Grilled Redfish Recipe

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AutorOh man I droolin!!! be out for some reds this weekend i will use that recipe, I cant wait!
Autor: 240X
Autorthats a lot of butter!
Autor: Chad Linton.
AutorYou going fishing for reds? You got it made! Thanks for watching, you're gonna love eating those reds!
Autor: Cajun Cooking TV
AutorMade this tonight. It was very good. Thanks for posting it. We will be having it again.
Autor: mlaurint
Autorhusband- "whats for dinner hunny?"

wife -"your favorite, butter with a pinch of fish for seasoning."

husband- "yeeesss......."
Autor: Chad Linton.
AutorOMG TY!!!! We Caught a 38inch RED and we never caught one before, now we now how to cook it. Id do one of your video's for freeee just for this bit of helpful info!
Autor: latoywri
Autor@AESbeth just get a grill from wal mart and take it to like a park or something.....theyre like 20 bucks.....
Autor: MrMaxwellEdison
AutorTHANK YOU so much for your kind comment. You make us feel terrific. :)
Autor: Cajun Cooking TV
AutorThank you! Please let us know how you liked the reds grilled that way.
Autor: Cajun Cooking TV
AutorHow to over cook fish. Those were done in 3 minutes.
Autor: Lloyd Walker
AutorI just saw you'll video and it looks very good . we will just go fishing this weekend for some Red's and we have lots of Red's in Boca Chica Beach South tx and South Bay. thanks
Autor: Mauricio Saldana
Autornot making food for the calorie conscious but for the heart attack in waiting crowd. Come and get it hoss!!!
Autor: D. Hernandez
AutorAwesome! Thank you so much for letting us know how it came out! We really appreciate you!
Autor: Cajun Cooking TV
AutorJust prepared some redfish last night that I caught last Memorial Weekend. The filets had been skinned, and I prepared them on a gas grill. I had to turn them and it only took 10 minutes. Absolutely incredible! Thanks for sharing!
Autor: Blake Baca
Autor@AESbeth You can broil it in your oven and it's really great.
Autor: Cajun Cooking TV
AutorWow, that is a BIG fish! Way to go! Let us know how it comes out. And, thanks for watching our videos.
Autor: Cajun Cooking TV
AutorGreat video :) Thanks so much for sharing....we caught some huge reds last Saturday and I'm getting sick of the same old boring ways to cook it. This looks great, thanks again!
Autor: Emily Henderson
AutorWhat temp should my grill be at ?
Autor: bcsupport
Autordelicious only 6000 calories.
Autor: D. Hernandez
AutorI just picked up some redfish filets but the skin was already taken off. Can I still grill them?
Autor: James Bridgforth
AutorYou all are terrific!!! I love your recipes, especially the Crabmeat Au Gratin. You should be on the Food Network. Many thanks for sharing....
Autor: owiz9212
AutorThank you for posting a great recipe I was cooking a lot of food today and one of my friends bought me a red fish to cook on the grill and I did not know the first thing to do with cooking fish on the grill I saw your video it was very informative and your recipe was so easy and everybody loved it good job and thank you I did tweak it a bit by adding a little bit more Cayenne pepper. But other than that little thing great job keep up the good work
Autor: Johnson Downing
AutorYes, after the meat is cooked, it lifts right off of the skin. Thanks for watching!
Autor: Cajun Cooking TV
AutorThank you SO VERY much! You are eXtremely kind! Thank you for watching our videos!
Autor: Cajun Cooking TV
AutorIV gotta try this grilled redfish looks delicious I'm from Texas and we have fresh water reds its a 4hour drive for me to get to the coast .....
Autor: RJ boom boom Washington
AutorDo you leave the scales on it?
Autor: Danthemarineman
AutorThank you! And thanks for watching our videos!
Autor: Cajun Cooking TV

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