Steak (R)evolution - A Japanese steak.

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AutorSteak Revolution is an excellent documentary. It's on Netflix, it's pretty interesting.
Autor: Ryan Carlen
AutorAll i got to say poor animal
Autor: Yovani Martinez
Autorleave it to the Japanese to screw up a perfectly good piece of meat.
Autor: libertyn jeopardy
Autor: Yakup pi
Autorthe nips and the frogs eating at peace.
Autor: Col. Hogan
Autori think its wagyu beef?
Autor: Mohammad Eric Zulkarnaen
AutorWas the seasoning off mark?
Autor: Jason Hermosilla
Autorwhen he waved his hand i thought he bit his tongue
Autor: ghulam hazrat
AutorThis is called a Steak? I call it carpaccio :O This is why it disappears in your mouth :D
Autor: Sascha Richter
Autorwhat a load of bullcrap. firstly the seasoning seems to be wrong. a steak should be peppered first, and then added salt closer to the end of the cook so you dont draw out too much moisture from the meat. secondly, what is the point in having a bowl over it? to steam it? steak isnt meant to be steamed, yes it may retain some extra moisture but the colour of the cooked meat would be wrong, as from the video shows, that meat to me doesnt look that cooked. i like my meat medium rare, however it needs a good char on it to give it that steak flavour we all love. and finally, cutting the steak... seriously.... someone else is cutting your steak, before hand.. the meat had zero time to rest so all the juices have time to go back fully into the steak. why do you think he cut the ends off? because when meat is cooking all the muscles tighten and the juices rush to the center, you let it rest so the muscles can relax and the entire steak can be eaten.

Autor: masterplanner1000
AutorI'm hungry :)
Autor: Svapo Clone
Autorf u la.. never eat animal fat b4?.. like came out from jungle..
Autor: Alex Goody
AutorJapan and steak? No...
Autor: Przemysław Dziubczyński
Autorraw dude
Autor: Hiram Rosa Jr
AutorMan you can bring that knife to a gunfight
Autor: JoeTheStreetz
AutorSo intense
Autor: issam Oulad Ali
Autor1940 Vegans passed through...
Autor: Bo_Hazem
Autorlooks gross...sorry but eww.
Autor: General Disarray
AutorI'v been in Kobe eating that steak. You should try it alteast once😋
Autor: Turkentorque
Autor: Ferdi Alpagu
AutorNo one is confused by the Japanese chef cooking a steak with a didgeridoo playing in the background?
Autor: ISayMolonLabe
AutorI hate when people say "that steak just melts in your mouth"......umm no it doesn't
Autor: welderhelper79
AutorIt melts because it's almost all fat you fool
Autor: sharkl11
Autorthat big piece of meat... how much would that set me back? in the 5k range?
Autor: red8884
Autorhe looks like. i have no idea what i am doing
Autor: tyrfying
Autorfrenchie wants to cry after that
Autor: Wazeer B
AutorThis is creepy
Autor: Van
AutorSalt and pepper...cook it...taste it....make me cum? lol
Autor: Igor Milojevic
Autor: Alex Little
AutorIt. Dint melt you fat baster you swallow it all Cant melt because the crispness and it seems just a greasy way to cook it.
Autor: mr o
AutorQe cocinen pescado los japoneses, de carne no tienen idea 😩
Autor: tnch 013
Autorpress 8
Autor: Shirotabi
AutorGROSS! THere is more fat in that steak than actual meat. Leave it up to the Japs to short you in quality.
Autor: wendell worth
AutorSecret ingredient: Pineapple
Autor: Jay Higgs
Autorjajajajaja se ve que nunca comiste un churrasco argentino hecho a la plancha, con las marcas de su cocción bien doradas, 👍
Autor: Federico gasser
Autorhe never wash his fucking hands
Autor: Marcin Golik
Autor: motivatonal
Autorsorry but the only good and right way is to put that on a grill that has fire
AutorThe Japanese place by our old house just worked magic with steaks. Somewhere between quality of meat and technique makes it arguably one of the best places to eat steak in Metro Detroit.
Autor: Neil Yaremchuk
Autorand the we have China where they throw the frozen meat on the street 😂
Autor: nick escobar
Autorsome ketchup would really make those flavors pop.
Autor: Drunken Panda
AutorLol all he did was season it. I can do that too.
Autor: NeedsMoreMoe
AutorBest steak is milk steak boiled over hard with a side of raw jellybeans.
Autor: CrazyLegsMcGee
Autor$1000000 steak
Autor: joetheshits
Autoroh wow he cooked it with fancy music...
Autor: Travis R
Autorон сказал что это ахуенно
Autor: Данил Попов
Autorso he just put some spices on it and then fried that piece of meat...and charge you like what... around $300? wow...very lavish
Autor: raigo shinken
Autorон сказал: ахуенно
Autor: Влад Максаков
AutorHe's touchin a lot of shit with his raw meat hands
Autor: Unlucky
Autorit makes me think of hannibal lecter
AutorIf the animal right activist found out how the cow is raised to get this. they would would be totally triggered.
Autor: Dan Truong
AutorReminds me of that Matrix scene with the steak.
Autor: Rob
AutorBorn and raised in Texas, I've lived in Japan for 8 years and have come to the conclusion that they can not cook a steak to save their life. It's sad to because they have some of the worlds best cuts of meat.
Autor: noah wayne
Autorwhy would you cut the steak without resting it first???? especially a cut with such great marbeling
Autor: Simian Stareyes
AutorI have heard from watching top chef lol that you should let meat rest before cutting into it and that is the way I cook steak at home. I have eaten steak in Japanese restaurants and the steak is amazing. My question is, is it the quality of the meat that helps it remain juicy or is it the technique of how the meat is cooked? Not trying to come across as ignorant, just asking a question Perry Liim.
Autor: Jared Philbrook
Autorquel chance j'aimerais gouter ^^
Autor: madeinskeda
AutorThey are all so amazed because the steak is tender. is like they have gingivitis or no teeth or something :)) I like the steak hard and cweyie , well done with ketchup ! Hell yeah !!!
Autor: qpae123
Autorseguro es carne Argentina ;)
Autor: Mauricio Frison
Autorthis is art
Autor: honeybobo i have a large cocko
AutorI didn't get excited until I saw, what I assume is a nice tall glass of Asahi sitting on the table.
Autor: Rice Crash
AutorThe cut of meat looked awesome, but when he put that Lid over it to steam it I cringed. That is not how a great cut of meat deserves to be treated. Sear it and let it cook. Turn it a couple times and season it then let it rest. Sorry but I'm not impressed.
Autor: IMHendle1
Autormeh ? revolution ? please explain what so special abt this
Autor: Murtaz K
AutorMy plan is to go to 2020 Olympics in Japan and while I'm there knock this steak off my bucket list.
Autor: Mystery Science Gaming 3000
AutorThey havent tasted my BRAAI yet!
Autor: Marko
AutorI want to eat a Steak, and not melting in my mouth.
Silly People paying 500 bucks for a piece of fat.
Better by a good black angus porter house Steak. And a Grill of course 😂
Autor: MrLouismann
AutorThis is great, but I prefer watching Saltbae making steak. Much more entertaining
Autor: Shab. B
Autor I bet this cloud smells so good
Autor: Porter Christenson
AutorHis reaction told me everything I needed to know
Autor: Maurice Dixon
AutorFor me this is a perfect way and time to cook steak,
Autor: Jaitube Rock
Autorso everything has made contact with raw meat via his hands?
Autor: edward perger
Autor: kiki Ovni
AutorThe meat played the music. The preparation was sub par...
Autor: busschr
AutorThe meat melts in your mouth?! Shokugeki No Soma?!
Autor: Dũng Nguyễn
Autor: 吕鹏
AutorMe gustaría saber si es mejor que nuestra carne argentina.
Autor: Dreg
AutorC'est normal
C'est du bœuf Japonais c'est tout
En France A bœuf Limoges pas mal 👍
Autor: thai duong nguyen
AutorThat is one of the most beautifully marbled steaks I have ever seen in my life. My mouth literally started watering as soon as I saw the end. Too bad it was not cut thicker and prepared properly with natural lump charcoal on a grill.
Autor: Chris Kasprzyk
Autorlol is the Buried song, from BO2 zombies rofl
Autor: Naoki FX
Autorwhat happened to the leftover meat?
Autor: sidestrain012
AutorWhat is that copper thing called?? Please
Autor: Clayton Camilleri
AutorHe cut off the fat.
Autor: Evil Llama
AutorWarum wird es so dünn?
Autor: Herbert K.
Autorthat music almost made me think the steak was about to jump up and kick some
Autor: MAXIMUS172
Autor: james dawson
AutorNigga acting like he hasn't eaten in ten years.
Autor: Showtime Lakers 2.0
Autorgaya dahar steak...boga duit kitu ? 😂😂😂
Autor: Reza Rachmadi
AutorDoesn't beat my ham and cheese.
Autor: average220
Autorgood chopstick works
Autor: masa kurakura
Autortips on how to cook a perfect steak: tip#1 make sure you season the steak. not the floor. Amen.
Autor: Gian Anton Amor
AutorPerfectly cooked!
Autor: flor wast
AutorHoly fuck that knife is sharp
Autor: Javi Habi
Autorcmon wht did he add wht ws that oil. whts the whole point of this video. just to show someone making something someone eat it and say it's incredible. maybe I should make a video of boiling water cool it and drink it and say it's marvelous
Autor: Mridul Joshi
AutorHe didn't let it sit for 5 minutes
Autor: Alexander slater
Autor3 AM + watching this + no food in the fridge + weed = mayhem
Autor: Martin Grahan
Autorhe trims the steak on a cutting board..good etiquette but then slices it on the metal grill..wth...very poor technique
Autor: Martin Pêcheur
Autordis is sooo stupid pls japan thats what we call in argentina un bife its nothing new or revolutionary keep trying ...
Autor: Martin Ferreira
Autorbig chui YouTube like subscribe share peace Bud box
Autor: big chui
Autormucha pinche mamada!
Autor: Cristobal Colon
Autori thought this video is about some Cows barge in and start shooting shits all over the place!
Autor: hyou zan ren
Autoridk how I got here. but dang that steak looked delicious.
Autor: L__VE To Worship
Autorbig deal! that guy look like restaurant manager not chef ! we want to see the food not that stinky beard guys face ! meat suppose to be rest for few minutes then u can slice it !
Autor: nurul soheil
Autorbok ye AMINA kodumun oğlu
Autor: Ilhan Koyun
AutorSeriously...give me a fillet steak any day...... plus that Japanese guy looked like he didn't know what he was doing
Autor: Bloom Music
AutorHe says "Its incredible" I say, let Gordon Ramsey taste it.
Autor: GasVibe Curst
AutorI just ordered a Pepperoni Pizza.
Autor: Blake Steele
AutorThe way they raise this wagu or whatever it's called force feeding in a cage so they get extra fatty with no free ranging o yeah delicious🙄
Autor: 916OnMiNeZ
AutorThat cow must have died from a heart attack with the amount of marbling that was in the steak...
Autor: RewdAwakening
Autorma a una normalissima bistecca alla piastra...Non ci vedo nulla di speciale !! aaa ho capito era la tecnica dell inpepata a renderla eccezionale tutto a terra
Autor: Fulvio Dipi
AutorThat chef treated that steak better than most people treat their partner
Autor: Natalija O'Connor-Chavelle
Autor:/ That meat is awesome, but the cook?
Autor: Trust in Dog
AutorGordon Ramsay's look a bit tastier. but that looked really good
Autor: Alan Brattland
Autorkapal ng mukha nito ah!
Autor: johninopatin
AutorFrench is such an amazing language! The food tastes even better in French.
Autor: Kees Manuel
AutorSorry, does not come even close to southern charcoal and smoke BBQ. FACT.
Autor: Rain Coast
AutorOk so when you cook a steak you want to pull it off the heat just before done. Let it sit and retain its juices. Never cut a steak for the customer.
Autor: Great White North Gamer -
AutorBackground Music sounds like He's going into a Gunfight.. :)
Autor: Z3RO LIN3
Autormmm kobe beef
Autor: mrobertson188
AutorSalt and pepper on a paper thin piece of meat. He must have been at Applebys.
Autor: Jim Harbin
AutorThat hand shake. You pretentious cnut
Autor: Totalavulsion
AutorThis guy has some serious skill and I love how this shows great steaks are not always made on a grill the best I have ever had involve a cast iron skillet and oven.
Autor: Chroma Key
AutorWell done with ketchup please
Autor: TastyPoop
Autorolaolaolaolaolaaaaa alllaaaaa
Autornice number for the view...
Autor: David Lim
AutorEverytime i watch videos like this i get disapointed about the shit i eat.
Autor: pace
Autor: Yakup pi
AutorMmm fatty steak I bet the keg tastes better lol
Autor: Sebastian Rogers
AutorThe man cookig that steak should be drawn and quartered. Sacriledge!
Autor: wendell worth
Autorστη λαμαρίνα έκανε και το σουβλάκι του ο μπάμπης στη γειτονια
Autor: Berethoris
AutorWas good, right up to the jerk eating with his mouth open. Gag.
Autor: Donald H Noble
AutorThe cut of meat looked great quality but there was nothing special about how that steak was cooked. Honestly Id rather cook it myself.
Autor: Juicy Dangla
Autorhahahahahahaha the white guy looks like Count Olaf from A series of unfortunate events
Autor: Juank05
AutorAbout how long i cook my steakums
Autor: Bob Emmet
AutorThat piece of steak must've felt like royalty
Autor: XepherDL
Autorhe didn't let the steak rest and all the juices just escaped along with most of its awesome taste... fail!

leave it to the Americans go cook a mean steak..
Autor: 80Fantasma
AutorNext, he exquisitely boils an egg.
Autor: numberstation
AutorWhy is that so satisfying to wach?
Autor: Daniel Golubuschkin
AutorWhat's the fucking revolution in that ?!
Autor: John Tedonneraipasmonnom
Autor: Gilbert McCumhumphries
Autorwell that showed nothing.
Autor: Doogie N.D.
AutorSkimping out on the fat on that steak, fool, you must give me the entire thing...fat included. The fats the best part.
Autor: Soon
AutorI have a test tomorrow why tf am i watching this?
Autor: Chema Mendiola
AutorRaw meat on a white board. Environmental would go bat shit crazy in the U.K.
Autor: J W
Autor: Tasher Yasher
Autorwagyu is like eating butter with steak flavor. I love it, but it's very hard to eat even a whole 8oz steak due to how rich it is. Also, it's expensive af.
Autor: N G
AutorYou should've blocked his meat, this is straight up Japanese pornography.
Autor: spacecadetzack
AutorThat marbling tho..... Amazing
Autor: Shizz Jizzle
AutorWhy is he stirring the pepper grinder as he grinds it?
Autor: 916OnMiNeZ
Autorits not even Kobe
Autor: elchucofried
Autorобычный Вагю
Autor: Иван Иванов
AutorBeef, the tuna of the fields.
Autor: Rearviewmirror 96
AutorKobe beef... very expensive! But the best in the world! Nice cooking for this steak
Autor: syaliqZ4genn
AutorDid you see the marbling in the meat when he cut it. Obviously a very good and expensive piece of steak.
Autor: Jpgundarun
AutorThat retard cut so much fat off!
Autor: IKnowBestest
Autor😲😲Thought u was suppose let the steak rest before cutting it 🤔🤔🤔
Autor: I wish I was High on potenus
AutorCurrently eating a usda corn fed rib eye, and drooling at that. Crazy haha.
Autor: Elliot finley
AutorHe had not even said a word and by the hand gesture I knew he was french
Autor: Arthur Saey
AutorKobe beef with salt and black pepper. big deal.
Autor: Han Solo
AutorGotta be AAA Grade beef.
AutorThis cook is an amateur.
You dont cut Meat for the customer...
Autor: Sebastian Müller
Autorебать он нежничает с мясом )уебать аж охото)
Autor: AmidYusubov
Autorhe said it's taste like piece of shit
Autor: cerberss
AutorIt seems to be delicious, but it also looks like a dick... Sorry, but that's true
Autor: LeBron Joãozinho
AutorLooked like a dick before he cut it all up lol
Autor: BrandonWillWin
Autorman I want steak that disappears in my mouth
Autor: LittleFilms
AutorThat's the Kobe beef they been talking bout. Only in Japan. Damn I wanna taste some of that.😝
Autor: Dayz Togia
AutorSo the guy cooks a 100 dollar steak and then lets the guy who takes the garbage out eat it? Crazy
Autor: Skizott99
Autor(ง'̀-'́)ง I want steak now!
Autor: ShikyotenshuX7
AutorMe: May I have it well done?
Chef: Excuse me?!
Autor: Git Gud
AutorA better song for this video would​ be "the sound of silence"
Autor: Jordan Hubbard
Autoris a have Kobe Beef
Autor: Eric Rodrigues
AutorWTF. You just cooked a world class Kobe on a flat top like a cheap sirloin in a dive diner late night and cut it before it had even rested and this is world class? LMFAO!
Autor: NavyCop0105
Autores lo mismo que un bien de lomo Argentino.
Autor: franco rodriguez
AutorThat's 1000000 dollars please
Autor: Nathan Barling
Autor: Zani Puppyrhino
Autorshit meat
Autor: razy aussi3
AutorThis is number one bullshit
Autor: ObiJuan Kenobi
Autorhmm no rest time for the steak? strange
Autor: MKcLTM
AutorУмрите от СПИДа коровьего)
Autor: Сергей Митин
Autorain't cooked enough 😷😷😷
Autor: M .S
AutorThis is cruelty!!! LOL
Autor: Raul Nunez
Autorbig chui loves steak and green
Autor: big chui
AutorAn animals horror movie.
Autor: nakanight
Autorno matter how delicious you think it is, it is always 100 times more delicious. This steak is much better than how it looks. Real talk
Autor: Patrick Sun
Autor: veldt
AutorWhat's wrong with this video? Is it Vegans complaining? It's this irrational disproportionate morality (from a personal projection) that makes people not turn Vegan. Vegans are weirdos, so you Vegans are the reason, people keep eating meat. I don't like the fact that we over eat meat, and the fact that the green house effect is caused more so by the meat production agriculture... but thanks to you b**s, animals will always get consumed heavily 😡
Autor: Magna Cartus
AutorGordon Ramsey be like it fucking rawwwwww!!
Autor: Patricio Meza
Autorfrenchman says its "un-normal" yet sub says "its incredible!"
Autor: Leonidas B.
Autorthat logg of steak looks like it was molded with Meat glue
Autor: mount blu3
Autorand here you go, that will be 300 dollars.
Autor: taco bell
Autoryummy!..i hope theres a branch in manila?
Autor: dyunpee
AutorI like my meat cooked thanks. That cow is going to kick his teeth out.
Autor: Lourens Oosthuizen
AutorRip STEAK
Autor: pokahontaz wow
Autorrevolution? aqui no BR isso tem nome, bife na chapa, só com pimenta e sal... já pegaram nosso cupuaçu e agora chama isso de revolução?
Autor: Danielson Ferreira
Autorhow would soy sauce taste on it?
Autor: Jason ST
AutorWhen you cut a hot steak you lose the steam that's why you should never immediately cut a steak it should rest and absorb its moisture
Autor: Eric Brunett
Autorwhere i can buy this fantastic cloche??????
Autor: BPMStyle
AutorHandles the meat, then handles the pepper grinder. WOOD pepper grinder. Which he presumably handles repeatedly over the course of the evening, while preparing other dishes. Food poisoning, anybody?
Autor: homeostasis4me
Autorhas anybody seen the restart button for the internet? I'm mean the entire internet some people should have to have a license to be on it...use you big people words...haha
Autor: BigCoop 17
Autorit it just me or does the steak look a little rare?
Autor: Keyshaun Spratley
AutorIkumi approves this.
Autor: robethcorrales

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