Best HOODED EYE Eyeshadow Palettes! | Stephanie Lange

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AutorCan you wear shimmer on the mobile lid without it highlighting the hood?
Autor: elizabeth liddell
Autorcould you do the best single eyeshadows
Autor: juani2012
Autor: Victoria C
AutorBrilliant as always, but I want them all now! And yes I have very hooded eyes but have learnt so much from your videos, you are definitely the queen of hooded eye makeup tips xx
Autor: caroline h
AutorDeine Videos sind so hilfreich <3
Autor: Mona R
AutorHI you know, the Kat Von D palette is available at Sephora Canada :)
Autor: Nic Guindon
AutorI would love to see a tutorial on this look!
Autor: Robin Jones
AutorI love the eye look you have today! Would you do a tutorial? I'm wondering if you considered the UD Naked palettes as favorites? They are popular in the U.S.
Autor: CapeCodBelle
AutorYou should do a more girly eyeshadow tutorial or palettes, for younger girls and boys, in case their parents don't want or they, that full dark look. You know something that compliments their youth, not makes them seem older in a way. Korean-ish, lol. But It would be EXTREMELY appreciated, if you could, please. It looks great, what you show, this isn't to offend! It would be great to have a variety with a trusted youtuber, is all.
Autor: Sarah Martinez
AutorAhhh love this! I only have slightly hooded eyes but your videos have made all the difference in my makeup application <3
Autor: Ariel Elizabeth
AutorYou mentioned BH but have you looked at Coastal Scents? They just had a 50% off site wide sale and they just released a New Revealed Palette that is all Matte. Their Revealed Palettes have been compared to UD Naked 1, 2, & 3 Palettes. Their Revealed Palettes are normally $19.99 so if you catch them on sale that's $9.99 and the Revealed Palettes have 40 shades to work with, not to mention all of there other palettes and single eyeshadows called Hot Pots that are normally 1.99 and when there on sale 99¢ ea. Their pigmentaion is fantastic & comparable to MUG, Mac and Ofra shadows. I know because I own all of these brands mentioned and Coastal Scents is my go to when I want quality & affordable eye makeup. Oh...I love all your hooded eye tutorials and you have taught me so much. My eyes are very hooded and the info you have given me has been invaluable to me. Have a great day ,..oh and of course I am a subscriber.
Autor: Rita H
Autor: Domniki Sarri
AutorAnother good one is the first Urban Decay Naked Basics!! Love it, great for everyday
Autor: Karissa XXO
AutorWhere is the video to tell if you have hooded eyes? thanks you, love you!
Autor: Scubachick
AutorI've been staring at palettes the past hour trying to choose one...this video was a lifesaver - thank you! I would like an eyeshadow singles video. Your makeup looks especially stunning
Autor: Elisha True
AutorDoes the BH Cosmetics palette include a matte black color??
Autor: sara
AutorMaybe because my hood is crepey I find that the matte shadows emphasize wrinkles. It seems that satiny mattes work better because they don't come off so dry looking. Anyone else experience this??
I am always on the hunt for great transition shades. I'd love to view a video on that topic, if possible. And I'd love to see comparisons between mattes and satins regarding their use on the hoods.
Thanks for the videos, Stephanie!
Autor: Denise Marie
AutorStephanie you are my hooded eye savior 👼
Autor: Kt Qt
AutorYour own line of brushes!?! Specifically for hooded eyes? I'm definitely interested. Your tutorials have helped me to no end. Thank you!
Autor: Jennifer Hogan
AutorId love to see you do makeup on different skin tones. You look beautiful btw
Autor: A B
AutorTartelette palette is also perfect. All mattes and lovely pigmented colours :)
Autor: harriet evs
AutorI seriously dont think you could have posted this at a better time... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! from one hooded eye gal
Autor: Danielle Sharp
AutorYou have changed my world! Thank you for the hooded eye tutorials. I have struggled for so long and your help has been tremendous! ❤️💕😀
Autor: Stephany White
AutorI have hooded eyes - great recommendations!
Autor: Candace
AutorI love the lip color on you!!! can u plz tell me what it is it's just beautiful
Autor: Patti Charles
AutorThank you, again! Please keep bringing in the hooded eye videos. Another nice palette for me is the Tart Tartlette pallette
Autor: Cindy Lavertu
AutorThx 💋
Autor: Ashleigh Springer
AutorThe motives mavens element palette is cruelty free. I am a certified beauty advisor with motives...we do not test on animals. For more info and to get a coupon code visit
Autor: Tamira Hamilton
AutorI love your eye look in this video.
Autor: Janvier Balser
AutorHow would the colors change for an olive skin tone? (if at all) Thanks!
Autor: Christine Caporale
AutorI do own the Naturally Pretty palette, it was my first matte eyeshadow palette ever since I realized that I have hooded eyes and shimmers ALWAYS transfer but I must say that I strongly disagree with your statement that it's not pigmented!! Its HIGHLY pigmented and buttery, perhaps you got a dud but it's the most creamy and pigmented eyeshadow palette that I own :/ It does blend out beautifully as well
Autor: Priscilla and The Bean
Autorjuhuu you're making your own brushes😍 I hope they'll be not so pricy and I can get them in Germany too😊
Autor: Lina Mueller
AutorThank you for posting this I'm actually going out today to buy it. I'm new to make up so I don't know much about different eye types or best colors for your eyes until I found your channel 😊
Autor: mrsjackiem28
AutorHow much and where did you buy them?
Autor: Audrey Nicoletti
AutorOmg, i cant describe you how much u help me... ❤😘❤😘❤😘❤
U r the best 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Autor: Samanta
Autori think after watching your vids ... i realise that i also has the same eyes as you .. one is purely hooded and another is half hooded half normal ? 😂😂 if you get me
Autor: Anathasia Lee
AutorWhat is your favorite, most pigmented highlighter (for the inner corner and below your eyebrow)?
Autor: Missy Molina
AutorThank you so much for always recommending affordable options! I never feel like I am just out of luck because I am on a budget!
Autor: Lyn Sight
AutorHave you done a video on your makeup in this video? its beautiful. i would like to see it. Thanks.
Autor: Fouzia Zia
AutorStephanie, I absolutely love you and your super helpful videos for hooded eyes. I have never been a big makeup girl but as I have gotten older I need the confidence. Sad to admit that but after following you since I found you last summer I have gotten so many compliments on my efforts of using your simplest techniques. I feel better about my appearance and am more open about my flaws and helping other women achieve confidence in themselves by sharing what I've learned.

I watch all your videos as I get my alerts and feel like I'm right there with you. I love your sweet kind ways and your beautiful accent. You are such a breath of fresh air. My husband knows when I'm watching your videos and says how he really thinks I'm learning so much but he truly loves me with or without makeup. He loves the confidence I've gotten from watching you.

I cannot thank you enough for just being you! One day I hope to go to Australia but for now I'm in New Orleans. ;)
Autor: Lisa Daigrepont
AutorOmg where has this video been all my life!!!
Autor: XxStockingxX
Autorhi +stephanie lange I wanted to know ur thoughts on the modern matte 28 eyeshadow palette from bhcosmetics please let me know if u have tried it I would like to buy it. thank u
Autor: Helen George
AutorThanks soooo much for the amazing advice
Autor: Jennifer
AutorI meant Naked Basics:)
Autor: CapeCodBelle
AutorYes, can you show us the best matte single eyeshadows?
Autor: Coco _k5
AutorDo you think shimmery shades are ok on the mobile lid for us hooded eye girls?
Autor: Rhonda Landry
Autor: Tina Grothe
AutorOmg can someone be more beautiful ?! I can't stop starring at you :D
Autor: Monika Beauty
AutorPerfect-was hoping you would do this ! How did you know? thank you !
Autor: TattingGirl
AutorDid you ever do the single shadows?
Autor: FitFatBrittRNY
AutorCould you do an update on this one. Would love to know your current favourites.
Autor: Emma Heffernan
AutorI am just discovering your channel: OMG you are such a fantastic professional tutor! I cannot have enough of your good tips and tricks. Thank you sooooooooooo much for your professionalism. What I do really enjoy besides the great techniques you do share, is that you are not using tons of different products at every tutorial video. Big kisses from Belgium <3
Autor: Achka
Autorwould you recommend the Morphe all matte pallets ??
Autor: Maura Ramos
AutorThe backround on this video is a little too crazy and I just feel like there's way too much going on. I don't wanna be mean or rude, I love your videos and tought it would be helpfull to know :) Just my opinion!
Autor: 00ilovechocolate
AutorMy favorite palette in this video is for sure the Kat Von D Shade + Light palette <3 Love that thing to death!!!! Eye contouring for the win :D
Autor: ColorMeCassie
AutorI love your videos
Autor: Unplannedmix
AutorYikes, Eye of Horus products r very pricey!!!! Its $46 for that 3 pan palette. I agree with the IT Cosmetics palette. Good color selection but not very pigmented. I really wish they had put a med/dark green in the palette too, but nope. I do use it sometimes though. I would like the KVD palette : ) But, I have enough make up (For Now, I mean who r we fooling here). Thank u Stephanie, Love ur Vids!
Autor: felinekj
AutorLove KVD. Her line is CF. I read somewhere that she is reworking the formulas to make her line vegan! Love the maat dark temptress by eoh too. Good for brows as well.
Autor: Erin Rein
AutorHi Stephanie I'm so glad I found your videos . I'm going to order the Kat Von D eye palette I have brown eyes and dark blonde hair in my 40's. If you do more videos any chance you could do one for brown eyes or recommend the best colors to make the eyes look bigger and brighter. Thanks love your hooded eye video, it was really easy for me to get the basics to learn eye shadow application as I'm just now starting to wear it daily!
Autor: Jennifer Blume
AutorHi Steph, so are you wearing silver eyeshadow on this video , I've always thought silver looks just as good as a good colour & what make is it . Loving ya videos 👏
Autor: Jane Burke
AutorYesss you're making brushes too?! I'm so excited! 😍 Any updates on the hooded eye palette you were working on? Love you 😘
Autor: Sunny Gold
AutorThank you! I'm so excited to try to get my makeup right for my hooded eyes now! So pumped to find these videos! Love your hair too.
Autor: bbbsq11
AutorDo your singles too:)!
Autor: Sabrina Denise
Autorshe reminds me of Cameron diaz
Autor: cristian madrigal
AutorCant get Kat Von D here in the UK . Bahahahaha
Autor: susan reid
AutorDo a video with single eyeshadows for hooded eyes!!!!!!
Autor: Mollie Smith
AutorI found this incredibly helpful! Your hooded eye videos are the best!! I've learned so much :) Thank you for sharing! I LOVE eyeshadows but sometimes that area an be bit of a challenge for me to work with but your videos have helped so much!!! <3
Autor: Karen
AutorCan you do a tutorial on the eye shadow look and colours your wearing in this video please ? That would be great. I love your videos as I really do find them very educational and easy to follow. Thanks so much. I really get a lot from watching. Xo
Autor: Rach Williams
AutorTwo faced matte is a good pallette.
Autor: Deb White
AutorCould you please do a new video of your current faves? I've watched and saved all of your hooded eyes videos. Thanks for all the info! ❤️
Autor: Kerri Bodnar
AutorI use shimmers on my eyelid. I'm also a makeup artist and have no issue with Shimmer's anywhere on a hooded eye. For myself I would use a mat above my eyelid and feel free to use Shimmer on my eyelid!
Autor: Elizabeth Shaw
AutorHey Stephanie could you please do an updated verison of this video and a hooded eye tutorial using just the kat von d pallet please.
Autor: Hana Anne
Autorcan you update this video and to a favorite lipstick please<3
Autor: Courtney37
AutorI love you so much for making this video!
Autor: Natalie Love
AutorSephora opens on the GC this month, I'm going to take a look at some of your suggestions. Have you done a tutorial for your eyes/look in this video?
Autor: Tara Battle
AutorYes, PLEASE also do a video on eye shadow singles. Thanks!
Autor: MissAmelieMarie
AutorThank you so much!! I love all your videos.
Autor: Donna Jackson
AutorSorry to bother you, but when it comes to blending how does BH cosmetics perform? I'm really new to the makeup world and my blending game is terrible. I love the price point on BH cosmetics, obviously, but I don't want to waste money (even considering how little money it costs) if I won't get the results that I want. My other option is a makeup geek pallette but the cost of that is exuberantly more money. Thanks for the help.
Autor: Sara Danelon
AutorNew subscriber & more or less starting over with make-up, especially eye make-up now that I’ve had this face for several more decades. Threw out my old stash of shadows and free with purchase brushes (except the really reputable ones) and just ordered the current BH matte shadow palette and a set of the ‘pro’ brushes. All was on sale via the link, free shipping, and freebie Royal Eyeshadow Palette. Ordered the One Two Cosmetics magnetic Uptown lashes with Stephanie’s $20 off sale. Now I will have pkenty of options for playing, practicing, and formulating educated decisions for future purchases. Probably not very with it commenting on an old video, but I’m sure I’m not the only come lately wanting to get back on the horse.
Autor: Suzi Q-zy
Autorgreat video Stephanie thank you so much I just got the shade and light if you had to choose just one of those pallets which one would you choose just one to replace everything
Autor: Cynthia Lopresti
Autoryou MUST do a video on single eyeshadows!!!!
Autor: Silvia M F
AutorBut I LOVE pink!
Autor: Funny fortnight memes Funny fortnight memes
Autorvery helpful please do more!
Autor: Vanessa DiMartino
AutorThank you and YES can you please point out some singles? And the Kat Von D shade and light palette, it doesn't look very interesting to me but maybe I'm missing the beautiful side of it. Thanks!
Autor: Funny fortnight memes Funny fortnight memes
Autorabsolute LOVE the eye shadow color you are wearing!!! what is it?
Autor: MrEmichan
AutorI really appreciate that you are making videos for hooded eyes! there are so many people with hooded eyes, and it can be difficult to do eye makeup sometimes. So I love how your focusing on that on your channel. So helpful! <3
Autor: Mimse Mimse
AutorHas anyone been able to find out what she has on her eyes in this video? Is there a tutorial?
Autor: jenny koppy
AutorStephanie you're really so beautiful and all your videos are such a pleasure to watch and they're of great help too!
Autor: Shreya Sinha
Autoryour eye look is gorgeous! thanks I loved watching the pallettes, its like going shopping without having to :)
Autor: Katie Pecotich
AutorYour makeup looks amazing
Autor: BeautyBiteXO💋
Autorsingle shadows please!
Autor: OnlymrzDiva
Autorthank you! another great video for us hoodies! I love the too faced natural mattes. that's my go to. I also like Maybelline the nudes. and yes yes keep making these vids. maybe you could do one with a matte/shimmer look. i always sjy away from that even though I love sparkles! thanks.
Autor: kshea 0501
AutorThankyou so much!!!! P.s what a bargain for that big cosmetics naturals palette!!!!!!😱
Autor: Lauren Miller
AutorThank you sooo much for doing this video!!! So helpful 👍🏻
Autor: APD717
AutorGreat information. I subscribed.
Autor: Mz Gillionaire
AutorWhat do you think about the Tarte Tartelette palette? This palette has all matte eyeshadows either. Thank you
Autor: miasara79
AutorWhat are you wearing on your lips?x
Autor: Summer Jackson
AutorGot my BH palette today, went with the Modern Mattes. So excited to sit down tomorrow and play around with it and create a holiday look that does not have any shimmer. Thanks for the recommend.
Autor: Michelle Kuykendall
AutorAny suggestion for cool toned people (in my case cool olive) who can't put warm or "neutral" shades? because I'm tired of palettes than only have one or two good shades for me, help!!
Autor: ali dim
AutorI use Lorac 1&2 palettes 😍
Autor: Magda Kalinowska
AutorI'm extremely proud of you girl! so excited for everything to come!
Autor: Dee Healey
AutorWooo, LOVE this.
Autor: LittleMissCrista
AutorWhat are you wearing on your lips??
Autor: Lindsey Kueng
AutorWhich pallette stays the longest? I have hooded eyes and oily skin also I don't always have time for a long makeup routine to include my primer. So I've been looking for a pallette that is matte, has neutral and smokey eye colors and is long lasting for my oily skin. Any suggestions would be appreciated. BTW love your videos!
Autor: Melanie Watkins
AutorVery cool, thank you! I've been thinkng about getting the bh cosmetics one for a while now and it really seems like an amazing deal! 😊🎉
Autor: Jessie .J
Autordo you like the tarte 16 shade all matte palette? tartelette I believe and it's about $45 at Ulta
Autor: Marypatricia Allen
AutorI am a hooded eye girl and I love your videos. I love love love the kat von d shade and light eye palette. I do agree with some of the other ladies here and would also recommend the Tarte Tartelette palette. very good one as well.
Autor: carol williams
AutorHi, have you tried make up geek eyeshadows? It seems like it got a lot of good reviews from other make up gurus as well...
Autor: beverly joy gomez
AutorHi Stephanie,
Could you please tell me where to purchase the Kat Von D shade n light matt palette from in Australia. I have looked ( ebay has a lot of them but the comments from ppl are they are fake kat von d) thanking you kindly, Kelly
Autor: Kelly Brennan
AutorHow do you know if you don't have hooded eyes?
Autor: jaaaaaxx
Autorwhat is your opinion of naked palettes for hooded eyes?
Autor: Suvi Kristiina
Autordo you have a tutorial on the look you are wearing here?
Autor: Sidney Davis
AutorDrinking game: shot every time she says "hooded eyes"
seriously though thank you so much - love your tutorials and wearing eyeshadow (not just winged liner) for the first time ever.
Autor: Tara Bull
AutorYes do single eyeshadows as well!
Autor: Xtrinatrina
AutorHi, Stephanie, loved this video. Could you tell us what eye shadows you're wearing in the video? Thanks!
Autor: Connie Ramsey
AutorAnyone counting on how many times she mentioned "hooded" or "hood"? 😂
Autor: talk.sick.waste
AutorWhat does " hooded eyes" mean ? i'm french , and i can't find a good translation
Autor: Ben G
AutorCould you do an updated version of this? I'd love to see it!
Autor: AussyAngelx
AutorCan you do a tutorial on this look? You look Amazing!
Autor: Chrissy Schnepp
AutorI prefer matte over everything else honestly. Then satins. I use shimmers/metallic but it's never my favorite look, just experenting.
Autor: Liz Torres
AutorStephanie, what eyeshadow colors are you wearing...they are absolutely gorgeous!
Autor: nikihussainrogers
AutorWhat about 'The Nudes' by Maybelline? Thanks
Autor: Carmen Camunas
AutorYes pls..single eyeshadows for hooded eyes; suitable for really dark (chocolate) skin tones as well because yes, we watch you too 😋❤️
Autor: Coco Royale
AutorHey Stephanie, do you like the naked 1, 2, 3 palettes in general?
Autor: hey
AutorThank you for this, great helpful video x
Autor: Natalie B
AutorLove this video! I love the KVD shade/light eye contour palette too! It's a great matte palette for anyone, but definitely a must have for matte eyeshadow lovers & ladies like us with hooded eyes. 💜💋
Autor: Emily Nicole
AutorYes do a single eye shadow please
Autor: Fairskin Rebel
AutorYes, please list your favorite eye shadow singles for hooded eyes.
Autor: Kim Manuel
AutorSeriously, your eyes are not hooded, they look like every normal eye I've ever seen. Chill out..
Autor: s t
AutorHello. I I am interested to know more about the cheaper version. What about the BH Cosmetics? The only thing you told us about it is that it's an expensive but is it pigmented? Is it more pigmented than the IT Cosmetics? Is it worth even buying? Thank you
Autor: Jennifer Wasko
AutorFirst, let me say thanks so much. I tried the domed eyeshadow look from another of your videos last night and got some really flattering compliments. Second, I have a question about sensitive skin and mixing and matching brands. I've heard it may be a good idea to stick with a single brand, and was recently introduced to It Cosmetics as being good for sensitive skin. I had been pretty much just a Cover Girl user previously. For now, I'm using a bit of both, which seems to be ok. But that BH palette looks tempting. I think you mentioned having sensitive skin, and you seem to have no problem mixing brands. Do you think that the idea people with sensitive skin should stick with one brand is just an old wives tale? Or is it just less of an issue with the higher end cosmetics, maybe?
Autor: Diane Verrochi
AutorThe BH COSMETICS Neutrals Palette is on sale for $12 right now ;) And the Modern Mattes - 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette is only $9!
Autor: Elisha True
AutorOooh, what lip colour is that?
Autor: Aliza Matani
AutorThank you for this! So glad to get some hooded eye love! 😆
Autor: Brain Twins Podcast
AutorThank you for this video. I have been looking for this exact topic and your suggestions were very helpful. I am trying to decide between the Kat Von D palette and the Tartelette palette ( not the new one, In Bloom). Do you like one better than the other for natural, everyday looks? Thanks for making videos to help those of us who wear hoodies 24/7 😉 I feel like I can finally wear eye makeup and not look like a fool!! 🎉
Autor: Laura Krause
AutorKat Von D palette is my ride or die!!
Autor: Captivating Faces By Wendy
AutorI need these 😍😍
Autor: Alannized
AutorLOVED THIS VIDEO AND TIPS! Do you consider yourself a hooded eye girl or nah? pls respond.
Autor: G I O V I
AutorThank you! I have hooded eyes and as I get older they get hoodyer! I love the KVD pallet and have been eyeing it for sometime now. I wanted to say thank you for also mentioning products for darker skin tones. I learn so much from you and you make me laugh. Big Hugs & Blessings
Autor: Auntie Yaya
AutorHi Stephanie, thank you for your focus on hooded eyes-I've learned so much! Any chance you could do a tutorial on a few different looks or ways to combine shadows in the Tarte Tartelette matte palette? I feel lost in it. You are brave and beautiful! I love your channel!
Autor: Herbie LoveBug
AutorIt can be frustrating doing my eyes because they are hooded and deep set. thanks hun, your videos are so helpful, and you're so pretty! 💖
Autor: Stephanie Wulk
Autor: Christine Angela Dy
AutorTwo faced matte is a good pallette.
Autor: Deb White
AutorI find using an intense gold shimmer on my lid makes my hood appear further back, I think it could be because gold compliments my blue eyes so the focus is more on my iris than the hood? very helpful video! x
Autor: Erin Smith
AutorYippee!!! I JUST picked up the Kat Von D eyeshadow & contour palettes last night! I can't wait to play woth it shortly, I am a heavy hooded eye girl. I will check out your videos too -
Gale The Happy Stamper :)
Autor: galecrafts - ( The Happy Stamper )
AutorHi, Marj from Philippines, Can you please do a eye tutorial for hooded eyes using the LA Girl Nudes Beauty Brick Palette, just bought and I got hooded eyes, also a beginner,.. Please, Thank you Pretty Steph.. ;)
Autor: Marjorie France Dejucos
AutorYour videos never disappoint instead they get better and better! Thank you so much for this video. I'd love to see a tutorial using the Eye of Horus Maat palette :-) IMHO you're the best MUA on YT xo
Autor: Claire Hainey
AutorYes, this video was very helpful! I have hooded eyes and the Kat Von D Shade and Light eye shadow palette is my favorite as well!
Autor: Linda Taylor
AutorIk zoek pallet zonder parfum?
AutorCan you recommend palettes for green eyes?
Autor: gabriele landis
Autorhave you made a tutorial on the eye look you have on this video? 😙 love it!!
Autor: Shaunna Harvey
AutorOK no offense but those eyelashes made me think, " Those eyes are poppin !!"
Autor: Akosua Addo
Autor: Vivi Rod
AutorSo glad you did this video me eyes are so hooded I take forever to do my shadow and then you can't see it 😔Awsome video
Autor: makeupbysheaa
AutorI use the IT palette with a wet brush. Makes the colors a lot more intense Try it, you might wanna keep after that :)
Autor: Lipstick Addict
Autori've got hooded eyes and your videos are really helping me! thank you so much! 💗
Autor: Martita 28
AutorYou are very good at talking about hooded eyes. Love these videos! ❤️
Autor: jennybeYOUty
AutorWhy are so many eyeshadows for hooded eye. So basic brown, Khaki, grey and nude boring Dont get me wrong I like certain shades of cooltones brown ,and greys but would like more pretty color options 4 hooded eyes besides basics nudie. Khaki brownish colours. I would like to see some pretty colours such as pink, purple, blues,& green shades 4 hooded bedroom eyes Any suggestions
Autor: Michael Kotsol
AutorYes, please. Single eyeshadow soft hooded eyes will be much appreciated. :)
Autor: Pinky Marasigan
AutorI love your makeup in this video (well i should say I love all your looks) I have hooded eye's as well. I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on this look? PS: I live in the COACHELLA VALLEY where your Guns n Roses were playing...I did't get to seem them either tickets sold out so FAST...and I only live 10 mins away..awwhh well maybe next time for the both of us. :0)
Autor: Gina E
AutorIt can be frustrating doing my eyes because they are hooded and deep set. thanks hun, your videos are so helpful, and you're so pretty! 💖
Autor: Stephanie Wulk
AutorWhen you live anywhere in asia where almost everyone has hooded eyes, the no shimmer rule doesn't exist. Majority of asian cosmetics makes more shimmers and glitter shadows than mattes. We usually do the vertical gradient method where its darker near the lid and gets lighter upwards.
Autor: Marga Esperanza
AutorJust ordered the Sigma one ! Perfect for me! Thanks so so so much !
Autor: TattingGirl
AutorYes. Single affordable single shadows please
Autor: evelyn e
AutorI find that nothing really helps when you have a fatty hooded eye. I have a literal fat folder my eyes and no matter what I do the shadows just emphasise the hood of my eye. I only ever apply shadows to my eyes when my eyes aren't really hooded on that day
Autor: Tara Cotton
AutorLove this & your page! There isn't much out there for hooded eyes so this is super helpful!
Autor: sara
AutorTotally L💕VED it again!! More please!! 😉
Autor: Sarah Jones
AutorJust bought the bh cosmetics Palette (and one other) I love them so much! And I'm so glad that you recommend them. Love you and your work. Greetings from Germany 😘
Autor: Jennifer Kleiber
AutorI know you said you don't really love the Smoke Screen palette but I bought it and I LOVE IT!!! (Probably because I'm not a make up artist by any means the color selection is kind of good in my opinion^^) Thank you so much for the tip!!!!
Autor: Alexandra
AutorHey Stephanie! I just discovered your channel and immediately subscribed to you because you are such a stunning person! Your videos are amazing and so helpful and i am sooo happy that i finally found a youtuber who does so many tutorials and videos for and about hooded eyes! And i just love your bubbly personality by the way and you are SO beautiful! :))
Autor: TheTigereye22

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