How I rid of Bed Bugs - Raid Ant & Roach Spray zaps them instant

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Autorthank you so very much for making this video. epic opera music too btw. I loled
Autor: Ay Em
AutorHonestly ive gotten rid of bed bugs TWICE. First time it took alot of bed bug spray, the 2nd time a guest didnt tell me he had it so they entered my home again. The best way to go is to get EcoRaider and a spray of alcohol. Ecoraider contains cedar which bed bugs and the alcohol spray helps ALOT . Do this persistently and they will die n go away. Ive tried poisonous bed bug spray but it doesnt work as good as ecoraider. Plus with alcohol n Ecoraider you dont have to leave the room.
Autor: Yori The Villain
Autordoes anyone know if the HotShot Spray works as well please reply asap, i found out i have bed bugs on my matress i sprayed them with it but im waiting to see if they have died i will spray th again later if they didn't die
Autor: Lil Tunechi JR
AutorAre there any sprays that can be used directly on the human skin/body to kill microscopic things u cant see with the eyes ?
Autor: Janah
Autoryea it does
Autor: Lyshonda Ruggs
AutorYes they come out in the day light. I saw a insect who looks like bug but to smallest and I know what is abedbug. I call a dog a very good one and he can not find the scent. I am looking and it bb I will the dog. It's very good one ☝️. DE the power has to earth grade. Raid does not had residue and in the walls only they move to other apt spreading the bldg. heat treatment is the best. Fight them.😡😈🐜😖✊️
Autor: Judith Sanchez
AutorRaid makes a spray for bed bugs and fleas
Autor: stephanie langston
AutorWhen I discovered that I had bed bugs, I threw out my mattress and purchased a high quality, very durable air mattress. I now wake up completely bed bug bite free and the mattress is just as comfortable as any standard mattress I have owned. Now and then new tenants in my building bring along these uninvited guests with them, which results in my bed getting infested again. I simply give the bed linens a thorough hot washing (sometimes twice to be sure), wipe down the surface of the mattress with rubbing alcohol (the surface is all that needs to be wiped down since these little buggers can't get inside the mattress), and again I sleep comfortably without getting a single bed bug bite. As an added precaution I spray the surrounding area where my bed rests with insecticide.
Autor: Billy TheKidster
AutorYou Still Have To Have PROOF That Raid spray can kill bed bugs on video Live Or Something And NNO0 [email protected]
Autor: Mr,Casino
AutorThey look like mini roaches...
Autor: Deez Nuts
Autorthey bite during daylight also if their hungry
Autor: Kirby Crosby
AutorYes, does, and very effectively . They should include them on their 'kill list'.
Autor: Steve Rogers
AutorHate them...They got me here in Vegas...Cheap motel! ( Siegel Suites..Roach infested and bedbug infested!! ) No more for me!! ...Thank God!! So annoying...I never knew what a bed bug was or even seen one and don't ever want to see another!! :((
Autor: Mari Rodriguez
AutorHey this shit is exactly what i found to work best, the other expensive shit just don't cut it. Even the raid that specifically says for bed bugs does not work for shit.
Autor: Terri Santavenere
AutorThe itsy bitsy bedbugs climbed the human snout,
Down came the raid and killed those fuckers OUT
Out came the tissues and wiped up all the mess,
And the itsy bitsy bedbugs will be burned with all the rest!
Autor: Ava_Likes_ Icecream
AutorI recently had a cookout for my birthday.. invited over some associates. One got too wasted to go home. When they left the next day, as soon as my daughter sat on the couch, she instantly got bitten. It's super disrespectful when someone knows they live with these parasites and not mind dropping a few off to your home😡
Autor: Tiffany Davis
AutorI live in Ohio and sad to say that it does not kill bed bugs on contact. In Ohio, I must say that, we have a different breed of bedbugs and they that do not respond to most sprays. Looking forward to the Bedlam Plus, that will tackle the breed we have in Ohio. But this this spray DOES work like a pro on Roaches; way better than Hot Shot!
Autor: Michael Arnold
AutorYes it kills on contact but you rarely see them. They bite you when your asleep. You don't feel them crawling on you either. It would be nice if you could spray their hidey holes and it would kill them whenever they walked in it or breathed it.
Autor: Mildrid J
AutorHopefully this works, I'm in a apartment too, just fricking got my place sprayed for roaches and now I got bitten from a bed bug. I just moved my head to get comfy - laying on my couch right by my head it died from sucking to much blood, they have a gross ugly smell when they finish eating, die or get squished. I haven't smelled that for almost a year, and now again tonight. Now I'm laying here all paranoid . Watching YouTube videos on bed bugs.
Autor: Cassandra Joe
Autoruse foggers
Autor: Missy Reese
Autorno it dont because i tryed it and it made them have more babies
Autor: Alyssa Brinsky
AutorI actually purposely threw bed bugs in my sack because I think they're sexy. Now I'm pregnant with quintuplet bed bugs! Yay!!! 😍
Autor: MobileDecay
AutorIt works on people as well, Some of my family members drink, and became really violent. I was about 11 my oldest brother was 19, Came to the house one night drunk. Everybody started fight, They grabbed for a shotgun, fighting over it, I knew that I had to do something I saw a can of Raid Bug Spray. So I grabbed it and sprayed it in his eyes. He let go of the gun role around on the floor crying. His wife took him to the ER to have his eyes clean out, He could not hardly see for 3 days. I know a lot of people do not like guns, so have a can of Raid on hand for protection, it is better then nothing
Autor: altha 2014
AutorI had a bed bug killer can, at home , given by the exterminator and a can of ordinary Raid . I saw a bed bug on the carpet . I sprayed the bed bug can given by the specialist and the bed bug continue walking ahead. I shoot raid . He felt on the back instant dead .

Later, though , bed bugs were back . Since it was winter, there was no Raid available in any store.

So , I can't tell if you are going to get rid of all bed bugs with Raid . I can only say that Raid spray kills bed bug on the spot .
Autor: Nicolas
AutorCindy also, are you free of bugs now?
Autor: Mel T
AutorWorks perfectly!
Autor: high mountain
AutorThese bed bug things crawl during the day too. Found two on my shirt =(
Autor: orangecreme222
AutorHow can i got this
please contract me 01712540974
Autor: Shamsul Abedin Jewel
AutorIt would be very hard to get rid of bedbugs if your in an apartment, but if you try it could happen. Unfortunately you might go cold for a while, Cause bedbugs like any other creature on this earth Hate the cold it will die from the cold. So open your windows and let it in. The sprays will help if you only put it on your mattress, but it won't totally get rid of them.
and they can stay in the seams of your clothes hang your clothes inside out in the cold. HEat treatment just helps them to mulitply, and keep yourself clean, in the areas where you sweat mostly. and yes if you have had them a long time, it will start to smell badly. What makes it harder is if you doing all this and others in your building are not. the best thing to do is MOVE.
and leave your furniture behind. Sorry....Goodluck
Autor: Anni Macca
AutorYes they do bite in daylight lol
Autor: Andrea McNeil
AutorThere are cheaper ways that are as effective. If you catch them, one at a time, place them on a block of wood and hit them with a hammer. Or if you want to do the buggars in an easier way, buy diatomaceous earth, and puff it lightly everywhere you suspect they are hiding. I used it twice to get rid of bed bugs that came home with us when travelling. It is cheap and effective. And NON-TOXIC.
Autor: Plainsman1300
AutorPoisons. What of rodents?
Autor: R Campana
AutorThis music is almost as creepy as bed bugs
Autor: TB12 DaGoat
Autoru playing fnaf song cool I think it is
Autor: mangle the fox
AutorNice song
Autor: Gayatri Dash
AutorI found bed bugs in my mattress and my dad decided to use this spray on the mattress. I found your video through searching if this can works or not because it doesn't label anything concerning bed bugs, so I was worried. Can spraying on the mattress affect my health? Also, does this kill all bed bugs or just the adults? Will it kill the eggs and nymphs too or should I search for another product for those?

Thanks !
Autor: Cindy
AutorThese Ants are what I'm trying to get rid.
Autor: Unfriendly Face
Autoryes it does work
Autor: Tonya King
AutorI was told not use Raid on walls . when i had them because they can go to next door
Autor: Andrew Dupuis
Autor: Tushar Gujjar
Autor91% Isopropyl alcohol will kill on contact too. Its fairly cheap at Wal Mart and I just pour it into a $1 spray bottle from dollar tree. Havent tried it on a nest yet.
Autor: Anlushac11
AutorI never upvote YouTube videos (and rarely comment), however your video was actually such both useful and amusing. Heck you even synchronized the change in tempo with the introduction of the roach spray, hats off to you sir.
Autor: Jason Jarred
AutorI live in Social Housing and we all had a huge bed bug problem for years, I used Diatomaceous Earth to kill all my bed bugs, it took about 15 days to work but no more bed bugs, I used a dried out coke bottle with 4 holes screwed into the top with a screw driver to pump it around my apartment and all around my bed which was swarming with bugs and the problem was just getting bigger and bigger.
I was sleeping around a fort of DE and found it really hard to get to sleep fearful of every little bump or tickle was a bug bighting me lol Get this stuff and pump it all around your bed you wont regret it (if you have bed bugs or cockroaches) a bag of it cost me $30 dollars Australian.
I had a pest inspector tell me I had to bag all my clothes, linen, curtains and pillows and have them heat washed and dry cleaned, he told me I may need to be moved into a hotel for 6 weeks while they poison my bed to kill the bed bugs.. so glad I found an affordable working solution.
Autor: Richard Kennedy
AutorWorks better that bedbug spray, but has no residual kill. Once it dries, its no longer doing anything. Also, eggs are still protected. So yeah, if you see a whole cluster of bedbugs, go ahead and roach spray em'.

Best way to go, is with a bedbug residual spray along with a dust that has pyrethrins in it. Vacuuming is also very important.
Autor: BadWolf
AutorI just bought some, im going to inject it into my blood stream so when the bed bugs feed on me they will die, better then spraying them when they come out 👍🏼 ill let everyone know how it works out
Autor: Ll Cooljay
AutorIs that thing work or NOT ???
Autor: abu fuad

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