Top 10 Best Cooking Anime EVER

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AutorFood wars was amazing
Autor: Adarsh Gopalakrishnan
AutorActually in Ben-To they actually fight for the scraps ITS bentoboxes that are half of (those that they put on sale to not have to throw away because of the short expiration date)
Autor: Jayamila Persson
AutorI like food war so I'm trying to find more anime like it
Autor: b bb
Autor4, 3, 2, 1 is very good!
Autor: Nnicha Narak
AutorI like graffiti girl
Autor: cedric hunter
AutorStill waiting for shokugeki's update 😭😭😭

It is nice though[Very nice]
Autor: captain. jichued
AutorShokugeki no soma Should be number1!!!!!!!!
Autor: Cross Roads
AutorThe hell. FOOD WARS should be No.1 ...Tsk.o2
Autor: Diane Agnis
AutorLove the list!
Autor: jones lukas
Autori love food
Autor: Mitty Witherstone
AutorWhere can u find these shows!? SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME
Autor: AVAcado
AutorWTF food wars number 4
Autor: jeff tomothy
AutorI have seen all these animations that I mentioned and the best anime among them is shokugeki no soma
Autor: Abdel Hamid yahia
Autorno. 6

the english title of it is

Autor: activist 23
AutorBento is GREAT!!
Autor: Rickey Moore
AutorSo shit your missing a lot bro
Autor: Najah JJ
AutorI really do recommend shokugeki no souma and yumeiro patissiere!!!! They are my top favorite!!!
Autor: Sia Hillshire
Autorsaw this when souma's already the first seat in the manga! 😂❤️
Autor: jinky maigue
AutorFood Wars and the bread anime is my favorite anime
Autor: Dino3214 Jake
AutorI love you for making toriko and yakitate japan top 3.because both are my fav cooking show.especially yakitate japan because i learn making bread frm the anime.the Japan No.2
Autor: kuronekouhai
AutorHey shokugeki no soma should be #1 right now!
Autor: Fariz
AutorAfter 3 years shokugeki no soma should be 1st now
Autor: マシロIzyk
AutorFood Wars <3
Autor: otakuandsecrettrials
AutorUmmm .... why is Nobunaga no chef not here???
AutorI wouldn't count Toriko as a cooking anime becuz tbh it's mostly about fighting
Autor: Nelson Zhang
AutorFood war should have been no 1
Autor: Shahnaz Zaman
AutorAww man, I didn't see Restaurant to Another World on this list
Autor: Shadow Wolf
Autoryumeiro pattissier is 2ns shokugeki no soma should be first!!! 1st!!!!
Autor: CuteCut _edits
AutorIn the first seconds of the video all i see is boobs why
Autor: Allen
AutorThe anime for Bartender is good, but it's only about the alcohol. The manga is actually about the characters themselves, and alcohol. The anime is more of a special celebration of cocktails or something like that.
Autor: Kevin Rouse
AutorAnnouncement:Shokugeki No Soma or Food Wars was not released yet so he/she did not know about the anime.
Autor: Nutty Shotz
AutorToriko should've been not only has Bizarre dishes but it also taught value of Food.
Autor: Rahul Thakre
Autorwhat is the name of that entry song ?
Autor: Prince Vlademhir Aguda
Autor"Restaurant to another world" is a great one that makes you hungry, be warned eat something while you watch ! lol !!
Autor: Patrick Francois
AutorYou gained a subscriber when you put Yumeiro Patissiere in No.1 It was the anime that got me started after all
Autor: Matthew Magtajas
AutorI only watch your videos to feel better about myself
Autor: Kiwi Breath
Do i need say anything else?
Autor: D D
AutorI almost died when I found out Food Wars was number 4. I'd say it's number one but still I get it since I'm a spectator from 2017. :3
Autor: Swaggerdagger 606
AutorShokugeki no souma
Autor: trying to get 50 subs lol
AutorThere's some new ones since you did this video. Restaurant to Another World is amazing.
Autor: James Brittain
Autor: Pinky Jiy
AutorFood wars best 👍
Autor: JoniLP
Autor: Venice Mikyla
Autori thought you mentioned TOP 10 cooking?!
Autor: Vicious XV
AutorShokugeki no souma is the best!!!
Autor: Teresa Clare
Autori think shokugeki no souma is the most legit in this list so it deserves to be 1
Autor: Whatismyname
AutorWtf food wars has to be #1
Autor: here D
AutorBut- Black Butler ;-;
Autor: Claudia DeLeon
Autorthere is a food themed anime called fighting foodons
Autor: lagoona blue
AutorFighting Foodons! Here's something incredible. These Monsters once were edible. So everybody take a look at combat creatures you can cook! Fighting Foodons! Fat or lean or inbetween! Fighting Foodons! This is really neat cuisine! Select the right ingredients to make the food obedient. Depending on the spice you add, your foodon could be really bad! Bad bad bad! Fighting foodons! Stewed or brewed or even chewed! Fighting Foodons! It's rude food with attitude! Carefully select your recipes. Pizza will attack with gooey cheese. Power up the fried rice with some peas. What will win?! Italian or Chinese?! If anything's left over you can breath. So if you're itching for a brawl, just start a kitchen free for all. And when your monster takes a fall, whip up a little matzo ball. Fighting Foodons! Stewed or brewed or even chewed! Fighting Foodons! It's rude food with attitude!
Autor: Cheesy Peeny
Autorif the rankings are incorrect i dont care, thank you for the video, i watched food wars and kinda became interested in other videos becuz food wars became kinda dumb when they started introducing bad guys and central, im tired of bad guys, the food battles shokugeki was more than enough to make it pvp enough to keep it interesting dang it... but yes thank you for the listings
Autor: richlos
Autorwhat is the best site to stream, watch or download this animes?
Autor: Annjoe Manongsong
AutorCan somebody tell me what the last one is called Sorry no offense but your accent makes it impossible to hear But Love your vids
Autor: XXBig_ChungusXX
AutorFood wars should be number one
Autor: 369 banana
AutorMy pick is food's one of my favourite..😊😊
Autor: Chocolate Girl
AutorFood war everytime the food taste good suddenly their become naked lel
Autor: Rizal Ariffin
AutorFood wars!!!!!
Autor: 369 banana
AutorThe intro girls bosoms tho
Autor: Tseries is Gay sub to pewdiepie
Autorwho else noticed Ash Ketchup in this list
Autor: Don Joel
AutorLosers lol
Autor: Daniel Corbett
AutorI didn't know there were some proper cooking anime asides Food Wars...
Autor: Aditya Seth
AutorIf food war aired at this time it would be number 1
Autor: Day'Ron gaming
AutorWhere sangi
Autor: song anime
Autor: Nightmare Luffy
AutorThe hair looks like goku
Autor: Teca Bryant
Autornumber 6 Chuuka Ichiban/Cooking Master Boy the hell her Mother was not murdered but died on illness
Autor: Just Saying- -
AutorFood Wars is literally my cup of tea and nothing I've watched cooking related has came close to it
Autor: Someone Insignificant
Autorshokugeki no souma is the best of all cooking anime...gonna watch it guys...
Autor: Lvl UP PK Brothers
Autor"it's f*cking raw!!!!!!!"
Autor: PovertyTV
Autortop 1 shokugaki top 2 yakitate top 3 toriko top 4 cooking master boy
Autor: Pringles Cheddar Cheese
AutorShokugeki no soma should be on top by now
Autor: Vijeet Mogra
AutorYou guys need to watch Shokogeki no Souma if you’re looking for a modern anime about cooking. It is so freaking amazing and is ongoing, which is a huge plus. Season 4 in the next few days! Ahhh...

The characters in this anime are so likable which I love. I hate some animes were there are a few characters you just can’t stand.
Autor: PickleJarr
AutorI have seen Food Wars shokugenki no soma and it should be around 1 or 2. There is only 1 season so far with about 27-30 episodes. I highly approve.
Autor: Foolish Donut
AutorWhat about Cooking Papa?
Autor: Volk551
AutorSo the anime is called mister ajikko. I only know protagonist name yoichi 😁
Autor: kuaikukia
Autor: MrRaichu888
AutorFood wars was so good, but they need they need to add more episodes, aka season 3 on hulu
Autor: xxBlackDogxx Dafaq
AutorShokugeki no soma should be top 1 !!!!!
Autor: TheRazor 98
AutorI forget about one anime title. All I remember was a girl was searching for a hotel. So shee went out from the cafe, a guy brought him there because it was raining if Im not wrong. She was going around the town and the hotel was actually besides the cafe. Anyone know ? I havent finish watching it yet
Autor: Kim Jihyun
Autorshokugeki shouuld have been firstt
Autor: Dream league Soccer
AutorExcept Toriko anime is shit
Autor: TheNotSoAvid
AutorI wanna buy food wars but I'm worried about it having love crap in it so is there love crap in it??
Autor: sonya archbell
AutorWhat about Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie it’s a very good anime
Autor: Helen H
AutorWe are going to start a fight, Shokugeki no Soma isn't first.
Autor: Soren
AutorI was sure shougeki would be 1st
Autor: Woahwoahwoah Thiccboi
AutorBento has got nothing to do with cooking also the violent LESBIAN BITCH killed every bit of interest in this anime.
Autor: Badshroom
Autor thats not food...
Autor: Jeejean Lim
AutorFood Wars should be n°1 because the plot isn't covered up by them big anime tiddies and comedy. even though every character has their unique personality they have such similarities . you can see why they are at the top and everything fits.
their Questions and their way of responding to certain situations it fits the comedey and their personality. the main character does not always win wich makes this good.
i just completed it and it's amazing ,their animations,their artstyle's,the plot,and the personality and character of the show. it is the representation of perfect
Autor: hinky pinky
Autori watched first episode of shougeki no soma, if its as ecchi for the rest of the series then im gonna have to stop watching it.. i draw the line way back when boobs move unnaturally.. lets alone orgasms of meat juice and plain tentacle penetration. its too much and ruins it for me. especially an anime about food.

at least yakitate japan did it but with more subtlety and tastefullness that didnt ruin it. its like giving someone a wonderful juicy thanksgiving meal, then then pouring fruit juice all over the mash, the meat and gravy and totally destroying it.

people who like ecchi, can still enjoy anime which dont have ecchi in it.. but there are people who just cant watch ecchi, so adding it to appeal to the ones who do, will cut your audience down. especially when its about food, something that should be for all ages.
Autor: LadyStardust
Autorwhere's Cooking Master Boy?
Autor: JustCallMeElle
AutorThe anime Food Wars is great. I personally think it's amazing.
Autor: Jillian Simon
Autorif i'm going for that bento, make sure you can handle me... i butcher swines and large cows. i always bring my knives. that's for flaying/skinning, deboning and a cleaver XD just a warning...
Autor: Sauce senpai
AutorThis ia one of the lists that needs an update. Today I guess Food wars would be number 1, and isekai isakaya would enter somewhere
Autor: Patricia Carvalho
AutorAnime food has no reason to look that good🤤
Autor: Acha Koo
AutorHow the hell is Shokugeki no Soma not number 1? I was drooling all over my laptop when watching it. This is nonsense, the other anime aren't that popular compared to it too
Autor: Neko Chan
Autorfood wars for the win
Autor: You like this ? you like this chain? 3 dolla
Autornumber 4.....was so messed up XD. Food wars had me dieing
Autor: Cherokee Ward
AutorShokugeki no Souma would have been my number 1
Autor: Klooless_ Krixy
AutorJust finish watching toriko again for the third time😍
Autor: Strictly Anime!
AutorMillion thanks, good man!
You're one of the only youtubers that appreciate Toriko, since the anime grew censored and bad.
All Gourmet Luck to you!
Autor: Solipsius
AutorEating Yakisoba~
Autor: Winter Spirit
AutorI watched food war and it is much better then all the others
Autor: Nicole Ruan
AutorThank god Yakitate Japan was in this
Autor: Pundah
Autorwhere tf is Hell's kitchen??
Autor: milalila
Autor what other food in the store is not edible ?
Autor: kunkka5
AutorFood war and toriko are the best
Autor: le phénix
AutorShokugeki no soma is number 1
Autor: Tenzin Jangchup
AutorYakitate Japan should be number 1
Autor: Vulquos
AutorGod. I would use your voice to torture my enemies.
Autor: Xetotorian
AutorYumeiro Patisserie is the best!
Autor: Park Jimchimchimmy Chim
AutorHow many of you are eating ramen or stuffing your face with food while watching this
Autor: Cure Parfait
AutorSomething is wrong with you Patissere lols
Autor: Acel Sean
Autoryumeiro patisseiere
kooooking wars
Autor: shyara' s
Autor: Shaamali
Autoramaama to inazuma is very good. please try it.its outstanding. i believe you will like it.
Autor: Debasish Das
AutorFood wars is cooking hentai
Autor: King Shadow
AutorWhy is Food Wars the 4th?! It should be The TOP ONE!!
AutorI'm surprised Gourmet Girl Graffiti wasn't included in this
Autor: AnimeMother02
AutorFood wars is still the best lol
Autor: ECXthirdie PH
Autorshokugeki no soma is the best
Autor: Steven Buritpro
AutorYour number one is trash
Autor: Monkey Boiz
Autorare u sure that shokugeki no souma isnt 1 st?
Autor: Hendrik Lesmana
Autorsuprised shokugeki no souma isnt no 1 but... -_-
Autor: King Veer
AutorWhat Shokugeki No Soma is 4th!?!?!
Autor: ShadowOfTheSal
Autorshokugeki no soma season 3 is the best
Autor: Beverly Garcia
AutorBONJOUR! Sweet Love Patisserie. The episodes are super, super short though and you don't actually see that much cooking. It's more about the relationships. It's no where near as good as Yumeiro Patisserie in my opinion, but you said to comment if there was one you missed, so... yeah, here you go.
Autor: SartraBookworm
Autor1. Food wars
2. Food wars
3. Food wars
4. Food wars
5. Food wars
6. Food wars
7. Food wars
8. Food wars
9. Food wars
10. Food wars
Autor: Petey :D
AutorPls give the soma yukihira's third season
Autor: Surajit Mashan
AutorYou forgot these animes :
Koufuku Graffiti and Hell's Kitchen
Autor: NaomiCinta DaMochi
AutorLeft out Dae Jang Geums Dream, its a good anime
Autor: Yuki Onna
Autorits ben-to i love tat anime!!!
Autor: Neko Senpai Nyu
Autorwhy is ratatouille not number 1?
Autor: Yourigames
AutorMY number one is food wars hahaha. It has a great anime plot. BUT I HATE THE ECCHINESS X(
Autor: ShapCass Blirmy
AutorAll of you should watch yumeiro patissiere, it is the best anime i ever watch in my entire life! 💓💓💓💓❤❤
AutorWhen you are trying to find any anime close to Yumerio Pattisiere because it is soo good.
Autor: Night and Pink 1525
AutorIt a shame that restaurant to another world was release in 2017 otherwise i think it would be rank highly here
Autor: clawfist
AutorHello there! You have got to watch Restaurant to another world. This anime you have to eat before you watch. It's a lot of fun and good recipes too. Have fun! God bless.
Autor: Michele Aldworth
AutorWhere is Sanji from one piece
Autor: Najah JJ
Autorfood wars deserved no.1,2
Autor: Dragon blue
Autornumber one needs to just go away lol
Autor: Heavymetalization
Autorshokugeki no soma is the real deal..!
Autor: Who am I
Autorjust to be clear the boy does not travel to china because he finds out his mom is dead. the setting is in China and he goes on a journey to become a better chef after his mom passes away. a great anime on the cuisines of China
Autor: akirahiko
AutorI can't believe food wars isn't first
Autor: Kawaii Squishy
Autori think shokugeki no souma is should be the Top 1 Because of its graphics and story line
Autor: OverVoltZ Gaming
AutorWhat about Bonjour Sweet Patisserie
Autor: lindamarie
AutorNo soma is great show !
Autor: Game Changer
AutorShokugeki no soma shud be no1... Inside thr anime you can truly find the true cooking shows..
Autor: _HantuAwesome Hs
Autor: Dank Boi
AutorWho cares about those other food animes the best one is food wars
Autor: Briana S
AutorWhat's the first song?
Autor: Depressed Gacha
AutorRestaurant to another world is my favorite!
Autor: Lonesome Artist
Autorgourmet girl graffiti is awesome!!! I'm. not good at explaining about things but I recommend to my food lovers lol
Autor: Chibi Paws
Autorfood wars hasnt aired yet wow
Autor: Kat Lu 's AMV
AutorWhy did you place shokugeki no souma in number 4th? this makes people not watch it bcs it is not the top 3 and honestly,shokugeki no souma is probably the best out of all of them.
Autor: Hope FX
Autorcouldnt tell those were boobs in the opening
Autor: Goddess shepherd
Autoryumeiro patissiere takes a few episodes to really latch onto it, but of you really give it a chance, its a great anime. eventually develops some romance in the second season which makes everyone that watches it happy.
Autor: Amber Schintzius
AutorI do Prefer Yakitate Japan than Yumero, but I can live with that top ten.

And PPL Complaining about Shokugeki inst #1, whatch Yakitate, please... Food Wars is Yakitate Japan with less comedy and more skin.
Autor: Carlos Stronghart
AutorHave you ever read kitchen princess? It's a super cute shojo manga about a girl who's attends a special school to seek out a boy who saved her when she was young.
Autor: Hopeless Shadow
Autortoriko is like dbz emphasis on food, food was the best part, fight`s .. eeh was too clishe
Autor: iHelloway
AutorI was expecting food wars to be first
Autor: Jamiant Belden
AutorShokugeki no soma is definetly the best cooking anime ever.
Autor: Crown
Autorwth anime list
Autor: Nina Ojsteršek
AutorFood + Anime = A PERFECT ANIME
Autor: nose from a knuckle
AutorYou forgot Sanji of One Piece
Autor: João Lobo
Autor4-Food wars
Me: bitch whatcha mean 4?
Autor: Slide Three Times
Autor: melody
AutorAnybody watch Dangashi Kashi??????
Autor: Katsuya
AutorI love toriko the most why it number 3 the number 2 spot I like it too but toriko is better
Autor: GD Boy
Autorwhy am i watching this? im hungryyyyyyu
Autor: Raevyn Moore
AutorI remember watching cooking master boy when I was a kid. Natsukashi na.
Autor: Rachel Esguerra
Autorfood wars Nr1
Autor: Niklas Gareis
AutorI'm just hungry.
Autor: Chain Z
Autoryou should say it was your personal picked choices, not best 10, 10-1, worst to best or least enjoyable to most enjoyable to watch
Autor: Pᴀᴅᴏʀᴜ Jᴜᴅɢᴇ
Autorthe no.1 was bullsh*t i'm not saying the anime is bad though
Autor: Ken Nishikino
AutorShougeki no soma must be 1
Autor: Sul Jin
AutorMore on Boob related.
Autor: Flwrnly Delphione
AutorKneading dough is soooo relaxing and soothing. Never knead bread dough when you are annoyed with someone though, otherwise you end up with a loaf as hard as a brick due to beating the crap out of it. Paul Hollywood makes kneading dough very.....Ummm, shall we say a pleasurable experience to watch. ;)
Autor: Sakurakuro
Autorsees thumb
clicks video
shows anime boobs
Autor: ness fodao fodastico etc wario
AutorYumiero patisserie was the best one
Autor: Kawaiii Unicorn
Autor: Gneo Salen
AutorI hate how toriko is so underrated. I wish they made a second season
Autor: Big O
AutorNow food wars was aired and finished 2 seasons, what do you think?
Autor: Milen Anessar
AutorThe person who said Torino San sounds like the Japanese voice actor for gon from hunterxhunter
Autor: ShadowOfTheSal
AutorChuuka ichiban is still my favourite.
Autor: GodzillaFreak
AutorYumeiro Patissiere SHOULD BE THE #1 FOREVEE
Autor: mare mari
AutorShokugeki no soma must be number 2
Autor: Smart Girl
AutorI came here since Watchmojo excluded Food Wars.
Autor: M
AutorHow tf did I got from watching Dragon Ball clips to cooking anime
Autor: Rogue Exodus
Autor dbz Krilin?

even the shirt
Autor: Goku
Autoryou forgot one.
its amaama to inazuma
Autor: Kamilah Hassan
Autor: Aether
Autorfood war and cooking master boy
Autor: Pertamax7
Autor: Salsabila A
Autorс первым местом я согласна
Autor: no name
Autorfood wars might as well be porn
Autor: Darrel Games
Autor: ein Gryffindor
AutorMy favorite cooking anime is Hell's Kitchen.

Oh wait.
Autor: TheFrostyIcecreamSlush
Autor: AsianBoi66
Autor: Dolores Rosas
AutorWait why is that girl named ichigo
Autor: 369 banana
AutorYakitate!! Japan will always be #1 for me
Autor: Kevin Silva
AutorHow is shokugeki no soma not 1st?
Autor: Rake
Autorwhat about Cooking Idol Ai! Mai! Main?
Autor: F!zZy YUMMY CAKE!
Autorwhen my japan friend so the countdown he said kawaiii
Autor: CLoner -X
AutorDamn this video is shit....
Autor: dead eye
AutorWhy don't you put hell's kitchen!!?? It's the best!!!
Autor: AgentZombie006
AutorI'm in 2018 and still not finding episodes for food wars. AND IT LOOKS SO GOOOOOOD!!!! Please tell me where I can find it!!!
Autor: Laura Wilkinson
AutorShokugeki no Soma should be TOP1
Autor: Animes Lover123
Autora new great one just emerged. Restaurant to another world :D
Autor: GirlPainting
Autor8====IIII====D ....
Autor: Matthew Ledesma
AutorYakitate! Japan is the ultimate cooking show. Food Wars is a wannabe Yakitate! This can be seen through the voice actors used. Dojima is voiced by the same guy who did Kuroyanagi Ryo, and Nakiri Azami is voiced by the same guy who did Meister Kirisaki. Food Wars is a good show with a misguided take on reactions. If Yakitate is a front for a bake shop, Food Wars is a front for a strip club with food.
Autor: shiva nagireddy
Autorthat moment when cooking anime is more intense than your fighting anime.....
Autor: Ngame
AutorAfter I heard u say "ramen" I was like
"grandma is there any more ramen left?"
Autor: traqictea
AutorYASSS YUMEIRO PATISSIERE I watched this one year ago
Autor: Pandas Cant Fly
AutorKitchen Princess should have been made into an anime
Autor: Stella Jee
Autorshokugeki no soma is the best cooking anime and probably one of the best anime ever....
Autor: Chubs Destiny
Autoris bartender really nice?
Autor: Black Eagle
AutorYumeiro patisserie is the best of all.😘
Autor: Dhananjay Singh
AutorWhat am going to tell about think most people may not understand still am saying...
My prob is I can't stand the picture quality of Animes like that no1 in this list.. not even that no.2...other qualities r my type..those r fine...
Well I was not talking about 144/240/360 like optn u can find at settings of utube vids.neither talking about story or plot or talking about how the character design looks...
Simply putted hentai type pure anime not 3d anime,not computerized doll type Anime...
I think NARUTO AND HUNTER X HUNTER's character design QUALITY IS MY TYPE NOT berby doll or 3d looking..
I guess those Animes took from manga of late 90's and early 2010 around is the best...those all Animes am looking for...
Anyone feel free to recommend any Anime names to me... not that much Animes left...almost I seen all of them except some mecha and space type Anime.
Autor: Ankush Pal
AutorAfter food wars finished it's 1st season it should be at 1# for sure
Autor: Oppio Captain Kid
AutorToriko is a very good anime
Autor: Royce Sann
Autor: shadoweagleyolo
AutorYes yumeiro patissier
Autor: August Eric Quimson
AutorYakitate Japan ftw
Autor: TheBri-ex
AutorI loved Antique Bakery it was great and had some chilling /thrilling moments.
Autor: Gillian Franklin
AutorYumeiro Patisserie was my childhood
Autor: Doggie Antics
AutorI know im so late this video is like here years ago but I prefer izakaya nobu its funny but appetizing,good art and good food
Autor: Jam Jam// JALD Gachatainment
AutorDo you like anime
Autor: Rebekah Austin
AutorIron Wok Jan?
Autor: Harsh Gadley
Autorthat first picture's boobs/apron looked like a butt
Autor: ChasehaWing
AutorShokugeki no soma is by far the best cooking anime ever😘😍😍😍
Autor: thinktank 007
Autor-Everyone knows Kakutō Ryōri Densetsu Bisutoro Reshipi, "Martial Arts Cooking Legend Bistro Recipe/Fighting Foodons is the best cooking/anime.
Autor: HyperSonicXtreme
AutorWhat about "Aji ichimonme"?
Autor: nippononna
AutorYumeiro patissiere MY FAVORITE!!!!😍😍😍
Autor: Anime lovers
AutorWhen your gott here I was hoping to get food wars n theblist
Autor: ::UNIMATION studios::
Autor I can not hear what you are saying with the animation volume high @misty chronexia
Autor: moon laura
Autor: Elizabeth Kurogane
AutorAre you fucking kidding me SHOKUGEKI NO SOMA IT S FUCKING N1 !!!
Autor: Hope Estarossa
Autorshokugeki no soma is the best
Autor: Steven Buritpro
Autortoriko doesnt fit in reality, fuck them
Autor: Nata
AutorI saw the tumb nail and I'm all like,"OH HELL YA FOOD WARS!"
Autor: SamitheLami Lamster
AutorYakitate Japan my childhood anime chef...
Autor: Norashikeen Yusof
AutorHey Misty, a very happy subscriber here. Thanks for always taking the time to recommend the best anime for us. I have already watched 3 from this list and now on my 4th, Yumeiro Patissiere, and I have to say this is also my favorite by far . Btw I think Food Wars turned out pretty well, a very enjoyable anime... I really like Toriko as well except that I think some of the fighting scenes are too long lol..keep em coming Misty...😊😊
Autor: Misa Pink
Autor: Anime Lover
Autorno. 1 Shokugeki no Soma! idiot!
Autor: Lakas Ganda
AutorWhere food war soma
Autor: francis nguyen
Autor0/10 no mention of Cooking Papa.
Autor: Daniel Brown
Autor: LaughYou Out
AutorYumeiro patisserie is the best romance cooking sweets anime 😍
Season 1 is 50 episodes
Season 2 is 13 episodes (the most romance)
Autor: Smart Girl
AutorWe can all agree that now that Food Wars is out, it's definitely #1.
Autor: Lily Blackwell
Autortoriko is one of the best anime
i would like season 2 fr dat
"in the gourmet world"
Autor: HV Dragon
AutorYumeiro Pattisiere was really good. I liked that it had more than just cooking by having the fairies. It's a nice shoujo anime compared to Shokugeki no soma which is more shounen. I like both, I'm just glad that other anime are getting light shined on them rather than the mainstream Food wars.
Autor: otaku hime
AutorAnd you won’t have to listen to “Let it Go” anymore! Lol!!! I like you, mah friend!
Autor: Brian Zen
Autoryakitate japan is great, but i find it rewatchable only up to the beginning of the france arc :( lost its charm after it
Autor: LadyStardust
AutorWhere's One Piece, lol.
Autor: Srikar D. Govindarajula
AutorWho came here 4 Food Wars?
Autor: Kaneki Ken
AutorI remember watching an anime about food humanoid fighting another food humanoid that was created by their chefs. What is that tv show called again.... google wasn't too friendly with me since it keep looking up wrong site. It was a show that I saw in 4kids tv long long time ago.
Autor: MsgNinja *King of Pigs*
AutorThis is cooking anime list right why ben-to is here who's cooking in ben-to
Autor: NXDS m
Autor: A m i e l . BTS
AutorYakitate Japan is a highly recommended anime!
Autor: Sweet Little Otaku - FierceKnight Gaming YT
AutorRestaurant to Another World, is a show you should include on the next list.
Autor: jap pperon
Autorhey thats good im french canadian too ;p
Autor: Marie-Pier .M
AutorShokugeki no soma should be the all time best #1 because of characterization, art, story line, concept, and the reality of every dishes I mean anyone can recreate every dish once you have all equipments and ingredients,
Autor: SummerFire Torres
Autorare you crazy man ?

Shokugeki no soma in fourth place ?
Autor: Kenzi DIBATCHOU
AutorThis anime reminds me of food network like iron chef America anime style :) I love this anime both subs and dubs
Autor: Hollo HexaBlade
Autoryumeiro patissiere is my favorite food anime LOL watched it years ago and i still love it.
Autor: ShaTea
AutorShokugeki no Souma iz da bezt :3
Autor: Ryou Raku
Autorhey u should update the video
Autor: Queen Mercy
AutorShokugeki no Soma is by far the best cooking anime!
Autor: Midori chi
Autori hope nobunaga no chef has its anime version. but manga is also good.
Autor: kryptonite JR
AutorI think yakitate Japan is the most educational one, I learn about many foods, its source, medicine, health, and many more from it. also teach everyone to make bread from many ingredients, even the rare ones.
Autor: Gabriel Pedro
AutorRemember that one time when Kashino and Ichigo fell into the bush in Season 2? HAHA xD
Autor: Mirai Kuriyama
AutorYa the countdown
Autor: Gugagantha Selladurai
AutorShokukegi no soma: only anime that has foodgasms do u agree?
Autor: Lance Andrei Herrera
AutorCooking master Boy!❤️💕
Autor: Katrina Olaguer
AutorHell's Kitchen ?
Autor: Oceane P
AutorIm from the future and now shokugeki is the most popular food related anime and its doing 10000% than you expected
Autor: AsianX
AutorPutting Shokugeki no Souma in 4th position WTF
Autor: Luciano Pedro
AutorOk sir
Autor: Pertamax7
AutorThe feeling that you have no idea what the animes 10-5 are but can recognize the ones from 4 to 1
Autor: Amaterasu Tsukuyomi
AutorI'm so happy you have Toriko on here!
Every time I watch that anime...oh my god...that food.. drools
Autor: werewolf478
Autorcan you watch my channel? I upload a video on anime foods every fans should try.
Autor: Pirate Kage
AutorShokugeki no Soma is by far the best cooking anime ever. It should be in #1. Recommending all of you to watch it immediately! Like right now! GO!!
Autor: Abdul Tucal
AutorYakitate Japan, Shokugeki no Souma and Yumeiro Patissiere. Must watch this 3. 👍
Autor: Julie Ann Suizo
Autortoriko is very fun!
Autor: Nnicha Narak
AutorUntil today im still watching shougeki no soma !! Cant wait the next episode (2017)
Autor: Amoi Pinjaram
AutorI love yakitate Japan. It used to air on animax in India. I really got inspired a lot from that anime and knew a lot about Japanese culture. To be honest for everyone saying food wars should be number 1, I agree it's great but gets a bit weird and unrealistic at times.
Autor: Arpita Das
AutorI agree to your top 1 anime. Yumeiro Patissiere is a cute cooking anime. It shows a detailed steps of baking sweets performed by the characters. I suggest, to whoever haven't watched this yet, go get a bite of this anime. Especially for girls who's into baking. I also like Shokugeki no Soma, I prefer, it should top 2. But oh well, I haven't watched Yakitate Japan after all and that top 3. Maybe, it's good after all. Hahaha.
Autor: Rona Eden Songcayawon
Autorshokugeki no soma is the best of all !
Autor: Unknown Guy
AutorFood Wars Shokigeki no Souma FOR NUMBER 1
Autor: Suki
Autorwhere is master cooking boy the hell
Autor: Emily Ha
AutorHay que ser ciego y sordo para no darse cuenta de que Shokugeko no Soma es el mejor anime de comida de la historia.
Autor: Patxi D León
AutorYomeiro patissier is m'y favourite
Autor: Abdou_ Kharfi53
AutorI tought Misty/Chronesia was the title of the anime but i just noticed its in the top left corner ;-;
Autor: Jonas Forio
AutorYumeiro and Shokugeki is my favorite
Autoryes i knew it yumeiro patissiere is the 1st i know all happend tp that and i knew 2nd is yakitate japan
Autor: EH!DE
AutorMISTY YOUR GREAT!!!!!!!!!
Autor: Kikyo Wolf
AutorThe best anime here is food wars
Autor: Roshan Dhali

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