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AutorI will try it
AutorI am 42 years old did this therapy works for my age please reply
Autor: Shabbir Ali
AutorFor how long do you keep the heating pad on?? And can you do it everyday or how often
Autor: Ana Aguilar
AutorWow...Am shocked, Excited,Bitting my tounge..,saying to my self " I am experiencing every month due to my menstruation...! I Will definitely try it! I'm happy due to the comments you all writing and it makes me feel good. Am happy that it did work also for others...
Good luck to all.
Autor: Mandy Khupiso
Autor"get pregnant fertility tea" by secretsoftea is an awesome formula cure hormonal imbalance and get pregnant faster. this formula is really a lifesaver for those who suffer with fertility issues.
Autor: veena kaakar
Autorhi ma'am gud mrng, i have diabetes and hypo thyroid & also i got aborted in the July month dnc also done.If i try this can i get pregnant easily & till how many days & when we have to do? & what was there in a water bag whether hot water r cold water?
pls reply me ma'am i'm waiting for your reply 🙏
Autor: Jayashree Jaya
AutorIs it helpful in polysistic ovaries and can be pregnant plz help me plz
Autor: Nouman Kawal
AutorIs the first day of the period, the first day of any sign of blood or the first day of consistent non stop red blood? I spot either red or pink super light a day or two and about day 3 the bleeding kicks in heavier and doesn’t slow down for a few more days.
Autor: Brooke
AutorHow many time shoud do this ??
Autor: jude niranjan luxshana
Autorver r u farha shaik
Autor: batterfly alkhateeb
AutorI have no periods. Simple ovarian cyst in left. How can i get rid from it.? Cmpltly. Pls pls tell me
Autor: Jazz B
How many times use for month?
Autor: Prema Ravi
AutorBeautifull,so good to see people using natural remedies
Autor: Ram Kirin
AutorDoes it works for pcod. Please give me the answer
Autor: Seethal Pattali
Autorwhen I use this oil,everyday?
Autor: Zannatul Fardous
AutorAnybody say for what purpose using castor oil. Is it for tube block or else all who don't have child's can use this
Autor: meera jayaraman
AutorAm i soppost to stop when im on my period? Or just when im ovulating ? Ps: My husband and I are TTC. Thank you!
Autor: Nancy Ayala
AutorDoes it improve egg quality?
Autor: porsha brownridge
AutorWhen do you start it isn’t it after your period goes off?
Autor: sophia pilson
Autorscar tissue and 45 yrs old ttc...This is my first day trying people see things like scar tissue or fibroids falling out?? And if so, how soon after starting should I see this.. I love this video..
Autor: Rebecca Chesbro
AutorWill this to be done weekly once or twice?shall I do this after fertility massage?
Autor: reena sharma
AutorI know how to get you pregnant fast cum visit me for a few hours I will get you pregnant
Autor: Pat R
AutorCan use after period or what is best time apply this tharepy?
Autor: Humayun taimoor mirza
AutorThank you for sharing this! ♥️🌹♥️ Nancy
Autor: Qlachingaga
AutorCan you tell me. What we will use. I asking for my wife. Pls replied me.
Autor: Sajjad Haider
AutorIt feel so relief...after i did the castor oil pack...i feel my blood circulation flows very well. And i can feel it. It feels so light underneath your abdomen. Really works. And i used to pass my water even more...because it flush my toxin away.👍👍👍
Autor: linda roslin
AutorI was on birth control for 4 years, and my husband and I decided to start trying for a baby. This is going to be month 4 and I REALLY hope this is my month. According to my app, I ovulate in 3 days. I’m going to try this everyday for the next week and will keep you posted if I get pregnant this month! ☺️☺️☺️
Autor: Maayan Foster
AutorI did this once I’m now 3 months pregnant
Autor: Amalia Lewis
AutorAnd also imbalance harmone. Female harmone is too much low
Autor: Neha's Kitchen
AutorThis got recommended to me for treating UTI...

We will see whether it works
Autor: blubbmillysings
AutorWhen we should start this remedy ?? From day 1 of your periods???
Autor: Sara Akbar
AutorHi Will my tubes open after using castor oil
Autor: Precious Dube
AutorPlease tell me can i start it after completing my periods???
Autor: Sobia Nabeel
AutorTeatmeat for ovary cysis
Autor: Fyna Ugoaro
AutorThis oil use in night time or day time pls
Autor: Lavanya Lav
AutorHi tried it for a month three times a week,
it works this month on my period I shed tissue mixed with blood this has never happen before, I'm praying and hoping by next month I'll be preggers 🤰
Autor: Sibongile Motshweni
AutorHow much time should be given after a meal?
Autor: reena sharma
AutorVery relaxing after i did it...i feel so wonderful....i hope i can get a baby by doing this
Autor: linda roslin
AutorWonderful explanation,thank you
Autor: soloh magazy
AutorWhere can i buy?
Autor: Marilou Perez
Autoris it work after tubectomy
Autor: Lose Angel
AutorHow can it possible i dont bleve
Autor: Naila Taimoor
AutorHi Asia rizvi actually I'm 30 yes old I have a 11 yrs old baby girl after dis I had tttc n conceived but every time I have ectopic both sides now left Is totally burst n r8 is restiched after removing pregnancy I'm conceiving but ectopic only plz help me😌😌😌
Autor: Syed Mohsin
AutorCan i use olive oil instead of castor oil?
Autor: Rani Roy
AutorPls tell. Me in telugu we can not understand... Pls tel me
Autor: ravi shankar
AutorThanks for this info now does it have to be a particular caster oil
Autor: Tracy gets Healthy
AutorAlhamdhulilah,really its work.....................😍😍😍😍
Autor: Ahtimsa Dheen
AutorThis really work..I am trying this only 2 months..and now I pregnant
Autor: md imran
Autorhow can have this product
Autor: Aliona Zedashidze
AutorDo we need to do thiz everyday??
Autor: MinD FolloWer
AutorHow often do i have to apply castor oil in a day?
Autor: linda roslin
AutorIs this done every day from cd 1 until ovulation?
Autor: Brandi Burk
AutorCan I use jamaican black Castrol oil?
Autor: happy life
AutorPleas mam tell me castor oil use in start periods or no pleas ?
Autor: Afsheen Shiekh Afsheen Shiekh
AutorMy first pragnency misscarage what I try castor oil ?
Autor: Afsheen Shiekh Afsheen Shiekh
AutorIt is useful for uterus water cyst??
AutorI have golfball clots some months :(
AutorCan It be use even if my blood flow is fewer?
Autor: mccaljamaica
AutorCan you link the brand and type of oil and hot bottle you use?
Autor: lexi Ram
AutorThank you very much. Please tell me the prayer u just did it.
AutorHow hot do u put ur water?
Autor: Georgia1031
AutorHow long do u need stay in that position?
Autor: Anna Anna
AutorPlz mardana kmzori k ly kuch btay
Autor: Bazai Khan
AutorI have PCOD and I suffer from irregular periods. Hence I don't know my ovulation period. So pls tell me from day 1 to how many days shall I use??
Autor: Nalini Ganessan
AutorCan we use all kind of brand cold pressure castor oil...
Autor: linda roslin
AutorI do castor oil pack during menses it is deny our pls help
Autor: Urooj Fatima
AutorHow Long can you do this ?how many days to continue this process
Autor: Bah Mohamed
AutorHello mam today itself i will try this , i should try this
Autor: Sudha Sathishcharlie
AutorCan i used any brand of castor oil?? Without hexane free??
Autor: BLΛƆKᴬˢᴹᴿ PIИK
AutorHow many days use
Autor: satvir chahal
AutorI'm using castor oil packs for three months and period this month is really painful. Could castor oil be the cause? . I don't use them when I have period just after!
AutorPls do I have to do it everyday
Autor: first Princess
AutorDo anyone experience long bleeding after castor oil pack
Autor: MinD FolloWer
Autoris it warm water bottle / normal water bottle? & how long time it will stay on my c section each day?
Autor: selina konika
AutorPast 2 months using castor oil pack. Now my wife is pregnant. After pregnancy we will continue castor oil pack. Please help me.
Autor: C Gandhi
AutorAfter years of trying to get pregnant...I finally got pregnant with the help of this doc paul who gave me some herbs WhatsApp (+234813 197 4762) or [email protected]
Autor: Alice walton
AutorHow many times a day hav to do dis?n when to do dis? N how many hour have to do dis?
Autor: Amreen Fathima
AutorThanks mom
Autor: Sunanda Bhadhauria
AutorMy problem is that after making love the sperm comes out.
And I had fibroid and polyps surgery last 8 months can I try it?
Autor: Ujunwa Brazil
AutorWould this work on my husband who had a vasectomy reversal? Also I need to try this on myself because I had a c section
Autor: Rebecca Gem
AutorPls tell me natural way to treat me.
Autor: Neha's Kitchen
AutorI will only advice every other woman TRYING TO GET PREGNANT or having Fallopian tube issues, pcos and other infertility problem to do their research and don’t base your option only on anyone’s advise or medical report, I did and it resulted in waste of money and time. contact Priest Babaka via Email: [email protected] Or Facebook at priestly.babaka he will help you because he has help me with his fertility/pregnancy spell prayers.. am so happy today to have my own child. He can also fix relationship/marriage issue, in case of getting your Lover/Ex back
Autor: Michelle Manes
AutorHow long we have to keep it on d belly
Autor: Nibedita dey bhowmick
AutorWhat about if you have a irregular period? 😔
Autor: Nancy Ayala
AutorWhat store can I buy this at
Autor: Reba Dennis
AutorI don't have castor oil.can i use any other oil
Autor: chy pc
AutorWhat is the right time to use this therpy
Autor: Aman Deep
Autoranyone tell which water we are use water for hot water bag hot or cool.
Autor: C Gandhi
AutorCan i use during period for fertility? Please reply
Autor: Mahfuja Moti Jerin
AutorCan i use the kind of castrol oil that you can you as a laxative?????? Answer please
Autor: Denise Lewis
AutorMy periods is irregular. What can i do? Pls pls reply me
Autor: Neha's Kitchen
AutorWhat's the right time to perform it? Can it be done during ovulation?
Autor: soima khan
AutorI had firmbrial block on my left this work for me
Autor: nithya raghu
AutorPlease when is the best time to apply castor oil??? Pls Urgent reply
Autor: Francisca Francis
AutorIf i don't try to get pregnant, can I use thiz along the month after my period stops..??
Autor: MinD FolloWer
AutorAap hindi me boliye na plz
AutorI am a massage therapist. I got pregnant at 45 doing nothing. At 47, I am having a difficult time. I am not using the wool. I put the castor oil on my stomach under a small town and use a heating pad. I then do abdominal massage. Putting the oil directly on the skin.. This allows for total absorption. . My Doctor friend used a heating pad.
Autor: Platy Puss
AutorWhen is the best day to apply oil castor?
Autor: TheAii90
AutorThank you so much for this video... It really works.... May Allah bless you and your family..... Pls try this....
Autor: Ayesha Ziaudeen
AutorWhen to apply this ??
Pls reply
Autor: dolly thakur
;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;


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