Calzone on the Grilled Pizza Stone

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Autorcalzone spaceship
Autor: CS Productions
AutorCornish pasties for the win
Autor: Aaron ONeill
Autorohhh, so you reckon that stone might be a bit hot?
Autor: tubestick00
Autorno tomato sauce or anything hehe ... it must be good :) but a wee-bit dry. I would add a good sauce :)
Autor: Froggington Post
Autorgreat thanks a lot, now i'm hungry for a calzone :P
Autor: Jamie Heartman
Autor@aatteeii who gives a *** ? :D
Autor: MightyGoldenBoy
Autor@cherrystarify Just eat it and stfu.
Autor: Doc G
Autor@RedSkyGrillGuy seriously.
Autor: tubestick00
Autor@TheCalzoneSpaceship They're out of this world! Happy Grilling!
Autor: RedSkyGrillGuy
AutorLove that idea!
Autor: RedSkyGrillGuy
Autor@drsjohnny Sure, the nice thing about pizza and calzones is you can choose any combination of ingredients.
Autor: RedSkyGrillGuy
Autor@tubestick00 Super hot, that's why it makes awesome pizza and calzones! Thanks for the nice comment. Happy Grilling!
Autor: RedSkyGrillGuy
AutorServe your calzone with marinara on the side and dip. If you put the sauce in the calzone it'll be too moist.
Autor: mindfreek454
Autor@PhantomAct We haven't tried cornish pasties, but that sounds like it would be delicious. We've made a ton of non-traditional calzones like empinadas, and ravioli size pastries and the Grilled Pizza Stone works every time. Getting the smoke flavor from the grill really makes them shine!
Autor: RedSkyGrillGuy
Autor@cherrystarify Definitely an American style calzone. Thanks for the nice comment. Happy Grilling!
Autor: RedSkyGrillGuy
AutorLooks great!!!
Autor: TheVittleVlog

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