Amartya Sen - Conversations with History

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AutorYou're just a stupid chuffing twerp.
Autor: Logan Fischer
AutorNo, but he supports the very system which does.
Autor: Ali G
AutorWhat is the file extension? Within 100 MB but still 60mins with good quality...
Autor: Sajal Chakraborty
Autor: nicat allahverdi
AutorAmartya Sen is really a brilliant thinker who understands that one must always question the world that we live in. His breadth as well as depth of understanding of what i call just knowledge (instead of Economics or Politics etc) is truly mind-blowing and has given him the tools to engage with serious problems that affect the poor of this earth and propose useful and insightful solutions to their problems. Truly amamzing
Autor: Toivo Asheeke
AutorIndian are a race. Mainstream Indians share a lot of genetics irrespective of region. That's why to the outsider, you all look alike. If you say Indians are not a race, you could say the same about Europe or Africa. The higher caste Hindus tend to be the more intelligent Indians as they tend to share more genetic similarities with Europeans while the lower caste Hindus tend to be much less intelligent. The lower castes are usually more indigenous to India.
Autor: riggerize
AutorInternational Treasure here
Autor: Aamir khan
Autor: Chandan Kumar
Autoryou may disagree but using abusive language reflects badly on your understanding of any subject, let alone one of importance like this.
Autor: BigV
Autorvery insightful ... thank you for uploading!!!
Autor: venky230983
Autor@LongliveSnak2e hahaha.... like you.
Autor: Arindam Mukherjee
AutorI'd like to see also a conversation with Appadurai, thanks!
Autor: biglalu
Autorevery single time i find a new amazing thinker there's a conversation with history with them!
Autor: allen mcleod
Autorwhat about the category "bullshit" ?
Autor: Me Mine
Autorfor people who might not know ... Amartya Sen has over 80 PhDs............
Autor: venky230983
Autor@MrRajivDhawan That is hilariously ridiculous. Keep reading those conspiracy blogs Rajiv!
Autor: DrQuickbeam
AutorHaha wait, you think Sen and his influence on human development crashed Greece and you are championing Friedman and the Chicago school as the pinnacle of thought in economics? You need a reality check, homie.
Autor: shamshlam
AutorThe issue of interdisciplinary academic activities has to be undertaken by leading universities in India too.
Autor: Jyoti Biswas
AutorHand-down the most inspiring person in the world of economics. Any suggestions for anyone else I should check out for human development ideas? Anybody got any critical responses to Sen's research that they can DM me? Thanks in advance.
Autor: shamshlam
AutorMother Teresa is macedonian.
Autor: goakucan
AutorVery interesting Conversation with Dr. Sen. He comes across as a vibrant political and economic activist who will address the problems of world poor, including a billion poor living in India... One nice thing about Dr. Sen is he remained as an Indian citizen while roaming around the world for higher education and for high paying prestigious jobs.. He is the only living Nobel Laureate from India... Dr. R. Venkataraman (Nobel prize winner for Biochemistry) is Naturalized US Citizen.
Autor: 300Moham
AutorShut up Ben, you stupid twerp.
Autor: Logan Fischer
AutorThe amount of material covered here is immense that could easily span a whole academic university year
Autor: sgtmcwallace
AutorAmartya Sen didn't invent anything. All he did was identify a phenomenon that was happening. If there was anything wrong with the theory it would have been disproved by now. In fact an economist named Emily Oster tried to do so, but retracted when it was pointed out her research was faulty. And lastly theory is Missing women of Asia. This includes India, China and other countires. Your patriotism has blinded u to the truth of the matter and you condemn him instead of applauding him. Pathetic
Autor: Shauriatas
Autor: Ali G
AutorI am pretty sure she was born in republic of macedonia but her family is of albanian decent : )
Autor: goakucan
Autorit was good to watch i am surprised to know that prof sen is feminist economist in addition to welfare economist
Autor: javaid mir
Autor@mrRAJIV dhawan: what kind of rational fool are u? this is really news to the world!
Autor: Somak B
AutorTrue follower of Dr Ambedkar
Autorhow can i get script of this convesation?
Autor: Ranchhodbhai Brahmabhatt
Autor@LongliveSnak2e The fact that you say something so racist and ugly actually makes you one of those people who are reviled in the real world. I know you must feel hated. Go ahead and spew silly sounding vile nonsense. I hope that at least it makes you feel better about your miserable life.
Autor: Nirmukta Videos
AutorI don't really think that the utilitarian model breaks down as he says when we consider people's lowered expectations and the joy they experience from a small relief from agony. I think that the utilitarian perspective can be expanded to not only judge the status of an outcome for an individual based on his/her desires/satisfaction, but rather to judge those outcomes from universal expectations. So a scrap of food is better than no food, but how does that compare with our situation...
Autor: Setzer

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