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AutorThis is definitely the best tasting powder I’ve had; the vanilla tastes like cake batter.
However, the 25g of protein/scoop thing seems a bit misleading. The analysis breakdown says it has 17g of your typical amino acids that you’d find in a shake, 5g of BCAAs, and 1g of creatine. I’m not accusing them of spiking, but wouldn’t the creatine and BCAAs count for your total protein for your macros? I’m still a bit clueless when it comes to protein. I’ve always just had plain whey protein with no creatine, so I don’t know if I should count the creatine for my macros.
Autor: Jakub Rosman
AutorIs this the stuff you gave me to try before?
Autor: Jessica Babeu
AutorYou are crazy on the taste, i tried cookies and cream and it was horrible. Thank god GNC will do returns/exchanges, went back and got the chocolate... much better. To each their own i guess.
Autor: Shane
AutorNice review bro, thanks a lot. I just picked up the strawberry and Vanilla Custard, they were buy one get one 50% off.
Autor: All About Boxing
AutorBeen using this for a while and hands down my fav protein to use
Autor: Edgar Fernandez
AutorDoes it help you shed belly fat?
Autor: Jugg 2x
Autordoes the vanilla flavor taste good?
Autor: GraysonAesthetics
AutorWait, which gnc do you work at? I just bought this today and you look exactly like the guy who sold it to me lmao
Autor: Beau Burris
AutorShould I Drink Before Or After Lifting Weights ?
Autor: Eddrin Lollar
Autoryou better win this game in chel partner
Autor: Tony Ball
AutorJust bought this kinda of sketchy about it. Need to build muscle on my legs and thighs but need to lose my belly fat. I exercise every morning. Will this work for me?
Autor: Sik-k Trash
Autorwhy am i watching a review from someone who isn't even in shape...... it's okay bro...... i'm fat too, don't be mad.
Autor: Bombotski
AutorI just bought the chocolate yesterday and I must say it tastes pretty good. Just wondering if it isn't 90% nestle quick? My trainer said he used to work at GNC and to be careful which 1 I buy.
Autor: Catnip
AutorIt’s working for gain weight?
Autor: Angie Lynn Gomez
AutorThis is my first protein. Is it dumb to blend it the night before, keep it in the fridge, then actually use it in the morning after I lift?
Autor: Juiced
AutorYou didn't even say anything gain wise or muscle or anything. Fuck taste I can chug down a bad tasting protein. I mean it is nice though
Autor: Aidan Selvidge
AutorWhich 1 is good for beginners and trying to loose belly fats lol thanks in advance
Autor: zaldy m.
AutorIs this to gain weight ? Or to loose weight and gain muscle ? Lol
Autor: jessica gonzalez
AutorBig brother it is Bella I love you so much
Autor: Melissa Montoya


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