How to Always Know What to Do - Sadhguru Spot of 2 Jan 2019

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AutorI Think it's Jaggi vasudev turned him into sharing his views with the Fellow human beings and caring about the nature with his involvement and kind of detachment from his own family members.......Brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts......
Autor: meenal vardhan
AutorIn hindi me
Autor: Sachin Sharma
AutorPlease fix the sound... it is almost making me sick.
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Autor: My MUSIC
AutorJust like Ashtawakra given enlightenment to Janak, that do whatever you are doing as an emperor and forget about anything else and after hearing these words, Janak told Ashtawakra that there is no difference between the universe and me hence I greet myself
Autor: Motivation by Sudeep Ghosh
Autor: Reddylion
AutorSadhguru is such a magical soul, he is so peaceful.
Autor: Nivedita Parmar
AutorAum Nama Shivaya
Autor: Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
Autor"Hello " ?!
Autor: The unamed
AutorThank you
AutorLove you help me a lot!
Autor: L L
AutorJai ho.
Autor: Shubham Tiwary
AutorReady made formula great
Autor: Preetha Nair
AutorSuper Sadguru 🌺
AutorNamaskaram sadguru.Dhanyavadah for that new year message.
Autor: zatacka123
AutorMind blowing. Sadhguru is Sadhguru. His logic and charisma are unbeatable. This is a very beautiful and enlightening talk without any floss or polish. Pranam to you Sadguru. 😌
Autor: Tajender Ahuja
AutorSadhguru, such as it is, please accept the love in my heart.
Autor: Anonymous
Autorlove this.
Autor: marge roberts
AutorTotally involved. Just speechless
AutorSuch a genius
Autor: kaivaly tolbande
AutorRight video at right time!
Autor: Chris Abby
AutorThe sage of our generation
Autor: Dark Knight
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AutorDear Guru, simple yet profound, thank you
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AutorThanks sadhguru❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Autor: zudizudi zudizudi
AutorNamaskaram Sadhguruji
Autor: Sulagna Panda
AutorThanks for breaking my insecurities. All hail sadguru ✌✌
Autor: siva raj
Autor: Dado Hojo
AutorThank you sadguru..
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AutorCan't be motivated better.. Thank you Sadhguru 🙏
Autor: Shantanu Banerjee
Autor: Seeker
AutorIf you see this life as a stepping stone ,then there is
No success not failures just
Autor: Robert Mitchell
AutorLuv u Sadhguru
Autor: sanchita Banerjee
AutorThanking you , with ur blessings
Autor: Sonal Gosalia
Autor: SaDhguru
AutorAmazing Hon Guruji, hope I will be able to implement these things in life..🙏🙏
Autor: Rohit kukreti
AutorMy dad has been gone now for over twenty years. But I am just now discovering that maybe in his own way he knew more of the answers of life than most people gave him credit for. He was a quiet gentle man and by American standards he wasn't successful, but he was the person you turned to when you needed comfort and/or help. Because he didn't judge or give you a running commentary on what you did wrong. I think he would have liked Sadhguru.
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AutorSadhguru , can you translate all sadhguru videos to indonesian langguange,, i see all videos off sadhguru got good response from hinduism or non hindu,, so i think this will help 10 million hindu in indonesia to get spiritual ,,!!! Please anyone if you can translte to indonesian langguage( bahasa) please do it for us in indonesia
AutorNot Indiscriminate Action✍✍👍👍
Autor: Star light
AutorSadhguru is Legend . WE Proud on him.
Autor: ajeet saran
AutorTruly truly eye opening
Thank u sadhguru
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Autorwow ....great sadhguru....🙏🙏
Autor: Kala Subba
AutorSadguru do u think financial freedom is possible in India.? Like in Western culture they leave there parents out of it they don't count them
Autor: Akshatha Ashok
Autor2019 with full involvement :)
Autor: shruti ji
Autor: Raj Kumar
AutorMy salute to you sadguru.
Autor: subir G
AutorOmg! His words are like therapy 😌😌😌😌
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AutorSadhguru is my Yoda. 
Yoda is my Sadhguru.
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AutorPlease Hindi this video
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Autor👏👏👏👏👏 magnificent wisdom💯 Thank You🤝 SADHGURU!!!
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AutorThank you
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Autor😂! !!!
AutorI would like to Hug this man
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AutorDo whatever the hell you want but do it with absolute involvement ☺️☺️☺️🙏
Autor: Jana Jana
AutorYour knowledge is amazing,gift of lord Shiva.
Autor: Rajeswar Dumur
AutorAn amazing wisdom...
Autor: André Ventinhas
Autor⚡ Not indiscriminate action! (But) Indiscriminate involvement. Unprejudiced. Absolute involvement. 🌀
Autor: Shagun Kant
AutorFor those chasing enlightenment - just relax a bit. Living legend.
Autor: Georgi Georgiev
Autor: John Paddy
AutorLoved it! I needed this video! Thank you and keep up the great work!
Autor: Mahmud Hasan
AutorLove you Sadguru you just steal my heart again by this awesome answer 💐
Autor: Bhanupriya Jena
AutorMesmerizing..hanging on to every word. Indiscriminate Involvement. Do whatever the hell you want, do it with involvement. Do not distinguish what is important/sacred.
Autor: Christina Oconnell
Autorinvolvement is the key, whatever you do it with indiscriminate involvement!
Autor: SADHGURU's advocate
AutorThanku Sadguru, I got my answer by hearing. You now, happy new year to you.Thanku🙏
Autor: Neetu Melwani
AutorHe's a guru who s so far in wisdom yet so close to me.. i cud relate to his teachings., his simplicity , his humor..
Explainations of life like never before
Thank you SG
Autor: Dheeraj Dinesh
AutorWhy sadguru so acerbic? Nearly half the video was spent in ridiculing a simple question ...
Autor: Meera Agrawal
AutorThere is a reason why this person prefers to be called Sadhguru, only Sanatana dharma/Truth comes out of his expression. The hard work that he has put in to share his wisdom with human beings is visible through his body's wear and tear, now it is our responsibility to learn and improve ourselves and not just listen to him as any other publicly available video.
Autor: rohit bajaj
Autorhow to give total involvement?
Autor: Pratibha Ojha
AutorI come in tears sadhguru... Aap ke jaisa guru paana is smay me bhot bhagyashali h.. Aap ke prayason se hi sab human beings khud ko pehchaan sakte h bas baaki koi way nhi
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AutorThank you so much Sadhguru for RALLY FOR RIVERS .....💦🐋🐟🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Autor: All none
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AutorCredit to the questioner. This is a great question "What works?". Sadhguru's answer is as usual magical.
Autor: Swaminathan S
Autor: Vikas Pandey
AutorYou’re such a blessing
Autor: Kachina Crippen
AutorWay too heavy with the noise reduction. Need the ambient sound. He is so chill!
Autor: garyofnyc
AutorYour absolutely right guru
Autor: diane evangelista
AutorSadhguru you say 'I'm not telling you what to do... except this 1 thing.' That is a contradiction brother
Autor: Gary Williams UK
Autorनववर्ष की ढेरों शुभकामनाएं आपके यू टूयब चैनल को।नमस्कारंम सद्गुरु जी।
Autor: Sonal Nagpal
AutorDanke, diese Worte habe ich gebraucht um wieder auf den richtigen Weg zu kommen
Autor: elisabeth mitrovic
AutorNamaskarm 🙏sadhguru 🙏Thank you so much.Our country has sadhguru that is our felicity.
Autor: Anand Prajapati
AutorLots of Love From Nepal <3
Autor: Madhav Bhattarai
AutorSadhguru and he's teachings with it's simplicity and comprehensiveness are a real blessing on this Earth. Thank You Universe! Thank You God! <3
Autor: natka93b
AutorSadhguru thanks for being there.... 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Autor: Yash Lokhande
AutorHave huge respect for sadhguru... but he should reduce the usage of words like DAMN, HELL, IDIOT etc
Autor: Hariharan Ganapathy
AutorIf its consistent then it works.
Autor: TheUndertakerVII
AutorWhat helps to get this clarity? Or that involvement?
Autor: Gedas
AutorGuru your great
Autor: siddu siddartha
Autorin geeta lord krishna told that I am god ...what is your view ??? it's true or false
Autor: Aditya Kumar jiwan
AutorThank you very much !And Happy 2019.....
Autor: Tom Jackson
Autorनमस्कारम सतगुरु जी हमने आपको बहुत सुना है और आपको सुनकर बहुत अच्छा भी लगता है लेकिन हमें अभी तक भी यह समझ नहीं आया कि जीवन क्यों है या जीने का क्या मकसद है ?यह अभी तक समझ में नहीं आया
या फिर मोक्ष ही जीवन का लक्ष्य होना चाहिए और अगर मोक्ष ही जीवन का लक्ष्य है तो इसके लिए हम सांसारिक चीजें क्यों कर रहे हैं क्योंकि एक जगह आप यह कह रहे हो कि आप लोगों को ओल्ड एज होम एंड हॉस्पिटल में जाकर उन लोगों को देखना चाहिए जो जीवन के आखिरी चरण में है और फिर आपको यह सोचना चाहिए कि उन्हें क्या मिला और वास्तविकता यही है कि उन्हें कुछ भी नहीं मिला है और फिर हमें जीवन बहुत ही तुच्छ लगने लगता है तो सर फिर हमें वास्तव में क्या करना चाहिए जो जीवन के लिए सबसे उत्तम है
हम बहुत ही कंफ्यूजन में है सर🙏🙏🙏🙏
Autor: Gurjar Aryan Bharti
AutorThere are so many people claiming they are 1st to write and view!!!! Can u guys finalize a winner. LOL
Autor: Dubai Vlogger
AutorI love the way he laughs...
Autor: Thila Siva
AutorI am from Turkey,I like your speeches so much.Thank you for sharing your ideas about hunan,life and everything.God bless you
Autor: Taner Alan
AutorExplaining very well to do things with full involvement. Thank you Sadhguru.
Autor: Isha Sugu
AutorInvolvement for better Evolvement !!
Thanks Sadhguru to be in my life !!
Autor: ravindrabab
Autor: Anonymus Erro 404
AutorFantastic Sadhguru!
Autor: Ratan Sharma
AutorThanks Sadguru, Your wisdom help me a lot
Autor: well being Sai
AutorThe best video of my lifetime...this question ate my head for nearly about 20 years finally solved .....thank you sadhguru
Autor: bobbyfire99
AutorAbsolute indiscriminate involvement.. Your words are that of a mother to the child . Pranams to you Sathguru. And thanks. You have planted a seed today on my 63rd birthday, in my heart.
Autor: Srinivasan S
AutorWhich Kind of watch waers sadguru? Looks nice
Autor: C. Crowdz
AutorWow..just amazing..🙏
Autor: suzata k
Autorhow many of u agree.....! why v never see a muslim scholars in such congresstions......☺️☺️☺️
Autor: rachit singh
AutorAll educated earned people plugged to smartphone, alcohol, shopping malls and brands.
Remaining plugged to political, religious leaders, alcohol smartphone, tv and depending on credits and working to clear and get more as a credit.
Government lead by unqualified and the most corrupted leaders.
Only 10 to 20 people from 130crores like you living trying world for Peace happiest life.
Autor: Mohan Babu
AutorOnly indiscriminate involvement , but action should be Discriminatory.
Autor: Star light
Autorspot on Sadhguru
Autor: Karthik V
Autor"You trying to live here without involvement - this is why you have morals, you have ideals, you have ideolologies, you have values, you have ethics, you have commandments! Because you are trying to live here without involvement." - Sadguru.

Wow. What a shot to everything we have ever been raised with. Unbelievable. 🙏
Autor: Chase Gielda
AutorI am 230
Autor: LIVE WITH mynk
AutorPrdaam sadguru gi
Autor: Diya Kalme
Autorkeep going sharing your wisdom with us,sadhguru❣❣❣you are amazing.
peace,love,blessings and a happy 2019 to everyone🙏❤🙏
Autor: Maxi van Joy
AutorPranams Sadhguru. Keep guiding us. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏
Autor: Vipasha Kamat
AutorLife is for us to live what is created by God is for everyone . getting involved very correct❤️❤️u
Autor: Adriana Pantaleo
AutorWith all my respect to you Sadhguru, thank u so much for uplifting ; inspiring and motivating us!!!!! Thank you!!!!!
Autor: Jane Walker
Autorsadguru..!.u r great ...I have a question when our view is become stereotypes about particular human being because of his previous deed.., our inner heart voice says I will never talk to him... how can I change this stereotype thought.
Autor: pooja verma
Autor Demonetized
Autor: Prasad Bankar
AutorPranam Sadhguru
Please tell us how to focus on Exams.....
Autor: Aniruddha Mutgekar
AutorAbsolute wisdom transformational..
Autor: Arco Rakshit
AutorVery very good, thanks sadhguru, my deepest respect
Autor: Reza Nasiri
Autor💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 love and peace always ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Autor: Sambit Parida
AutorSo what does involvement mean exactly????
Autor: dbsk06
AutorIs Sadhguru muslim,hindu,buddhist,atheist or what?
Autor: normal anxiety
AutorHope everyone is doing great
.thnks for my reading my comments and hopeful that u r lucky to b here...i am speaker also for more info dnt forget to subscribe my channel...thnks🙏
Autor: Basit Ali Khan
AutorCan anyone tell me why are enlighted person are also different
Althoght they have same knowledge
Autor: santosh charld
AutorHow to find peace when your disconnected ?
Autor: Infinity 010113
AutorНичё не понял но лайк поставлю😊
Autor: Andrey Gribanov
AutorThe best part of that satsang.
Autor: Prakash Kumar Singh
AutorWhy should you always know what to do?
Autor: pianosenzanima
AutorVery lucky we all are we follow his teachings, he is living within and with us...😘😊
Autor: Kartik G.
AutorSadhguru is the real mowgli
Autor: Mubarak Alsaleh
AutorIntervene to make changes. Don’t intervene to be right.
Autor: Luv1234
AutorSandy. You are truly my brother. Both ends out of the water this morning.🙏. Love to you my friend my brother.
Autor: Kris Kiser
AutorNamaskaram sadguru you are correct. Yes without involvement there is no life.
Autor: Debabrata Debroy
AutorDear Sadhguru!
Are you planning to come to Switzerland for a Workshop seminar in the near future?
Best regards,
Autor: Jane Walker
AutorOne of the most important lessons that we can get about life.Thanks for sharing your consciousness with us sadhguru🙏
Autor: Gaurav Banerjee
AutorNow you people at Isha - if anybody reads this - the man needs rest! He is clearly tired.
Autor: Yuriy Skuleba
AutorShiva shamboo
Autor: phanendra kolli
Autor🙏 Real knowledge 🙏
Autor: Seema Revankar
AutorI am not a big fan of Gurus, but you're exceptional.
Autor: Deepak Ojha
Autor: Sreenivas
AutorBeautifully said😘
Autor: Christy Camacho
AutorIn 8 minutes 1.9k views 😕
Autor: Ajeet sharma
AutorHey, having a BM is important. Ask those who are constipated. It can make or break your day. He is right. Appreciate. 🙏🏻
Autor: Fab Doc
AutorFirst to write second✌🏼😅
Autor: Manisha Thakur thesweetgirl
Autor: mahe dran
AutorAwesome Sadhguru spot. Thanks for the nice video for a good start of 2019.
Autor: J W
AutorSigóowu Yées 2019 Táakw Everyone!
Autor: Victoria
AutorSadhguru is always spot on. Ever since I came across him a month ago I have devoured everything I can find. Well almost! Haha still going.
I do my daily yoga and it's truly unbelievable how my mental state has changed in such a short span on time. Long live Sadhguru!
Autor: IncrediKAD76
Autor: smart pants
AutorWell Done, Sadhguru!
Autor: Prashant Kaushik
AutorGame set and match
Autor: Mark K
AutorThank you Gurudev
AutorWhat to do when you find out the CLINTON Foundation is using the Sadhguru's Isha Foundation? Dear Sadhguru, I pray that you remove any association with the Clinton family who have been involved with crimes against children and others for years. Future proves past.
Autor: Stephen Strange
AutorOne request from Sadhguru team that in you tube videos there is no caption should atleast add captions in english ..
Autor: Aman Jhajharia
Autor: Bittu Chaudhary
AutorI am so greatful .. always speaking directly what I need ..💜
I worry too much what others think. Especially my family.
My nature is to do it all with a wild abandon and involvement. So maybe I’ll just try that for 2019. Because nothing else seems to work LOL.

I think we are all born with that wild abandon And love for life
Autor: Daily Oracle Report
Autor: LO Entertainment
Autornatamastak 🙏
Autor: vnkshenoy11
AutorLife of absolute involvement.
Autor: Oruvilaatha Rudthiran
AutorTo all Sudhguru disciples...... Happy new year 2019.....
Autor: Sumana Ghosal
AutorBest... Video to start the year with... 🙏🙏
Autor: Dr.Abhishek rai
AutorBeing involved in all you do IS enlightenment
Autor: Gary Williams UK
Autorthankyou thankyou and thank you
AutorGreat teaching here. Involvement :)!!
Autor: Godsave Tichadini
AutorYou're funny guy. I like it. Lots of great teaching. Btw, I think you're talking about me :)
Autor: Eric Ton
Autorthank you sadhguru for showing us the path of reality .
Autor: surimaribo24
AutorEffort equals results. All success rests on physical fitness. Everything else is failure. It only works if you force it to work.
Autor: Ten Minute Tokyo 2
AutorAimless wonder is formidable language found in the deepest parts of nature. I am saved! Its ok that ive been a vagabond in nature now i am needed the most! Everything 100 percent what rocks your boat. Unpredijice inclusion. not one thing you do is wrong just a choice.
Autor: Alberto Estrada
Autor: Kevin Shenoy
AutorYour update on the river project is so good to hear. I like your story, it works!
Autor: Jen Leary
AutorSadhguru ji just listening to your you tube videos my life has been transforming.... thank you so much
let this be my caption for 2019 " "Where there is no involvement there is no life" Aum Gurubhyo namaha 🙏🙏🙏
Autor: Mithun Jayan
AutorThank you, Namaste, Sadhguru 🙏🙏🙏
Autor: Artur Romanovski
AutorFinally I got the message, wow! Namaste Sadhguru!
Autor: Alexander Tzvetanov
AutorThank you very much sir,.... keep going...
Autor: Dinesh Kumar
Autor: llSupermanll
AutorNo substitute for involvement
Autor: Brooks Benson
Autor: Ponmalar Periyasamy
AutorThe best advice given by any person.
Autor: AakashChhikara
AutorEverything you say means alot. Thank you guru for sharing your wisdoms
Autor: choktsay
AutorWhere there is no involvement, there is no life ! Sadhguru 🙏
Autor: Naveen Balu
AutorWonderful 🙂
Autor: Anil Parekh
AutorLove u sadhguru Ji🙏
Autor: kalpna rajput
AutorGuy with a humour 🤩🤩
Autor: Rahul Dahiya
AutorSo how to" get involved ", "be absorbed" according to Sadhguru ?!
Autor: Ben Gazzara
Autor: Z LOVE
AutorMore than 1000 South Korean friends asked me about Sadhguru, I said to them just listen him & judge. After some weeks amongst them more than that numbers they said me :- brother Sadhguru is just amazing, he have the real knowledge to teach every humans . So they are listing Sadhguru daily . But they have some problems in English but still being crazy they gaining knowledge. Jai Hind
Autor: Kamal Bhandari
Autorsadghuru - the man who is like the santa of wisdom, but he comes and gives seeds of knowledge every day, to help us grow wisdom, so we may taste the fruits of enlightenment 🙏
Autor: Dwayne Harralson
AutorMany years u become my Guru..Sadghuru.
In the days that I watching you and listening you, you have done many wonderful things in my life and I'm going to wake up even a gradually process. Thank you so mch. I bow down with you Sadghuru. ♡♡♡ Namaste.
And happy new year.
Autor: Evie Soboleva
AutorAgreed with sadhguru ji
Autor: vijay kumar
Autor: Jedi Mind
AutorTo the editor: Please do not clean the sound, those lumps of no noise between Sadhguru words are very unnatural and distracting.
Autor: Sergio Ropo
Autor 🙏
Autor: Preeti Singh
AutorAlso study Ramkrishna Vivekananda literature.. great piece of work.. very much helps..
Autor: arnab roy choudhury
AutorHindi version plzzzzzzzzzzzz
Autor: Rokney Prince
Autor: Mayank Saran
AutorSadhguru - I've a ques:

If we must do what we are best at not what's the right thing to do, then when you say that 'wise ppl who do what's the right thing to do, & intelligent ppl do what they like to do'......... don't both these statements contradict each other? Pls clarify /\
Autor: Shruti jalan
AutorLove from Nepal.
Autor: Bijaya Bhattarai
Autor: janet warner
AutorWho had set wallpaper of sadhguru.
Autor: rameshsingh chauhan
AutorWow!! What a key is this. Unprejudice involvement with everything that we are doing. 2019 blossoms by you sadhguru
Autor: hariharan jayaraman
AutorAnyone 2019??
Autor: kiranmai dahagam
AutorYes ! Sadhguru i will do everything with total involvement 💛❤💛❤💛🚩🚩🚩
Autor: karan verma
AutorSadhguru you are ideal for everyone please keep us inspire always respect your work.
Autor1000 likes....
Autor: Lakshmi H
Autoram gonna absolutely involve with sadhguru
Autor: senthamarai maya
Autorobsolute sadh+guru=involvement
Autor: Suheel sha
AutorThe Man with Infinite wisdom, Infinite bliss....Our dear Sadhguru
Autor: Nidhin Vinod
Autorwe hope to meet you and learn from you and spread the knowledge !
Autor: Wael Chorfan
AutorFirst view. Love learning from him
Autor: Aditya Thakkar
AutorWould love to know what that background is behind Sadhguru, what it is made of or how it was created. Thank You for this Special video!
Autorsaashtaang pranaam sadhguru jee lov u a lott 🙇🙇
Autor: Babita Padiyaar
AutorThank you Sadhguru 🙏🏼
Autor: Adel Bush
AutorI Just got it the most important thing 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Autor: tapan pujara
Autor: Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
AutorYou are my great God Sadhguru
Autor: manjula a
AutorWOooooow! Another great video. Thank you very much for uploading such videos. I really appreciate it.😊 And I also wanted to know if there are some small or big YouTube channels that want to cooperate and grow together.😉 It would be awesome😊. Once again thank you very much!👌 Take action💪
Autor: 4YoU2Grow
AutorHello 😀
Autor: Cindy Diaz
AutorI dont understand.. How to be involved into something? For eg: When I am eating food, I take a spoon full of something and put it into my mouth. Simple. How should I be involved into this activity? What am I supposed to do?
Autor: Jatin Lalwani
Autor: Angelo Iodice
Autor: All none
AutorWe love you guru
Autor: rootin 1010
Autorthis is really challenging for me; to get involved to everything i do. gona try my best
Autor: Shantesh Savagaon
AutorAwesome video. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing video.😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Autor: NEET. Easy. Tutorials.
AutorWhen you have your English exams tomorrow..............................
Autor: Amit Gavali
AutorAbsolute teching never received by any one
Autor: Vinayak Mestri
AutorYes , now that's my guru ❤️❤️ ,, my grandad just passed away today but your words always soothe me to core❤️❤️
Autor: awesome vibes
AutorOne of the most wonderful videos
Autor: Abhishek Bhilare
AutorOnly guy who always makes sense
Autor: palli kishore
Autor nobody got the joke😂😂😂
Autor: Shaggy Bombay
AutorThanks sadhguru
Autor: Anonymous
Autor"What's the point of doing something that doesn't work?"
....this statement is exactly what I needed to hear.
Autor: alienleague ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
AutorSadhguru, your philosophy is inspiring and you are right on when you speak on many topic. People are looking for answers and we need to focus on the source of creation. What propels you as a philosopher to enlighten so many people is the one desire to change human life and their practices. We have deviated from GOD's true purpose of have you and every creature on this planet including all of the cosmos and every creation ever made. Thanks I only wish that you tell all the YOGIs they will never ever come close to even think or say we can enslave GOD. GOD gave you and everything else senses sight, smell, and physiological capability to go on living. Gave everything the power of breathing once that stops we are back into dirt. Including all YOGI's you and I and everything else and I am talking about creatures of all creations.
Autor: Robert Safadi
AutorThank you very much "I needed to hear it "
Autor: Abhishek Nautiyal
AutorI am going to be absolutely involved
Autor: Anurag Singh
Autor: Raj Kumar
AutorThank you Sadhguru !!! Once again your words show me realizations and I am more because of that. You are transforming people with your words , thank you 🙏
Autor: InRiched Minds
AutorIsnt’t it? Hello? :)
Autor: Leofan
AutorBeing in Now! Involvement! Thank you Sadguru 💖
Autor: umesh kulkarni
AutorAm the first view😀
Autor: nisha sanjit
AutorEveryday I learn so much from Sadhguru. I think most of us leading family lives had forgotten that one does not need to be an ascetic living in desolation to contemplate but can practice deep inner introspection to understand the real self.
Autor: Sandipan Chakraborti
AutorTOTAL INVOLVEMENT . So practical to life. No commandments, no philosophies, no theology. So simply he narrated an idea, which can transform living.
Autor: James Kutty Joseph
Autorॐ 🙏
Autor: Knowledge - Prosperity - Power
Autor: Ajita Khalsa
AutorThank you so much Sadhguru for sharing your wisdom with the world 🙏🏻 I bow deep for your wonderful teachings that touch my heart ❤️ and changed my life. I wish you a great 2019 🎉 and hope to see you live again during your Europe Tour. I saw you once in Berlin and that was a magical experience 💫🙇🏼‍♀️
Autor: Greet Dyckmans
Autorits like the supreme is speaking
Autor: kovid verma
AutorJust like god, Is it not so? yes or no? Do what the hell you want! Love to Sadhguru!
Autor: Norbert Fournier
AutorAnother mind blowing eye opening thought.... Sir you are only person who thinks of every parameter of nature and it's creations without any discrimination and with utmost involvement.

Very lucky to have such master in my life...
AutorOh my god...
Autor: The Global INDIAN
AutorSadhguru ...U seems god to me..I see god in u🙏
Autor: Julie Kashyap
Autor: Ember Kolandawel
AutorNmskarm sadhguru ,,🙏🌼💮🌸
Autor: shaily pandey
AutorThanks, Gracias.
Autor: Luz Adriana Quintero
Autor: Sara Khars


Autor: Rainbow Woods
AutorWe both did the same thing in childhood 😄
Autor: bulle van berkel
AutorVery important message thank you for sharing guru
Autor: Mondo M
AutorUniverse itself talking through Sadhguru in a language that we understand. What a privilege to experience this and learn from it. Love
Autor: Universal_Lover
AutorI think I got solution to my problem. Thanks Sadhguru from the bottom of my heart.
Autor: Thug Life
AutorAwesome!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Autor: Uday Deshpande
Autori agree , but the life is running , time is ticking for everyone. dont you feel doing right thing at right time is always right for your life. now tell me the right thing.
one example is , say if you have exam , and you watch moves and we know what happens, we can predict that we may fail. this is trivial example. but if you are trying to build a business or do some life time investments , how to know what is right thing to do.
Autor: Raturi mic
Autor: Sampath Kumar
Autor: naveen chakravarthy
AutorHow to get involved without being attached some time we here that we should detach ourselves and should not be affected by situation then how we will be involved if there is no emotional attachment. Sadguru ji please answer I con not come in front of you to ask so if you are reading this or anyone plz answer
Autor: shweta meshram
AutorI am honoured to be able to say I lived when Sadhguru was living
Autor: Alexander Carlson Lee
AutorThank you Sadhguru! Much much love for you in 2019!, ♥️🙏🏼
Autor: Alexandra Heuvelman
AutorFantastically explained.
You are unique and the only natural being.
Autor: subir G
AutorThank you so much. So much
Autor: prevenzio
Autor: Sheridan Shene
AutorHow do we know what works. Do we keep trying until we know it work? Or do what we R trained in? Sometimes we hve to do even we don't like for the sake of keep going. Is it true or not tell me?
Autor: Shoba Bass
AutorThank you, thank you !
Autor: Edgar Escobar
AutorThis was the best explanation by sadhguru about involvement by giving his examples of RFR. Feeling gratitude 😭❤🙇🏽‍♂️🙇🏽‍♂️🙇🏽‍♂️🙇🏽‍♂️🙇🏽‍♂️
Autor: Box Nbox
Autor: Sambit Parida
AutorFirst one
Autor: Mr. Sembhi
Autor: Raj Kumar
AutorHumans don't ask why Life exists. Answer your own questions
Autor: Panda Person
Autor“Your married and you want to know what works”❤️😂

All bless🙏🏼💙
Autor: TheLemHD
Autor: Rahul Kulkarni
AutorThankyou so much Sadhguru
yes I will totally become involved with whatever life has to give.
2019 and every following year TOTAL INVOLVEMENT
Autor: reiloveable
AutorUr my God sadhguru 🙏🙏🙏
Autor: nisha sanjit
AutorPlease, tell me the name of the song at the end of the video. Is at the begining and at the end of many Sadhguru videos. Is that flaute or ocarina...i so want to listen to this song, all of it! Whole! Seems is only me that got so nuts about it😂😁😀. Peace n love to u all!
Autor: Reli Tote
AutorThank you 💓
Autor: Vivek Pandey
Autor2019 yr of absolute involvement...dats whr d key lies.
AutorGreat topic for the start of the year 👌😊
Autor: ☯️sKitZoBonKa ツ
AutorFinally a spritual man who speaks with heart and heart only. Loved the thoughts the wisdom and the understanding
Autor: Love Music
AutorTwenty Nineteen is going to be the year of Absolute Involvement Sadhguru . Thanks a lot for sharing wisdom on this important question.
This is going to be the first lesson I learnt this year and going to be the first note of my diary.
Thanks again :)
Autor: sunny srivastav
AutorMy Guru is Sadhguru:).
Autor: Remya R M
AutorYou are married and you want to know what works :P
Autor: Videep Desai
AutorThank you sir well Happy New Year
Autor: Advocate Siddharth Dev
AutorThumbs down are the people who don't understand what he said or dumb atheists who can't accept there is no substitute for involvement
Autor: pradeep chandra
Autorreminds me of the kung fu panda lesson..the scroll was empty ..
Autor: Ritika Doshi
AutorThank you..............gratituide n
Autor: Nancy Thomas-Ward M.B.A
AutorFantastic experience listening to you especially the truth about absolute involvement with prejudice against any activity we do to realise & develop a free unprejudiced mind making us feel blessed! Thank you sir for this lovely thought for this New Year
Autor: srinivasan rajagopalan
AutorThank you so much for this video. It answered so many questions I had.. So many confusions I had generated.... 2019 is the year of absolute involvement from this moment onwards😄... Shambho 🙏
Autor: Akash lapasiya
AutorNamskaram sadhguru 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌🙏🙏🙌🙌🙏🙌🙌🙏🙌🙌😻😍
Autor: g p
AutorGreat words! Don’t discriminate important or unimportant! This is practical thing!Indiscriminate involvement!
Autor: Deepak
Autor: Marc Sanchez
AutorSadguru apake Charno me koti koti naman
Autor: Ramadin Thakuk
AutorSummary ; develop your intuition
Autor: Deepak Deepu

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