top notch chef. I always end up here when i'm hungry its torture but it looks so guuuuud
Autor: Abu Gani
AutorGreat videos. Thank you for sharing your skills and experience with us.
Autor: Eliel Lopez
AutorVery good afternoon
Autor: Mouldy Bread
AutorWhat are you doing for your 1M subscriber special? You will be there really quick!
Autor: jgfleet
AutorNice tip of cutting away from the fiber Thank you, Hiro san. All that tuna. You can make a lot of sushi.
Autor: Diane Mamura
Autor: Edoardo Pentiuc
Autorthe hardest thing in making perfect Sushi is to get really fresh good tuna, salmon, langusts etc :)) if you have it you dont even need a 1500$ knife, usual sharp knife is ok :))
Autor: Andreo Suro
AutorWow I love sashimi so much
Autor: rose ann malayon
Autorlmao 2nd accident (or near accident) ive heard happen in hiro's videos. thats miami for you.
Autor: Ruben
Autordid someone crash outside again?
Autor: Juan Ismael Trevino
AutorDoes the “cut against the fiber” method go for the salmon also?? Thanks for the video, Hiro-san!
Autor: Matheus Nishiyama
Autori heared that "consumers system" makes all oceans consist of nano plastic parts and tuna gets it very much to its meat structure, so it dont meter anymore in which way we make slices :))) have you notised that vegetables have no taste anymore?))) is it matter in witch way we slice them?))
Autor: Andreo Suro
AutorПочему вы не кушаете в конце кино ! Кушайте вы вить хотите его скушать. И я хочу 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭
Autor: Jaia mesing
AutorIf you guys live in California you should totally try to get a video of you going to the ocean and doing a catch and cook sushi video.
Autor: Jordan Gonzalez
AutorKeep it up you two. I love what you guys do here on this channel. Japanese food is serious passion of my mine. Making this kind of food with your guidance can lift me up even when everything else in my life is a mess. This might sound strange, but watching these videos and making healthy food that i LOVE making and enjoy eating helps with my depression. I also have IBD, which makes me resist the thought of eating on most days ... But not when I'm making food like this.
Autor: Raine Zahra
Autor: Tom Claringtom
AutorThat salmon seems to be cool. What a strong red
Autor: Edoardo Pentiuc
AutorAnother car accident?
Autor: iTryhard
AutorGood afternoon=)
Autor: Randy Preston
AutorSucks balls
Autor: Jacob S
AutorSo fuckinnnnnn satisfyjng 😍
Autor: Leo Salazar
AutorI wish you would like to open a restaurant in Toronto,and i would like to visit every week
Autor: Tristan ZZ
AutorI love how it could be 7am or 10pm and he will always say good afternoon.
Autor: YoungBeezy
AutorThank you chef hiro !
Autor: Lyle Caratao
AutorIs it taste good??? I ate shrimp raw the taste is .... .... .... .... ....
Autor: Bpk Suhadi
AutorThank you, O'Sensi. Thumbs up. Best
Autor: TOM M
Autor2.20 someone just crashed 😨😨
Autor: Gustaf Gans
AutorGuys you gotta stop this! This is pure torture plan and simple! Watching you cut that fish and seeing how it was almost falling apart as the knife finished the cut was torture. Torture only because you didn't place that beautifully cut fish in front of me so I could relish it's sweet flavor and delicate texture😋. Yet again gentleman another great video. Keep them coming
Autor: Jim Patterson
Autori follow your all videos because you make AWSEOME VİDEOS
Autor: NightWolfzGT TR
Autor: Aj Ban
AutorHands down the best sushi channel o history
Autor: Logan Sim
AutorFui el único que escucho el choque 😱😱😱
Autor: Miguel Angel Riquelme Jimenez
AutorI eat a lot of tuna at sushi bars weekly so it's nice to see behind the scenes slicing from a professional
Autor: Justin Harper
AutorHonestly I've never tried raw tuna, do you feel like chewiness of the fiber while eating it? Since I saw while you were scooping the other part and the fiber felt like it's hard to chew and swallow.
Autor: sixtef
Autor: Cly dezzY
AutorNice video 👍
Autor: How To Make Sushi
Autor: Dave Rath
AutorCan you please make a CLAM recipe . Maybe black bean ?
Autor: John Taylor
Autorprofessional tuna cutter....
thank you sir
Autor: Mes Valen
AutorGood Afternoon love your videos!!!! Very simple but with lot of information!!
Autor: Leonardo Barajas
AutorMaster chef Hirosan channel is magnum, well informed. ' the knife is the trick!' thanks both.
Autor: Tippy H
AutorHello chef I am looking to make some sushi rice but we don't have sushi vinegar in our area yet is there anything else I can use and it's place or is it really necessary to use I thank you
Autor: Michael Hotchkiss
AutorIs there a temp you need to keep the fish at? Is your home frig good enough to store the tuna or salmon, etc.?
Autor: Jimmy Tam
AutorHave you ever seen a tuna, fish?
Autor: Daniel Zimmerman
AutorWhen my uncle drinks cold beer he watches your videos then drinks more beer
Autor: Drew B
AutorNarrator makes it sound like a porno
Autor: Number2Andrew
AutorHappy~ Thank you
Autor: Jin love
AutorDon't eat sushi made at home, not safe. Japanese sushi chef are licensed and insured to properly handle fish. You don have the training or proper methods and tools to prevent parasites from crawling in your body forever
Autor: Tmeow Noyb
Autorوربنا انت راجل عسليه يا رب حد يفهم حاجه
Autor: Ahmed Sheta
AutorStep 1- live on the coast and get amazing looking fish.
Step 2- have a Minonokuni Matsu-1573 210mm Yanagi. Super Blue Steel. knife
Autor: john johnny
Autorbeautiful cut and fresh fish wow😍👍🐋🐟
Autor: Lv g.
Autornice one guys i will be back
Autor: David Ens
Autor: danilolg2009
AutorNice video thank you so much
Autor: Almona Norm
AutorI am on spring break in the other side of the state. In Sarasota, FL
Autor: PiratesFTW
AutorYou both are awesome.
Autor: TONE Scott
AutorHi Hiro! What is the reason for cutting it against the fibre? What happens if it's not cut against the fibre?
Autor: gemscence
AutorBlueFin is rather expensive,
i can buy usually EllowFin.
Autor: Midnight7762
Autor: Em Rich
AutorNever watch any of this mans videos on an empty stomach, you’ll find yourself drooling over the amazing food he prepares
Autor: Keith Yancey
Autor: sieg wkoo
AutorI love your videos they are so interesting
Autor: Steven Hunter
AutorHi! Can you do one for salmon as well? Thanks for your informative video, cameraman and Hiro!
Autor: cwongtech
AutorDo the same for hamachi and salmon please!
Autor: Majestic
AutorYou guys have discussed about the quality of sushi grade fish from Whole Foods. I buy farmed raised salmon (yes I know...) to make smoked gravlax from Costco. I’ve some research and have found that farmed raised is okay to consume “raw”. What say you?
Autor: MsLansones
AutorNice blade, your cutting looks effortless!
Autor: Gregor Miller
AutorJapanese cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world .I love sushi and I eat it everyweeks
Autor: Edoardo Pentiuc
Autor: karri kumar swamy
Autornow i want sushi...
Autor: Jane uwich
AutorGood Afternoon!! ^_^
Autor: Dr. Skrrt
AutorUr great chef
Autor: Yam Kotwal
AutorHiro, good afternoon! Fantastic tutorial! You could offer a sushi workshop for your fans with tasting part - I would love it! Cheers to Charlie, the cameraman! Outstanding commentary and filming! You are the best sushi team on YT!!!
Autor: Th B
AutorShort and sweet. I never paid much attention to the cuts, but now it makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us Hiro!
Autor: David Chang
AutorCar accident at hahaha
Autor: Riparea Videography
AutorGreat job, thank you for this lovely 😊 video.
Autor: herand sogomon
AutorWill have to remember this for when I make new style sashimi at home!!
Autor: Amanda Shamanda
AutorPrepare it next time will make the video better🙏!
Autor: Sam Mendez
Autoreyyy im early :D
Autor: Lazar Boss Lukic
AutorWait, was that a sound of a car crashing?
Autor: Symphonymph
Autorso its always afternoon ? :D never a good morning or a good evening ? Jk Jk
Hi how are you hiro ?
Love the vids , keep em coming .
Autor: yswead97
AutorHello ! Thank you for this great video. All the advices are doing me a great favor.
Autor: Syni DmC
Autortune fresh ok ok
Autor: Chef and knife
AutorNext do a video of how to form your fingers while cutting
Autor: Everywhere Man
Autor: Ahmed Renbaz
AutorThank you for this video! I had a question. Can you show us how to make crunch for the sushi on top? I saw it with tempura kind of crunch but also with vermicelli. How can you make it? I really like that crunchie structure with the soft fish. Thankyou!!
AutorGood Afternoon
Autor: YoWazzup
AutorInstruction unclear. Got dick stuck in blender.
Autor: Peter
AutorDid no one else notice the sound of a car accident in the background?
Autor: Tamir Tuvel
AutorMy sushi guy cuts it on an angle. Very skilled. Use a sharp knife if you try this at home kids!
Autor: sk8rdad
Autor: KaiXing Qu
AutorPlease could you do a mackerel recipe video ?
Autor: Toby Moxham
AutorWant to see Chinese subtitles。
Autor: 小厕所
AutorI found that satisfying hahaha
Autor: Liverpool Scouser
AutorThat fish meat looks so nice I’d prefer framing it and putting it on my wall haha it’s art
Autor: legend27
AutorCrack Hiro!!!!
Autor: Kuronoo
AutorThat knife is a razor!
Autor: bluemystic7501
AutorThat's a beautiful Tuna😱
Autor: Mia Sya
Autornice tutorial
Autor: Dino Gordillo
AutorThis is another great video, Chef Hiro. When I go to the Japanese restaurant in my city, I love watching the chef prepare the fish in front of where I sit. Hope you and your cameraman have a good afternoon.
Autor: Dwayne Wladyka
AutorGreat Video, details matter. Thanks Chef!!
Autor: John Tompkins

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