Tablet Delay Ripple Lag Problem Fix Wacom

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Autor: Dead RIVER
Autorlol brainfreezer in best tutorial ever XD
Autor: Augiaz
AutorSo much love for this! Fantastic video :D
Autor: Mega Pixel Productions
AutorMy problem is that when i do fast moves with pen its freezing o.o i did everything on video but still ;/ im using Wacom Bamboo Pad CTH-300K
Autor: Fooqi
Autorwindows 10 pleaseee?
Autor: Toxic_owl
AutorI'll have to try this out. The wacom tablet I was suing had it most updated driver but before a recent update under the 6.0s it was working fine. Additionally I also updated windows as well. Not sure exactly why this is occuring. I reverted to an older tablet settings and it worked fine.
Autor: GcorpCoPrez
Autorworks! thank you.
Autor: jared
AutorThank you very much! helped a lot
Autor: UnderTheBed
AutorYou are a life saver, super tutorial. 
Autor: Georgia Kane-Frazer
Autorwasted my time
AutorI don't know if it worked because not it wont read my pen
Autor: triss o
AutorThank you so much!! Great turorial, really help me!
Autor: Meleina Hancock
Autor+SabioEducation must i restart the computer for the settings to work? because now, after the steps, my tablet is not working :/
Autor: Mudassar Ahmad
Autoryeah,so there is no tablet pc imput on my management
Autor: Caolicolor
Autorthanks MAN! it worked!
Autor: SuperTheGamer1
Autori had to go back to this video to thank you! you really did a great job, i owe you a lot!
Autor: Darchibuns
Autorvlww s2
Autor: middy
AutorThe tip about the services!! Oh god yes! Thanks! This made such a difference for me.
Autor: Grandil
Autor: Bootsii
AutorHell yeah thanks for the awesoem toturial, that annyoing lag where your pen sensitivity was randomly lagging off was annyoing the crap out of me.
Nvm That still didn't solve it. I am about to cry :'(
Autor: Ni za
AutorHave my children
Autor: WalrusQuake
Autori SUCK at computers!  you are an awesome man!
Autor: Ziltoid TheOmniscient
Autorreally helpful thanks!
Autor: Julio Illanes
AutorThanks Man! You helped me very much!
everything works perfectly now.
Autor: Michael Kerch
AutorProbably the most helpful tutorial I've ever seen.
Autor: oddbaillie
Autorwhat do i do if it only says tablet pc input service?
Autor: Wolf_Shadow
Autorawesome it fixed my chrome lag, thanks a bunch for this. i was going nuts with that fracking click delay.
Autor: Rayn Abanaki
Autorbest solution ever! exelent!! muchas gracias!
Autor: Andres Carta
Autorquick, simple, and effective. that's one goddam good tutorial man. you saved my OSU! career. have a sub and like.
Autor: Wic
Autor: fervorflame
AutorHoly shit i have had this problem for several weeks, this fixed everything :D
Autor: Uncle Arild
Autorsuper quick and clear instructions. nice work man!
Autor: oloymanidol1
Autori tried the first one, so i can do art on the Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 and it didn't work
Autor: T.
AutorThe ONLY tutorial that helped. Thank you so much, have my like
Autor: MakucDemian
AutorThanks! i've had trouble drawing in Flash, but thanks to this fix it's solved.
Autor: Jerry Rump
AutorThis solved a delay problem I was having with Krita and my Wacom pen that was driving me crazy.
Autor: Judie Olin
AutorThat saved my life! Thanks a million!
Autor: Tariq Abdul Aziz
AutorThank you so much!!! Wish I could bake you a cake because that problem was driving me to a wall.
Autor: miiworld2
AutorI have a tablet problem could anyone help?? I have a Huion tab and it works fine until I open Photoshop/illustrator then it lags/crashes, and the cursor don't move. I have to use the mouse to close it, then the tab works fine again like nothing happened (I can draw/write fine in notes). I tried this method but still not working :-/
Autor: kontakz
AutorAwesome so much better after your tips.
Autor: Opt1mystyq
Autorthanks so much i am very greatfull that you made this video it instantly helped me!!!! great straightforward tutorial,unlike others!!!
AutorTHX the device manager fixed problems with my tablet instantly
Autor: aWildTomAppeared
Autorthanks a lot
Autor: Albert Zhang
AutorAmazing tutorial! :)
Autor: Keviner123
AutorThank you for making this!
Autor: WildHamster321
AutorStill didnt work for me are there anything else I can do?
Autor: Stevincent
AutorThank you!  I have had these problems intermittently, and you showed me exactly what I need to fix them.
Autor: BCC Education
AutorAwesome, really helpful....thank you soon much sir, God bless ! :)
Autor: Richa Singh
Autorworked for me ...thanks a lot
Autor: Satwinder Singh
AutorI don't have the tablet PCs imput or the tabletservice Wacom , what do I do :(
Autor: 8 Neon lights 8
AutorAfter two times of this being successful, it now isn't, and even Pen and Touch won't show up now. I've tried re-installing everything, but I still get the lag and I still can't seem to find everything. It is all disabled,but the problem is still continuing.. :(
Autor: Jess W
Autor: Lisa Wang
AutorI did this and it fixd the lagging except now it doesnt seem to be responding t pressure sensitivity?? Please help? I don't want it to lag but i enjoyed the pressure sensitivity feature, now all the lines are chunky and awful
Autor: Baxy Stardust
Autor: Tyler Matthew Harris
AutorThis video was very good and straightforward. Good job.
Autor: Colin Amos
AutorIt worked! Thank you so much!
Autor: GreenPanda
AutorWorked perfectly. Thank you
Autor: knasin
AutorThank you!
Autor: Will G
AutorThank you so much!! My tablet now works the way it should. No delay anymore :)
Autor: LeguanMo
Autorthank you! works great, very helpful fix
Autor: tomahawkstu
Autorthank you it works
Autor: Shacrow
AutorVery straightforward, thank you.
Autor: renevp2
AutorTheres no flicks nor handwriting in my pen and touch app ;-; what should I do?!
Autor: LittleMochu
AutorThank you! I couldn't draw anything in photoshop
Autor: BigSandwich
AutorPart of this worked a Little bit. Huion tablet is working quicker in paint tool sai .
Autor: Clearance
AutorGreat. You fixed my problem. Thanks!
Autor: Gustavo Ribeiro de Mello
Autort seems like i dont have a pen and touch in my control panel 
Autor: mirae ronquillo
AutorGod bless you kind sir.
Autor: Yair Sasson Art
AutorTHANK YOU!!! I panicked when my tablet started lagging and your video saved me! I love how you explain it so well and so straight forward. thanks!
Autor: warrior8170
AutorThank you so much!! Super helpful and fixed my problem!
Autor: AnyRei
AutorOmg thank u so much!!! It actually works!!!!!!!!
Autor: Mari Rose
AutorHey man, just wanted to say. Thanks not only for the tutorial but for not talking 3 minutes to explain something that takes 30 seconds, seriously.
Autor: Mindgamez
AutorThis disabled pressure sensitivity in certain programs >_<.
Gimp 2.8
Autor: Michael Ross
Autorthank you so much. This even works on lenovo yogabook
Autor: WASD
AutorThank you so much! This tutorial help me solve the problem!
Autor: Janet Angela
AutorOMG Thank you SO much!! I...I CAN DRAW! Also. it was VERY easy to follow (The video ^^) I didnt even know this was the problem.....I was trying to mess around with it...but didnt know where to go...Thank you!!
Autor: Madwolfgal425
AutorThe problem in my case was the nib, changed it and now everything's fine
Autor: 3dmundo
AutorI found a program that fixed it, but now I can't do quick strokes, so If I where to draw hair or somethings, I would have to take my time between each line or it wont register.
Autor: randomocity3000
Autorhey why i can't find the "pen and touch" option on my control panel ?
Autor: ci el
AutorThis is honestly the most helpful tutorial I've ever seen
Autor: Luna Tick
Autor: Dino Syrimis
Autorobrigado garoto!!!
Autor: Danilo Augusto
AutorThank you! Wacom is one of the pickiest tablets i've ever tried but this seems to fix those problems
Autor: francisco villasmil
AutorThank You this helped it would always ripple but not anymore!!
Autor: AlfredoNoodles Side
AutorThank you thank you thank you so much! :)
Autor: Suzuka
Autorthis man speaks the truth. it is the only solution that works! thanks dude!
Autor: cammy vega
Autorawesome, thank you so much!
Autor: Captain Crunch
AutorYou're the best. Thanks. I was starting to lose my mind, wondering why that kept happening.
Autor: C S
AutorI don't have the last sevice you told us about.... does that mean I'm good or is it hiding somewhere else
Autor: TheLucktown
AutorI did everything in the video and still delay...
Autor: Erik
AutorSame here, I just performed a scheduled system update and noticed the ripples were back...
Autor: FanaticPlay
AutorIt still lags but less to some extent... :( Anyway, thank you :)
Autor: 3dmundo
AutorThank you so much
Autor: Ravensareblue
Autor: Maria Hoang
Autor: Dead RIVER
Autorthank you!!
Autor: Nimrod Zaguri
Autorthankies !
Autor: thmikachu
AutorYou, sir, are a god. Thank you very much,
Autor: Steven Hoong
AutorThis helped me out greatly! Out of nowhere the stylus of my Wacom Bamboo Fun started lagging but fingertouch still worked as good as it had always done. Nothing worked until I came across this fix and it worked wonders! Really clear an quickly explained and easy to follow, thank you tons for sharing this!
Autor: Furretz
AutorMe salvou <333, thanks! xD
Autor: Oliver Leite
Autorthere is still a bit lag and if i turned off windows ink, the pen pressure goes away.
anyways to solve this?
Autor: The Dreamer within a Dream
AutorWorks like a charm!
Autor: David D. Chen-Zhang
AutorThanks, this helped :D
Autor: Kanathil66
AutorThank you so much for this video. I have a new intuos tablet and it was soooo slow.
Now it works fine. It's awesome :D :D
Autor: Cheezay Ballz
AutorYou deserve a huge thanksssssssssss    ....Thanks man made my day...!! :)
Autor: iol
Autorthanks I apreciate this... I am using genius and it seem fix my problem, I haven"t re start my laptop yet bus sofar so good
Autor: Insight Chamber
Autor: A S
Autor: Clorox The cat
AutorI basicly love you.
Autor: Moshe Cohen
Autorthanks man it worked the dislike button actually works
Autor: randomgamer960
AutorDidn't work for me AT FIRST - my tablet went from laggy to not working at all, THEN:

I went back and...
1. right clicked "Computer" and selected "manage";
2. on the dialogue that appeared, clicked "Services and Applications" to expand it, and opened "Services";
3. scrolled down to find "Tablet PC Input Service" and opened its Properties;
4. in the "General" tab, selected "Automatic" from the "Startup type:" drop-down menu, hit the "Apply" button, then hit the now-clickable "Start" button.
After a loading dialogue flashed on-screen for a moment, the "Service status:" read "Started" and now my tablet

WORKS FINE WITH NO LAG!! \(^ o ^)/ (and I didn't have to restart my PC this time, not that it would hurt to - especially if results are not immediate)

I un-checked those two boxes in the pen and touch part though, according to the instructions in the video, and I've since left them like that, so they weren't what stopped my tablet working... but they may have been what was causing the lag.

Don't forget to go to the "Recovery" tab and adjust the settings of what to do in case of failure! I've left mine set to take no action, meaning that I'll have to go and manually restart my service if it fails. Check if you have eliminated lag before changing anything however, in case the recovery actions have anything to do with causing lag.
Note: if your tablet stops working suddenly, it will likely be because this service isn't working. Just restart the service or your PC and that should fix it :)
Autor: foxxxly
Autorwhen i go to flicks it says "these settings are managed by system administrator" and im the administrator
Autor: Ariel Walter
AutorServe with other tablets?
Autor: RobiN
AutorThis video was amazingly helpful, thank you so much.
Autor: LH EF
AutorDoes anyone know a
way to do this on huion?
Autor: EnemyADquired _
AutorMicrosoft and Wacom disliked this. And I disliked them because of the suffering they caused me with their broken plug-in.
Autor: Zoltán Kemény
AutorI can finally start drawing normally without waiting a split second for the mouse to move when holding it down. So happy to fall over this video, while nowhere else shows you how to do thisTHANKS A BUNCH!
Autor: Shadetrap
AutorThank you thank you thankyou
Autor: Lara Varouqa
Autorthank you !
Autor: Yazin amany
AutorAll of these steps were done previously except the tablet services. Oddly enough when i reinstalled the driver the 2nd time it saved my unchecked settings. Should it not remove all data when uninstalling??

Also, stopping this tablet service causes me to lose pen pressure. I stopped a service before in a different tutorial and it did the same thing and i had to reinstall the driver. the computer literally would not restart the previous service and the driver was not located.
Autor: Msclark024
Autor: Kh J
AutorThe problem went a way for a while, but now I still get ripples again? What happened?
Autor: randomocity3000
AutorThat one step at I don't have either. There's not tablet or wacam tablet. Just Wacom customer service. Is that a problem?
Autor: brysmooth
Autoryour awesome,, now i solved one of my two problems :D i could never figure this out on my own :O
Autor: Lilo
AutorThank you so much! My computer is a powerhouse and I could never figure out why the cintiq was lagging so much with every stroke - I had my suspicions on tabletpc. thanks again!
Autor: Vegeta
AutorThat flick feature was really holding me back. Thanks, man.
Autor: KinGQII
AutorI love this walkthrough! Very helpful, fixed everything I was out to fix in less than 3 minutes and explained why some things happened. The best "no bullshit mode" tutorial I've come across. Thank you!
Autor: Flutterbree
AutorIt works!!
Autor: The PoopDeztroyer
AutorThis is perfect....
By the way...  unbelivable we have to do all this crap to have something responsive
Autorthank you so much!
Autor: August Lin
AutorThis disabled my wacom tablet properties -_-
Autor: Zoe K
AutorClear and concise. Good job.
Autor: Phoenix Creates
AutorThank you ;w; I love my tablet so much and I thought it was broken! But now I know it's okay! Thank you from me and my tablet!~ >v<
Autor: reversecomatose
AutorMaster tips! Thank you.
Autor: Adriano Lima
AutorThank You for being quick, articulate, and not playing dubstep in the background. 10/10
Autor: Eric Liedke
AutorTHANK YOU SO MUCH! I just got my tablet yesterday so I thought I broke it or something. It works PERFECTLY now. YOU ARE MY SAVIOR, SIR. 
Autor: Phoenix Wright
Autoromg my tablet super fast now !! thanks
Autor: Serhat Yücekaya
AutorThanks man. You've saved my life!
Autor: Elandir
AutorI logged in just to say thank you man!!! that's a great thing you shared with us. I see a big difference right after i did all you said! :) One more time thank you and good day
Autor: Dudasarts
Autorafter doing this.. my wacom is 100% not working.. w the
Autor: Amirul Firdaus
AutorOMG ! thank you so much !!!!! no more delay !!!
Autor: Minh Nguyễn
AutorHELP.. SOS!!!.. my laptop i5 in 3.1ghz btw and 8 gb ram ssd drive etc..IN YOU TUBE is lagging only when im scrolling up down and maximize orminimize the window of tube..I have Fresh windows 10 pro 64bit i have java i tried html platformat and pretty much all the possibilities also noone else program or app/on faces that no viruses nothing what so ever..HELP!THANX in advance!
Autor: Vapor Reich
Autoris there any way for this to work for a huion tablet?
Autor: Trey Smith
AutorI've been waiting for so long to find out how to fix this. Thank you so very very much.
Autor: XsNiPeRPi3z
Autorawsome !!!
Autor: Miri Dochikian
Autor: Beddy Tear
AutorDidn't work ;n;
Autor: XvMoonlightXv Creeyd
AutorMan !!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!
Autor: Heronear Ebuenga
AutorThank you so much! It worked!!! Yey!!!!!!!
Autor: Viviane B
Autorohhhk now my tablet isnt even turning on
Autor: fervorflame
Autorthank you so much. helped a ton!!
Autor: Teats
AutorIt did not work for me.
Autor: Daniel Tkach
AutorYES. This video is a life saver. Or art saver.
Autor: Iris
AutorFantastic it works for my Huion tablet too!! THQ
Autor: Vukkum Sai Prakash
AutorWacom sucks
Autor: redandblue323
Autorthis tutorial shows how the tutos should be.your are awesome.thanks.
Autor: strayon
Autormines a parblo A610, it takes like 2 seconds until it moves when i put the pen down. help?
Autor: Qeuey
AutorMuch appreciated. Feels exactly like sketching on paper now in terms of visual response. 
Autor: Kadayi
AutorI disabled my wacom tablet via device manager and then it won't work so I enabled it again.
Autor: アインツベルン凛
AutorDisabling wacom virtual makes pen pressure go away in photoshop
Autor: Jonathan Zegarra
Autori cant find Tablet PC input service on my computer and this lag is preventing me from drawing, i have a Toshiba windows 8 laptop so maybe it wasn't downloaded? the problem just started today it was working great yesterday idk what to do.
Autor: Saya Lee Walker
AutorFor some reason I don't have the Pen and Touch option? i even tried searching for it. nothing.
Autor: Billie Neeteson
AutorI have a tablet problem could anyone help?? I have a Huion tab and it works fine until I open Photoshop/illustrator then it lags/crashes, and the cursor don't move. I have to use the mouse to close it, then the tab works fine again like nothing happened (I can draw/write fine in notes). I tried this method but still not working :-/
Autor: kontakz
Autor: misterbignosee
AutorBadass tutorial is badass
Autor: FunOrange
AutorWhen i go on to services the tablet service wacom doesn't appear. I don't know what to do.
Autor: hush now my angel
AutorI remember doing this before thanks to a long winded forum guide with pics, but how I found that i forget. After upgrading toa  fresh install of Windows 7 64 Bit with my new computer, this video is my GOD SEND.
I cna finally draw in Paint and other non input friendly programs comfortably. Thanks again man, and I'll favourite this to link to people if they encounter the same issues :D
Autor: RileyVace
AutorThanks a lot man.  You've done a service to humanity.
Autor: Lupinator
Autor: Malu Naretto
Autor: Kinslet
Autorholy moly this video saved me a lot of time, thanks
Autor: yamain man
Autori did this, and it wasn't the result i was looking for. now i can't find pen and touch anymore. someone please help
Autor: leadle
AutorI really love how straight foward you explain everything, if there were more people like you in this world, it would be a better world, thank you.
Autor: AdolphX
Autor"PC input device" bei deutschen PC's: Dienst für Bildschirmtastatur und Schreibbereich
Autor: Random Boi
Autoramazing thank you!!
Autor: C D K
Autorhow to do it in win 10?.-.
Autor: Nad M
Autoryou are my persona of an angel.
Autor: MrSuuBii
Autorthank's a lot........ it's works
Autor: pandu yafie
AutorHi Man, I have the same problem, but on Windows 8, do you know any solution? (cause those services are not present on Win8). Thanks in advance!
Autor: Luis Carlos Ealo
AutorThank You!!
Autor: Rey Vend
Autor: Hamburg-chan
AutorHey Mister if u read this, thank you! It fix the delay issue on Win 7 64 bit with a Wacom Bamboo FUN (Pen&Touch CTH-661). Now i can fluid paint...YES! Happy*
Autor: ҪҩғӀ Ҫоҗҗҿӆҭ
Autoryou are genious!
Autor: Daniel Cohen
Autorthanks bro you got yourself a new sub
Autor: MoneyManifestation101
Autorthank you ^^
Autor: greynezz
AutorVery nice video. Thanks!
Autor: Xestarius
Autor: Lightning Heiwa
Autori am unable to use my tablet now after following this, tried to reverse everything I have done but the pen and touch option is now gone on control panel?
Autor: TheSheepPimp
AutorNice, thanks man
Autor: sailentxx
AutorThank you but i can't see the wacom, just "touch keyboard and hand " (win10 64)where is the wacom?
Autor: 077 Di
AutorI have no pen & touch folder o.O help!
Autor: arika12332
Autor: sio19
AutorAfter much time spent looking through tech forums for solutions, this solved the problem instantly. Thanks.
Autor: Truongasm
AutorYou rushed through this like your ass was on fire. Thanks anyway.
Autor: Diamonddusted68
Autorwhat can I say... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You really helped me A LOT I tryied everything before, thought it was my driver, then my pc, then my tablet so I was about to sell it Seriously, but u saved me I followed this video and it just fixed my big problem. ( everytime my pen touched my tablet it took like 1 second to respond) I couldn;t sketch and anything But now I do :DD I'm so happy lol Thank you really, I'm subscribing
Autor: Hassek 14
AutorThis tutorial made my day. Thanks a lot!
Autor: Ivan Popov
AutorThought my tablet was just going to be unusable since there seemed to be no solutions to this problem other than restarting every time I wanted to use it. This solution has been working great so far. Thank you SO much!
Autor: ArtistAki
AutorThx man, you save my day!
Autor: Fox-

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