Every Major Tyler1 Food Drop

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AutorLearning has not occured
Autor: Uncleogee
AutorThat motha fucka was really gonna cry over that food😂
Autor: Thot_hunter Spankey
Autor he has the same style kitchen as me.

Like exact same just my wood is a little lighter** that sounds wrong btw
Autor: Tiints
AutorStopppp,I almost dropped my croissant
Autor: Riley Burkholder
Autor: You can hear Windows scream from agony....
Autor: Uncle Ben's
AutorThis is so sad Alexa play despacito 2.
Autor: Codename: Xelda
Autor: Beerus
AutorI actually felt bad on the first one
Autor: Dank Memz
AutorScripted haHa
Autor: Jonathan Phan
Autoris it on purpose after awhile?
Autor: Rats Kraad
AutorI now have an urge to wash my hands lmao
Autor: Carlos Matos Fanpage
AutorYou’d think he would’ve learned by now
Autor: Book Meat
Autor: mx joosep
AutorTyler stay droppin his food 😂😂😂😭😭💯
Autor: Glenn Quagmire
AutorThat’s better that’s better shit!!!!!!😂
Autor: Aydin Melendrez
AutorOmg the egg one🤣
Autor: Ephraïm Boateng
Autor: Hellotherebuddy hey
AutorI know how it feels. Having delicious food like pork chops and making the plate fly because of how hard they are.
Autor: James Zimmerman
Autor: GramSewKarty l
AutorHello fellow fig
Autor: Figgy D
AutorThe first one do you see the cat in the background like ooohh
Autor: Christian Talamantez
Autor1k bitch
Autor: Dallas Young
AutorI felt so bad for him
Autor: FTR MegaTriger
Autor that’s the eyes of someone that has lost everything
Autor: Rock Stone
Autor: Simple
AutorAwww that cat in the background in the first clip
Autor: Xgamer2016.0 ff
Autor: Mosimem
Autorfake and gay
Autor: AzzDogZ
AutorI would cry too
Autor: kimchi
Autor: sebbs
AutorWinner Winner NO dinner
Autor: Avdeev Mihail
AutorThis is not staged, it happend 3 times since people started counting, it just seems staged because it's a compilation, use your brain before clicking on the video
Autor: Nickw00t
AutorTyler should start thinking about getting a better Plate or using a Bowl.
Autor: Robbie Sarkioglu
Autorhe obviously did it on purpose, not funny at all
Autor: sk1
AutorAnyone saw that beautiful cat in the right bottom corner in the first clip??
Autor: Hypezt
Autor did his spine just fucking break
Autor: C I A
AutorMaximum staged
Autor: Richard Batsbak
AutorRest In Peace Tyler1.
Autor: Retierashia
Autor im dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Autor: Shomy
AutorI wanna see chat so bad
Autor: SeMTeX Plague
Autori feel like he does that shit on opurpose tho
Autor: Tallytubby
Autorthe cat in the 1st one
love it
Autor: FOR ICE
AutorThat headset probably stinks
Autor: Jacob ferg
Autor: Карлак Щлепак
Autor: MTDoge
AutorThat orange plate is cursed
Autor: Speedgamer785 Offical
Autorin the first one even the cat feels bad man
Autor: GutsTheBlackSwordsman
Autorliving meme
Autor: Valivictrium
AutorAutistic droppings
Autor: Chicken power
AutorHe dropped his hot pocket
Autor: shell company
AutorPeople say it's scripted or staged like idc it's still funny 😂
Autor: She Hac
AutorIt's funny because he is retarded
Autor: Pitbull Terrier
AutorHe does this on purpose btw
Autor: SumthingXwicked _
AutorLook at the cat in the first video
Autor: SkiServed
AutorDamn wasting so much food 😑
Autor: Joshua Deacon
Autor that cat is so cute tho
Autor: benjamin arriagada
Autor: Lewis
Autorwhat a fucking doofus
Autor: Felixliten
AutorPress F to pay respect
Autor: Matyáš Bohuška
AutorI would cry
Autor: Memealicious Boi
Autor he got nutted on
Autor: Bic boi
AutorSometimes I think it its staged because he can't be that autistic can he?
Autor: Sebastian Tam
AutorCat is disappointed and so am I
Autor: Raustin
AutorIt’s impossible to like this comment, did you know that? Nobody in the world can do it.
Autor: ZedMan
AutorA person's soul breaking
Autor: Light Yagami
AutorI'm straight dying 🤣😭
Autor: Hk playz Tm
AutorI feel bad for this guy
Autor: deqnq
Autor: michael15
Autorhe be having ADHD
Autor: 10,000 subscibers with no videos?
AutorSooo, is he just acting?
Autor: Camp Matthew
AutorThis video upsets me
Autor: Alexander Newman
AutorAt least tyler's cat was there to comfort him in the first clip
Autor: This is a perfect name
Autor: David Mastroianni
AutorI laugh so mush 😂😂😂
Autor: Dragonasu'
AutorWhy does he even try to show off his food? Like no matter what he always fails
Autor: lolseagull
AutorPoor tyler
Autor: Leopard_V
AutorHe got gnomed by an egg.
Autor: BRistian
AutorWeird flex, But ok
Autor: AsOm
Autorthe first one really hurt
Autor: Eli idk
Autorone of the tags are autism lmfao
Autor: CJ Yeo
AutorCat at be like: Oops you dropped something dude
Autor: Jean-Andre Sonnenschein
AutorI just remembered in 7th I broke an egg in my palm within a few seconds of getting to hold it
Autor: RyanTyanMyan
AutorDoes thos guy not understand how cameras work?
Autor: Brandon1234561000
AutorEither he is genuinely fucking retarded or it’s fake but either way it’s the funniest shit ever
Autor: MisterWiki Memes
Autorthe egg!!!😂😂😂
Autor: Elvis V.
AutorHow does he keep making the same mistake... insanity
Autor: Sawyer Skog
Autor I cry
Autor: Eka 1944
Autor intentioanlly droped it, not to eat it
Autor: 420th Legioner
AutorI was waiting for the burger drop.
Autor: kostis metallo
AutorBruh they looked hella good
Autor: Pixeled Planet
Autoryou forgot the food drop song from pou lmae
Autor: super gamer 979
AutorYou made me laugh man you deserve a like
Autor: Wimsi
Autorwhen autism ruins everything.
Autor: Xemirov da Albatrousse
Autor: Tovarich Stalin
AutorSuch a mont
Autor: Mejakoba
Autor 😭😭
Autor: Gabriel Alegria
AutorChange the DAMN PLATE!
Autor: ClipsFromTheYear
AutorWhy he's doing the same mistake again?
Autor: Silently Fixed
Autor: RaphaelTK777
AutorBest content I've ever seen
Autor: Martin Ossipoff
AutorAnd there you have it
If you don't think this guy is fucking autistic, then you have a major problem.
Autor: Seekin
AutorHe flex food more than everything else
Autor: Toe-Buck Oh
Autorscuffed red cinema
Autor: chau
AutorHehe xd
Autor: Dayne
AutorFirst one genuinely makes me feel bad
Autor: HG.ExtremePhaZE
AutorIt’s easy to get jacked if you are 3 feet tall. What’s impressive is someone who is tall and gets jacked. It takes 5 times the amount of effort to gain muscle and size if you are tall.
Autor1 like 1 food for lil tyler 1
Autor: Ratasana XD
AutorWas she gonna hit him or something? - poor Tyler
Autor: Dioner Quintana
Autorthey are all so scripted that its funny that he thinks its funny unironically
AutorFirst was funniest
Autor: Shadow Dragon
Autor me when I see that t h I c c ass
Autor: I Polaris I
AutorObviously intentional
Autor: Chumpkins
Autor when ur video gets more views than subs
Autor: tfs 4liv
AutorThis is painful to watch... all that wasted food!
Autor: CapREX77
AutorOmfg the first one 😂😂😂😂😂
Autor: LuL Peep
AutorThe first one is my reaction EVERYTIME I drop my food.... Like... I'm very thin but.... Food is important okay? SHUT UP FOOD IS IMPORTANT TO QUESTIONS. Also my New Year Resolution is..... EAT ALL FOOD AS MUCH AS I CAN
Autor: iPink Era
Autor:20 the damn cat. The. Damn. Cat.
Autor: D. Maddox
AutorWhy does he have to show it like that will he ever learn
Autor: Veikka Isoaho
AutorThis is so hard to watch
Autor: Just Anthony Here!
Autor i thought that was my computer
Autor: SHet.
AutorAnyone else watching that sad cat
AutorPoor Tyler
Autor: Luke Pierce
AutorI think it's all fake lol
AutorMy dissapointment is immeasurable, And my day is ruined
Autor: R. Creator
AutorTo the people saying “he only has one plate?”

Plates come in sets... it’s possible to have multiple plates that look the same
Autor: DrewSymo
AutorDownvote, this isn’t all of them
Autor: Richard Torres
AutorThat cats face when it saw the food
Autor: sapnu puas
Autor the windows sound effects 😂
Autor: The Shadowless
AutorYeah wow. Who the f cares
Autor: Michael Henriksen
Autor2019 ?
Autor: Ltwin_weim santiago
AutorThis guy is such a legend holy sheit
Autor: Tschogat
Autor: EnderDragonS Eye
Autorfake staged
Autor: starchild
AutorThe disappointment on his face is more worse than the food dropping
Autor: Shayday
AutorLol hes starving
Autor: Rahimothman ajinabas
AutorLmao the egg got me laughing so hard
AutorHow clumsy is this man
Autor: Justin O'Donnell
Autor: Hugo Arendt
AutorYou would think he's learned not to show his food to the camera
Autorwe should send him some bowls
Autor: emerson
AutorI like the fact you put « major » in the title, like it’s a fucking event lmao
Autor: Gedexy
AutorAnd there’s many more to come...
Autor: Death
AutorOn the first one I’m surprised he didn’t rage when he dropped it
Autor: GucciGangAlex :v
AutorThe first one I pissed my self😂
Autor: Ivan Davies
AutorDidn’t even have the burger, disappointing.
Hahah nice vid anyway, but that burger one is a classic
Autor: Tropiks
AutorThis is the hardest I ever wheezed
Autor: Skies
AutorHow does he never learn 😂
Autor: mmeste -
AutorNos hemos quedado sin cena
Autor: Yugi Maloso
AutorThis man is having an existential crisis
Autor: Harley Thomas
Autor I've been there many times one time I dropped my stuffed hashbrowns and cried because those things are so good lol
Autor: Tre Turner
Autor lol look at the cat at the botom right
Autor: Mr Chungus
Autorits on purpose
Autor: Kakio
AutorYou forgot the pie filling leaking
Autor: Peter Tran
AutorThe cat looked just as shocked as him
Autor: Slurps Megee
AutorThis just made my day :')
Autor: Samed Aktas
AutorJust the tittle alone is funny af
Autor: Existential moron
AutoraN ALly hAs bEen SLaIn!1!
Autor: plspeng
Autor: Insid
AutorDoesn’t he have autism
Autoris he for real? that's gotta be fake
Autor: Jim Grant
AutorHow dirt is this guys keyboard
Autor: marty214
AutorThe food escaped him thats all
Autor: Space Toast
Autor the cat is like
You okay man?
Autor: Dexterous
AutorYou do realize he does that on purpouse, right?
Autor: 1123313
AutorI know the pain
Autor: chickennuggets on a stick
Autor lmaooo
Autor: Star Member
AutorThis is actually sad
Autor: Wermo ?
AutorThe guy does this shit internationally.
Fucking clown
Autor: Gavin McNeil
AutorThis guy has to be clinically retarded.
Autor: Nicolas Villamil
AutorI feel bad now he will starve like kunta kinte
Autor: Shayne Fagan
AutorSilly Tyler, when will he learn that he doesn't work at Dairy Queen and he cannot tip the food like that?
Autor: MikeyBoy
AutorDumbass use a another plate
Autor: Martin Perez
AutorVegans want to know your location
Autor: Alex Gardner
Autor: Variety__ Tayy
AutorHey, that’s not cool man, a mans dropped his food
Autor: Sam Roble
AutorThe cat looked equally disappointed
Autor: E†YΔE
Autor Soul crushing sadness
Autor: Chocolate Explosion
AutorI love how he’s done this enough for a whole video
Autor: Yam N Bam
AutorI kind of feel sad for him
Autor: Regal Viewer -
AutorI cried with him in the first one
Autor: Alejandro Gutierrez
Autorthe last one had me weak u can hear the meat slap on the keyboard
Autor: Json Peters
AutorIt’s like he does it on purpose
Autor: -_ L U B E R T _-
Autor lmao even the cat was like WTF??
Autor: Sara Valestine
Autor When you hear her unlocking the door
Autor: Mikeyisin
Autor why this cat is so confused
I feel bad for it
Autor: Sicko Penguin
AutorThe first one made me feel rally bad
Autor: Viper Podcast
Autor Nelson looks really disappointed in Tyler
Autor: epokk
Autorrest in peace food
Autor: knineplayz
AutorOh yeah yeah
Autor: A person
AutorIts kinda sad because he starts crying and it makes me sad cus poor dude he lost good food 1 like = 1 Pray.
Autor: MisticalDash- Games
AutorRIP Food ???-2018
Autor: Kool Bricks
Autor: Neva Wallsmith TV
Autori actually feel his pain and it hurts
Autor: Darkdays
AutorI love that this exists.
Autor: Will
AutorWhy did he cry though I'm soooo sad cause of that
Autor: Dioner Quintana
Autor waht a beast dude LOL
Autor: John W
AutorStaged. Watch without sound and recognize how superficial these reactions are
Autor: Alvin Ramirez
AutorThis cat behind him
Autor: Ltwin_weim santiago

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