Be MORE Beautiful Goddess Beauty Enchantment Astral Projection Meditation Hypnosis Binaural Beats

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AutorI Love this so much!
Autor: Jennelyn Loriaga
AutorThank you so much for this meditation! It is a must, as most women want to be viewed as goddesses! It gave me a boost of self confidence today at work ! Very calming ! ❤
Autor: Alexouls Jewels
Autorthank you!
Autor: Jodie Hyde
AutorThis really work?
Autor: Soinlovewithbruger!
AutorLove it, thank you Veroosh!!!
Autor: Hellas Greece
AutorGratitude I love this Divine cocoon of Beauty Relaxation and expansion of soul Blessings Goddess 🌛🌝🌜
Autor: Aaliyah Chandra Oggiano
Autorwait goddest.can it work for males
Autor: Mister aspi lol king
AutorTHIS was Very Peaceful
Autor: the galaxy wolf
AutorThe more I listen the more I hear. Thank you Veroosh for this beautiful meditation.
Autor: Barbara Kesterson
AutorI love these I love the goddess and am her loving son to me I see her in women most of my friends are women they tell me in full of female energy i thank her she made me this way blessed be
Autor: Christopher Crowley
AutorI am so in love with this X
Autor: Cilena Durston-Slane
Autorhow does this work??
Autor: Minlal Jr
AutorThis is beautiful and peaceful, heavenly angelic sounding! I have been listening to so many other meditations trying to find ones that perfectly resonate with my energy- I am so grateful that you are taking the time to create meditations like this on top of your incredibly accurate monthly readings! You are a gift to all of us! Thank you!
Autor: Karen Shunk
AutorCould you make one for empowerment?
Autor: Ana Casillas
Autor: Anna Baron
Autorperfect, but i dont understand all words, will it still work?
Autor: Sanja Stanicic
AutorThank you. Great meditation. You have great hands on the cards and great voice on the meditation. Keep up the great what are you doing. Many Blessings! Namaste.
Autor: Cetina Clujeanca
AutorI was so into it that I fell asleep. Is that weird?
Autor: miss lady maam
AutorThank you sooo much this my daily meditation.
Autor: maru Last
AutorLoving all these meditation videos 🌻💕
Autor: Maribel G
Autormake one to become popular
Autor: cutie 82
AutorI feel less pain about my self esteem already
Autor: Jomairy Ochoa
AutorDoes it matter that I cant really make out what is being said?
Autor: woohoo yoohoo
Autor: Eunice Saylor
AutorOk I gotta say this: so I heard this track last night and I didn't feel anything in particular afterwards. But then I went to bed and had an incredible dream. I was walking in a garden and I will never forget that feeling.. I felt an unbelievable self love and self worth and I had the certitude of being the most beautiful woman alive, my cat walk was ssslooow and confident and I was sure that if I was going to meet somebody on my way I would get incredible compliments on my feminine beauty, and I did.
I literally felt stunning!! Dreams are usually the beginning of reality.. Thank you so much for making this..
This definitely works!!
Autor: Ennio Morricone
AutorIs this permanent
Autor: Lisa LeBlanc
AutorThis is still my fav! I always come back, and discover new things 😮
Autor: Eunice Saylor
Autorwho are YOU !! i think i need your help ,,crowley deck is drunk !! or pulling my legs out from behind mw !!
Autor: odie175
Autori need something like this very lovely meditation, tysm Veroosh! :)
Autor: Alexa Reyes
AutorIn the beginning I was just wiggling my tongue uncontrollably. Is that normal?!?!?
Autor: SheepOfTheSky
AutorI want to be beautiful like a goddess
Autor: cutie 82
Autorall of ur videos are out of this world I love them!!! Subscribed 👍
Autor: Woof Woof
AutorAm I tripping
Autor: Wrinklyanimegod1988
AutorI went to sleep listening to this and... I had a dream that I had magic powers.
Autor: SheepOfTheSky
Autor~i am a person with a 0 point self esteem!...i started to listen to this meditation since April every day, i saw pleasent results into mirror already after listening 1time!!!! thank you Veroosh♡♡♡♡
~just found out that i can purchase this meditation ..the payed one has a stronger affect??♡
Autor: kristine Lesher
Autoris there any audio version of it?? if there is.. can anyone send me the link pls.?
Autor: Nusrat Akter
AutorI'm speechless😊 Thank you for helping me to empower the goddess within 👏🏼
Autor: Elsa Olivera
AutorIs this beauty meditation if yes what it does ? Can plz anyone guide me here?
Autor: Artist Sarah1721
Autor~i am a person with a 0 point self esteem!...i started to listen to this meditation since April every day, i saw pleasent results into mirror already after listening 1time!!!! thank you Veroosh♡♡♡♡
~just found out that i can purchase this meditation ..the payed one has a stronger affect??♡
Autor: kristine Lesher
Autor@Veroosh does this really have something to do with black magic??

I jst read a aimilar comment u didnt reply to. Plz reply and clear the misunderstanding... ?__?
Autor: Aditi Jain
AutorOMG !!! WOW !!! This is awesome video I am a Goddness , Queen, Empowerness ...
Autor: bernadette Pergolese
AutorSo amazing! Thank you for helping so many of us connect to spirit and our higher selves 🌅
Autor: Kiera McGurn
AutorThank you so much :) It was such a beautiful experience
Autor: Yi Zhen Goh
AutorJust listened to this a second time! GREAT job!
Autor: amy O
AutorPlease tell me, it is only to listen or it is to watch too?
Autor: leonam pereira
AutorThis was amazing! Thank you very much!
Autor: Bella Blue
AutorThank you :)
Autor: Pat M.
AutorThank you so much...Wow!this staff really works woke up feeling great and looking so amazing ..thanks Veve..awesome👌👍❤
Autor: Maureen Awuor
AutorI dig it! The best one yet :) listening does not teach me what to think, opening the mind teaches me how to think.
Autor: Star Boisselle
Autorvery powerful meditation. Thank you Veroosh, you are amazing. Thank you Crystal for sponsoring this meditation. Now I finally feel like the beautiful Goddess I was born to become.👑😍🙆👸
Autor: Divine Crone
Autori cant trust anything on youtube anymore! 😢
Autor: FireWithin CosmosaicS.E.A
Autoris it work ?
Autor: sonia md
AutorThanks Veroosh!! My meditation for today! :)
Autor: amy O
Autorhow perfect! The full moon mermaid oracle card I pulled for this month as Beauty :)
Autor: BlkRoseGold87
Autor^^ starting this today
Autor: Camilla Cedeño
AutorWhen I completed the healing Reiki, I asked for this and here you are. I also downloaded your app. Love ya ... God bless you!😋
Autor: Jesus_is_LORD Forever
AutorWhat a wonderful meditacion. I am with this😍
Autor: Blanquiux Alba
Autorbeautiful <3
Autor: muselylove
AutorThank you Veroosh! Soothing....
Autor: Deborah Billings
AutorWhat a beautiful meditation,! Thank you
Autor: Leeny 1
Autorloved it , I want to buy it thanks Veroosh wish you all the success.:)
Autor: Adriana Harari
Autorhow can I save this to my phone
Autor: CrystalsCurls
AutorI really loved this. I am going to do it again while walking because the first time I fell asleep. Thank you so much.
Autor: Chris Webb
AutorI love this, it is so relaxing <3
Autor: Robin Johnson
Autoriz this fr a man too ? sir ?
Autor: Zahid Cold Stone
AutorThank you
Autor: Donna Mckinley
AutorI love this meditation so much, Thank you Veroosh! 💜💛💚💙🙏
Autor: Passion T.
AutorHow low or high should the volume be? Should we hear the messages or not?
Autor: Phoebe Chan
Autor: Vee's Faves
AutorVeroosh ️pls make more meditations like this
Autor: Marina D
Autori love it veroosh. i learned and confirmed all the questions with in me.i saw your chanbel for a reason.
Autor: Shella Watson
Autor: kathy lute-tye
Autorwow.. did the meditation today is magnificent, majestic. thank you
Autor: amberdawnautumnrain wendy
AutorYEAH! You posted your new meditation! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Autor: amy O
AutorPlease pray that l immediately become beautiful immediately AND automatically and permanently THANK YOU. Thank you all for all your loving prayers. PLEASE spread the holy word THANK YOU.
Autor: Sonofgod Jesuschrist
AutorI so needed this one-funny wanted to suggest it way back. Love!
Autor: sophia n
Autoramazing meditation,  so inspiring  and soothing nd brought me a sense of inner peace
Autor: dc headhunter
AutorThank you for this beautiful mediation I felt like I was floating and very blissful. You have such blessed gifts.
Autor: Cecile Kingsbury
AutorSome minutes after listening to this my right upper lip area muscles began twitching. Very strange. Might it be a sign that is it working ?
Autor: morningsunbeam
AutorThank you for posting this video. Meditation = Awakeist. There is a book written by YOU on meditation. Go to
Autor: Sujita Awakeist
Autor: Majidi Warda
AutorLove the cards you create yourself. Just Beautuful 💕💕💕✌️🎶🎶
Autor: Terri Vitale
AutorAstounding amount of work! I'm now officially a fan.
Autor: Charlie Curilan
AutorThank You <3 i sure need this, you are the best bless you <3 i feel at eased, relax,calm an blessed after this i need it thank's <3 .....:)
Autor: Barb
AutorI can't understand what the woman says... The voice is too far and distorted!
Autor: BonBon047
AutorSooo dope. I’ve recently been contacted by Hecate and the timing of me stepping into my power couldn’t be more magnetic. All women should connect to an archetype of some sort. To pull out qualities and inner knowings that society otherwise may dilute or diminish bc women were originally and to this day the creators of civilization.
Autor: Kassy D
AutorThanks really enjoyed this:)
Autor: michele williams
Autorwill it change my physical and spiritual body or self.
Autor: villa64 yangzon64
AutorCan you post what's she's saying?
Autor: MoonInSky
AutorVery beautiful !
Autor: Jutta Parkkonen
AutorI dreamt that..Someone asked me that.are u 18 and I said that no..And I said that I'm the boy said that "but she looks beautiful". When I got up..all I said was a dream..
Autor: Eunice Eu-nice
AutorI just started today! It’s so soothing and relaxing. Thank you❤️ just old question. It can make you beautiful physically too right?
Autor: Khushali Ubhadiya
AutorI started listening to it .... I felt the positive energy of this meditation. .. awesome job ...
Autor: K Samuels
Autorso does this include reiki healing?
Autor: MEL 1994
AutorI like it ..veroosh Do you do chakra and chakra clearing meditations?
Autor: kathy Cephas
AutorIs there any connection of black magic in this meditation?Plz reply
Autor: Beauty Biswas
Autorthis was so empowering. you always are great and im a huge fan. thank you for everything you do.
Autor: Jenny Pegarella
AutorI think I just turned into a Goddess. LOL. :P
Autor: MoonInSky
AutorI hope you listen to this today and know how incredibly creative you are! Thanks for your generosity! And the sponsor's!!
Autor: amy O
AutorLove this meditation! Thank you!
Autor: Emma Rich
AutorThank u
Autor: Drip Dropped

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